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Update on the Stieler Court Case – They’ve Called Out the Dogs Again

We all rejoiced just before Christmas, when the judge with common sense dropped the horrific case against the Stieler family. Unfortunately it was a short-lived celebration, as the Department of Human Services recently appealed that decision. Today we’ll bring you up to date, but first…

In case you’re not familiar with this story, here’s what you missed:

From Erin Stieler earlier this week:

“We were aware of the possibility that the DHS would file an appeal, despite Judge Solka’s decision to drop the case. We’re hopeful that the Michigan Court of Appeals comes to the same conclusion: that we, Jacob’s parents, know what’s best for our son. It’s been over eight months since the investigation began and Jacob continues to be a happy, healthy boy. He’s had 3 clear PET scans and we are taking several preventative measures to ensure that he remains cancer-free. We can’t thank you all enough for your prayers and support!”

And now a statement from Ken & Erin Stieler’s attorney, Michael Farris, of the Home School Legal Defense Association:

Update: Michigan Department of Human Services appeals pro-family decision to Michigan Court of Appeals.

Ken and Erin Stieler are the mom and dad of Jacob—who has been cancer-free since his PET scan in early July. He has had two clean PET scans since then—the most recent in January.

Despite all of this, the Michigan Department of Human Services continues to attempt to prosecute this family for medical neglect. If they succeed they will force Jacob to resume chemotherapy despite the fact that the drugs in question are not FDA approved (either for children in general or for this particular cancer). Moreover, these drugs do not promise anything close to a guaranteed cure. And, the FDA requires the drug manufacturers to disclose that these drugs cause new cancers to form, heart disease in children, failure to sexually mature, and many other serious side effects in some cases.

The Marquette County Probate Court has twice ruled against the Department. Yet, the department keeps on fighting against these parents.

Just this afternoon, the Department’s appeal was filed in the Michigan Court of Appeals. The irony is that the Department has alleged that this case should be expedited because the situation is urgent. If it was urgent, why did the Department wait 55 days from the initial hotline call until filing its complaint?

Why did the Department and a consulting doctor call two local judges trying to influence them to prosecute the Stielers—despite the fact that such out of court calls are clearly unethical? These calls required the case to be re-assigned twice—wasting another two months.

If it was urgent, why did the Department ask for a continuance of the December trial date by almost a month?

If it was urgent, when the Department lost why did it seek a motion for rehearing, a step that is rarely granted and which took another two months to resolve?

And when they filed this motion for rehearing, why did they wait until the very last day—21 days—before filing the motion?

And when it came time to appeal, why did they wait until the 20th day—beating the deadline by a single day? The Department’s actions prove that they don’t really believe in the medical urgency theory—they only believe in hassling parents that have the courage to tell them “no.”

After reading all that, I knew you’d want to DO something to help, and I love you all for that!!!

So Jacob’s Aunt Rachel, sweetheart that she is, wrote a sample letter to Bill Schuette, which we can all copy to mail ourselves and FLOOD his office with these letters, because he has the power to deny the appeal. You can write your own if you’d rather, it’s up to you.

Dear Mr. Attorney General,

I am writing you today in regards to the Stieler case, in which the DHS and Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital are trying to force 10-year-old Jacob Stieler, who has been cancer-free since July, into additional and unnecessary treatment. Judge Solka of Marquette has already dismissed the case, stating that Jacob’s parents, Erin and Ken Stieler, are loving and caring parents who are doing what they believe is best for their son, and it is their right as parents to make this decision without interference from the hospital or CPS/DHS. However, the DHS recently filed an appeal with the Michigan Court of Appeals and it is my understanding that you have the power to deny such actions. I’m asking that you please consider shutting down this case for good, as this does not only affect the rights of the Stieler family, who have already gone through so much, but all parents of sound body and mind who want to freely make medical decisions for their child without fear of CPS involvement.

Thank you.


Letters can be addressed to the following address:

The Honorable Bill Schuette
Attorney General of Michigan
State Office Building, Suite 4C
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

If anyone wants to send letters to Maura D. Corrigan, DHS Director, they can do that, as well. She won’t drop the appeal, but she should know how outraged everyone is by the DHS’ actions.

Maura D. Corrigan, DHS Director
P.O. Box 30037
Lansing, MI 48909
(517) 373-2035
Email via this contact form or try this one:

Lastly, if you could go to the Hope for Jacob site and help the Stielers with legal costs it would be a HUGE help. Even $5.

Thank you so much for your care and compassion for this family, and remember that this battle is all of ours. Please let them know you’re still praying for them and tell us if you were able to get letters out to the above people?


  1. You’ve got to be (bleeping) kidding me. Of course the appeal is urgent, the longer he is cancer free without their forced treatment the more evident it is that this has never been about a child’s welfare and has always been about preserving the doctor’s and the department’s authority. I wasn’t planning on running errands today, but I’ll be hitting the post office so I can mail my letter to the Attorney General. I may have to wait a few days to email Ms. Corrigan as my I would be not be able to keep my language appropriate today.

    To the Stieler family: Since hearing of your story you have been in my family’s prayers. We continue to pray for Jacob’s health and for this legal battle to end quickly and appropriately. I am so sorry you have to suffer these things.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    The persecution of the Stieler family is outrageous! This is obviously nothing to do with the concern of Jacob’s health but with saving pride for the doctor and Department of Health Services. As C. S. Lewis said, . . .”the essential vice, the utmost evil, is Pride.”

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. We will keep the Stieler family in our prayers. I will be sending letters.

  3. What a waste of tax payer money and resources!! It really does come down to “winning at all costs” on their side, completely losing sight of what they are even fighting for. Thank you Kelly for bringing this to everyone’s attention, and thank you for making it so easy to do something about it! I will send my letters today. I sent an email the last time to the DHS person (and as a former Nebraska DHS worker, I have seen abuses of power – there were good workers and there were workers who weren’t so good), but they clearly aren’t reading them or using common sense! I will mail it this time – it is harder to hide the number of responses when it is physically in front of them. And God Bless the Stieler family – you are in my prayers.

  4. The State uses cases like this one to remind us all that THEY, not we, own our children. We raise them and care for them only by the good graces of the State. The government will do what’s best for the collective. There is no fighting it case by case.

    The problem is a general American belief that the government will take care of us…this, folks, is how they do it. The solution is returning to small government– getting rid of entitlements like farm subsidies, social “security” and medicare; and disbanding all the Administrative departments that regulate our life– like the Dept of Education, the Dept of Health & Human “Services”, the Dept of Energy, the EPA, etc. Until the People decide to return to taking care of themselves instead of expecting the government to do it, the problem will only get worse. We’re looking at the beginnings of a Socialist State.

    (…stepping down off my soapbox now.)

    • Cathy, you are completely correct!!!!! Let’s return the POWER to the people…(the parents) where it should always remain!! We must get this BIG GOVERNMENT mindset out of our country!! The founding fathers are turning in their graves, I’m sure!! With election year at hand, we ALL have the opportunity to make a difference! A new revolution has begun and we must continue to FIGHT for our freedoms and get back to the way our nation began! But don’t take my word for it! Check it out for yourself:

      Dr. Pauls’ impeccable record over the last 30 years speaks for itself! He is no regular politician!! He is not one that will be “bought out” and vote flip-flop just for $$ or status. He is a man of TRUE CHARACTER!!!

      God Bless the USA! And the Stieler family!!

  5. I found this excerpt of your newsletter interesting: “Why did the Department and a consulting doctor call two local judges trying to influence them to prosecute the Stielers—despite the fact that such out of court calls are clearly unethical? These calls required the case to be re-assigned twice—wasting another two months.” I don’t know much about how court cases are assigned to judges, but I was thinking that if a case has been “reassigned” does that mean that the particular judge consulted cannot hear the case at all? If so, could the DHS be attempting to manipulate the system to have the case heard by a particular judge that would be more sympathetic to their cause? Just wondering. I can’t help that this whole situation is about power and control of government agencies and the court system into our personal lives. I’m so tired of it! God help us all!

    • Good point, Sandy. I hadn’t thought about that but it does make some sense. I would like to see what someone who works in the legal system has to say about it.

  6. I just wanted to point out a few other people it may be helpful to contact. If you live outside of Michigan you can contact your state’s Attorney General to request that they urge Michigan’s AG to dump the case. Other politicians too. Also, if you know any doctors who are willing to speak out on issues of informed consent (and thus refusal) it would be good to get them in on the letter writing action. Also any other parental rights groups beyond those representing the Stielers.

  7. For the Michiganders–

    I heard a while back that Rick Snyder participated in hiring 100? 200? (I can’t remember) CPS workers. I thought it was odd at the time, but that was before this all happened to my sister and her family. Now I’m wondering…did they know something we didn’t? Did they hire these new employees so they could “crack down” on parents that were defying their pediatricians? Did you know that Spectrum is buying out hospitals and doctors’ offices all around the area? Now maybe it’s just a coincidence, but after hearing multiple horror stories involving Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and other affiliated hospitals and doctors’ offices, it seems to me that these people have CPS on speed dial and if you fail to comply with the doctors’ orders, CPS will be knocking on your door before you even realize what’s happening. Something sinister is going on here–something that’s causing the hospital and DHS to hire a private lawyer and go after the Stielers with a vengeance. Using OUR money to take our rights away. Let’s remember that THEY work for us. I suggest we contact our legislators and demand an investigation be done. We deserve answers!

    And if you haven’t yet, visit and sign the petition.

  8. I’m not a bit surprised. This is the current mentality of our once-great nation, which is now on the skids. Instead of enforcing a nutritious eating plan (which the parents are doing) the “health agencies” keep promoting drugs which they know to be harmful. Not a live brain cell left in egotistical guberment agencies, and certainly not a live one left in the medical industry. All they know how to do is throw their weight around because they want people to be sheeple. It’s all a part of the eventual dumbing down protocol.

    I hesitate to say what I predict as an outcome.

  9. Emailed and letter is signed and sealed. This is an absolute embarrassment to be a Michigan Resident. In my opinion, this child is cancer-free and DHS is trying to kill him all over again. Shame on you! All you want is a patient for life.

  10. Can they flee the country still?… Just when you gain a little respect for some people getting it right, someone has to jump in and muck it all up.

  11. Sent a message using the contact form on the DHS website–she may not be able to help in this case but if she is the director, she should certainly be able to prevent atrocities like this from happening again! (What loopholes they make you jump through even to send them a message!!) Praying for your family.

  12. DONE! My letters are out in the mail. Thank you Kelly for bringing this to our attention. After reading their story, my first thought was I hope if I was in a predicament such as this that others would come to my aid… We cannot remain silent.

    God bless…

  13. Heart Breaking.

    I wrote letters to both the DHS director and Bill Shuette. Praying for them to do the right thing. Thank you for letting us know.

  14. This is just one example of the way our Constitution/Bill of Rights is no longer protecting our God-given rights- as it was created to. Have you read about Obama’s March16 Executive Order to be able to take over all infrastructure, food, water, draft citizens for labor, etc in peace times??? Seriously Google it- totally unlawful! Come join us at Celebration Cinema North in GR, or a theater near you to see Kirk Cameron’s opening showing of “Monumental”, complete with live simulcast interviews documenting our founding fathers’ mission to create a free Republic and how far we have let our govt stray. Let’s stand united- let’s learn about the root of these problems, so we can steer the boat in the right direction! God bless the Stielers and all those seeking justice.

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