Real Food Wednesday 8/18/10


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    Hi! And Happy Real Food Wednesday! I had an armful of gleaned cucumbers from the farm where MacGyver works this week. I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to the point where I’m comfortable trying to lacto-ferment just about anything (even my crazy foraged foods!), because it meant that I had no trouble making a sweet pickle relish without a recipe. And it came out great! It had all of the flavors of store-bought relish, but it also had that special fizzy zing that only a fermented food can have. Yum!

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    Hi, Kelly!

    This week I’m sharing some of my research on xylitol, a fascinating sweetener that has surprising benefits. Does it really belong in a traditional foods diet, though? Check out my post to see what my conclusions are!

    Thanks for hosting!

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    Today we’re talking about the connection between weight and your gut. No, I’m not talking about that beer gut, I’m talking about your digestive system! Gut health is strongly connected to all areas of your health, including your weight and ability to burn fat.

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    Wow, these are some great recipes! I posted my first attempt with homemade hot sauce. It’s a roasted green sauce that is really flavorful and simple to make. Farmer’s markets are crazy with peppers right now, so it’s a good time to put by a whole bunch, and I think it would make a good gift, too.

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    Wow, so many good ideas! I posted yummy apple cinnamon muffins, they filled my house with the YUMMIEST smells while baking and they tasted even better than they smelled! Hope you all enjoy!

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    I posted a belated ‘how to travel when you eat outside the cultural norm’ article, and a recipe for Lacto-fermented Mayonnaise – a food group of it’s own around here!

    Thanks again for hosting, Kelly!

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    This week I posted a homemade version of quick baking mix (aka Bisquick) made with butter (or beef tallow) instead of solid shortening. Also included a drop biscuit recipe too.

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    Hey Kel! Sorry I am late, but it’s been crazy here! I am sharing a GREAT guest post by Jason of Alternative Health and Nutrition News on what to do to go gluten free if you have intolerance or Celiac Disease. Since so many folks who eat a standard American diet are having issues, I thought it would be great to get more information out there so they dont feel so overwhelmed and alone. Thanks for sharing your space with us today! :) Alex

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    I’m posting about an awesome meal I prepared from $4.00 worth of grass-fed “meaty soup bones” that were actually nice shank sections! We’re processing our first grass fed lambs this week. I am blessed to eat great local and nutrient dense food!

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