Real Food Wednesday 10/14/09

real food wednesday

Thanks for stopping by for Real Food Wednesday, where all sorts of cool people link their posts to here and teach us more and more about REAL FOOD.

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    It was tough at first to understand the principles of Weston A. Price and the nourishing traditional ways of eating. I had been conditioned to fear fat: fat on my body and fat in my food! The more I read, learned and heard the less fear I had of the very food I needed to heal my diet-deprived body.

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    In response to the CSPI “Top 10 Riskiest Foods,” I wrote about one of my favorite risky foods — eggs. Eggs are a potential source of salmonella but also a great protein source and Omega 3 fatty acids (depending on the diet of the hen). I included a recipe for a sweet omelet — a great brunch item.

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    Kelly – must say I’m glad that Real Food Wednesday is back up. I didn’t realize how much I enjoy this blog carnival until it wasn’t available. Thanks so much for hosting.

    I am sharing petite pumpkin loaves – YES, more pumpkin. Pumpkin is such a great health food with so many great benefits. I wish we’d make a fuss about it all year long. I have a dear friend in remission from cancer and she swears that all the pumpkin she ate after being diagnosed is one of the big reasons she’s alive today. And, it just tastes great.

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    Pomegranate Chutney (super-food) made from fresh pomegranate seeds, coriander, green onions, chiles, ginger and red currant coulis. Paired with salmon & wild greens for a healing, nourishing flavor bomb.

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    Kelly — So glad Real Food is back. :) Haven’t had the chance to participate lately, but I’ve missed it!

    This week we made Vietnamese Pho Ga made with Pasture-Raised Chicken stock — super delicious… nourishing and perfect for cold season. If only I hadn’t screwed up the recipe by forgetting to toast the spices!!

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    I am really just learning about all of this blogging thing. I am going to try it again to see if I get it right this time. (I have tried before…..try try again….right) Anyway we made a yummy “fall” snack today with apples and yogurt. Check it out.

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