Real Food Wednesday 8/5/09

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    Hello all, I’ve found my way through the maze of real food blogs to another wonderful haven of delectable delights and earthly goodies only to find myself arrested by Kelly the Kitchen Kop. (I’m new here be gentle, those cuffs are a bit tight)

    I’ve joined the real food fray this Wednesday with a cheeky little post about, well it’s more fun if you just jump right in and peek at My Public Lactose Intolerant Love Affair… don’t forget to say hi. :)

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    The full title of my post today is “Parents, Schools and Doctors: Scenes From the Fight Against Junk Food for Kids” One mom discovers the nutritional horrors of Pop Tarts; another fights the schools her kids attend. Then we have an organization whose purpose is to educate and change laws when it comes to junk food and kids. Finally, some stories of medical doctors giving candy, cake and ice cream to little children. Now one would think those doctors would KNOW BETTER wouldn’t one! UGH! It’s a mixed bag but a very interesting read.

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    Kelly and all other readers….ignore the fist Mr. Winky posting that was last weeks participation, my goof in not changing it.
    This weeks is my 3 1/2 weeks of fermenting Crock Pickles.

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    Do you remember the taste of real, honest-to-God yellow corn? You know, back before the genetically modified junk that nowadays goes into producing HFCS, ethanol and batteries?

    Yeah, that stuff..

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    I wrote a narrative edition of ProFood, as a primer for the still uninitiated. ProFood is growing, fast, and we should all be familiar with its principles before we begin to accelerate the project into its next phase, opening up the entrepreneurial activities within the local sustainable food movement. As always I am excited to participate in this weeks carnival

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    Hi! Thanks for hosting this week! Fascinating contributions, everyone!

    My post this week is a 5-day breakfast meal plan for busy moms, including several make-ahead breakfasts or breakfasts with 10 minutes of prep or less. All grain-free (or grain-optional), sugar-free, high in good fats for balanced blood sugar and focus throughout the day. The purpose of my post is to inspire moms to cook real food for their children before school rather than resorting to boxed cerals, pop tarts, and packaged waffles!

    Carrie @ Organic and Thrifty

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    Good Morning to all.
    Hi Kelly and everyone else here joining in with Read Food Wednesdays.
    I’m feeling like a Blithering Idiot this morning. Never never post your RFW’s after midnight when your dead tired from another day even if your still up after midnight, never!
    I not only made the first mistake of posting last weeks sourdough – THANK YOU Kelly for removing it, but now I find I linked my Crock Dills directly to my current posting / not the direct link to it..Oye!!
    So here I go again……Kelly I am going to repost it CORRECTLY…then would you please remove #6 that links incorrectly.
    So many great posting so far today…..thanks to all who have submitted so far.

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    Hello, all! My post for this week’s RFW talks about the marketplace definitions of “natural” and “organic” and points out how lacking they are – inferior food can be produced under these labels. And I also share what I think natural and organic should mean – and how this leads to excellent food.

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    Still a rookie at the link stuff but my contribution is for heirloom ‘white beans, zucchini and pancetta.’ It’s my summer version of an annual classic.

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    This week I am celebrating all things local and delicious. The ingredients available at my Farmer’s Market inspired me to try my hand at a traditional ratatouille with fabulous results.

    Happy Farmer’s Market week to everyone!

    – RFM

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    Kel – I made a correction to my post. I changed the title from

    70% of U.S. Children Are Vitamin D Deficient


    70% of U.S. Children Have Insufficent Vitamin D

    It’s a minor thing but the study actually says 61% were “insufficient” in vitamin D and 9% were actually deficient.

    It’s just semantics — all 70% are too low in vitamin D.

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    Wow, these links look GREAT, everyone! I’ll go a-stumbling later today and read them, can’t wait! :)

    For those of you who submitted a post using food from your garden or farm market, you may also want to submit them to Shannon’s Food Roots carnival tomorrow, too: :)


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    Hi Vicky,

    Unfortunately, Google doesn’t check with me before running ads on my site, but if they’re really bad I can block them.


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