Real Food Wednesday 7/22/09


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    Hi, Kelly! My post is a recipe for Chocolate Kefir Smoothies. We enjoy them every night. It’s a ritual now! They make a great and tasty dessert, but they’re packed with all the benefits of kefir!

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    Hi there…a fresh apple cake made mostly with fruit and not much cake – a real guiltless pleasure.

    BTW – I was reading about your philosophy and you mentioned “sugar-free” foods – I assumed that you meant foods processed with malitol, sorbitol, splenda, and on and on. My recipes are free of refined sugars but I use sugar alternatives – dates, raisins, agave, unsweetened fruit concentrate, and date sugar to name a few. Just curious about your views on those sugar substitutes.

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    One of these Wednesdays, I am going to get my link listed correctly before I hit “enter” – my post this week is an incredibly delicious recipe that is also good for maintaining healthy vision.

    Thanks again for the blog carnival – going to read Cheeseslave’s recipe next!

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    How does one find a way to talk about cannibalism, modernism and the film The Princess Bride all in one blog post? I dont know for sure…but i achieved it anyway. HA. In this post I look at how artists are dealing with the issue of sustainability.

    Looking forward to a great carnival and i’ll be stumbling some posts too for everyone!

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    I’m new to Real Food Wednesdays. Hopefully I linked it all correctly.

    Anyway, my post is about a simple summer meal I whipped up – completely based on things from the farmers’ market.

    Alicia Ghio

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    This week I have a couple yogurt-based cold soups to share…Tomato and Tsatsiki, inspired by something I tried at Trader Joes, and Cucumber-Wasabi, an old favorite. I’ll be enjoying these this week after I have my wisdom tooth extracted this morning.


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    Hi Kelly, my post is about the oils served in restaurants and why most of them are so unhealthy to consume. I also talk about healthy oils and fats to replace the unhealthy variety. Thanks for Real Food Wednesdays!

  8. Kelly says

    Amy, yes, I LOVE those types of sweeteners, it’s the *artificial* sugar-free stuff that is icky.

    Zach, cool, thanks for your stumbles (& tweets)! I looooove the Princess Bride movie, can’t wait to read your post.

    Chris, hope your extraction went well!

    Thanks everyone! :)

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    Someone recently told me I was delusional if I thought that all this “fat” was working for me. She was only looking at my size rather than my overall health and how I feel. I feel better and that’s what matters!

  10. Kelly says

    Lisa, in 5 years you’ll have the last laugh when you’re more slim and healthy, and others around you are still getting sicker and heavier…only it’s not really funny at all… That’s why need to keep getting the word out – your posts are all great, everyone – together we make a great team!

    By the way, if you haven’t used the “retweet” button at the top of this post, please do so. The more tweets, the more traffic we’ll get here, and the more visits you’ll get at your posts. Thank you!!

    Also, consider opening a Twitter account if you haven’t already, and if you do, let me know so I can add you to my Twitter “readers” list – I like to read what’s up in your life in your tweets! My Twitter name is “@KitchenKop”.


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