Real Food Wednesday 6/9/10

WAIT!  Before you go check out today’s Real Food Wednesday posts below or add your links, be sure to go to my other new post about a natural bug repellent because I need your feedback there, thank you!  (And no, it’s not related to Real Food this time, but it’s about avoiding chemical exposure!)

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    I can’t see the bug repellent post yet, but I’ll try back. I’m always the one person in a crowd who gets singled out by mosquitos. It’s the only downside of gardening for me. But I absolutely refuse to spray that chemical gunk on my skin. I’ve rubbed all manner of plants and such on my skin,tried eating garlic and vinegar, burned candles, but nothing really and truly works.

    But, on a happier note, happy RFW! This week I’ve included a recipe for baked ricotta, which wasn’t really a recipe, just something I mixed together with some lefftovers and fresh ingredients from the garden. I’m guilty of almost never referring to an actual recipe or cookbook. Even when baking, I wing it. But you know what? The vast majority of what I cook turns out beautifully. I think it’s a real testament to real foods. If you start with the best, the healthiest, the finest natural ingredients, and let your imagination run wild, you can create heart-moving and nourishing meals for your family. It’s easy!

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    This post is a frugal, nourishing recipe is based on a European tradition to add ingredients to stretch the meat. This turns leftover grass fed meat into a delicious meal with Hungarian flavors.

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    Move over, jars of commercial baby food. Moms in the kitchen can whip up a nutrient-packed, sustainable, and delicious menu of baby food starting with those first glops of rice cereal. This post is a quick primer on how to get started, some resources that helped me along my way, and a family favorite recipe that works for everyone from baby to grandma.

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    Have you read In Defense of Food? It is one of my favorite reads. In my article and video, I talk about the hunter gatherer study that Michael Pollen, the author, references to in a chapter – my favorite in the entire book.

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    Good tidings everyone and happy Real Food Wednesday! I missed last week and am still learning the link system but I’m back this week with my submission of homemade cream cheese. Cheers!

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    Monday afternoon some friends came over to make sauerkraut, ginger carrots, and ginger beer…so of course I had to blog about it! It’s such a blessing to spend time preparing healthy food for our families while visiting with like-minded friends at the same time.

  7. Annie says

    I’m also having trouble opening the link re: natural bug repellent. I’m very curious! We’re trying Tropical Traditions’ lotion. Not super impressive, but I’m glad to have something other that just DEET.

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    Thank you for hosting Kelly.

    After a few weeks on the EAT FAT, LOSE FAT diet my husband and I have our second weigh-in since starting the diet.

  9. KitchenKop says

    Hey guys, my Internet is o spotty today (I’m on my iPhone) so I can’t get on to fix the linky errors or fix the broken link-for now to get to the other post click the orange home tab up top & just scroll down to find it under RFWed.

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    Hey! Things are crazy here, just like for you! I just wanted to share the Two for Tuesday Blog carnival links and ask folks who dont know about it to visit! Thanks for your post on the carnival as well! I will hop over to your other article because I have a lot of information on that!

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    Hi, Kelly.
    I posted a simple recipe using fresh strawberries, heavy cream and chocolate. It’s a parfait made with whipped ganache.
    Thanks for hosting. I hope your computer problems get resolved soon — must be driving you batty!

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    Today we’ve got a guest article from a real M.D. (the author of Nutrition and Your Health), who talks about the dangerous flavorings that are added to most processed food nowadays. “Natural” doesn’t mean natural, folks!

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    Today’s post is on how our family reuses bottle and glass containers in our “house”. I’m sure there are plenty of other wonderful ideas which I don’t know about. I would love to hear other people’s advice!

    thanks for hosting Kelly!

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    Today’s post: I was excited to find a great source for pastured eggs, for cheaper than organic eggs at the store. Slowly but surely making good changes. :-)

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