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Raw Apple Cider Vinegar for Warts – Score!

raw apple cider vinegar

Did you ever try Apple Cider Vinegar for Warts?

While I’m fairly open to all the amazing natural ways we can be healed from this or that ailment or disease, it always amazes me when something so simple comes through again. I told you in an earlier post about how I healed my ringworm with organic raw apple cider vinegar, now read about how my friend, Sue, used it to get rid of Plantar warts! (Here’s where to get ACV.)

My son developed two plantar warts on the bottom of his foot in late January. Having battled these myself for years on my own feet, and even having mine frozen and lasered off (all before I was concerned about using acids and various chemicals/medicines on my body), I was not looking forward to the prospect of using harsh products on my son. I researched home remedies for plantar warts and using raw, organic apple cider vinegar kept coming up. I told my husband I would try it. He was pretty skeptical, and as I dragged my feet (and kept forgetting at night to try it), my son said the warts were now hurting. Finally, the end of February I started using it. I took cotton balls and cut them into quarters. I poured the vinegar into the cap and dipped two cotton pieces into the vinegar so they were pretty saturated. Just before my son climbed into bed, I placed a saturated cotton piece on each wart and covered them with surgical-type tape. In the morning my son took them off. After about 10 days or so, we noticed that the warts turned white, so they were dying! I carefully peeled off each one (they were like dry skin, almost callous-like). I also carefully picked off any other black dots that may have been remaining underneath. We kept up the saturated cotton pieces for another couple of days until there was nothing left underneath, and then kept going even another couple of days for good measure. It has been a good month and we successfully got rid of his warts with only apple cider vinegar!! I think the trick is to get at them as early as possible. My husband admits he has to eat his words of skepticism now!”

What have YOU used raw apple cider vinegar for? That stuff is powerful…

Get raw organic apple cider vinegar here.


    • He just took a tbs mixed with some water every 2-3 hours. Apparently the vinegar thins out the mucus which then makes it easier for your body to get rid of the infection.

    • I Used two cap fulls of acv added little cayenne pepper and black pepper. Mixed it up and drank it. after a couple weeks I noticed the three warts on my finger and two big moles on my arm where gone. I have little scar from moles but no sign of warts. It taste bad. But my finger hurt I was disperate nothing else worked.

  1. I use it before I do the liver/gallbladder flush of Andreas Moritz to get the gall stones soft.

    And use it every day to increase my stomach acid (HCL) to metabolize the stuff I eat, I had for several years an allergy for milkprotein, now I can eat cheese for several weeks (even cod liver oil / waterkefir / etc gives me this possibility again). Only raw milk is still no option, I guess it will come from the lactose.

    Did you know that it will also help when you have a reflux? A reflux means not to much stomach acid but not enough! Even the heartburn will stop after intake of some apple cider vinegar!

    There are so many benefits!

  2. My husband used to always get sinus infections in the spring and fall, every year. Of course he eventually ended up on antibiotics… sometimes more than one round of them. Last fall when he felt an infection coming on, I hit the internet to look for a natural remedy. He started drinking one cup of hot water (not boiling), with 2 T of raw apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of raw honey every morning and every evening. Two days later all signs of sinus issues were gone. It was the first time in years that he didn’t have to go to the doctor. He frequently drinks this concoction (as we affectionately call it) before bed just to be sure he keeps all sinus issues away. It is awesome stuff!

    Side note: I’ve told several family members about it, because they too suffer from sinus infections and end up on round after round of antibiotics. I get blank stares, and I can tell they don’t “get it” (or don’t want too). Then the next time I talk to them they’re sick again. Makes me crazy!

  3. This is totally TMI… but I took some antibiotics and, of course, got a yeast infection. I read online how apple cider vinegar baths can cure it… I tried it out and it worked! Like magic! I want to tell all my friends (although not always appropriate) because it’s such a fantastic, natural, easy fix.

  4. Hmmmm… I’m wondering if the raw apple cider vinegar would work on two small, but annoying skin tags? I’m going to try it and let you know! :-)

  5. ACV does heaps, like promotes weight loss, treats diabetes by balancing blood sugar levels, and fixes high cholesterol. It’s supposed to help balance your body

  6. I use ACV to soak my rice/beans/grains/oatmeal–but only when I don’t have any super-strength Kombucha hanging around. I have a tendency to get… sidetracked, and end up with some pretty strong Kombucha sometimes, and as Anita mentioned, it is more expensive to buy raw ACV than it is to make my own Komucha tea. I do like vinegar for soaking my flour for biscuits/muffins/pancakes–I mix it right in with the milk (which “curdles” immediately) because any internet search for “buttermilk substitute” will tell you to mix a little ACV with regular milk.

    Also, hubby likes to take a tablespoon or two of it straight–I know, he’s nuts–about 20 minutes before a meal. He swears his appetite is less when he does this, and has lost some weight (probably would lose more if he were more consistent).

    Great post, and I am definitely going to try this on some moles–the Lord especially blessed me in the mole department. Does anyone know if it works on flat moles as well as raised ones? I have a plethora of each! I love all the ideas!

  7. I’ve had some kombucha brewing for MONTHS and MONTHS. Do I just have a nice gallon of kombucha vinegar/tea?

  8. Here’s some more things to use ACV or Kombucha on-
    (You can do these with fresh K-tea, or K-tea that is older & has turned vinegary. I age some KT for 30 days for these uses-that’s called kombucha vinegar)

    ?In bath water~Add 1 to 2 cups K-tea to bath water, also Softens skin
    ?Rinse hair~Use K-tea as the final rinse with problem areas in the hair, Or put in hair, let sit 5 mins then rinse out.
    ?Wash face~First wash & rinse face as normal, then take a cotton ball & gently rub the K-tea on your face & let dry. It really makes your skin feel great.
    ?On smelly or sore feet~Just add 1/2 cup of baking soda & a couple of cups of K-tea to your warm water foot soak. Also great for Athletes foot & fungi.
    ?On rashes or stings~Use either K-tea on a cotton ball or a old culture & apply.
    ?For sore throats~Simply gargle K-tea straight(no extras). Don’t drink anything after it for at least 5 minutes, but then rinse thoroughly with water.
    ?For antibacterial spray/hand wash~We learned this after a bout of ‘Pink eye’ ‘ that the kids were spreading. Either use a small spray bottle with 1/2 & 1/2 K-tea & pure water to clean hands, or use straight. Distilled white vinegar can be used as well like 1/3 pure water, 1/3 K-tea & 1/3 distilled white vinegar.
    ?Plus, we give it to all our animals~Just add a few drops to a few TBS to the pet’s water bowl.

    • I’ve had some KT on the counter for 2 – 3 weeks that I just haven’t had time to pour up and put in the frige – so I’m assuming I now have KT vinegar? This is awesome – just this morning my husband asked if we had killed it! Do I store it at room temp or put it in the frige? Thanks for these great tips!! One more question – I’ve had a very annoying mole (?) that keeps scabbing up and peeling off, itchy. I know some folks will urge me to run to the doctor but our insurance plan stinks and if I can find something like this I would rather try it first. Thanks!

      • Hi Elaine!
        I think I’d put it in the fridge otherwise it will keep getting stronger, but I’m not sure. :)

  9. I have used this same method on a big deep wart on my thumb. It worked amazingly well. I had that wart for years, I’ve gone to the point of using a sharp knife and trying to dig it out, cutting it off at the skin level. It always grew back. But the ACV got rid of it forever!

    A word of warning.

    Cut the cotton (I used the cotton off the tip of a Q-tip since it was smaller) so that it JUST covers your wart. The vinegar will burn the skin that’s not a wart. And it can be painful. It hurt. I only kept it on for two days and it was enough. But the wart had a bright red acid burn around the outside. OUCH. That said, two days was enough! It was crazy! The wart was deep and big. After two days it got white, like a callous like the OP said, and it eventually came off. I have the tiniest tiniest little scar. That was about a year ago and there’s no change in it. My son is going to start it next week. Maybe I’ll take pictures for my blog.

    Anyways hoped that helped someone.

    • ok so I have one on my thumb and I did this and omg the burn around on my skin is so painful! the wart has become black and dotted and looks right to the surface to so im torn between wanting to continue with the acv bcs I feel like im so close to getting rid of this gross wart but I don’t think my skin on my thumb can handle it! any advice??

      • You may want to see a naturopath or holistic doc to get some advice, but definitely use common sense and do what’s best for your own body.


  10. I am so glad I read this post! My almost 3 year old has had a plantar wart since about 10 months old. He wasn’t even walking – I have no idea how he got it. We tried the medicated bandaids (recommended by our Dr) but they didn’t work and my son was annoyed by them. Now we just let it exist. I am going to try this. Thanks again! That apple cider is good for so many things. That and baking soda – just remarkable!

  11. Another great use for raw ACV is for heartburn. Most people assume that it’s due to too much acid in the stomach and naively take tums or some other “alkaline” substance…which completely zeroes out the stomach’s natural acid balance which will “help” but cause more issues later; heartburn occurs when your HCL is *too low.* 3/4-tsp ACV in a 8oz of water can help.

  12. Thank you so much for this tip! I am definitely going to try it. I have been battling planters’ warts for years because of competitive swimming that left me walking around barefoot in the locker rooms (in retrospect..yuck!) I have one currently though, and I have been dreading getting it lasered off. I did that years ago, and it was so painful, and the recovery process was long. I am going to try this out and see how it works for me!

  13. When I was around middle school age I developed some corns on my feet. I didn’t know what to do about them besides cover them up out of pure embarrassment. One corn in particular got out of control and my second toe came to resemble sea coral. It looked so bad I believed the toe and surrounding area was damaged beyond hope and none of the store bought remedies worked for me. One of my parents got ahold of a ACV pamphlet with all sorts of home remedies. One remedy was for foot ailments and while it sounded crazy I was willing to try anything at that point. It said the take stale bread, soak it in acv and the apply it to the affected area overnight. I did as it said and I taped the bread to my foot overnight. I don’t remember what it looked like in the morning but I knew something was different. The corn soon cleared up and my toe looked new again. There’s no scarring and you’d never know of the several years of problems I had on that toe. I also found that soaking my feet in ACV, once in a while, softens and gently removes calluses.

  14. Okay, I need to try this. I’ve had a few warts on my hands for years now (5 years or more) and my daughter has one too. She calls it her “boo boo.” I have tons of kombucha around all the time so I will try a little bit of that first and see what I can do! I would LOVE to make these go away permanently and naturally!

  15. I too have heard about ACV as a cure for sinus infections. I was skepitcal. But after suffering from reocurring sinus infections for almost 5 months and going through boxes of sinus medications, I decided to try it. And… it worked!!! Sinus infections GONE!!! The elixer is 2 TBs of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar combined with a tsp of honey in 8 oz of water. But honestly, I added a TB of honey it was just to darn bitter. I also just mixed it in a small amout of water and downed it. Much better done quickly!!! Try it… really really worked!!

  16. I have been reading Raw Apple Cider Vinegar for Plantar Warts – Score! (Real Food Wednesday) for a while, but I finally got around to posting. Thanks for all of the information, you have created a great resource here.

  17. I have had a plantar’s wart surgically removed twice! Either i have a bad podiatrist or a wart that loves me. After being free from it for 2 years, its back! in the same spot! I have ACV in the cabinet and it’s going on tonight! i’ll report back! So glad i found this site.

  18. I am using ACV on my daughters planters warts- been doing it every night for a couple weeks- the one on her toe has a bunch of black dots on it- but seems that the outer raised part is gone. Should I keep putting it on until the black dots are gone?

    • Wow that’s great! You may want to consult a naturopath because I really don’t know, but if it was me I’d keep going for a while longer to be sure.


    • I don’t know if you still need answers for this, but just in case anyone else comes by and reads your comment: warts have blood vessels, that’s how they survive and continue to grow (not unlike a tumor). If you’re seeing black dots, that means that some of the capillaries on/inside the wart have burst, leaving an extremely tiny bruise-like spot. This is good – it means you’ve removed any outer calluses that have formed over the wart and now you’re down to the nitty gritty. However, these black dots can come just from putting pressure on the area (which she does if she walks), so you’re not out of the woods yet. What you’re hoping for is the entire wart to necrotize – the whole spot will turn black and die, and removal should be painless (although it might leave a nice raw crater behind that should be looked after carefully to avoid infection).

  19. Loved the article. I first did a little research on what causes warts, how the condition affects the body, and how it can always reoccur even after being completely eliminated. By using a cost-effective solution such as apple cider vinegar (I’ve tried banana peels and duct tape before), a pesky wart can be easily eradicated within 14 days (based on the experience of a buddy of mine).

    Again, great article!


  20. My daughter had a wart that we were advised to treat with OTC wart remover containing salicylic acid. While it worked – it came back – with a VENGEANCE – and this time, it brought friends! I don’t know if I may have stopped treating too soon?? Anyways – I have my own nightmare story about having plater warts cut off when I was a teen and I’ve heard many others, so I have been looking for a natural remedy. This one gives me hope – I want something that won’t interfere with soccer season or other fun summer activities! Wish me luck – I’ll let ya know if we have success!

  21. Hello
    Thank you for your information about plantar warts.

    After every night of applying soaked cotton ball in vinegar on the wart, did you rub the dead skin after every morning? Or just applying the soaked ball for weeks, and only eventually peeled it off?

    I desperately need your help.
    Thank you,

  22. My 8 year old son has sensory integration issues and has a wart on the bottom of his for now for over a year (that has now invited a couple friends.) I’ve been using OTC treatments forever with no luck. I want to give this a try but read on other sites that it can be very painful – I would love to hear from others that used this treatment for their kids if the kids experienced any pain?

    • Hi Cheryl. Unfortunately, the ACV didn’t work for my daughter. We tried 2x. It was very painful, especially toward the end. They did eventually fall out and left a crater. We continued to apply ACV for a couple weeks to kill the virus, but they came back bigger and stronger. We finally had luck with the essential oil – Oregano. It took a while – especially the big ones, but they were cleared up and have not come back. And the best part was – no pain! We use doTerra EOs and I highly reccomend them to you. Best wishes!

          • Yes, we applied it topically using a drop on a q-tip. Be sure that you protect the healthy skin around the wart with Vaseline or something similar as oregano is a hot oil and can irritate the healthy skin.

          • Also – you don’t need to cover it. We just do it at bedtime and let it dry and leave uncovered. It does have a kinda stinky aroma, but well worth tje results! :0)

              • It took about 4-6 weeks, but my daughter’s were BAD. One of them was really big and she had about 12 total. It took awhile and being faithful to apply every night. You can also file them a bit before applying the oil – I think that speeds it up a little.

  23. I am doing the ACV right now on my plantars wart on the ball of my heel…I have been doing it for about a week taking a little piece of cotton ball (big enough to cover the wart) soaked in ACV with a bandaid and duct tape to hold in place. I’ve noticed that with the duct tape it holds the moisture in and makes it become soggy and swell and bulge out…it is very white with a little hole in the middle of the bump with a little black specks in the middle, but it is not turning black like I’ve heard it is supposed to before it falls off. I tried leaving the duct tape off and doing it just with the bandaid…when I do this it dries up and seems to die down into my foot again. I’m just wondering if it is better to keep it moist with the duct tape or if it is better to let it breath and dry up? Also do I need to file it down or cut it off or is it better to let it fall off on its own? Please help! I’ve been keeping it on 24/7 with a sock on and changing it every morning and night. It doesn’t hurt…yet, and I’m scared if I do file the dead skin it will start hurting.

  24. I have never heard of the vinegar working. I have had duct tape work on its own in three days time. Never had to file it. The whole thing came away with the tape on day three.
    But, of late, I have been hearing a great deal of several different types of essential oils that work super fast. Melaluca, and Oregano are two I remember.

  25. I’m by no means any sort of authority on this but when treating my daughter’s warts on her feet, it’s been when they’re all soggy that they’ve ended up falling off. Usually in the pool or something. {eew!!}

  26. Plain duct tape worked for me the one time I got one on my thumb. I got it from swimming in a pool on a cruise ship. Never will I do that again.

  27. I had a very deep plantars wart in the exact same spot and used ACV the way you are using it. It took a few weeks, but it slowly broke apart. When it gets wet and puffy like you’re describing, it will HURT! I would get shooting pains up my heel! But I would let it dry out for a few hours and then continue on with the ACV. Also, I didn’t use duct tape…I just used 2 strong band aids criss-crossed (I figured the DC would make my heel even soggier). It’ll eventually turn darker (a couple of weeks) and you’ll have to kind of trim it down a little. And don’t be alarmed when the skin around it starts peeling away/disintegrates! It’s a long, stinky process, but it will work!

  28. I did this for a small wart on my arm … I used just a bandaid at night. This hurt more than you would think, but was VERY effective. I would think with a deeper infection like plantar warts it would take longer and moister is probably better … just a guess though.

  29. I’ve tried the acv on my plantar warts. The one on the side by my pinky toes (one on each side) peel off in just 2 days, therefore, I’m doing it right, but, the big hard one under my foot won’t come off. Here’s what I’ve done to my poor feet. I’ve use the acv on for 3 weeks, and removing the dead skin every other day. It seem to look like I’ve got rid off the warts, so I stopped. 3 days later, the wart resurfaced, so now the real battle begin. Acv on everynight for 1 week, than it began to sting, and real pain begain. I let my foot rest for one night with only bandaid on, but than I continued the next day. It’s been another week now, and nothing happen to the warts. I could see the yellow wart was inside the white dead skin, but that was it. Should I keep on doing this or should I stop? Also, I’ve heard that salicylic acid could be use during the day to speed up the process, so I bought a bottle. I’ve used for 1 day, and the wart became white but harden, so I stopped. Any suggestions would help.

    • thanks for the quick responses. as i’m typing this, my foot hurt and i just took some pain killer(motrin). my question is, can i stop the acv procedure now and switch to another procedure such as oregano oil?

  30. I have used this on my sons plantar warts three times and all were successful. It hurt him right away for about 2 or three nights and then it no longer hurt. We only put it on at night and we used a bandaid to cover and then a pair of socks. Sometimes he didn’t mention it in the morning and I just never changed his socks wanting to leave it on but 80% of the time, it was off for the day. We did not file. I would say it took anywhere from 2-3 weeks to be completely gone. Just keep it up. One of them did not turn black but I remember the other two turning black and then just peeled off like it was an old scab. I was amazed. Don’t stop and keep it up. It will work for sure.

  31. We are working on our second (different hand different wart). We use a qtip, cover the wart with acv and apply athletic tape right before bed time. Remove in the morning and repeat again at night. This particular wart we have been working on for 2 months and it is almost gone. I think it all depends on the depth of the roots from the wart. The first time we used acv on a different wart it only took about 3 weeks and the wart was gone. Acv is amazing when it comes to wart removal. Hope this helps.

    • Comparing to your 2 months battle, I think I’m wining too soon. Thank you for giving me the courage to fight this battle with acv.

  32. My daughter’s warts would all come back after using duct tape with or without ACV. The thing that has worked best for us has been homeopathic Thuja, also spelled Thuya. She took a 3 little tablets under her tongue for a few months and then the warts haven’t come back since.

    • I am so into herbal remedies, thank you for sharing the Thuya( Thuja) remedy for my warts. I wrote it down on my herbal note book for future uses.

    • How many times a day did she take the pellets? We’re trying to figure out how many tubes to buy. I am interested in using this treatment for my husband, he has a wart on the ring finger of his left hand; it’s right on the knuckle next to his wedding ring :(. Anyway, ACV and oregano oil were both too strong and burned the tender surrounding skin and we “quit” the treatment before we saw any results. Was it 3 pellets 3 times a day?
      Thank you!

      • I did my search online, and this is what I got.
        Choice one: Internal liquid-15 drops diluted in water twice a day
        Choice two: External liquid-thrice a day to be applied on the warts
        Choice three: Round Pellets- 4 pellets thrice a day
        Choice four: Flat round tablets(its labelled as BIO)-4 tablets thrice a day.
        Choice five: Immunity tablets- 3 tabs twice a day.
        Do google search, “thuja pills warts”.

  33. Well it’s about three weeks and it did finally turn a little black inside…but it never fell off. It has a hard white ring of skin around it that I try to file down a little but it hurts and won’t peel off like the other dead skin surrounding it. The only way to get the dead skin off for me is to use a q-tip to gently scrape the dead white skin off and in the center of the wart…it comes off like butter, except for the white hard ring of skin around the wart. Just now I used the qtip to swipe out the center of the wart where it was black and acv color and now with the acv cotton ball on it is burning like crazy! Is that a good thing? I was supposed to do a color run this weekend but its looking like that’s not gonna happen. :( I’ve been soaking my foot in water for 5 minutes, soaking in acv for 20 minutes twice a day and wearing the acv soaked cotton ball (with vaseline around it to protect the skin around it) covered with a bandaid and a duct tape all day and all night. Any tips for me at this point? Before I would get a little shock wave of sting every so often but now it is a constant burning sensation! And I’ve been tip-toeing to prevent from walking on it for 3 weeks now…since it is on the ball of my foot. :(

  34. Well it has been about 6 weeks now…I stopped using the duct tape and started just using a super large bandaid cuz the duct tape just irritated my skin way too much and made all the skin around the wart peel off (and made it very tender) but the wart itself still seems to be there. It got really soggy and soft at one point so I “pushed” the skin off gently with a qtip…after that it kinda left the wart more exposed with new skin around it and it was VERY painful! I could not walk at all…I had to use crutches my mom lent me and I had to pop some ibuprofen every so often when I couldn’t handle the pain. I have been stuck on the couch. I had to stop doing the ACV at night because it was so painful I could not sleep, even with ibuprofen. A couple weeks ago, though, I heard someone suggest tea tree oil…so I did ACV during the day and tea tree oil at night. And I also started using raw organic ACV instead of walmart cheap brand. The ACV makes my skin and wart kinda turn dark brown like ACV color and mixing it with the tea tree oil it is kinda turning black after I use the tea tree oil. Is that normal? It still has a hard circle of skin around the wart that won’t seem to come off. I wasn’t sure if I should try trimming it down? It seems the more I mess with it though, the more painful it is. Today though it seems like it is not as soggy (not sure if it is because I ran out of my big waterproof bandaids or if it is doing what it’s supposed to) and it seems more hard like a scab. I’m just wondering if it is ever going to fall off and HOW it usually falls off and what it looks like when it does? I can feel the new skin growing in because it is starting to itch but I can still see the wart. Any advice is welcomed! Please help!

  35. Here is my remedy. It certainly isn’t pretty. Soak the wart in warm water until soft. Dry completely, drop on corn remover liquid. Let dry cover completely with duct tape. Let the tape there as long as you can. When the tape comes off, repeat. Your skin will look sickly and gross but it works for me.

  36. I heard fresh garlic under a band-aid works well but honestly, I can’t imagine doing that.

  37. I cut off the layers with a cuticle nail scissors and then kept puting the apple cider vinegar on a cotton swab and using paint trim tape to wrap it on my foot. Takes 2-3 weeks for large plantar warts. So shower, cut layers as needed(every other day-ish), cotton ball soaked in ACV and then tape, twice a day.

  38. We tried everything, then my son drank kombucha every morning for a week and his all died and fell off. Was pretty amazing. Since then we have just done that and no more trouble. And turns black right before falls out.

  39. I did the duct tape thing. Just an FYI, if you ever get molluscom contagiosum (water warts) soaking a cotton ball with ACV and taping on the bump overnight will kill the virus a within a few days.

  40. I successfully removed a regular wart from my son’s finger using ACV. It shriveled up, turned black, and fell off within a few treatments. I have a painful plantar’s wart under my big toe and I’m training for a half marathon. The ACV hurts a LOT when I apply it. I’m not sure what to do.

    • Yeah the ACV hurt me a LOT too…but I’ve been told not to give up. I’ve been doing it 6 weeks now and all the old skin around it is gone except for a white hard ring just around the wart. I’m hoping it will fall off soon!

  41. For me it looked like it was drying off. It did that for days before it fell off. The area was a little tender after that, like it had a mark/spot where the wart was on but that went away too after sometime.

  42. I had a very deep plantars war on my heel. It took several weeks of ACV for it to be completely gone. It will swell/get white and puffy from being constantly wet and it will HURT at times (I’m talking shooting pains up my leg and throbbing). But it worked! Mine never turned black…more of a grey-ish. I’d cut the dead parts once a week or so.

  43. I did the duct tape method. It worked great. Much to my husband’s dismay, I would do ‘self surgery’ with (very clean) cuticle scissors between tape pieces to remove the dead skin…otherwise the skin just closes over the wart and its really tough to get rid of it.

    • Did you have a deep plantars wart on your foot? I know smaller ones don’t take as long and could easily fall off but I’ve been doing it for 6 weeks on the one on my foot and it is massive. But how does it come off…in pieces every few days or in one chunk all at once? Nothing has been coming off on it’s own (except for the dead skin outside the wart because of using duct tape) unless I “push” it off with a qtip.

  44. I heard that the essential oil of Oregano will help heal warts. I ordered a bottle to try but haven’t done so yet. Has anyone else tried Oregano oil?

  45. I used the acv for several plantar warts my son had. If you have questions message me as I usually don’t get fb notification. It worked completely, keep going with it. Most of his turned black and then you could just peel it off. We had one that just shrank and it never turned black, but still went completely away. We never peeled anything off between treatments, as he wouldn’t let us. We only did it at night and covered the cotton soaked acv with a bandaid. The first couple nights were always sore for him, after that it never even bothered him. We never treated in the morning, only at night. I would say the longest we had to do it was two and a half weeks and that was for a plantar wart, not a regular one. Just be consistent. It will work. Message me if you have more questions, hope this helped. Oh there are also you tube videos of how people did it. I watched them and thought for sure they were fake, no way would a plantar just peel off and sure enough….they all did. It really works.

    • How do I message you? I don’t have your email…but I would like to send someone a pic of my wart with my phone if you have media text messaging…cuz I’d like some advice.

  46. My daughters warts fell off when she started on a homeopathic for acne – “Acne Relief”

  47. Thanks everyone for the feedback! Going on 6 weeks of the ACV…I’m hoping it will “fall off” soon like everyone keeps saying…but I am worried the skin around it might be protecting it from falling off…or the skin possibly growing over it? I don’t know but I wish I could send you guys a picture to tell me what you think I should do…if I should do something about the skin or just leave it alone and let the acv do it’s magic. My mom and hubby are also worried about it getting infected…but I’ve been trying to keep it clean and soak it in warm water mixed with a little acv before each application…and I assume since acv is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial or something it should help keep it from getting infected?

  48. We tried apple cider vinegar on my 5-yr old daughter’s warts, and she cried because it stung so much. Finally, after a couple of days doing this, my husband brings out his bottle of Benzoin tincture that he has used on a boil in the past. He applied it to all of her warts and let air dry. By the next day, they were actually shriveling up! By the third day, they were completely dry like a scab and started falling off. She ran out from playing in her bedroom and said, “It fell off! It fell off!” No tears from stinging, and I couldn’t believe how amazingly FAST it worked! Love apple cider vinegar and know it will work for this and so many things, but this was just way better for warts in our case.

    • I have been doing the apple cider vinegar on my huge wart on my foot for 6 weeks…and yesterday was so painful it brought me to tears several times…and I’m 28! Were her warts big or small?

  49. I am using this now for a plantars wart that was fully pushed into the ball of my foot. I have to use Gorilla Glue (not the super glue version) to actually kill off and remove the outer layers of skin. Pretty yucky, but after 5 years, I am making GREAT progress! I didn’t realize it but it had grown to the size of a nickle. I am also using ACV as a full foot soak to keep my foot sanitized during this process. I can only imagine the hole in my foot and the recovery period if I let the doctors cut into it.

    • You have been doing apple cider vinegar for 5 years? Or you’ve had the wart for 5 years but are just now treating it? How do you use the gorilla glue to kill and remove the dead skin around it? Mine is huge too. But the ACV is sooo painful!

  50. Good Post! I don’t know if plantar warts are genetic or not, but absolutely everyone on my mom’s side of the family has had them for as long as I can remember. My grandmother always said that apple cider vinegar was the very best way to get rid of these nasty things, but I’ve been trying ACV on my youngest daughter for a week now with no improvement at all. Is there a particular brand or “type” of ACV I ought to be applying?

  51. Hi, I just wanted to confirm that ACV removes plantar warts. My daughter was trying to get rid of hers for a very long time. Finally, she decided to put ACV on it and it worked! It took a while but she was very diligent about applying it everyday. Again, it is not an overnight cure but if you are persistent it will help.

  52. Good for him! It never worked for me, but maybe I just wasn’t dedicated enough with it…luckily I’m free of verrucas now!

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