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Where to Get REAL Olive Oil {and a Discount!}

where to get real olive oil

extra-virginityIt is not easy these days to know what you’re getting at the store, even if you’re good at reading labels, because there is extensive corruption in some areas of food production. You could very likely be getting cheap heart-killer vegetable oils in place of REAL organic extra virgin olive oil. Click this post to read more (including info on heating olive oil in cooking/the smoke point, etc.): The Olive Oil Mafia — Be Aware of the Extensive Lies and Corruption {Yes, There is a Solution}

Where to Get Real Olive Oil

Click here to find truly organic extra virgin olive oil that you can trust:

Olea Colorado


Use the code KOP at checkout for a 10% off discount. (Must use all caps.)


Olea Colorado Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Testimonies:

  • I have been using this olive oil for years and Kelly is right! The best part about this stuff is the taste but I love knowing what I am eating. We hear all the time how great olive oil is for you but there are no benefits if you’re not eating the real stuff. I have also had great experience using this on my face using the oil cleansing method. It’s helped a ton with my minor acne. I promise you this stuff is worth every penny. In our house it’s bought by the gallon.
  • I love Olea’s olive oil. I live near St. Louis, so I’ve picked it up at local markets a time or two and bought a case at the mini WAPF conference when it was here a few years ago.
  • As a biochemist who has spent extensive times in food and pharmaceutical industries for testing flavor compounds particular flavor compounds as well as seeking biomarkers and chemicals for diagnosing cardiovascular disease. I believe that the best chefs said it that all Good FOOD comes from nutritious grown ingredients with equally important sauce and cook at the right time and temperature – Science and Cook (! I have been consuming Olea Estate Olive oil since 2010 when I met Karl who was presenting to our community garden evening meeting with organic seeds and this delicious olive oil. I was hooked immediately, and have been using THE ONLY OIL since. The oil can be used for all cooking needs without any other oil. I have used to complete my Harvard Science and Cooking Final Project for delicious flourless pancakes! It is absolutely NOT necessary to have any other oil although you may be told otherwise by a recipe cook book. How do you tell that it is a good quality olive oil, you can simply swirl the oil on the wall of the bottle and see how long it takes to run down-viscosity == thickness == density of the oil; you can also see how fast the oil spreads in your sauté pan? == the slower the spread, the thicker the oil; you can also see how much residue oil is in your pan after you empty the pan, just like wine tasting – color, swirl, smell, taste, and savor! Please read the original stories from NPR here: Tom Mueller “Losing ‘Virginity’: Olive Oil’s ‘Scandalous’ Fraud” at and “To Get The Benefits Of Olive Oil, Fresh May Be Best” Bon appétit! Lin Lewis (PhD & MBA)
  • I’ve been using Olea for years and don’t buy anything else. It’s fabulous on salad (my favorite is mixed with a little lemon juice and sea salt), and I often sauté with it, mixed with grass fed ghee, and also finish dishes with it at the end of cooking. Gives great flavor. The best part, though, is knowing where it comes from and that it is a good, healthy, delicious, traditional fat I feel good about eating and feeding my family.
  • Karl introduced me to this wonderful oil a few years ago, and without a doubt, its the _best_ I’ve ever had! Now, it’s hard to even consider using anything else. I give away several bottles at Christmas time to family and friends and they love it too. Great stuff, indeed.
  • Like many have already said, it’s the taste that keeps me using Olea, but knowing where it comes from and the purity of the oil it the icing on the cake! Olea, good bread and a nice bottle of wine is culinary heaven!!
  • Olea is hands down the best olive oil I have ever had. After speaking with Karl Burgart about all olive oil and where it comes from I don’t think I will be able to use any big brand again. It means so much to me to know that this oil is all coming from one family farm. Thanks for opening my eyes to the world of real olive oil.
  • My husband and I have been using Olea olive oil for years now and we wouldn’t buy anything else! The flavor and depth it adds to our cooking is absolutely awesome and other grocery store olive oils don’t even compare. As professionals in the dance industry we are very aware of the foods that we use to nourish and power our bodies and Olea is not just the best tasting olive oil but a genuine health food. And of course Karl and his entire crew are the nicest and most knowledgeable team when it comes to not just their product but sourcing the BEST most flavorful food around. Cheers!

Click here to find truly organic extra virgin olive oil that you can trust and remember to use the code KOP for a 10% off discount:

Olea Colorado


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