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Would You Eat at Smashburger? {Short Video}


The other day I finally tried Smashburger. I can honestly say that it was the first fast food burger and fries I’ve had in almost ten years. Our grass-fed burgers and homemade French fries at home are so delicious, and good for us, too, that I never really cared. Besides, who wants a burger that contains meat from hundreds of different cows, don’t you think that’s gross? And fries cooked in genetically modified, rancid gut-buster oils? No thanks.

So first watch this video…

What a shocker, huh? 100% Grass-fed burgers and they can even tell you the cow it came from!!! (See my sad update below…)

An even bigger shocker is that their fries are cooked in beef tallow!!!! And oh my gosh, with the rosemary and garlic on them, wow! I’m totally trying that at home next time we make fries. (See how I make fries at home and where I get beef tallow for healthy frying.) But there is the 14% canola oil – that’s a bummer. I wonder why they add that anyway? At least I didn’t feel sick at all after eating it like I do any other time a fake industrial oil gets into my system.

So what do you think? Would you eat there? Or would that 14% keep you away?

UPDATE AND MAJOR BUMMER. Some readers in the comments noticed that the grass-fed claim wasn’t on their website. As sweet as Veronica was, unfortunately she was wrong. I’m not sure where she got her information, and I really should’ve known better and checked this out more thoroughly. But I’d heard the grass-fed claim as they were going up around here and then she was so confident… Dumb dumb dumb of me, I’m sorry. I called corporate and the guy said, no, their burgers are not from grass-fed cows, some might be, but they don’t guarantee that. I told him that if they’re not actively seeking that out, then I’m sure they’re not grass-fed, because that would be a higher quality, more expensive product. He assured me that their meat is “high quality Angus”, but they couldn’t source grass-fed on such a large scale as they’d need. I said, “Well, it’s not the kind of quality that my readers are looking for, but thanks anyway.”

So you may or may not still be willing to eat there, at least to enjoy the almost all-tallow fries, or their shakes made with Haagen-Dazs ice cream, but for us it will be a once in a while thing, and I don’t know if we’ll get a burger. For now we’ll definitely keep enjoying our amazing 100% grass-fed burgers here at home!


  1. Thanks for the video. I LOVE smashburger! Particularly their mushroom swiss burger.
    It’s better than any fast food I’ve ever had. Now, it’s the only fast food I eat or would eat if there was a Smashburger closer to me. I”ve been tempted to drive the hour and a half up to kalamazoo on occasion for a smashburger but haven’t actually done that yet!

    I also love that they have sweet potato fries and hagen daz Ice cream.
    the other thing about Smashburger is that their staff is phenomenal.


  2. 100% Certified Angus Beef is commodity beef that meets extra specifications, including lots of marbling, Grass Finished beef usually will not have much marbling in it, so would rarely meet the “Certified Angus” qualifications.

    All beef cows in this country start on grass, but most are finished on grain. Every day in the feedlot on grain reduces CLA and Omega3 levels, and increases marbling, still, the traceability factor is really good, if it is true.

    The beef tallow is great, and I love their sweet potato smash fries. :) (Though, the fries do have wheat in them, which isn’t too much of a problem with me.)

    Just an FYI

  3. I can’t find anything on their site or Facebook page that indicates their beef comes from grass-fed cows. Seems like these days restaurants will go out of their way to emphasize this so I’m surprised I can’t find it. And their Website is horrible…. I had to do a search for locations to get to their locations page and I couldn’t find a place to contact them (maybe their site is not rendering properly in Firefox browsers?).

    We go to a place called “Start” in Dallas that has an excellent “Bigger Badder Burger” made with 100% grass-fed beef (, but we can’t eat bread (hamburger buns) or dijonnaise so we spend nearly $10 each for this burger and there’s not a lot of food. We follow SCD, so we can’t eat their sides either, but they have some yummy sounding ones.

    I’d love to try Smashburger, but I need to see in writing that they use grass-fed beef.

    • I can’t find it in writing that the beef is grass-fed, but had no problems with the website. They do state they cook the burgers in real butter and none of their products contain MSG, so that’s a plus!

      We have one that just opened in our town. We tried it and found it to be good, though we still prefer the local burger joint over Smashburger. But if they are grass-fed that does make a difference in our opinion.

      • Ohh mannnn, if she was wrong about the grass-fed part I’m going to be so bummed!!! I’m calling the company when they open and I’ll report back…

        I had heard that same thing when they opened around here too so I’m hopeful!!!!!

          • Thanks for checking! That is a bummer, but good to know so we don’t make a trip to the one north of us. I thought their prices looked really good for grass-fed as compared to where we go now. Thanks for the update.

            Regarding the site, I figured it out. When I did a search for the site, I got the site — some sort of microsite I guess where you can join their smashclub. There were no links that I could find to their regular site and it was driving me nuts. But it was late and I didn’t even think to look at the URL for the site I was on.

  4. OMG we live right down the street from one and I had NO idea! You didn’t really say if it was good or not though. How was it?

  5. Now I don’t feel so bad for eating there! I tried it with a groupon. It’s still a guilty pleasure for this low-carber. The only ones I know are out of my way, so I’m not too tempted. No MSG makes me very happy. For the price, I hoped it would be better. Most chain restaurants have a lot of fake food. I can’t wait for the update.

  6. Bummer! We were going to have lunch there too! Oh well. I don’t know why some of these places can’t at least give you grass fed as an option. I’d pay extra.

  7. I read the first part of your article and watched the video and was asking my husband if there was a Smashburger near by us. Then I scrolled down to your update and was totally bummed. We just bought a whole grass fed steer and have enough beef to last us for a year, but it’s nice to know about fast food places in the area that serve high quality healthy food if we need to stop and get something to eat while we’re out. Our 9 yr old grandson is always hungry…LOL

  8. Did you tell the company representative that they should be training their employees not to make (unknowingly–really not an excuse) false claims about their products.

  9. I hope she doesn’t get fired over the video if she was mislead or just misunderstood Kelly. That would stink. Are you going to tell her?

  10. We just ate at one in san diego county. It wasn’t all that. They were out of the whole wheat bun so I order the egg bun. They gave me the chipotle bun, which I couldn’t eat due to all the spices/chemicals in it. We ordered sweet potato smash fries and they gave us regular sweet potato fries. The wait for the food was a very long time.
    If you are in the area, check out Elevation Burger, it is grass fed and they are really nice there, and if we go on a special, we can get the burger for $3.99 which for me was well worth it. And if you want organic bacon on it, it’s $1.29 extra.


    100%Organic Grass Feed beef ground in store…and you can get it wrapped in lettuce.
    I think they try to get as much local organic produce as they can too.
    Their fries are fresh cut and cooked in olive oil. Not sure if that is the best frying oil though.

    Its good food.
    They are a small company opened in 2008. If you are around one check it out.

  12. To be fair, all beef is “grass fed” at some point in its life. It is just at the end of the life that it is grain fed, or “grain finished” if you want to be fancy about it. Too bad the grain destroys the good CLA and Omega 3. So, you want “grass fed, grass finished” beef.

  13. It could be regional. The Arby’s in Richmond, VA use Grassfed beef but the others don’t. Maybe someday some other chain will source better

  14. we’re lucky. here in PA we have a restaurant called Elevation Burger, which does use grass-fed New Zealand beef for their burgers, olive oil for their fries and real cheddar cheese instead of processed. You can also get a burger wrapped in lettuce instead of on a wheat bun. And they have real milkshakes! yum! it’s a great treat!

  15. I love SmashBurger. It is the best tasting fast food imo and for better or worse, one opened up like a mile from us. I love their sweet potato fries (not the smash style) brought home and eaten with some homemade Sriracha mayo- yum! We get our Creswick ground beef with heart for at home but lately I have just been feeling too much food related stress to try to control it all 100% of the time.

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