Real Food Wednesday 12/16/09


Welcome to this week’s Real Food Wednesday blog carnival!  Today is your last chance to share Christmas tips and recipes, or any Real Food scoop with us, either using Mr. Linky below if you have a blog, or by sharing in the comments.  Ann Marie & I have decided to take a couple weeks off from Real Food Wednesday over the Christmas and New Year holiday.  (We’ll still be posting, but not for RFW.)  RFW will be back on January 6th, 2010 at Cheeseslave’s blog, and then we’ll return to our schedule of taking turns hosting every other Wednesday.

A few important notes (just in case you’re not a regular reader):

  • Today is the LAST DAY you can sign up for the CHEESESLAVE Menus by Mail Giveaway!  It has an $85 value and would make a great gift for the person who does the meal planning, shopping and cooking in their family.  Time is also running out for the Recipe Subscription Giveaway from Jenny at Nourished Kitchen, don’t forget to go sign up!
  • Real Food Ingredient Guide For another gift idea, and an inexpensive one, too, you could give someone a copy of my new Real Food Ingredient Guide, for only $5.  More info at that post.
  • Lastly, did you see that our new Real Food t-shirts and shopping bags are now available for sale online?  If you have a Real Foodie in your life, they would love one of these.  We’ve dropped the prices and only have a few of each size left, and I promise that’s not a ‘sales gimmick’ phrase!  We didn’t know how well they’d go and only ordered a few in each size.

real food t-shirts

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Remember your “blog carnival etiquette” and always put a link in your post back to this one.  Thank you!

If you’re new, be sure to read what Real Food Wednesday is all about before you add your link. Anything vegan or low fat most likely will not be a good fit for this carnival.  One more thing:  please don’t add 15 links from your blog archives.  One post from each person is usually the norm.

We hate to play hardball, but Ann Marie & I may delete links that do not follow these guidelines or else the carnival could get annoying for everyone involved.


  • Ann Marie is posting from Hawaii, the lucky snot, and is announcing the winner in her Excalibur giveaway!  (FYI:  Her post won’t be live ’til just after midnight Pacific time…)
  • My new post today is an appetizer recipe that you could take to your Christmas or New Year’s Eve gatherings.  It’s super easy and always goes fast.

Now add your links below and thanks for joining in!



  1. says

    Hi Kelly, thanks for hosting this week! I am sharing our most beloved meatball recipe. We love this meal so much, it’s by far one of our absolute favorites (especially my son!). Happy Wednesday!

  2. says

    I wrote up a summary/list of traditional food preservation techniques, partly inspired by the previous post by Kelly (Do You Eat … in Season) and partly by a book I’m reading right now. When I was done, I converted an old chart from the book into a new infographic style. Enjoy!

  3. says

    My RFW post this week is a touch less Real Food and a bit more Real Health, but it’s a follow-up to a question I received after I guest blogged on Kelly’s site last week so I thought I would post it here. Thanks again, Kelly. It was so much fun chatting with your readers. Quite an interesting bunch!

  4. says

    Results of a recent study comparing the sustainability of farmed vs. wild caught salmon have been published. The study’s designers claim they factored in “everything.” But the report sent some mixed messages. So, farmed or wild caught salmon?

  5. Jessica says

    Hi! I just wanted to send this link if you did not know this since you love raw milk as we do, but all raw milk is not the best for you. It has to do w the A1 & A2 protein. My kids can only handle raw jersey that is the A2 protein. They each react in different ways to the A1.
    It is just good health info to know.

  6. says

    This week I was excited to shoot a video with Zoe of on how to make homemade bread in 5 minutes! Then she turned them into pizza lollipops our kids love. We never buy store bought bread anymore (nor do I complain about making homemade bread).

  7. says

    I left my recipe for stuffed peppers! They are yummy and a wonderful winter meal. We’re having them tomorrow. :) Thanks for hosting, looks like a lot of other great recipes!

  8. says

    Hi all! Merry Christmas! Today I’ve linked to my post about soaked granola bars made with soaked oatmeal, coconut oil, honey and lots of other good stuff and dried in the dehydrator. No nasty processed GMO soy here.

  9. says

    I’ve been working on a raw, soaked granola recipe for a few weeks. Today, I share the basic recipe. It doesn’t require crispy nuts or seeds ready to go, as all the ingredients get prepared at the same time.

  10. says

    Thanks for hosting this week Kelly! I’m late, but hey, better late than never ;) Today I wanted to share a wholesome lemon roulade perfect for the holidays. Sweetened with raw honey and made using ground almonds and coconut flour! It’s filled with whipped raw cream and a homemade lemon curd, so YUMMY!!

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