Real Food Wednesday blog carnival 5/27/09 – Join in the Fun!

Be sure to check out the links as they come in on Real Food Wednesdays – there is so much to learn from all of you!

If you wonder what a blog carnival is or what Real Food is, this Real Food Wednesday post explains all that.

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  1. says

    I found the cutest little miniature cherries at the farmer’s market! A photo, plus what we did with our share is in this week’s post. Oh, and if you’re a cavy slave, you might enjoy the photo of our alpha guinea pig also on the site today.

    Local Nourishment

  2. says

    I submitted my homemade pesto recipe! I made it extra special by using ramps instead of garlic and wild arugula instead of basil, and I even used a local cheese instead of Parmesan!


  3. says

    My contribution is a recipe that I modified from other recipes I’ve made it the past – and with great results! I just need to have time to make this again – I haven’t made it since Valentine’s Day! There’s always so much other stuff to do, I find that I have little time for the more fun items. Enjoy!

    Raine Saunders

  4. says

    I shared a pretty neat little 5 minute video featuring two grass-fed beef farmers talking about their operation and why they farm the way they do. It’s always good to meet farmers!


  5. Kelly says

    Zeke, you inspired me to drink my Dandy Blend instead of coffee today – I really like it as long as I don’t drink coffee first and my taste buds don’t have a comparison!

    Matt, I took care of #9 for ya. :) No biggy.

    Raine, you’re singing my song!

    Thanks, everyone!

  6. says

    Hi Kelly,

    This is my first time posting and I forgot to add the name of the recipe and then added it again. So sorry!!

    Hope you do enjoy the nourishing oatmeal recipe :)



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