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  1. Hi..I signed up for your wonderful newsletter last year, but haven’t been getting the newsletter lately. I sure would love to start getting them again!



  2. Hi Chris,

    My newsletter only began a couple months ago and then I took a vote and the majority wanted newsletters emailed only when I had something “juicy” to share, not weekly. So I only send those out now and then.

    You may be talking about my email updates when I post something new to the blog? If so, I’m not sure why you stopped receiving those, sometimes Feedburner (the service that automatically sends those out) will act up on me and it drives me crazy. Up in the upper left corner you’ll see subscription buttons, so try to subscribe again. If that doesn’t work let me know and I may need to go into my list and delete you so you can try again.

    Sorry for the trouble!


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