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Super Simple Sprouted Flour Blender Pancakes or Waffles

You may have seen my recipe for soaked pancakes or waffles, and read about why they are so much better for us. Basically it’s because the phytic is broken down so that more of the minerals you’re consuming (maybe in a big glass of raw milk) can be fully absorbed. But also because it’s a way for the grains to be predigested overnight by whatever acid you use in the recipe; so these pancakes or waffles often feel better on the tummies of those who are otherwise sensitive to grains.

But do you forget to soak them the night before half the time like I do?

It’s OK, you can just use sprouted flour

Sprouted flour is beneficial in the same ways as I mentioned above, and also, because this is ground from the sprouted grain, you’re then technically eating a plant instead of a grain!

Sprouted spelt flour is a favorite because I like to switch up my grains and not always use wheat.

So this recipe is nice for everyday because you don’t have to remember to soak ingredients the night before, and it’s a simple and fast recipe to pull together. We’ll often serve blueberry pancakes for dinner on busy days when I don’t get around to making anything. (By the way, here are my other healthy fast food ideas for days like that.)

Super Simple SproutedFlour Blender Pancakes or Waffles

(Click the links below for where to find these ingredients.)

Blend very well in your blender; I use my beloved Bosch, because it just makes everything faster and easier. Scrape the sides and turn it back on for a few seconds.

Fry pancakes in generous amounts of bacon grease or ghee (or use it to grease your waffle iron). Healthy fats help us absorb nutrients, so don’t skimp! Serve with real maple syrup, of course.

Our kids had two helpings each! Personally, I think whole grain sprouted flour tastes lighter than whole grain regular.

Let me know what you think!


  1. My 18 month old eats pancakes without any syrup so if I wanted to make these a little sweeter for her, could I add honey or maple syrup into the pancake batter? If so, how much would you recommend?

    • I’d keep them how they are first, to see if she’ll just eat them that way, since they are pretty good without syrup. :)
      If not, then add a couple Tablespoons and see if that’s enough!


  2. I use apple sauce(unsweetened organic ) or mashed banana as a a sweetener …forgot to add honey once while experimenting with addition of banana and they were so sweet and delicious!

  3. Made Belgian waffles from this recipe this morning and they were fantastic! Used a mix of spelt and hard white wheat (freshly ground). Thanks for this recipe.

  4. Just made this recipe and it turned out great! I’ve always been afraid to use anything other than white flour in my pancakes but the sprouted spelt was better than I expected. Thanks!

  5. For a child with dairy allergy, can I substitute earth balance and coconut milk? Or do you have another suggestion?

    • Andrea, I wouldn’t use Earth Balance, that is full of fake oils and other ingredients that should definitely be avoided. Instead try organic coconut oil and organic coconut milk!


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