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Ticked Off Tuesday – STILL No Resolution for the Baker Family

Bakers Green Acres

Does anything have you ticked off on this Tuesday? Please share in the comments, because it’s okay to whine once in a while, right? Don’t worry, I’ll follow up with another Thankful Thursday soon. :)

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(Update: Here’s the Thankful Thursday post that went up two days later… Be sure to go share what you’re thankful for today.)

You may have been following the Baker Family story from my post a while back, Where Oh Where Has Common Sense Gone?

I was thrilled to meet Mark and Jill at the Weston Price conference in California last month, where Mark was the keynote speaker at the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund dinner.


What has me ticked off today is watching the video below, and finding out that they still don’t have resolution on this case so their family can get on with their lives!!!

A few quotes from the video:

“This is being perpetrated on us by the industrial food complex. Do you really want them to have control of all the food?”

“We need to start feeding ourselves and not be so dependent on the industrial food complex.”

“We go to court with them, we’re forced to take everything out of our pockets and go through metal detectors, but THEY come in, with about 17 people and at least 8-10 of them armed. There were 4 state troopers, 4 Sheriff deputies, 5 Feds in the room, a bomb dog, state police cars going around the outside of the building. I honestly didn’t believe it was for us, I thought maybe John Gotti was being tried there, but it was for us, so that’s how they treat us, and they were all wearing bullet-proof vests, too. We did not choose to go to the O.K. Corral with these guys, we chose to go to court with them, but it just shows us that their initial response is with violence. So now here I am, on my farm, and our nerves are up because that’s how they operate, they want to go someplace with this that we just don’t want to go. They’re not financing their operation, though, they’re using tax money.”

Many of us know someone who is wealthy – would you show them this video? The Bakers need real help!

Read more details from the FTCLDF.

Go to the Bakers Green Acres blog to keep updated or to donate!

Now let us know what has YOU ticked off today?


  1. Yes this is really disturbing. The other recent situation much like this is Morningland Dairy in Missouri where last week they came in and destroyed cheese they had confiscated 2 years ago. I saw a video of the final steps and it is really awful. The Dixon families business has been totally destroyed without any damage done by them or their raw cheese. The whole thing has become very frightening. Who is next?

    • Oddly enough, there is video from the House”? floor detailing anyone that “hordes” more then 7 days of food in their home, is a terrorist threat.

  2. I don’t know if I get ticked off anymore. I think just depressed. How do you deal with these things and still stay positive? I feel like I’ve been getting more discouraged with the state of affairs in the past year. It would make a good post actually: how to stay positive in the face of the movement against small farmers, loss of personal freedoms, GMO foods, etc.

  3. Heartbreaking. Wish I could send him all the money he needs. Love the references to the war and the encouragement he sends to us all to do whatever we can to sustain ourselves! He is truly a humble servant.

  4. I refuse to get discouraged. That is what the powers that be are trying to do- discourage people and get them to give up the fight for food freedom. I truly believe that whatever thoughts we allow to dwell in our minds grow. As a whole we need to focus our thoughts and intentions on that which we hope to create. The negative stories can simply be thought of as fuel for creating our world with more intent.

  5. I am totally ticked off that I saw trans fat listed in my ground beef nutrition contents. Since when do cows grow trans fat? Are producers tucking in this garbage to make the meat way more to cut costs? Who new you needed to check the ingredients on your ground beef???

    • There is some small amount of naturally produced trans fat in meats, including CLA, and it doesn’t have the bad effects of partially hydrogenated seed or vegetable oils, in fact, it’s good for us. I’ve never seen a food label with it on it, though, so does this mean added bad fats in your ground beef?? The industrial food processors will stoop to any depth to save money and increase profit, no matter the public health results. Grrrr.

      • I suspect it is a marketing ploy, to help reduce the levels of meat eaten, maybe? And yes, there are naturally occurring trans fats in all animal products, and then there is the contrived trans fats.

        • I would bet on it being a marketing ploy, too. I think it is an effort to plant the idea that trans fats (albeit naturally occuring, healthy ones) are in meats so that people who don’t think about what is going on in the food industry will presume that they are the same as the trans fats in industrial foodlike products and are therefore the industrial garbage is also harmless. It could also be paving the way for more trans fat additives to processed meat products – think pink slime. I have exactly zero faith in the food industry and everything associated with it, from inspectors to the FDA.

  6. Something I just thought of…true heritage pigs are called Lard Pigs. The newer breeds, and especially the commercial ones, are bacon pigs. I have read up on all the DNR stuff, but I do wonder what else is behind this.

  7. Something that really ticks me off… Restaurants that don’t make their own dressings. Yes, I know this sounds a little lame, but I am talking about the $15 entree salad here, not the $2 side salad. I don’t eat out very often, but when I do it would be nice to have something at least semi-homemade. I am not talking about fast-food places, but rather the fancier places with gorgonzola, candied pecans, applewood smoked bacon. etc. on top of their salads.

    My husband calls me the “sauce queen”, so I guess I am a little biased. Yes, we have homemade dressings on our salads and usually some kind of sauce with almost everything. Is it too much to ask for a little homemade “healthier” dressing?

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