Real Food Wednesday 8/4/10



It’s that crazy time of the week where you entice us with your links and comments to go check out your blogs and your great REAL FOOD tips and ideas! (If you’re a blogger, you’ll draw some good traffic to your site…)

What to remember:

  1. A link back to this post please. (Blog carnival etiquette you know!)
  2. Retweet and stumble this post and also any sites you visit – this will get more exposure to all of us, thank you!
  3. Don’t have a blog? We still want to hear from you!  Please leave your tips or recipes in the comments.

Before we get to Mr. Linky, Cara from has a suggestion for bloggers who would like more traffic and comments on their blogs:

“I like to visit and comment on blogs from Real Food Wednesday, but I just clicked on four different ones to comment on, and three of them had like 3-4 hoops to jump through before I could leave a comment; with little kids running around, it’s likely that some time during that process I’ll forget what I’m doing and close the tab before it’s all done, which means less comments for blogs that I like!  A lot of Blogger bloggers don’t realize this because they don’t have to jump through their own hoops to leave comments since the blog recognizes them as owners.  DISQUIS comments never like me, so I have to post with my twitter profile (which isn’t my preferred method of commenting!). With Blogger, to make it easy to comment, they can go to
Settings>>> Comments>>> Allow Registered Users (Includes Open ID) and Show Word Verification? NO.

When I had a Blogger blog I only enabled comment moderation on posts that I thought might be controversial and set it at automatically moderating after 14 days, and if I had a post that kept getting SPAM comments (usually older posts that legitimate people didn’t comment on any more) I just turned comments off for that post.

I found this to be the minimum amount of hoops for people to jump through, and the best way to prevent spam on my blog.  Of course people don’t have to do exactly what I did, but I’m not even sure they are aware of how much of a pain in the bum it is to comment on their blogs!”

Now you’re up, and we can’t wait to see your stuff!



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    As we head down the road of cutting grains from our diets I’m starting to share a few of the recipes we’ve been enjoying along the way. While this weeks does include a legume (not ‘legal’ in the primal diet) it is a way for our family to break our dependence on wheat and learn to enjoy different foods in a different manner.

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    wow! Your comment box got really really tiny! I like cara’s ideas, and I too find since doing the blog hop that some blogs are great at capturing emails/handles etc so that makes it easy peasy! I guess maybe we should all try commenting on our own blogs through another computer to see how many hoops there are! Now, my article today is about treasures and tripe, and not the good kind, at trader joe’s! Thanks for sharing your space with us Kel, and this TINY new comment box was rather disconcerting, but since I love you I will power through! Alex!

  3. KitchenKop says

    SORRY GUYS!!! Add your links again, QUICK! I had some code messed up that was breaking my whole site, and I had to re-enter my Mr. Linky code to fix it.

    I’m so sorry! I hope none of you went to bed already!


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    Thanks for hosting Kelly!
    I’m blogging about one of my favorite kitchen tools to make ultra thin slices of vegetables really easy, plus a simple raw beet salad recipe.

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    MacGyver has been working on the crew of one of the best, most committed farms in my state. That means that I’m getting my fridge filled with all of the finest beyond organic and sustainable crops – from veggies to raw jersey milk, hip hip hooray. I made homemade raw cheese, but ate through it in a day. Oops, but who could blame me?

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    I am up to my ears in zucchini and wonder if others are too? I have a great meatloaf recipe that I posted that uses zucchini and other great veggies. It’s our fave–and I’m not usually a meatloaf fan!

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      I posted up a zucchini lasagna as I too am trying to find recipes for all the summer squash building up. I will have to check out the meatloaf!

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    Great tips! I think it takes bloggers awhile to figure out all the controls and stuff. It did for me. I am still learning and trying to figure things out!

    Thanks for hosting. I just posted some REAL pizza rolls. Super delicious!

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    At my blog, not Kitchen Stewardship, I have 4 primal green smoothie recipes to share with you all. I will having many more to come every Saturday throughout August! I made an AWESOME Chocolate one last night that will be shared this Saturday :)

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    Love the zucchini recipes! I ended up pulling together my own collection of ideas which I’ll share up top.

    I also liked the explanation about commenting and Blogger. That may be why my dh has a hard time commenting on my blog. I’ve only ever gotten one bad comment, and I do prefer to err on the side of encouraging conversation, not hampering it.

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      Barb, every time I try to comment on your blog, blogger tells me that the code is wrong and I cannot comment. I’ve been trying to leave you a bunch of comments these last few days.

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        I made the changes right after I posted here. Did you reload the page to see if it will let you comment now? Maybe it’s a browser issue? Maybe it’s a blogger issue? Please feel free to email me at bhoyerg at

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    My post today could be a very good entry in your “Friday Food Flop” carnival too- my attempt at making flourless sprouted wheat bread!

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    Hello, Kelly, and all! I’m linking up a post with all sorts of ideas for desserts that are alive! (aka cultured or probiotic) Do you have any probiotic dessert ideas to share? Please do! At my blog, you can comment without restriction, and even add your twitter handle!

    On the commenting issue, I would suggest that all those using blogger set their blog to allow the commenter to add an independent name/URL. In other words, the commenter doesn’t have to be registered at google, blogger, wordpress, OpenID, etc. In my case, I like to link up just as Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS using a link to my very own blog. :-) I don’t mind the authentication step, but I do mind not being able to identify myself with my own URL.

    It is more direct for everyone. Other readers of the post can click right to the commenter’s blog/site, instead of having to go to a profile somewhere else, and then hope there’s a link to that person’s true home on the web. KWIM?

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, all!

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    Hello – first time linking up to Real Food Wednesdays but I wrote this defense of fat for UK readers – there is far less of this kind of useful stuff on the other side of the pond!

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    In this preparation, oca (a tuber traditionally cultivated throught the Andean highlands) are parboiled in lightly salted mineral water, then drained and sauteed in cumin oil with Aji Amarillo (a medium-hot, orange-colored chile with a light citrus/apricot flavor), purple garlic and shallots. Finished with sea salt, freshly-ground pepper, cilantro and a squeeze of lime, Oca du P

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    I’m thrilled to say that we just harvested 4 gallons of honey from our beehive. I shared a pictorial and description of how we do it the raw way, plus a little info on the benefits of raw honey. Love our bees and their honey! :-)


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