Real Food Wednesday 4/7/10

Real Food Wednesdays

Happy Real Food Wednesday everyone.  I can’t wait to see what you’ve all got up your sleeves for today.  :)

In case this is your first time, please read the Real Food Wednesday rules and brush up on your blog carnival etiquette before adding your link.  Remember if you don’t have a blog, leave your tips or recipes or whatever in the comments.

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    This week I used roadkill elk to recreate a delicious restaurant dish that I often crave. With just a few ingredients, and the right technique, it’s easy to make an amazing sticky garlic ginger crust on stir-fried red meat.

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    Kelly – If it hadn’t have been for seeing you Tweet Real Food Wednesdays I would have forgotten it had even been the day for it. I had just tweeted the post I finished up so went back and linked it to RFW.
    My subject this week is “Getting to know your Local CSA’s”. We attended the 12th annual one in our area for the first time a few weeks back. I also added an item about the goats milk soap with an added ingredient that left me not buying from from one of the vendors there.

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    Hi, Kelly.
    This week I’ve written about the dangers of fructose eaten in excessive amounts, especially as high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). HFCS is added to thousands of processed foods, sodas, and flavored milks. Like sucrose (table sugar), HFCS contributes way too much fructose to our diets. I address some health concerns of an overabundance of fructose, as well as some concerns linked to HFCS itself.

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    There are lots of great applications for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Today I review “Don’t Eat That”, a terrific resource for deciphering food ingredients! Never again do you need to wonder what Alpha-Methyl Benzyl Butyrate is, what TBHQ stands for or if Diacetyl Tartaric Acid of Mono-and Glycerides will worsen a soy allergy.

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    I posted about my (failed?) first attempt at rendering lard. There’s also a bit of interesting WAPF-like talk about my boyfriend’s cousin who moved here from China.

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    this week I’m sharing the script I would have used for a video to send to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution campaign/show. He sent out a call for videos about what “our” food revolution was. life intervened and I didn’t get to make a video, but I sent my script in and posted to share with readers.

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    Hi Kelly!
    I’ve been making a minimal knead sourdough sandwich bread for awhile. Today I’m sharing a variation on the original recipe which my family prefers. It has a very mild sourdough flavor and even my 19 year old daughter who doesn’t care for whole wheat sourdough likes it.

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    I posted a delicious recipe for a pasta and fish in an herbed tomato sauce – Penne in Guazzetto. It could easily be converted to a gluten-free dish with alternative pastas. The dish is delicious and economical, and we loved it!

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    After someone asked me the other day about making green smoothie leathers – My brand spankin’ new post today is about dehydrating green smoothies (and you can try our favorite green smoothie recipe too if you dare). :)

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    A simple, basic recipe – soaked grain banana muffins. If you have children, you have to have banana muffins and these are a favorite at our house.

  11. Linda says

    Well, I don’t have my own blog like everyone else seems to. I don’t know what stumble is or how it works. I just wanted to add that I am making a cheese pie for dinner tonight. It’s my grandmother’s recipe, but instead of store-bought cottage cheese I will use homemade cream cheese from yogurt. Sally Fallon’s recipe. Also using her flaky crust recipe. My grandmother never wrote her recipes down. It was always a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

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      I do have a blog, but I have no idea how to stumble or tweet. Just wanted you to know you are not alone. Thanks for posting about your cheese pie. Is it something like a quiche? I only recently heard the term “cheese pie” so I don’t know exactly what that is. Thanks again!!


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    I left a post on great skin food, and how beneficial bacteria are vital in the health of our body & skin. Our gut is the main detoxification system in our body, so having beneficial bacteria -through making sauerkraut, or taking probiotics- is worth considering.

  13. Linda says

    Hi Connie,
    I ‘d say it is like a quiche. I think My grandmother made it up herself. It has cottage cheese, eggs, vanilla extract, a little sugar and cinnamon. I have always loved it. When I was on my low fat, low cholesterol diet I thought I could never eat it again. Ha!

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    Once again, better late than never! My homeschooling schedule and other stuff just never lets up, and everything takes a back seat….but here’s my latest post, eating healthy while on the go. Thanks for hosting Real Food Wednesday, Kelly! :)

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    I love perusing Kelly’s Real Food Wednesdays! Thanks for all the exciting recipes – they keep my imagination full of healthy and delicious possibilities!

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    Hi Kelly! This is my first time posting on Real Food Wednesday. I’m fairly new to real food (have been taking baby steps for the past year or so), so I posted my menu plan. There are some things that could use improvement, but for the most part, I’d say it’s a pretty good plan! :)

  17. Pamela says

    What I really want is a recipe for homemade granola bars that uses soaked, cooked rolled oats! Any ideas?

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    ummm, #26 I think you got lost on your way to a processed food blog carnival? jell-o pudding, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla wafers?

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