Real Food Wednesday 9/22/10


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    Here’s my recipe for fried plantains… they’re fried in lard, and have molasses for extra mineral content. And they’re delicious, did I mention that before?


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    Our favorite apple, the Honeycrisp, is in season in our area. Picked a bunch and made some cupcakes with them using a homemade quick mix (AKA Bisquik).

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    The nights are cooling, and all I want to do is fill them with the satisfying aromas of dinner cooking – in the oven, in a slow cooker, on the stove – all of those pieces of equipment that I neglected over the long hot summer. And what could be better than doing it up right with the versatile potato and making a nice gratin?

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    Durrr, still new to this. I posted a quick beef stew that I made that was quite yummy and versatile (but me being not on the ball put just my name instead of what I was posting, duh! lol!). I will enjoy checking out all the links above for new ideas.

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    I wanted to post the recipes but I ended up posting my name… Anyway, I am becoming a regular in several carnivals and I love this way to share. Thanks for hosting!!!

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    Still have zucchini? My Fresh Zucchini Toss is another great way to use them. :-) The recipe is very adaptable, too, according to what you have on hand.

    Thanks for hosting, Kelly! I always get excited just reading all the titles to the links, even before I check out the wisdom and recipes shared. ;-)


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    I am new at this ladies! Sorry for the numerous links :S I was thinking I would be able to click somewhere else and give some advice. My post today actually has nothing to do with food, but I am talking about freedom from debt. Sorry . . . my advice for today’s post, however, is . . .
    We have been purchasing free-range chickens. My favorite way to cook these chickens is in a crock pot. I get the stock for soup, and we use the shredded chicken meat for bbq chicken sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, casseroles, quesedillas, and the list could go on and on. Hope this helps!! Thanks for hosting this Kelly! Sorry for the confusion on my part! :)

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    hello all – this week i’m sharing an article disclosing my secret weapon I use with my kids to get real food down the hatch. Since there are no slick marketing campaigns for locally grown okra or roasted pastured chicken, real foodies need all the ammo we can get to help our kids gobble up!

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    Thanks for the link! I took a whole wheat cookie recipe and replaced some of the butter with applesauce. The recipe only uses 1/4 cup of butter instead of the usual 1 cup. They came out very moist and soft! You can’t even tell that they are healthier than regular cookies. :)

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    Hi, everyone! I’m sharing a recipe for homemade cheddar cheese. If you don’t have a press, you can eat the curds fresh and un-pressed. Fantastic either way! Don’t forget about the benefits of raw cheese, either. :) Have a great day, all!

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    I posted my recipe for green chili enchiladas, using the homemade sauce I blogged about yesterday and spelt flour tortillas a couple of weeks before that. Looking forward to checking out all the great posts above! ~Karen

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    I’m new here and run a blog about eating whole foods on a budget. Loving all of the concept of linking with our “real food” ideas!
    So…. today’s post was about the endless chicken, telling the strange and lovely tale of two young people who fell in love, got married, and lived in a shed during the beginning of their marriage. They didn’t have a ktichen, and hardly had any moneyf or food. And somewhere along the way they discovered the chicken.

  13. KitchenKop says

    Welcome to all of you who are linking up for the first time!!

    Vanessa, your recipe looks good, but just double checking: you know that butter is actually very good for us, right?


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    My blog, Spoonfed, which is about raising food-literate kids, is celebrating six months with two giveaways: “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” young readers edition, and an organic-cotton set of fruit/veg jammies. Thanks, Kelly!

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    I tweaked a recipe for Blueberry Almond Breakfast Pudding. Be sure to read the last part of the post where the bakery frosting killed my grass!! I think you all can appreciate how appalling it is to feed this poison to our children.

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    In the margarine vs butter {or trans-fat vs. saturated fat} debate, I agree that butter wins hands down. We definitely use butter in my house, but because of the amount of saturated fat, if I can find ways to substitute it, I do. Baking with applesauce is one way, and I also sometimes use EVOO instead of butter to fry {although I agree there is NO substitute for butter when you are cooking eggs!}

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    Thanks for the info. I agree that our bodies need fat, but of the three fats I think saturated is the least healthy. In the article that I read from your site {} the author states that polyunsaturated is considered the healthiest fat and monounsaturated is high in essential fatty acids. A higher intake of poly- and monounsaturated fats have also been found to decrease the risk of heart disease in women. So for now I will stick to using poly- or monounsaturated fats with a little bit of saturated mixed in because sometimes there just isn’t any substitute for butter.

  18. KitchenKop says

    Thanks for bringing that article to my attention, Vanessa, I’ll have to look it over again and possibly remove it. I added that a looooong time ago.

    Now that I know that the fat found in the plaque in arteries is mostly polyunsaturated and that the studies surrounding saturated fat were mostly done without differentiating between sat. fat and trans fat, I’m going to stick with the saturated fats that people ate for thousands of years before everyone got so sick.

    Be sure to see the link with the Fat Head movie clips. :)

    Fun chatting, take care!

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