Real Food Wednesday 10/6/10


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    Hi Kelly, thank you for hosting :) I’ve picked a boatload of juniper berries, and plan to utilize them more in my cooking because they are very much a local spice. I’m sharing a recipe for dove kebabs which have been rubbed with juniper powder, but if you don’t have dove, the rub is lovely on all sorts of meats, and really enhances the flavor of pastured and wild meats.

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    True to my “Kitchen Commitments” for October, I’ve contributed a SOAKED-bean chili, soaked in water and lemon juice overnight to activate that lovely phytase enzyme. :) Thanks for hosting this wonderful blog hop!

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    My post this week is about the medical diet which hides under a false name, and explains why that name is false. This diet is contrasted with the real traditional diet it masquerades as.

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    I posted a Pumpkin Spice Surprises post. Yes, they are cookies, but they are small and can be enjoyed in moderation ; ). Have a great day!

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    Posting this week about a PSA that equates junk food/fast food with heroin. Watch the video and let me know what you think: Too far? Or right on the mark?

    Spoonfed: Raising kids to think about the food they eat

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    Thanks for hosting, Kelly! I hope you’re having a fabulous week. We’re enjoying the cooler weather that has finally reached Texas. It’s still a little surprising when I walk outside and it’s a little chilly. Today I’m sharing cinnamon raisin bread – it reminds me of my grandma. :)

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    This week I shared my potato gnocchi recipe. I had never tried this before and was nervous making it. I was afraid they would come out as lumpy rocks. They turned out great, pillow like and soft. You can make the sauce, make your own, or eat them as is. This was an easy recipe, you can make this on a weeknight.

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    Hi, Kelly! Thanks for hosting! Fall appears to have finally made it to central Texas, and we are really enjoying it! The falling temperatures inspire me to make soup out of anything I find in the kitchen, which is how this recipe for Sausage & Leek Soup came about. Have a wonderful day!

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    Hello Kelly, I’m back after our amazing week at Sukkot (Feast of Booths). Today I’m sharing our experience making Almond Nut Butter a recipe we adapted and renamed from Katie Kimball’s ebook Healthy Snacks to Go. We’ve been blessed with these recipes.

  10. Angela says

    I am sharing a gluten free, dairy free version of Beef Stroganoff, which I renamed Creamy Beef and Onions, as it is a slightly different look than traditional Beef Stroganoff!

    Thanks for hosting!

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    What do you get when you have mushy bananas, a ripe mango, a dash of ginger powder and a healthy pile of wheat flour? (besides one heck of a fun kitchen food fight waiting to happen)… you’ll have a mighty tasty banana bread. Well for a few minutes anyway, it doesn’t last long in my house – but at least you’ll have a Banana Mango Ginger Bread recipe. :)

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    This week I blogged about our interview with Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. Sean talked about his early failures as a trainer recommending and practicing a low fat diet, the impact of the low fat diet on his mood and brain functioning, and the 5 pillars of success he now recommends to his clients. He also discusses the impact that Weston A. Price’s teachings had in his life. We also have a GIVEAWAY for a new product that Sean is backing.

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    I ask and answer the simple question about whether or not sugar snap peas are primal or paleo. I eat this type of “diet” but eat them myself and if you have no problems then there is no reason why you can’t do the same!

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    Woops-forgive my ignorance of how this works! I linked under the genius tag of “Liz.” Will do better for the upcoming Wednesday, I promise.

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