The Common Sense Health Guide

My answer for most food or nutrition related questions always comes back to common sense, so this book title caught my attention when I first emailed with Dr. Michael a few months ago.  Reading the copy he sent was very refreshing, to hear a doctor say things like this:

“If you want to avoid the flu, your best bet is not the flu vaccine, but a strong immune system.”

How fun is that?  There are many similar quotes in the book that will make your jaw drop (because a doctor is actually saying them) or they’ll make you want to cheer.

Read more about The Common Sense Health Guide:

  • Are you confused about what is good to eat? What is healthy?
  • Are you stuffing yourself with tofu, margarine and eggbeaters while avoiding eggs, meat, butter and other foods you really like?
  • Are carbohydrates good or dangerous?
  • How much water do you need to drink?
  • Is fat bad or good?
  • What about cholesterol?

There is so much misleading and conflicting information about health and nutrition, no wonder people get confused!

The problem is that most nutritional advice you get from the so-called “experts” is just plain wrong.

This includes the infamous Food Pyramid, which is greatly responsible for the appalling state of health we are in.

Most chronic diseases are caused or worsened by poor nutrition:

*High Blood Pressure
*Heart Disease
*Poor Circulation
*Alzheimer’s disease
*Sexual dysfunction
*and many others

The good news is that proper nutrition will help you become healthier and stronger, even if you have one or more of these health problems.

How would you like to have:

*abundant energy
*strong and healthy body
*fit and shapely body
*vigorous metabolism
*strong immune system
*healthy heart
*strong sex drive
*good mood
*better sleep
*reduced risk of major health problems?

You can learn all that and more from the Common Sense Health Guide to Nutrition and Your Health!

NOTE:  If you click on that link and buy the book, thank you!  (I’ll be paid a small commission.)



  1. says

    While I agree that our FIRST line of defense against germs and viruses is a healthy immune system, it’s a good idea to make sure by taking advantage of the immunizations available to us.

  2. tina says

    Vaccines will ruin a healthy immune system.

    I agree with musings of a housewife that this book would be preaching to the choir if I read it but so many of my family and friends would benefit from reading it. Once they read the book, I would have the benefit of their understanding for the way I feed my family.

    I like that it’s written by a doctor. Although I have a deep respect for Sally Fallon, she’s not a doctor and I think the people in my life would respect a doctor more.

  3. judy says

    Yes Tina, that M.D. with the name seems to cause people to want to bow. I have been asked, “Why should I listen to you when I have a doctor who has been to medical school?”

    First off I say, “Because I love you and that doctor doesn’t really even know you.”

    They have been inDOCtrinated into a way of healing that the world thinks works. It usually just keeps you coming back (for prescription medicines) and slowly drains all your resources until you die. Please don’t misunderstand, there is a time and place for their care, but be sure you do your homework before you go. And make sure your doctor is compassionate, without love (preferably the God kind) no healing will take place, His love never fails.

    I’m getting off the soapbox now. :~D

  4. Janey says

    I’m confused…where’s the review? All you said about this book was that it was “refreshing”. I can’t tell much at all from this.

    • KitchenKop says

      I didn’t call it a review, I was just telling you that I liked it and that it was full of common sense real food advice.

  5. Janey says

    Oh, sorry…my mistake. It’s just that at the end of the post there’s a link that says “More book reviews”.

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