Real Food Wednesday 7/28/10


It’s that crazy time of the week where you entice us with your links and comments to go check out your blogs and your great REAL FOOD tips and ideas! (If you’re a blogger, you’ll draw some good traffic to your site…)

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    Real Food Wednesday sounds so much nicer than hump day; I look forward to it every week. I’ve been out foraging like crazy lately. I was so happy to find a goreous apple tree, and took the apples for a test drive, making applesauce. There is nothing in this world like the taste of a wild apple!

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    I wrote a post on Nourishing Traditions Cherry Chutney, it doesn’t get more real food then the WAPF! Thanks for having an awesome blog and spreding good info about real food!

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    Hi Kel, Well, I didnt make it as the first linker, but I will TAKE the prize as the first commenter! whoo hooo! I rock! :) Seriously, thanks for sharing your space with us on this beautiful Wednesday. My article this week is not about food, but it is about Real Sound environmentally friendly and frugal home made cleaning products that work! Thought your audience would find this right up their alley! Hugs! alex

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    I tweaked some recipes for a soaked bread recipe that works well for our sandwiches. Even Dh likes it! Scroll down to that section in the post. I’m link #20. If anyone thinks I need more rye than 1 teaspoon for the added phytase, please let me know!

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    Hey Kelly, as you know, these days everyones a “health expert”. We find ourselves putting our trust in the very people who make us sick and not taking the responsibility for ourselves! My post offers some advice on what to look out for when looking for guidance (particularly in the medical industry) and when to RUN in the opposite direction LOL

    thanks for Real Food Wednesday :)

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    Ever heard someone say, “It’s not the burger–it’s the BUN!”

    Well today I’m saying, “It’s Not The Burger OR The Bun!” and taking a look at the real causes behind the obesity and disease epidemic that plagues this generation.

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    This week I posted about something we don’t do enough of these days–have actual conversations! I break down three groups of people you can have great conversations with about real food and what you can learn from them.

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    Hi Kelly,
    My post lists the best food applications for the iPhone, like helpful shopping guides to avoid GM ingredients and choosing sustainable fish. Even if you don’t have an iPhone, the source websites are worth visiting if you have not encountered these guides before.

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    Hello Kelly, Thank you for hosting!

    Enjoyed seeing your bread flop the other day, gives me inspiration when I have those bad kitchen days too. Love your transparency.

    I linked up this new dish we tried from

  10. rachel says

    Hi Kelly, Sorry to bother you but I just can’t find a post I remember reading on your blog – it was about how to use up raw milk that has already gone sour. Could you by chance email me that link? I have a whole gallon that I’d be so sad to throw out!!! Thanks!

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    Ham, Kale and White Bean Soup….one of 3 meals made from a ham cooked in the crockpot. Super fast and easy. Great way to use up leftover veggies.

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    Hello, Kelly and everyone! I’m continuing my “Probiotics: Every Meal” series and focusing on snacks today. I share a bunch of probiotic snack ideas. Please stop by and add snack ideas of your own.

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    Today I have a video that was taken during my camping trip for the 4th of July weekend. My bros buddy and I decided to grab a video of all the junk food that was purchased by other campers we were with. Funny and entertaining!

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    I just saw something interesting related to real food, it’s in this article from Mercola’s website : it says, ” Americans waste an estimated 1,400 calories of food per person, each and every day. These wasted calories represent not only 39 percent of the available US food supply, but also accounts for approximately 300 million barrels of oil annually…” This is an interesting fact to keep in mind when faced with people who claim that sustainable/organic farming is not practical as far as being able to feed our population. 39% of the US food supply is wasted! Is this a symptom of our “cheap” food? I think so.

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    Just starting this whole blogging thing! Thought I would post one of the pages I just wrote about my Real Food for Babies and what my two year old son spends his days eating!! Thank you!

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