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When You Can’t Catch Chicken Pox

can't catch chicken pox

What if you can’t catch chicken pox?

Did you forego the Varicella vaccine for your child? Did you plan to expose them to Chicken Pox and hope they would contract it naturally? If they haven’t contracted it yet, are you worried, because you’ve heard that Chicken Pox as an adult is horrible?

That’s where we’re at now.

As you’ve read in my past vaccines posts, it was only with our youngest that we were educated enough to question the current recommended vaccine schedule, and Varicella was one of the shots we said no to. We’ve exposed him to Chicken Pox TWICE now, and he still hasn’t contracted it! He’s only 5, but I’m already wondering at what age we should think about vaccinating if he doesn’t get it on his own? Or should we still NOT have him vaccinated no matter what, due to those risks?

Even articles from Dr. TenPenny only talk about how much better it is to have them get it on their own, but nothing about what to do if they DON’T contract it.

So today I need your advice.

Any tips on finding kids to expose them to who have Chicken Pox? Have you researched it? Is it really that big a deal if they get it when they’re older? If so, at what age should we consider vaccinating, if at all?

Please share your knowledge with us in the comments so we can all take it into consideration when making these decisions!



  1. Oh my. This is EXACTLY where we are too. I have tried and tried with my 6 year old now to expose him and he is just too stinking healthy and never gets anything. LOL I am dying to hear what other people say about this too.

    • Could it be that the illness has cycled out to some degree like many other viruses.and/or some healthy kids have natural immunity…this is true of many other viruses and bugs!

    • im 19 and still haven’t got chicken pox. last month, my partner in my thesis project got chicken pox then after 3days, my small brother got chicken pox and after a week my sister got chicken pox too…….. Why didnt i? im thankful and worried.

    • I was born in 1981 & I wasn’t vaccinated for Chiken Pox.
      Each one of my older brothers ended up geting infected with Chiken Pox and I can remember my mom having us all sleep next to each other as well as having our cousins come over to stay the night along with us,so that each and every one of us kids would be exposed and hopefully infected with Chiken Pox since we were all young. Even though each of my brothers and my two cousins ended up with Chiken Pox, I never did contract them and I couldn’t of been more exposed to the illness! I have continued to remain Chiken Pox’s free to this day! Now I did end up contracting Measles as a child and I’m not sure if this could be some how related and be the reason why I haven’t ever gotten Chiken Pox or not.

      • I’m guessing you got passive immunity from the exposure to chicken pox. I think a doctor could check for chicken pox titers to see if you’re immune?

  2. I wish I could help, but we are in the same boat. With the same questions. All five of my children haven’t been vaccinated for the chicken pox. My oldest is 15 and the youngest is 4.5 years old. The last couple of years, our doctor’s office called us to let us know that there have been cases and if we wanted our children to be exposed. It has always been two to three weeks before our big Feldpausch Family Campout. Look forward to seeing what others have to say about this.

    • One more thing. My doctor also said to me that the main reason why the vaccination was made was to help the schools to not have to deal with the spreading of the virus and for the parents not to have to worry about taking time off work. That is one of the reasons why we decided to not have it. What a lame excuse to have your child vaccinated.

    • Hi Rebecca,
      We are in Michigan too. I am wondering if you can tell me the name of the physician that calls you when they have cases of Chicken pox b/c our 5 y.o. was not vaccinated for it and hasn’t had it yet either. Our older had birth trauma/neurological problems, and then regressed after vaccinations around age two into autism….

      • We’re in West Michigan and also interested if there’s any cases… Our youngest has not had them or been vaccinated. Infact, we were just “released” from our ped due to the fact we won’t fully vaccinate our children. If anyone in the area can recommend a family/ped doc I would appreciate it.

        • I live in the portage Kalamazoo area and have had the same ped for 13 years. He has seen all 7 of our children (although it’s a couple years between visits) and none of them have ever been vaccinated. Our oldest is 13 and none of my kids have contracted chicken pox, and I’m not sure what to so either! But if you need his name and office let me know!:)

  3. Yep, this is us, too. My older two got it (took a few exposures, I think because they were still breastfeeding plenty at the time), but we’ve exposed my youngest twice so far and no luck (she’s 3 now and still nursing twice a day). I’m especially eager to get her immune because she’s a girl (and may someday be pregnant and really not want to catch chicken pox) and because we don’t believe in vaccines at all.

    I’ve read that a child can contract chicken pox from an adult with shingles, but I’ve not met anyone who’s experienced this. Also, I’ve read that if a child breaks out in chicken pox after receiving the vaccine (a relatively high number does), that case isn’t as “good” as a “wild” varicella case at conferring lifetime immunity for an unvaccinated child who catches it that way. Again, I don’t have anything in print to back this up but I’ve been reading and researching about this for 8 years now.

    The whole issue upsets me so much, because we as a population used to get little “immunity boosters” from the exposures to kids with chicken pox … but now, no one gets it, so my generation (I’m 38) may not have the same “boosted immunity” against shingles … not to mention that in Japan, the vaccine immunity has seemed to wane at around age 20, right when everyone’s in close quarters in college and chicken pox is really a health risk. (One stat I remember clearly is that 54% of all varicella deaths occur in adults age 18 and over, but only 10% of all varicella cases occur in that population.)

    I could easily hop up on a soapbox about this issue, but I will be quiet now and I’m eager to read the comments that follow. Thanks for raising the issue, I think a lot of us are “closeted” with this one now that the vaccine has been common practice or mandatory in most states since 1998 or later.

    • I was vaccinated for Chicken Pox, I’m 48. I contracted Shingles when I was 42 and healthy. My son (8 at the time) was vaccinated against Chicken Pox (we stopped vaccinating when he was 3 and we were wiser), he contracted a mild case of Chicken Pox.

    • Regarding Shingles & contracting CP: it can happen, and did at my house. My husband came down w/ Shingles, and about 10 days later, my daughter (almost 2 at the time) came down with CP. The same thing happened to a friend of mine recently, so there are 2 Shingles->CP cases you’ve now heard of!
      Regarding Kelly’s original question, we’re in the same boat, because even though my dd caught CP, my older son did NOT contract it, either from my husband OR my daughter! He’s always had an incredibly strong immune system though, so I’m not sweating it too much. My youngest has not had it yet, as we haven’t been able to expose him to anyone when it wasn’t a terrible time for us, and I’d like to get them done before he starts school in a few years.

  4. I had chicken pox at around 8 or 9, I remember being very uncomfortable for a week or so, right before Christmas break, but I don’t think it was all that bad. So based on my experience you still have several years left to get him exposed. 😉 Of course that was before the vaccine so it went through most of the school and a large portion of my class was out for several weeks. All four of us kids had it at the same time, but my little brother only got a couple of spots, so maybe you just missed it and his immune system has the antibodies but without the drawn out disease? I’m not anywhere near an expert, but I thought I would offer my thoughts.

  5. We’re in the same boat too! My oldest contracted chicken pox naturally; my other three kids (11, 7, 5) have not received the vaccine, but we’re not finding any opportunities for exposing them. I’ve had several friends whose kids have come down with it, but who live too far for me to just drive over to expose my kids, and I have literally begged them to send me a sucked-on lollipop or a cloth used to wipe the child’s face so I can get the germs going here. No dice.

    It’s not just my kids that I want exposed. *I* want to be exposed, to lower my likelihood of getting shingles (or having to choose that vaccine) later in life. My father-in-law has gotten shingles several times in the last 10 years and is in pain for months. I’ll have to look into whether exposing my kids to him might be enough to bring on the chicken pox. Honestly, though, I just wish people would send me a lollipop or two!

  6. I was exposed as a kid but never came down with it. My husband contracted it as an adult but I still didn’t get it. I had myself tested for the antibodies eventually. I have antibodies even tho I never got dick with it. You could do the same if you are concerned and get your kids tested, ESP if theyve been exposed multiple times and never came down with it. .

      • Yes, he was very sick. Spots everywhere and one of his glands swelled and never quite went back to how it was prior. We got it from a baby with chicken pox. We thought they were mosquito bites but they were actually blisters. I was holding that baby and never got sick.

    • I also NEVER had chicken pox. When I was trying to get pregnant, my doctor asked if I ever had it, and I told her no. She wanted me to get the vaccine, but I was against it. She ended up doing a blood test to find out that I was already immune to it anyways, so maybe your child already is too? My insurance covered most or all (I can’t remember now…it was about 3 1/2 years ago) of the test.

      • I also have never had chicken pox and I am 61. I remember being taken to visit several of my friends as a child while they were sick with the chicken pox – on purpose. I also did not contract it when my children did.

        I also have never had the mumps, which is more of a concern for me, since I know that having the mumps as an older person can be even more uncomfortable than the chicken pox.

  7. I can’t give you advice, but here’s what happened to us last year. Right at Christmas my then 9 year old got the chicken pox. Over the next month or so all the rest of the children (5) came down with it a few weeks apart (ages 14-24). The oldest two (24 and 22) got it the worse. They were miserable and off work for a week. The 19 yo was bad too, but not as much as them. He lost a few days of work. The others were sick, but as expected. They all have a few scars to tell the tale.

    The two oldest don’t live at home, so they were infected when they came over for Christmas dinner. We’re just amazed that in all the years not one of them got exposed to friends who had it. It just wasn’t on my radar screen I guess.

    The funny (?) thing is that many years ago when I only had 5, they all came down with whooping cough at the same time. Just a family tradition I guess.

  8. I second getting the titers (antibodies) drawn. It could be that your little one’s immune system is so strong that it fought off full-blown infections but is still producing the antibodies.
    It’s a blood drawn, so no fun, but at least you’ll know!

  9. Chicken pox is something kids should get before they really get into puberty, is basically what I’ve always heard. I was in 2nd grade when I had them, and hit puberty the next year. I think pretty much all the kids in my class had had chicken pox by the time we got to middle school.

  10. I would check for antibodies as he gets older if needed. We are not vaccinating our little boy at all. Our little one had some sort of virus which caused lots of spots (like the chicken pox), although two doctors said it wasn’t chicken pox. Unfortunately we live in a small community where the doctors are not too great. I was still breastfeeding, my gut tells me it was chicken pox, just milder since he was still breastfeeding (I had chicken pox as a child)–if needed when he is older I will have him tested for antibodies. He had “spots” from top to bottom, feet, head, everything….he just didn’t run a fever and wasn’t feeling really sick. I have also heard many moms complain that they vaccinated for chicken pox, and still their children get the chicken pox even though they opted to vaccinate. You may also want to research the issue of vaccinating, then getting the chicken pox…it seems I’ve read something that the chicken pox is then too mild, and then does not provide the learned immunity to prevent shingles as an adult.
    Good luck, remember nature nor God invented a chicken pox vaccine–ultimately they are made by the money grubbing pharmacutical companies.

  11. Hi,
    When I was a kid they did not give shots for chicken pox, and I never contacted it, until I was in my late twenties, and I was really sick with it and almost ended up in the hospital with chicken pox in my lungs. It was not fun. My youngest son had brought it home from church one Sunday, and by 21 days later, my oldest son and I were both sick with it at the same time. What

  12. Well here in Denmark we dont vaccinated against chickenpox at all !
    and really I think we are a educated and healthy society 😉

    My kid had it natural twice- yep I know they say it is rare but she did. None of the times were she serious sick. She was 3 and 5 yo.

  13. I never got chicken pox as a child or the shot. But I have the antibodies that make me immune. As your doctor to get your child blood tested. That way you know for sure they will be fine.

  14. I am 48 years old and had the chicken pox “back in the day” before a vaccine for it. I now have a 7 and a 10 year old–they each had chicken pox (I think!) in the summer two years ago. I too couldn’t find anyone to expose them to, and was worried about it (still am), but kept thinking it was bound to happen. I can’t figure out where they might have been exposed, but they both had it at the same time and it was VERY mild (not very sick, only a few pox–I mean less than a dozen on each child). Different people told me different things–too mild would mean no antibodies, and if you have it you develop antibodies period! I don’t know what to think! Thanks for info on the blood test–I didn’t think to discuss with the pediatrician–I’ll have to follow up on that.

  15. I have 2 un-vaxed and un-exposed children. What someone wrote earlier about getting a girl exposed before pregnancy is true, however I also recall reading that it can be detrimental to a boy to have CP too late….in terms of their fertility. Does anyone have more info on this?

    How often should titers be repeated? Does it depend on this disease?

    Re-Bloodwork on little ones–One of my very few forays into the world of conventional medecine has been to this marvelous product called emla cream. It is a topical anesthetic that I use when my kids need bloodowrk. It is absolutely amazing–they were digging around my 1.5 year olds arm for 5 minutes searching for a vein while she cheerfully looked on. I think it’s worth it!

  16. As Diana mentioned, the vaccine does seem to wane in your 20’s. My daughter was vaccinated for CP as a child. At 18, her level of immunity was fine, but at 20, a blood test indicated her levels had dropped and she is no longer immune. As for people getting CP more then once, if your first exposure to CP is mild and you body does not build up enough immunity, you can get the virus again. One of the few things I remember from nursing school.

  17. I’m still weirded out by the idea of a vaccine for the pox. That was one of those childhood rites of passage! I got it when I was 6, and to this day I don’t know how I did, but I passed it on to my friends in the neighborhood. Looking back, this was probably the plan of the mothers all along.

  18. We were lucky, my son just caught chicken pox last month at age 3.5 here in London. And it was sooooo mild. No fever, 40-45 spots. But, a little girl he was playing with and sharing drinks with the day before his spots showed up, didn’t get it. We didn’t vaccinate at all. Varicella vaccine was one of the more questionable to me b/c it contains aborted fetal cells and it contains some DNA material from those cells. My husband and his sister didn’t catch chicken pox until they were in their early 20’s. It wasn’t a walk in the park they said, but not that bad if you don’t have underlying conditions or a compromised immune system. For those with eczema or psoriasis and hayfever, etc. it can be worse. You still have a few more years. I was 7 and my brothers 6 & 5 when we caught it.

  19. I was around it all the time, but I never got chicken pox as a child, although I had all the other childhood diseases. Then I contracted chicken pox age 35. Thankfully, I didn’t get that sick. I think it was comparable to a mild flu. The doctor put me on some experimental (at that time) anti-viral drug. I can’t remember what it was. (I’m not recommending it. I didn’t know a lot about synthetic meds back then.)

  20. There are many benefits and drawbacks to consider. He is still at risk for Shingled if he gets it. As we age our immune system weakens which can let the dormant virus lose again.

    And just because he gets it now doesn’t mean he won’t get it again unfortunately. I had it three times as a kid before I finally had a case bad enough to produce immunities.

    Also, they don’t really know how long it will last. Those where were first vaccinated still show signs of immunity but I really wonder as that population ages if in fact some of them still end up getting it as elderly adults. Once that starts happening they’ll start giving the elderly population more vaccinations, too. Ugh.

  21. Yep, this is where we are. My oldest is five and I’d like mine to all get it now but we can’t find it ANYWHERE! I’m thinking about putting an ad in the paper :) My kids aren’t vaccinated at all but I’m not sure what I’ll do if they reach their teen years without ever having had chicken pox. To me it’s kind of like Ruebella. Because it’s been vaccinated away and kids don’t get it anymore my daughters will have to be really aware while pregnant. I guess by the time they are 18 it will be their choice. My husband gets shingles because there are no children to expose his immune system to the chicken pox virus. And shingles suck!

  22. Boy – you’ve hit a hot spot! I had never had them as a kid and was terrified of getting them while pregnant. I finally got a blood test done when I was pregnant with child #4 and it turns out I was immune (my sister had the mother of all cases when we were kids). Then I fell prey to all the vax pressure with #3 and #4 (both girls) and now they’re teenagers and I’m wondering what the best plan of action is. I would much prefer they contract them naturally and be done with it. As a former day care provider you will probably appreciate that I had 6 children in my in-home daycare back when my older two were 3 and 5 and all 8 of those kids passed CP around from February to May! That was a ton of fun! Hopefully, your little guy is immune and you can stop worrying!

  23. I was vaccinated as a child but I still contracted chicken pox when I was 29. My oldest daughter (6) had it first then my next daughter (3) then my next daughter (2) and finally my 4 month old son and I had it together. I don’t think I had it any worse then they did but it was really itchy and difficult to hold a four month old in the middle of summer heat.

  24. I had chicken pox when I was younger and contracted shingles last year and both my kids, 1yr and 3yrs at the time got the chicken pox the week after I recovered from shingles, I am thankful they got it since we don’t vax, but it was during the week we moved !! SO that wasn’t a lot of fun :-)

  25. 14 years ago my one year old children had the vaccine but when my son was 12 he had shingles :-( THEN I was informed that the vaccine does not protect you from shingles because it is a weakened virus that resides in your nervous system just like regular Chicken pox does when you “get over it”. Just a heads up if you decide to go this route.

  26. I got chicken pox when I was 16 years old. (This was in the days prior to vaccinations; I just never got it when I was younger. I got it from a younger sibling.)

    I was really, really, really sick. My pediatrician wanted to hospitalize me, but mother elected to care for me at home. I had lesions everywhere—my mouth, my vagina, my face, between my toes—–the itching was terrible. I have some pock marks on my face. I was out of school for over two weeks.

    I don’t envy you the choice. My kids had both had natural chickenpox when the vaccine came out.


  27. My son was 13 when he got them (we shared a lollipop) and he was uncomfortable for about a week, then he was done. He did a lot of baking soda baths. My personal beliefs are that the severity of the reaction to chicken pox (and viruses in general) is dependent on toxins already in the body and thyroid health….hence adults having a more severe reaction.

    My son doesn’t have any vaccinations. He has a fairly strong constitution anyway. It needs to be an individual decision based on the overall health of the individual.

  28. We did chickenpox this past fall, it took a few exposures, and after they didn’t catch it the first couple times one of our friends’ kids had it and we pretty much spent the week together, sharing cups, etc. They finally got it.

  29. Interesting that you can check to see if your child has made antibodies to the virus! I can’t tell you what to do with your kid, but I can tell you my experience.

    I had chicken pox when I was in my early 20s and I almost died. No exaggeration. When it first set in my hubby took me to the hospital and they said “Chickenpox, she’s fine. Give her tylenol.” A few hours later after my husband and mother-in-law still couldn’t get my fever down I was carried back to the hospital. Literally carried. I remember nothing of the second hospital visit until several days after being admitted. Apparently they had to pack me in ice my fever was so high. The doctors and nurses were not kind to my husband either, they told him they would do what they could for me but that it did not look good.

    It turned out that the pox were in my lungs. It took a long time to recover. And I do mean a long time. My immune system was so fried after that for about a year, and I had some short term memory problems for a good while.

    Of course, I wasn’t as healthy as your child probably is right now:-) But I think if I were you, I would at least check to see if antibodies have formed. Ultimately the decision is yours, and your child may never have the problem I did (maybe I was a rare case?). I never thought twice about the pox vaccine, I was so deeply affected by the disease that I jumped at the chance to protect my kids from it. Maybe that was the right thing to do, maybe not…

    I do wish you, and your family, nothing but the best of health:-) I’m sure you will do what is right for your family.

  30. My parents, thank goodness, were very educated in the vaccination department, and varicella was one that they weren’t comfortable with. I got chicken pox, literally, the night I moved out of my parent’s house, at 22. Long story short, it was not great, but it was not super terrible either. At that age I knew what was going on, I could take care of myself for the most part, and luckily I had roommates to do the rest. Yes it was uncomfortable, but I am grateful that my parents made the decision that they did. I am 32 now, and expecting our first child soon. We will be very picky with the vaccinations that we decide upon for our children, varicella will be one that we skip.

  31. Yes, it is true that adults’ experiences of chicken pox is excruciating, and VERY serious — I’ve taken care of a few patients through the years who’ve had it (even one as young as 18). Children can skate through it with experiencing mild discomfort, some low-grade fevers, and “annoyance” from the itching.

    I’ve been opposed to the chicken pox vaccine since it came out — it is much better to contract the disease as a child than to skirt it and live in fear of contracting it as an adult (the vaccine does not guarantee immunity, and they recommend every ten-year injections).

    We are fortunate enough to live in a community that has a good percentage of “not being in compliance” with vaccinations (which WA state lawmakers are trying very hard to change). My advice would be to find a hippie-type community where you live — be in contact with them to have your kids go over to play when there is chicken pox afoot!

    Good Luck!

  32. I forgot to mention that it’s entirely possible that your son HAS had chicken pox, due to the exposure you had — some children only get one “pox”, and it’s hard to tell if they have really had it. Have a titer drawn.

  33. I was 10 when I had it, and it was really no big deal. Only as a teen does it seem to be bad. But then, that’s in kids who eat SAD, you know? If they’re healthy enough not to get it after multiple exposures, do you really need to worry about how bad it would be if they got it later? I think their immune system could fight it off well, even if they got it. Just keep up the usual good food and immune support (FCLO!) and such, and even if they DID get it when they were older, they’d be fine. That’s what we will do. We’d never consider vaccinating for that — or anything.

  34. I had a light case as a child (half a dozen blisters) and apparently that didn’t give me enough antibodies — got the pox again while I was pregnant. It wasn’t that bad, but my immune system is pretty strong. The doctor said it would be problematic for the pregnancy if I’d been in my 1st or 3rd trimester, but I got it right at 20 weeks — perfect timing! I don’t know if my daughter will have the antibodies due to that or not, but I’m considering having her tested since she hasn’t had them naturally yet.

    Way back when, the doctors would call all the mothers whose children hadn’t had it when a case came in so they could all bring their kids in for exposure, but I doubt the docs would be able to with all the regulations on medical information.

  35. We were fortunate to be able to expose our three children when a cousin had chicken pox. I had them hugging and playing with that boy for two days! However, my husband only had 2-3 marks when he was young and supposedly had chicken pox. He never contracted it when our children had it, so that seems to support his claim. I wonder if there’s a blood test that would confirm whether your child has the anitbody. Maybe he’s actually had them and you didn’t notice because it wasn’t too bad.

  36. I am 41 and had shingles about 6 weeks ago and within 2 weeks one of my eldests dd(17) had chicken pox (her twin got a mild case of pox a short time after getting vaccinated years ago and must have an immunity as they both had direct contact with my rash before we knew what it was). Almost 2 weeks later my 2yo ds got chicken pox. I only vaccinated the first 3 kids (before I knew better). I think it is funny that the first 2 kids to get it were the vaccinated ones.

    I have 9 children. I am hoping that we get this over with soon because if we keep doing this one child at a time we could be at this for months! I think I may have gotten shingles because my diet wasn’t as good as it should have been (had a baby within 7 months and haven’t been fermenting or soaking for a while) I am right back to my diet of soaking grains and fermenting and making bone broths again. I hope the shingles doesn’t come back. They really hurt a lot!

    • You make an interesting point there, Donna Marie! Natural Rearing dog breeders have learned that puppies vaccinated for parvo are the ones more prone to getting it when exposed, it’s worse cases, and then they have a harder time recovering. Whereas the unvaccinated ones either don’t get it or get a very, very mild case recovering fully in a matter of 2-3 days. And the more generations there are of unvaccinated dogs, the healthier they are because they also don’t inherit the actual DNA damage (called miasm) that occurs because of vaccines.

      It’s a huge topic, one hotly debated! But we all need to dig for the information to keep our families, and pets, safe and healthy.

  37. That’s our question, too. I had said that if my oldest didn’t get it naturally by the time she was 6 then I’d vaccinate her, but now my oldest is 8 and I still haven’t done anything about it. Although I may not have a choice…our doctor’s office (military) has an all-or-none policy towards vaccines. They don’t let us pick and choose or even spread them out. If you don’t do it exactly the way it’s recommended, they won’t give you any at all!

    • Just FYI – the chicken pox vaccine is one grown in a cell line from an aborted fetus. Even the most rigid schools in NJ allow you to opt out of the aborted baby vaccines on religious grounds.

  38. My mom is 69. When she was a child, both her siblings and most of her friends had chicken pox, and she’s nursed her own three children through it. But she’s never caught chicken pox herself. Some people just seem to be immune. If you’ve exposed your children to it and they haven’t caught it, I wouldn’t worry.

    • She probably had a very mild case and they never realized she had it. The same thing happened to me … my sister had a whopper of a case and I never did (or so we thought). A blood test confirmed I was immune 30-some-odd years later.

  39. I’ve written to a friend of mine and asked her to share her experience here. Deliberate exposure is not a good idea unless you know for certain the strain to which you are exposing your children!

    Everyone in my family has had the pox, but if we had not, we would be pursuing natural alternative to vaccination, NOT deliberate exposure or the allopathic alternative.

    • I’ve never heard this before; how is delibrate exposure worse than picking up any random strain roaming around your community?

  40. Natural immunity is developed over time, even without purposely trying to get exposed to a particular virus. I wouldn’t worry too much if your unvaccinated child doesn’t get the Chicken pox. As some others commented, they developed natural immunity. Which is also “True” immunity. What vaccines offer is not immunity at all but an unnatural assault on the immune system that can cause all sorts of auto-immune disorders later on. I was vaccinated as a child. And also came down with everything I was vaccinated for. Measles…both kinds, back-to-back, when I was about 11. Talk about a miserable kid!! I missed one month of school. In that case I was not happy to miss out! In addition, my BIL who was vaccinated for but never got the Chicken pox, came down with them at 26 years of age. Was he miserable? You bet, but not any more than I was when I had them as a kid. And he didn’t suffer any lasting effects. But every case is different, I’m sure. I say stick to your guns about not vaccinating, ever! :)

  41. I got Chicken Pox when I was two and shingles when I was nine and I gave CP to my mom’s entire daycare. A neighbor of ours was in his early twenties when he got CP and had to be hospitalized. My dad has had shingles twice and they are pretty painful as an adult. My youngest two aren’t vaccinated and I’ve been looking for an opportunity to expose them.

  42. Great advice from other readers about getting the blood antibody test. I’m not sure if I had them as a kid and if I did, it was a very very mild case. My brother got them really bad though! I’m now pregnant with my fourth, and still worry about catching them again when pregnant. Whenever I’m not pregnant, I try to expose my other kids whenever possible, and like you, they’ve never contracted it yet, despite multiple chances. Hopefully this means they (and I) already have immunity!
    I’m going to check with my midwife about the blood test at the next appointment. Thanks for the info!

  43. My husband got Chicken Pox the first year we were married. He was 28 at the time. He missed a week of work, was really miserable, and was a big baby, but no serious complications. We went on to have 3 healthy children. I had them as a child. I don’t wish the CP on anyone. I have had my kids vaccinated and worry about an outbreak as an adult. My friend’s 4 month old just had the CP (still nursing) and was very sick. He is fine now, but mom has no idea how or where he was exposed. It’s so rare these days with all the kids being vaccinated. Her older 4 had the shots and did not get sick.

  44. I was 5 months old when my 4 older siblings got chicken pox all at the same time (right after bouts of measles and mumps…my poor mama! She used to tell of not seeing the light of day for months!). I never had any spots, but still must have built an immunity, because I’ve never gotten them. My oldest two children (22 and 25) had very hard cases of them at 3 and 6, but my younger two (now 10 and 14) have never had them, despite a couple of exposures. I’ve been concerned, but not enough to consider vaccinating.
    We’ll watch and wait…if they get them, then we’ll use the herbal and homeopathic options that are available. I won’t have blood tests done either, because I have no intention of vaccinating…even if there’s no immunity. I also don’t want to deal with the pressure the medical establishment would dole out with that kind of info in their back pocket. Talk about inviting stress!
    I know it sounds simplistic, but if we get them, we get them…and we’ll deal with it. Illnesses we can’t control are a part of this life.

  45. I had it when I was a teen, and it was not all that bad. Way too much hype in my opinion.

    First thing I would do though, is get tested for antibodies first.
    You can have the pox and show no symptoms to it.

    I would still hesitate to vax even if . The very fact the fetal cell lines were used for the original vaccine recipes makes me want to vomit.

  46. Wanted to add as well. Anytime you vaccinate a female child, when it comes time for her to breastfeed her babies, she will not be able to pass on much in the way of natural immunity for her infants, to protect them in those first years.
    Vaccines just cannot offer the same thing.

  47. There are also homeopathic vaccines available through some naturopaths. I think according to the rules of strict homeopathy they aren’t “actual” homeopathics–as they are treating a condition that isn’t actually there. I used these for the serious diseases for my 2nd child (I didn’t do CP although it was available) and plan to follow up with titers to see how/if they worked!

  48. We had our oldest vax, but not our youngest. Would like to be able to expose our youngest to the CP. I live in Grand Rapids so if you know of a “party” I’d love to attend. :)

  49. Kelly, maybe your child has such strong natural immunity that the chicken pox is not a problem . If his immune system is strong enough to fight off the chicken pox when he has been exposed, that sounds like a good thing.
    According to Dr Blaylock, vaccines only give a partial temporary immunity,
    that fades within a few years. So if the doctor is correct, your son is pretty much in the same situation he would be if he had been vaccinated, except he was not injected with toxic substances like aluminum and the others contained in vaccines.

    If your son has actually been exposed to chicken pox and has not caught it, it would appear that he already is immune, quite possibly due to his immune system fighting off the virus when he was exposed.

    I am not a doctor, just applying common sense.

  50. I think the severity depends on the individual. I had an AWFUL case at the age of 10. I didn’t need hospitalization or anything but I still remember being absolutely covered with spots (everywhere!) – hundreds of them, all over my skin. It was not pleasant. My mom had exposed me to friends with CP several times but I didn’t get it until my brother did. Sometimes it just doesn’t take until you get a really good exposure.

  51. I was just thinking about this with my kids, who are 5 & 3. I am on the look-out for kids with pox so that I can get my kids exposed. It makes me a little nervous that it might take a few exposures because it is so hard to find pox to get my kids exposed. My kids are still somewhat young, so hopefully they get it before puberty. My husband is completely against vaxing, but I will be concerned if they don’t acquire it before adulthood. I have girls and I worry about them not having had cp and being pregnant…of course in the very distant future.

    My mother tells the story that I was the 13th kid in my kindergarten class to get cp, back in 1974. Those were the days; my brother got it a couple weeks after me and my aunt brought my cousin over to play so she would get it to.

  52. I’ve read some of the comments but not all, but I’m commenting….. Have his antibodies checked, like someone else said. My friend is 27 years old and has the antibodies. She’s immune to it….. but she has never had it. It’s very likely that your son is immune to it even though he hasn’t had it!

  53. I’m really happy to come to this site to read all of your comments. My son who is almost 7 is not vaccinated for anything, and has been exposed to CP twice, and nothing…

    One thing I wanted to say is that I’ve read an article by some Ph.D person, and she has investigated 5 particular cases of deaths in children caused by CP at a hospital. She pretty much find out that the cause of the deaths was fever lowering drugs. The parents took the sick children with CP to the hospital, doctors gave them Tylenol or other fever lowering medicine everytime the children’s fever came up. It was not CP itself that killed these children at all.

    I don’t have a link any more, and I cannot remember if the children were treated in the same hospital or they were in all different ones, but I always remember this story. Fever can be dangerous at times, but normal fever for cold, flu, and in this case, chicken pox is healthy.

  54. I am coming from a different perspective from most. I have fully immunized children. Two of them immunized before I knew anyone wondered about this sort of thing, one was still only our foster child (the state required immunizations), and another mostly immunized before we even had a chance to adopt him (at age 6). We have been fortunate that immunizations have not seemed to cause adverse affects in my children, and we have kept their immunizations up to date. I know that’s not always popular in all circles, but it’s what we chose. And yet…My oldest JUST BARELY recovered from the chicken pox. He is 15. He had the chicken pox vaccine. We are still waiting to see if any of our other 3 children are going to get it, or not. We haven’t a clue where he picked it up from. I learned some interesting things that may be of value: 1) chicken pox post vaccine is usually mild (30 pox vs. the “usual” 550). 2)chicken pox and eczema can be not good (1,500 pox), this makes Drs. nervous. 3) Men who get chicken pox may become sterile from high fever and complications. The Dr. who diagnosed him put him on an anti-viral because our son has eczema, we were told to bring our daughter in immediately if she came down with it as well (she’s 13). Considering the eczema complication that I didn’t know about, I’m glad they had the vaccine. We haven’t had the opportunity to be exposed before this, and it could have been bad w/o the vaccine. As it is, he was really tired, pretty bored, kinda itchy, and mostly annoyed to have gotten behind in school.

    • Just FYI – we treated eczema completely with diet (elimination of all sugars, unsprouted grains, and tons of probiotic rich-foods including fermented veggies) and with a fermented cod liver oil/high vitamin butter oil regimen. Treat the immune system well – eczema is a symptom of an immune system out of whack.

  55. This post and article has reminded me that I really want to have my husband tested for the pox, to see if he has antibodies. He did not have it as a child, yet I have, and I know it can be worse as an adult. I do believe that the severity of the outbreak would hinge on how healthy your body is, just like every illness would, in general, so I am not as worried as I used to be about him, but since our two youngest have not had the vaccination, and will not be receiving it (I have also heard that the vaccination does not effectively last a lifetime either) I would be curious if we really need to be concerned about him should the youngest get the pox. And a reminder to expose them when need be. Thanks so much for this article!

    Nickole @ – Organic Teas and Bulk Herbs

  56. Me being at a young age of fifteen and not having contracted chicken pox at all is wierd I think. I’m thinking maybe it’s an immunity but none of me or my siblings have contacted it. So maybe it’s just that I haven’t been exposed? Thoughts?

  57. Have you had him tested to see if he might be immune to it? My Ped. told me that you can be immune to it after just being exposed but not necessarily contracting CP. I think they just do a blood test to see. My husband never got chicken pox so I asked her if he should get the shot, but she said to get a blood test first.

  58. I just found this — I’m not keeping up with you all very well.

    I caught Chicken Pox at school when I was 10 and 3 weeks later my 3 brothers and baby sister all got it out of the way.

    My son is almost 15 and this is the one vaccine we’ve opted out of. We’ve heard that he’s been exposed at school twice but haven’t seen any spots. It was annoying because it messed up Christmas plans and you’d think you’d at least get that done with.

    Does anyone remember how much it cost to get a titre done?

    • just saw this. I asked for the titer during other bloodwork…not sure how much it will cost. but she came back positive for antibodies with no vaccine (and she is only 6…exposed to one child 7 days after outbreak several years ago). So it is worth knowing. our pedi is good about insurance things…i don’t expect a large charge.

  59. Important: I exposed my first four kids when they were little and they got it. Later I found out that chicken pox is not to be taken lightly. I met a lady who exposed her kids and one of them died. I have three more kids and I just hope the disease is rare enough that they won’t get it.

  60. We chose not to vaccinate for chicken pox and our older two daughters contracted CP at ages 9 and 5. Each of them had 350-500 pox on their face and trunk ALONE! They were miserable and could have contracted a staph infection due to so many open pox at one time. I vaccinated the next three without question. Our second oldest has also had shingles due to the varicella virus being latent in her body. I wish I would have spared her that experience. We must be careful about our statements of being “wiser” and choosing to vaccinate or not vaccinate. Perhaps what is wise for one is not for another.

  61. Hello,
    I have a 9 year old autistic grandson who was given the vaccine and then came down with a mild case 1 month later, this was years ago. He recently went in for blood work to check for a multiple things. My daughter received a call stating all blood work came back fine except he has no antibodies for chickenpox. They want her to bring him in for another dose. I think it’s a bad idea to get another dose(wish he hadn’t received the first one). I will post back to let everyone know outcome.

  62. I have been exposed. Several times by friends, siblings, family members and I worked in a hospital where I was exposed. A man I dated had shingles and I myself have been inoculated several times while in the service because my titer always said that I had not been. I’m in my early 40’s and just found out I was pregnant. I just recently had a blood test again to see if I positive and it was still negative. I still intend to vaccinate my children even knowing that sometimes, you just don’t need it. I couldn’t imagine catching it now, while pregnant.

  63. We spent forty six years working in a third world country as missionaries. They didn’t have a government vaccination program and we saw babies die from diptheria and children who had hemmorages in their eyes from coughing so hard day and night from whooping cough. There were also so many dear chuildren and adults left crippled from Infintile Paralysis limpin dragging their legs. I for one am deeply garteful that our children had their DPT and polio shots before going to Brazil. Later they all three had severe cases of the hard measles due to the fact that they had not received a vaccine and they were really ill all three of them two weeks apart. They had chicken pox on furlough two of teh three fared well but our daughter was covered on every inch of her body. Mothers who are against vaccinations have not experienced all of the reasons that scientists developed vaccione for. Here in the USA as well as in Brazil so many have received vaccines that we have almost a luxury of not giving our children the prevenative vaccine that have prevented the death and twisted bodies because other chukldren are not available to pass the dangerous diseases on to them. I would say don’t take your childrten on a trip where they might be exposed in a foreign country . One grave side effect of a simingly mild disease like mumps measles or chicken pox can be meningitis and we have seen a healthy young fifteen year old die overnight just about from that. So enjoy your freedom but be ready to pay the consequences if you leave the good ole USA.

  64. I never had chicken pox as a kid… my older brother did before I was born and though I was exposed multiple times I never contracted the illness. I am 44 yrs old now… only my older kids were given the vaccine we opted out for our youngest (after our 3rd child reacted horribly to her vaccines and is now autistic) One of my 3 that was vaccinated had a very mild case of chicken pox (few in her diaper area and a few on her trunk and scalp) , my older niece contracted chicken pox (she’s older than the vaccine so did not receive it) I was exposed to both and still no chicken pox for me! My doctor guesses that perhaps I had a very mild case perhaps in a time of the year when kids have alot of bug bits therefore it wasn’t noticed. I have not had a titer done to determine whether I am immune or not but perhaps that would be an option for you to determine whether your child has immunity to the virus. I think some people just don’t get illnesses that easily because they take care of their bodies by eating well and avoiding toxins that wear down our immune systems. I suppose all those twigs, bark and nuts my mother fed me when I was a kid paid off! LOL Good luck on your quest! My son has not had the vaccine and likely will not get it…. he has only had a few infant shots that we were able to get separate vaccines and follow a carefully scripted protocol from the “Defeat Autism Now” doctors … he would get one vaccine followed by a 30 day period of time where he received immune boosting vitamins and supplements before another vaccine. He has gotten none of the prescribed 5 yr old vaccines because the pharmacy we bought separated vaccines from no longer makes them. He is now 10 and very healthy !

  65. I never had a ‘bad’ or full case of chicken pox when I was little, I caught them in my early 20’s and again at 32.
    The doctor said I could get them again? and looking at the other reports I might be able to catch shingles also? is this all true.

    They were not fun at 32, got a 103-104 temp, nasty body aches with pox all over, fortunately the pox all healed – no scars, but not fun no matter how you put it. What are my risks? After that I learned quite a large number of people never had a ‘full’ case of pox at an early age and some terrible stories of adult issues from them.

  66. we chose to wait on chickenpox vaccine. All other immunizations are up to date. Wanted daughter to get natural immunization(not sure of long term effectiveness of vaccine and would rather her have natural immunity). Was exposed to days old “vaccinated” child’s sores about 2-3 years ago. Never developed any illness. Planned on vaccine about 12 yrs of age if she hadn’t had it naturally.

    Recently had to have blood drawn for another purpose…asked them to check titres…she has varicella antibodies and is immune. Not sure exactly what exposure did it, but as of now no vaccine necessary. yeah!

  67. We are 73 years and had chicken pox when we were kids. We have a lot of grand kids. Do we still need to get vacinated for whooping cough?

    • Those are two separate things.

      Google to learn more about whooping cough and talk to a good chiropractor or natural doc who can guide you best.

      It’s not my place to direct you on stuff like this. :)


  68. I’m 18 years old, and I have never gotten the chicken Pox. My Mother always tried exposing me to other friends of mine who had gotten it, and never once did I catch the chicken pox. I got the vaccine when I was younger, but a lot of people argue that you can still get them. Still when I was around 12-13, my cousin had gotten the chicken pox, and I was with him the whole time and never once got them. :/ Can Still catch the chicken pox? Is it true that a lot of times it’s because you will get them where you are older?

    • I’m not sure and I don’t know if anyone can say for sure. But maybe you have a really strong immune system! :)

  69. It seems crazy to me that everyone in the US is vaccinated against it, i live in the UK and only children who are exposed to people with comprimised immune systems are vaccinated. I got chicken pox naturally when i was about 5 and then last month i came down with shingles (age 23) a week and a half later my son (9 months) became covered in chicken pox from obviously cuddling into me to have his bottle etc was exposed to my shingles rash and caught the chicken pox. After a very severe case of chickenpox and a hospital visit he is absoloutley fine now and they are all crusted over. Although it wasnt nice him having it, atleast he’s now had it, i wouldnt be getting him a vaccine anytime, he got through it like most children do, it was only his high temperature which left doctors to be concerned for him. Only thing is now waiting for my 3 year old to come out in chickenpox, as shes not had them yet, but a doctor mentioned she may just be naturally immune as she has had over exposure to the virus now, they said at her pre-school she is the last to get it this year and also around my shingles and now my son with chicken pox, but still no sign at all of her having it. It could still well happen in the next couple of weeks, but i don’t think it will, she is the strongest little thing ever, very rarely gets poorly and if she was going to get it i think she would have from pre-school the amount she has cuddles with her friends and hold hands etc. So if within the next few years she dosent get it i will be having a blood test dne to check as obviously as shes a girl i would hate for her to be at risk if she got pregnant someday.

  70. My Brother was exposed to chickenpox at every opportunity my parents could get when he was younger and even when I contracted it he failed to do so. Unfortunately for my brother he then contracted it at the age of 17 long after my mother had given up trying to expose him to it. It was a very severe case and he had doctors a little worried by the sheer number of sores. Bottles of calamine lotion, lots of tellin off for scratching and a few tears later he recovered and is back to his fit and health self. I say….if you can vaccinate and prevent it go for it. Vaccinations wouldn’t be available mainstream if they were considered dangerous. Generally the bad side effect are few and far between (1 in every million sort of thing) but they have to put it on the label so as parents can make a fully informed decision.


    • wow, are you for real ? You really need to do your research. I used to think that too until:
      Case 1) My perfectly normal 1 1/2 yr old nephew got his last set of vax and within days regressed where he was no longer walking, crawling, talking, had no eye contact, and withdrew. At age 3 he was diagnosed with Autism. No he was not born that way, his immune system was so badly damaged that now at age 12 it has never recovered, he isn’t even potty trained.

      Case 2) My 18m. old neighbor went for her well child check, received her last set of vax, that even ran the “normal”l side affect fever, and died in her sleep within 12 hours. This was a perfectly healthy baby with no health issues what soever.

      Case 3) A good friend whose daughter was born the same day as my own daughter again, at 12 months screamed from the time of injection for literally almost none stop for 3 days, fever, pain, and vomiting, ended up in ER, regrettably, my friend believed the doctor when she was told it was just a fluke so she kept the schedule got her 18 m. vax, within a week this beautiful healthy baby slipped into a vegetative state and never recovered. She died shortly after her 11th birthday.

      Case 4) Healthy baby boy, again, developing normal, last set of vax, cognitive skills regressed, chronic health issues developed, until at age 8 he died.

      Case 5) My own child at 12 months was given 1 multi vax in each leg, each arm, and oral polio by literally 4 nurses simultaneously. That is 4 shots with multiple vacs DTaP is 1 shot but 3 vax so is MMR so he actually received 9 vacs at one time that day. He only cried for literally a minute or two and it was done, so we thought until I got him home and he couldn’t move his legs. He was 100% paralyzed for 4 days and the health dept response was give it time, it happens sometimes. Praise the Lord that his was not permanent, but scary non the less. This is also the child who ended up having comprehension and learning disabilities which according to the CDC are listed as side affects.

      I am 46 years old, I knew of only one autistic child growing up as it was truly a 1 in a million generation. We only had 4-6 vacs starting at age 4 and ending at age 6 given 1 vac every 6 months during that time period. I have had 0 vacs since then including tetanus and I have been super healthy, not even the flu since elementary school, and I have had stitches many times as well, amazing. My husband same way.

      When my first son was born 22 years ago, autism rates were 1 in 3500, two years later when my second son was born autism was 1 in 1500 (introduction of Hep vac at birth), 7 years later in year 2000 with the introduction of several new vacs and the new infant vac schedule, autism was 1 in 166, today it is 1 in 54 and so many more vacs.

      My first child got the bare minimum vacs, my second had a few more because they started combining them around this time and also accelerated the vax schedule, my third child has barely had as any as I had done my research on both sides and decided that most were unnecessary in the US for an infant or child.
      There is far less risk by not vaxing than vaxing in this day and age. After extensive research, non of my children have had nor will ever have another vax or booster again. And since they have seen the affects of the overuse of vacs in the US today, they have all stated that none of their children will be vaxed in the future. I pray that their spouses will agree to that.

      If my children want to leave the country and be vaxed as an adult, at least their immune systems will be fully developed and stronger than when they were babies. But my two oldest are now in college and have both been to other countries with no issues so I don’t see it happening.

      Keep in mind, vax aren’t about protecting our children, they are about making money. Big pharmas pray upon parents to want to protect their children from everything and this is how they make their money. Look at the time lines and you will see that diseases were already on the downward trend as vacs were hitting the market. Don’t be surprised if the infertility rates sky rocket this next generation.

  71. “Vaccinations wouldn’t be available mainstream if they were considered dangerous.”

    Ohhhhh how I wish that were true…


  72. That’s like saying cigarettes & alcohol wouldn’t be sold if they were dangerous!!! :/

  73. My husband never had CP nor was he vaccinated. I got them when I was 8 years old, and now I get shingles attacks. It is horrible. But my husband has never gotten CP from me when I have a shingles outbreak. We had a doctor tell us that he may already have his immunity to it, even though he never had any symptoms.

    Apparently you don’t NEED the symptoms of chicken pox to become immune to it. This is probably in cases of people with high functioning immune systems. How awesome is that?

    I wouldn’t worry about kids who don’t catch it — they probably have been exposed but didn’t show any symptoms. Lucky!!

  74. You might be able to get your child tested for a titer (immunity). Adults can also get tested. I never contracted a symptomatic case in my whole life, so I got tested before getting pregnant. Sure enough, I had the immunity.

  75. We are in exactly the same boat, with the same questions. My two older sons got chicken pox at the same time, but now I have a six year old daughter who has yet to even be exposed! I’m going to read through the comments and see if I can find some answers. Maybe you can compile any and do another post! :-)

  76. I didn’t read ALL the comments so forgive me if this has already been told. There are several groups on facebook that you can join where people will “share” chickenpox. I’ll attempt to post the links here but if they don’t work just search for chicken pox parties or natural immunity. About a year ago I was able to find a family to visit with my daughter (then 7yo) which did result in her contracting wild strain chicken pox and I was able to host several of my own parties and exposed 11 children, 9 of which did get chicken pox as well and continued to “pay it forward”. Not only did my husband and I also benefit from the “booster” of being around her we actually invited other family members over to hang out with us to boost their immunity at well. I highly recommend it. I always meant to write an article on our experiences and some tips for a pox party and just never got around to it but if anyone wants more info feel free to ask. :)

  77. It amazes me how many people believe that lie. I’m so glad I educated myself before I risked myself or my son’s life.

  78. I had a young dermatologist tell me the same thing about sun screen. “If it were really bad for us the government would not let it be produced.” I had to try hard to keep from slapping my forehead and groaning. REALLY??? The GOVERNMENT is going to save us all because they know what is best? WHAT do they teach doctors in school these days? Oh, yeah, that’s right, TOE THE LINE, and DON’T EVEVR think for yourself!

  79. By the way, my husband got chicken pox when he was 28, before we had our children. Barbara Walters is currently living with chicken pox, she is doing just fine.

  80. Ladies, the chicken pox vaccine contains ABORTED fetal cells. Take a listen to this interview. They have been using aborted fetal cells for over 20yrs and the connections between this and autism is alarming. The word MUST be spread. If someone chooses to vaccinate they need to know which moral alternatives are available. Please, I beg of you…listen to this 2 part interview and then shout the info from the rooftops. My mother in law who is 86 and STILL practicing as a doctor did not know this information so likely your doctor does not either.

  81. I’m not sure if this thread is old but I wanted to add that I am 36 and never had chicken pox that I know of and neither have my 4 children. We all have been exposed multiple times and I even was once unknowling exposed while pregnant. On the other had we live on a farm and eat all of our own meat, dairy, eggs, fruits/veggies, dirt, ect, ect

  82. Kelly, I posted a 2 part interview on the blogpost comments. The Chicken pox vaccine and many many others contain aborted fetal cells. They have been using these in vaccines for over 20yrs. The evidence lines up amazingly strong with the use of aborted fetal cells and the alarming rise in autoimmune diseases like autism. Please take a listen and Broadcast this info as so many are in the dark…including most doctors.
    Listen here and spread the word.

  83. My daughter had to wear a shirt from another little girl who had the pox and lick her lollipop that she had a day or two before the spots came about in order to get the chicken pox…I know, the lollipop sounds gross, however, it! =) By the way this was a close friend of mine too, if that helps tone the grossness! =)

  84. I personally know a lady whose 15 year old got the chicken pox… evidently the CP vaccine he got when he was 5 just wore off… so instead of getting it at 5, immunity from then on… instead he gets it when older and thus more severe AND ends up missing high school classes. Lame, very lame.

  85. “Vaccinations wouldn’t be available mainstream if they were considered dangerous.” Just like all the new medicans that they put out that are ‘safe’ and then recall later because they have caused deaths, cancer, or other major problems. Those were all avaliable to the ‘mainstream’. Most people just dont do the research and find out for themselves just how much damage a little needle prick can do.

  86. Some people are immune to chicken pox. This might be where you are at with your child. Which is great for him! A woman that I work with, both of her children and husband were mostly immune to chicken pox. They only got two- three poxs each.

  87. Interesting. My school was almost quarantined by chickenpox (1980-82???…can’t remember which year of schooling it was)…everyone I knew had it including my brother and neighbor. I was fine during all of it and got it two weeks past the “epidemic”…but only had a few sores very mild case.

    This was the one vaccine we didnt’ give our DD. I think it is primarily an economic vaccine (parents can’t take time off work to care for their kids with chicken pox) and I am worried about the long term effect of protection from the vaccine vs real pox. I believe the varicella vaccine gives false protection and you will be vulnerable when you least expect it.

    We didn’t vaccinate our DD. At age 6-7 she had blood work and had titers after very little to no exposure. Maybe we are immune and that is why I had such a mild case after an “epidemic” at my school in the early 80s. I am glad she isn’t reliant on this newer varicella vaccine. I will definitely have her titers checked again nearer puberty (age 11-12). If still positive will still recommend she have her titers checked before becoming pregnant. But overall, I am glad she has natural immunity to this specific disease as I don’t trust the vaccine protection on its own.

  88. Just to clarify some misconceptions:

    Both, natural immunity AND “immunity” from the vaccine can lead to shingles. The virus (from either source) will lay dormant in your body even after your body has fought off the active disease. Later, when the conditions are right, the virus becomes active again — this time as Shingles.

    Traditionally, repeated exposure to the virus would allow the immune system to keep the dormant virus suppressed (mom and grandma exposed while caring for the sick kids). Now, with the vaccine so popular, this natural boost to the immune system no longer takes place and they now are pushing the elderly population to get a shingles vaccine.

    We are in the same boat, wishing our kids would contract the illness and be done with it. My husband I both had CP as children. I was 9yo with MANY itchy, painful pox and fever to 104… And while I was very miserable and have quite a few scars, I still wish my kids would get it. It just isn’t worth it to me to give them the vaccine. I am only recently more educated on these issues and my children have been almost completely vaccinated according to schedule. But I just could not find any reason to vaccinate against CP, hepatitis or flu…even before becoming more “learned.”

  89. My daughter caught CP from her Grandad who had shingles just by hugging him, when she was 7. If you are nursing still and have had CP your child will not be able to contract CP, and probably not for several months after.

  90. We are in the same boat. My oldest child got infected at age 3. She was not breastfed at the time. My youngest child, now almost 4, is breastfeeding now and has been unable to contact chicken pox even with repeated exposure. We are going to keep trying and never give up. Maybe when she is done breastfeeding she will be able to contract the pox. If she is over ten and still has not gotten infected with repeated exposure, I will do a titer. If she does not have antibodies, I will probably still not give her the vaccine because of its short-term effectiveness and toxic ingredients. I suppose I will just hope for the best.

  91. If your child has been exposed and has not gotten sick, get him titered. Then you’ll know if he has built up a natural immunity and you won’t wonder any more.

  92. I will have the titers done when my child is older. I don’t want to poke her with needles after every pox party, or poke her at all, I suppose. At this point, I am pretty sure she is immune via my breastmilk, but I will keep exposing all of us, anyway. I figure, it can only help us.

  93. My kids were exposed to chicken pox 2 weeks ago. We went to play at our friend’s house that has twins that got chicken pox by standing near a recently vaccinated child for a few minutes. 2 of my girls have spots and the 3 others will get them soon hopefully. My oldest has already had them(years ago).Our kids are homeschooled and live on a farm. They are all unvaxxed and in general good health. I expect them to recover well. If anyone is in southern MI and wants a playdate, please contact me!

  94. Both my parents are gone now ..I am 68 years old and have no way of finding out if I had the chickenpox. I got the shingle shot 2 years ago to make sure I diont get it. Did I do any harm to myself?. Thank you

  95. For those looking for a good pediatrician in Michigan who doesn’t push vaccines and is more holistic…..Sacred Heart Pediatrics, Dr. Dinvierno is great! He is in Grass Lake. Quite a drive for us, but worth it. We don’t go to Doctor’s often but I took my 7 week old baby with whooping cough to him. He was very reassuring that she would be fine and had good advice. All of my kids had chicken pox after I exposed them to a friend’s children with chicken pox. Another of my friends exposed her children to my kids numerous times during their pox outbreaks (I have 6 kids, so lots of exposure) , but her 2 children never got chicken pox. I wonder if they may have gained passive immunity though?

  96. Chicken Pox and Shingles are both caused by the herpes-zoster virus, that is the key word here – VIRUS. For some reason and all throughout history there has always been a small group of people that are immune to certain viruses while large numbers are hugely affected.

    Healthy young children tend to inherit their mother’s immunities when breast feeding and when you factor in that we’re vaccinating for chicken pox within the first year of life – together they might create a very immune child.

    I just got over shingles and am waiting to see if my 3 children develop chicken pox as a result. All 3 of my children have been vaccinated for chicken pox, but I’m told can still contract chicken pox. Apparently, if your child is vaccinated, the vaccine will make the virus less harsh and it will run its course in half the time.

    Here’s hoping they have great immune systems.

  97. kellythekitchencop
    Where do you stand with this now a few years on?. My mother 2 older brothers and myself have never had chicken pox. I’ve been exposed 3/4 times. Both my son’s only had a Handfull at the age of 3. My youngest is bot deemed tio healthy to contract it. He’s never away from the doctors!.

    • I still think you have to read up on it (including all the comments here) and make your own very informed decision along with your natural-minded health care professional. Personally, the vaccines make me more nervous than the chicken pox.


  98. i am 60 years old, my mom exposed all seven of my siblings and i to chicken pox…i never got it… i exposed my daughters to it…only one of them got it…the one that didn’t get it had a child whom i adopted (due to her inability to raise the child) and this child has been exposed and never contracted the disease…good thing too, because after the very first infant scheduled vaccinations she suffered seizures and was later found to have autism.

    my think on this is that some folk are naturally immune. can’t get matter what…a doctor i spoke to about it told me that since i’ve never had chicken pox, i can also not get shingles…not so for those who opt to be vaccinated. it surprised me to learn that folk who have never had chicken pox but have received the vaccination, can and do get shingles…

    go figure.

    we don’t vaccinate any more…i have done my due diligence and decided that we are healthier without big pharma poisons…especially since the damage done to my adoptive child.

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