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Who Should Go Grain Free? How to Save Now on the Grain Free Online Class!

Have you wondered if eating grain-free could help you finally heal from the health issues that haven’t let up? Have you heard how, for many, grain-free diets were the only solution that actually gave them their lives back?

Meet Dr. Jill Tieman. She has not only helped many of her clients get better with this diet, but she has healed herself and her son, too. Now Jill is teaching an online class to show you that it can be done, and she can make it easy on you!

Who needs this class?

You need this class if:

  • You have food allergies or intolerances;
  • You are gluten intolerant (blood tests for Celiac are negative but you know you feel better without gluten in your diet);
  • You are on a gluten-free diet and still have problems;
  • You are taking care of someone on the autism spectrum;
  • You are on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, the GAPS Diet, the Paleo or Primal Diets;
  • You have been diagnosed with Celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease or any other digestive, arthritic or autoimmune disorder;
  • You have been diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome or intestinal permeability;
  • You know you feel better without grains (and dairy) but don’t know where to start.

Watch the video for more information, or go sign up for the class now!

Lifetime enrollment is only $199.00 $149.00 – use coupon code NOGRAINS for an additional $20 off!

Learn more or Sign Up for the Go Grain-free online class!

Find out how to make tasty recipes like these paleo potatoes!

Or this artichoke pie!

Learn more or Sign Up for the Go Grain-free online class!

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