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Why Raw Milk is “Inherently Contaminated” – Plus a Story of Healing Osteopenia

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Have you been told you have osteopenia, the precursor to osteoporosis? If so, find out today how one reader reversed it!

A while back I did a phone consultation with a woman named Elaine. She told me a story that is wonderful on one hand, because of her healing, but frustrating on the other hand when I heard a little side note to the story…

She had been looking around online and found an interesting website. Here’s what she told me:

“They seemed biased against raw milk, but not harshly so, so I felt safe sharing my experience. I was on the site, reading the posts between the editor and others, with the editor always holding firm that raw milk was dangerous. She was adamant about it, but it did seem that she was trying to be fair to the posters. I decided to comment about the benefits of what raw milk did for me, so I wrote something like this:

“I have been reading your posts about raw milk which are very interesting but I would like to tell you what raw milk has done for me. Every time I have had a bone density test, my results have been very good but then a few years ago my results came back as having “osteopenia” (the precursor to osteoporosis). I was devastated, worried some, and then actually forgot about it. Last year my doctor suggested I have another bone density test. The results came back with the ostepenia “reversed.” The doctor was surprised so I asked her if she wanted to know what I was doing? When I told her the only thing I had changed in my diet was that I was drinking raw milk (for about a year, at the time), she asked me if I wasn’t worried about the bacteria. I told her I was more worried about bacteria in pasteurized milk. Raw milk is like “gold” to me!”

A few days later, I was curious as to their reply to me and when I tried to get on the site with my iPad, it said, “You are banned.” When I tried my regular computer, it said the same thing.”

(By the way, Elaine also added: Kelly, if you want a copy of my bone density results, I can scan it for you.)

So first, do you know anyone who has also reversed their osteopenia?!

And next, can you believe this:

They not only took her comment down, but they banned her from the site!

So after she told me all of this, I took a look around online and see that it’s a site run by ATTORNEYS who are trying to drum up food poisoning clients, so of course they won’t publish a comment like that!

Their site is full of big read buttons reading, “Tip Line” or “Report your food poisoning case.”

In all fairness, though, at least they’re forthright about this fact on their About page:

Food Poisoning Bulletin is a Google news source for consumers to alert them to food recalls, food poisoning outbreaks and food safety news. Our goals are to empower consumers and make the United States food supply the safest it can be.

Food Poisoning Bulletin is sponsored by PritzkerOlsen, P.A., a leading food safety law firm. The firm represents food poisoning victims throughout the United States. Our publisher is Fred Pritzker, senior partner at PritzkerOlsen, P.A.

I looked around a bit more and was in shock at one comment I found by the editor: (This was unrelated to Elaine’s comment, and bolded words were my edit.)

“There was an outbreak in 2000 in Pennsylvania caused by pasteurized milk that sickened 93 people. But that product was contaminated after pasteurization. The problem with raw milk is that it is inherently contaminated as it comes from the cow because the cow’s anus is located right next to her udders.

Any product can be contaminated at any point along the supply and production chain. And I did find the outbreak you’re referring to. It was in 1985 and sickened 16,000 people. Again, the product was contaminated after pasteurization, but I stand by the fact that raw milk causes far more outbreaks and illnesses than pasteurized milk, especially considering that far fewer people consume raw milk. Those statistics from the CDC are accurate.” Source

A Big Raw Milk Question for You

So what I’d love to know is, how in the world did all those people who drank raw milk for centuries get by, what with the cow’s anus being right next to her udders and all?

In case you’re not sure, yes, I’m being sarcastic.

Pretty shocking, though, don’t you think? Again I have to ask, where has common sense gone?!

We drink raw milk and have for years.

Watching my kids gulp it down always makes me feel great, knowing how much nutrition they’re getting from this superfood. Is there a risk in drinking it?

As Joel Salatin says, “Life is risky, you can die from it!”

Yes there’s a small risk, but no more risky than eating raw produce, and I’m not snatching carrots out of my kids’ hands either. On the other hand, though, there is a 100% chance that this food will nourish us. Know your farmer, know how the cows (or goats) are raised, know your source – that’s what’s most important.milkbook_thumb

Do you drink raw milk?

What do you say when people ask if you’re worried about drinking it or giving it to your kids?


  1. The cows anus is right next to her udders? Seriously? That would be an awful funny looking cow!!! This is supposed to be a well educated, researched, intelligent lawyer? REALLY? I say ask the average small child to draw a cow. They are far more likely to get the basic anatomy correct then this lawyer!

  2. By the way, I posted above comment and I and my family including a granddaughter who is one and her mother who is pregnant drink raw milk from a herd share and my goats. It truly is a real nourishing food.

  3. I think those attorneys need to get their facts straight before publishing such nonsense. I grew up on raw milk and the cows my dad milked did not have anuses right next to their udders. How ridiculous.
    I hope the attorneys read this because I have news for them. The udders are under the belly, toward the back of the belly, and in front of the back legs. The anus is located way up there, under the tail, where the tail starts. If they need more information, I can get them a few pictures. :-)
    Aren’t they just ridiculous about all this? How on earth has anyone made it through life eating real and good food. If we’d have had the FDA regulating everything from day one, think how sick we all would be!!! It’s a good thing we have people like Kelly the KK to keep peoples in the know.

  4. Wow, seriously. Where does that guy get his cow anatomy from? Why on earth would God design a cow that way? Completely absurd! The bacteria that “inherently contaminate” raw cow’s milk is friendly bacteria that helps keep pathogenic bacteria from taking hold. The reason there is so much MORE food poisoning in pasteurized milk is because that friendly, protective bacteria is GONE, leaving the milk susceptible to pathogens! God actually knew what he was doing when he designed cows and their milk production system!

  5. When people ask me why I take the risk of feeding raw milk to my family, I ask them if they feed deli meats or hot dogs to their children, because CDC’s own data shows that you’re far more likely to contract pathogenic listeria from those foods, per serving, than from raw dairy.

  6. I had what I believe was osteopenia. My bones were breaking easily (stub a toe and break a bone in foot, trip and hit table and hurt arm took over 6 weeks to feel better, etc.) and my back was sore continually. I also had extremely low iron and felt I wasn’t absorbing my nutrients properly after having 2 nasty miscarriages with lots of hemorraging and baby after baby for 16 years. I started by using Essiac Tea for 3 weeks and eating only a salad a day and nothing else. I followed that by eating a vegan diet. I would begin each day with freshly made juice (carrot/celery/cucumber/red pepper/beet). Having the juice on an empty stomach allows the body to absorb the nutrients unhindered by the need to digest fiber. You can even use non-organic vegetables for this because apparently all the “bad stuff” gets disposed of with the pulp. I would have a second juice before supper (with a 2 hour fast before). After 2 months, my iron (remember I was eating vegan – no meat or dairy or eggs) was at the upper end of “normal” and I was feeling much better. The true test was when I had a nasty fall down the stairs while carrying one of the little ones and didn’t break a single bone! I no longer eat a vegan diet, but sometimes our body is so hurting it needs time to heal. I have since found a source of raw milk for my family and have incorporated other changes for the better health of us all. Thank you for your advice, encouragement and ideas!

  7. I tell them I know my farmer. He has some beautiful children and a wife to support so he is going to do it right! I ask them if they know the name and address of their farmer! This usually gets them to quiet down. In fact, we laugh because both sides of our families want to tell us how wrong we are, but they see the improvement in my health and our children. I think we are a mystery to them. :)

  8. My family drank raw milk from an organic farmer when we lived in the states. We now live in South America and our only choices are boxed un refrigerated ultra pasteurized milk *or* raw milk from a cow that doesn’t get washed up before milking and is milked by a person who may not have washed her hands before milking. I would really appreciate your thoughts and opinions on which option you would choose. I really miss raw milk and I hate that my kids are drinking the boxed stuff.

    • Just a thought…maybe cheese or other products made from milk would be a safer option for the nutrients found in milk, considering your limited milk sources.

    • You could buy the raw milk and pasteurize it yourself at home and cook with it. Better than ultra-pasteurized in any case, even if it’s not safe to consume raw.

    • Where are you in South America? I grew up in Paraguay drinking the boxed UHT milk; I shudder now to think of it…both taste and health-wise.

      I second buying the raw milk and boiling it yourself; maybe you’ll eventually find another source that you trust.

    • Wow, I was going to say that if those were my only options, I wouldn’t drink milk at all and get my nutrients in other ways.

      However, I like Amy’s idea better of pasteurizing it yourself. I’m sure you can easily find out how online, as far as the best temperature to kill any pathogens but not heat it so high that it’s as dead as ultra-pasteurized.


      • Yes I’ve been considering not drinking it at all. I did try pasteurizing it myself (which by the way, I first poured the milk through a sieve which revealed some hair in it…eek) but its pretty tricky to keep it at a constant temp for 30 minutes on a gas stovetop with thin pots.

        • I used to live in Rwanda & we boiled our raw milk for the same reasons you gave. There are other methods besides keeping it at a constant temp for 30 min. According to SDSU, “You can pasteurize milk at home by heating it briefly on the stove-top to 161 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 20 seconds, and cool quickly.” (Immerse pot in bowl of ice, if you have it.) You can read it here
          In contrast, UHT milk is heated to 280.

    • Why not *kindly* do some educating? Teach the folks that have the cow why it is important to wash the udder and their hands and the bucket before milking.
      **Offer to pay more for the milk if they will do to your specifications.**
      OR….ask if YOU can come and milk the cow for your purchase….and YOU do the washing up. Water may be a difficult to get commodity there, and extra washing unheard of.
      I get raw grass-fed butter from an Amish family. They pasteurize all of the milk and cream, except mine. I explained why I would like it raw and that I take responsibility for it being raw. They make ours first, then pasteurize the rest.

    • i’ve read that dairy herds in the states are vaccinated for brucellosis but in other countries that may or may not happen. if it doesn’t happen where you are living then brucellosis is something you need to be aware of.

  9. I am one of those people who has had Osteopenia reversed. The last time I went in for a bone density test, the results came back that my bones are getting denser. The nurse practitioner that I went to see couldn’t believe it, I told her it was because of my diet. I don’t think she believed that either (really). I drink raw milk every day and I eat lots of good stock made from our good grass fed, organic meat and chickens. Until I did that though, I was on the fast track to osteoporosis. Read food does indeed heal! Isn’t it great that God knew that and planned it that way? :)

    • Amen to Brenda’s comment. I started the GAPS diet in Sept ’11 and was only able to add bone broth to my diet and not the raw milk. That year, I had lost 12% of my bone density and went from osteopenia to osteoporosis. The following year, I gained back 19% of my bone density and will gladly scan the reports to send to you to prove it. The technician said he had never seen such an improvement in one year. Then, when I went to a new Ob/Gyn nurse practitioner, she asked if I were taking calcium supplements. I said, “No–I drink bone broth.” She replied that I was the 2nd patient who’d told her that–the first one was “a little old lady from Equador” who added eggs to her broth and had no problems with her bones. Traditional cuisine works! God’s creation certainly does beat anything cooked up in a lab!

  10. I was in a casual conversation last fall with the woman from the small farm where we get our raw milk and she was saying she has some family that run a “regular” large scale dairy farm and they won’t even drink their own milk. I’m guessing that is where all the cows are with anuses by their udders – I think they genetically modify them that way so it is easier to get their heads up their —- while they are milking the cow.

  11. You hit the nail on the head when you stated that the website in question was set up by attorneys to generate business: it’s not that they don’t understand the anatomy of a cow; it’s that they’re hoping YOU don’t understand the anatomy of cow. They’ll say anything that they believe they can get away with in order to generate dollars. We call it lying.

  12. Yeah, me. And once we get a cow to fill up that space in our barn next year, we’ll be drinking raw milk all the time.

  13. 1/2 tsp a day or potassium bicarbonate or sodium bicarbonate will stop the leaching of calcium from the bones. Studies have proven this. Good luck.

  14. Sigh. It seems lawyers have a thing against raw milk. There’s another food safety lawyer out there who’s downright vicious against raw milk. Me, I drink it every day. This is a big turn-around because I was never much of a milk drinker–just used it for coffee and cereal. Several years back, I had an opportunity to get the raw stuff and got it because I liked the idea of it being local and unprocessed. As time went by, I tried drinking it, like in a tall glass! I really liked the taste–I never liked the taste of pasteurized milk. I’ve been drinking raw milk exclusively for four years and I never looked back.

    I don’t have children but if I did, they too would drink raw milk. I should add that I know the farmer, know his practices, and am happy with both.

    Shame on that site for banning someone with a different opinion.

  15. The way that I look at it, I can either get raw milk from a farmer that takes good care of their animals, and actively works to not contaminate the milk, OR I can get milk from the grocery store with no information about the farmers or their practices, who arent as careful with contamination knowing that it will all be “cooked” away.

    I’d like my milk without cooked feces in it. :)

  16. We drink raw milk. I tried it when my son was allergic to store bought. He had no problems with raw. I am wondering if it wasn’t maybe the chemicals or the amount of pus they allow in it that bothered him instead. Hmmm.

  17. Wow, I’m surprised that all babies don’t die from “contamination” because the birth canal is so close to the anus. It’s a wonder any of us are here. (Dripping with sarcasm). In the end times they will call good evil and evil good. We’ve been drinking raw milk from trusted sources for around 5 years.

  18. Would if we could get it…. we did while we were in Buffalo. No farmers within several hours of us are allowed to sell it now, though… :(

  19. I’m one week away from fresh raw milk from my goats again! I can’t wait! We do notice an improvement in our health when we get our raw milk back.

  20. I trust our raw milk because I know my farmers. I feel great about letting my kids drink as much of it as they want! I’m hoping it fills in the nutritional gaps left from their pickiness… (at the moment, one won’t eat meat and the other won’t touch vegetables. this could change at any moment, however)

  21. We drink fresh milk and our personal results are the same as Amy above me.

    Never had a fever, never puked, really never been sick even a runny nose for more than 24 hours. Our son’s teeth are beautiful, and I no longer have joint pain either.

  22. I have it, but not access to raw milk. I try to get calcium through my food and my doctor has me on BHRT to help as well. Where do I get potassium bicarbonate or sodium bicarbonate? Is it something I know by a different name?

  23. I have raised dairy goats for more than twenty years, youngest daughter is nineteen after she was weaned she started drinking raw goat’s milk. I am not a big fan of milk, use it for coffee and cereal, but LOVE LOVE raw milk kefir. How is that for contaminated, I put kefir grains in raw milk and let it set out at room temperature for 24 hours, strain, chill and drink. 😀

  24. I’m almost 33 and have been drinking raw milk from my family’s milk cow since I was six years old. Now my own kids drink it…none of us have ever gotten sick from it. However, we have gotten very sick from additives in foods approved by the FDA. My 2yo can drink raw milk all day, but if she has a drop of MSG, we will be up for three nights with her. Common sense has gone out the window!!!

  25. I tell them my grandmother drank raw milk and lived to be 99. I tell them that I KNOW the farmer AND the cows from whom the milk is obtained. I tell them that my milk comes from ONE FARM, not a “region”. I tell them that I was allergic to milk and cheese until raw milk. And if they really want to talk science instead of fear, I will go into the enzymes, the number of GOOD bacteria, the immune fractions, and the details about what hating does to proteins and homogenization does to fat. By then, they usually back down and are at least somewhat curious. (I am a Doctor of Chinese Medicine specializing in allergic and failure to thrive kids…and I have a lot of healed kids to back me up!)

  26. Here in Florida raw milk and products must be labeled “for pet consumption only”. The problem I have with food safety laws is that our government is taking away the rights of people to choose what can consume. Big business doesn’t have to declare when there are GMOs in their products. That takes away consumers ability to choose what is best for their health and family. Raw milk and raw milk products may contain more bacteria than pasturized. People who consume raw milk products regularly may have a stronger immune system which is accustomed to the bacteria which decreases the likelihood of an adverse reaction.

  27. Here in Australia it is sold as “bath”milk and has a warning on it stating it is for cosmetic purposes not human consumption. Farmers face a $40000 fine if caught selling raw milk. Crazy huh.

  28. I had never heard of until 10 minutes ago, when I followed a link there from a story on about the month-long shutdown of the Irwindale Sriracha plant by California regulators. Never got to see any content on that site – on my first click-through to it, I was banned, apparently for being a reader of Reason Magazine. Thanks for the info on who runs that site – it’s always good to know who you’re dealing with and what their true interests are.

  29. I love raw milk. One of the biggest things that struck me in my research is that people that are lactose-intolerant have no problem drinking raw milk. Apparently, the enzyme that helps metabolize lactose is destroyed with pasteurization. Whereas, this enzyme has not been destroyed in raw milk. I don’t buy it all the time, because it’s a bit of a drive to the farm, but I think raw milk rocks.

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