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A Cup of Coffee Without Plastic Toxins Please! (Is the Plastic in Keurig Coffee Makers Toxic?)

Plastic in Keurig Coffee Makers Toxic

Did you ever think about the plastic that your hot coffee comes into contact with in the mornings? Such as the plastic in Keurig coffee makers or other coffee machines?

We all know that keeping heat away from plastic is the biggest way to avoid plastic toxins in your life. However, if you’re a little slow like me, maybe it took you a while to make the hot coffee and plastic connection…

First, what’s so bad about plastic?

Read this Plastic Dangers post to learn more — also there you’ll also find out which safe water bottles we use for the kids to take to school or practice, etc., and get 5 Plastic Safety Tips.

Is the Plastic in Keurig Coffee Makers Toxic?

Notice the picture above — I’ve never had one of those handy, but expensive, Keurig coffee makers, which uses pricey individual coffee refill packages made of plastic (and who knows where they source their coffee beans from?). But we did have a typical coffee maker on the counter with plastic all through it, and I also used a plastic one-cup “pour-over” type of gadget for my everyday coffee. When I began thinking more about this, I knew I had to figure this out, so I started researching and asking around on Facebook, and here’s what I ended up with…

What we use for coffee now, all plastic-free!

  • I love our new percolator coffeemaker, made of all stainless steel! It’s super easy too, now that I’ve got the insides figured out. We only use this one on the weekends or when we have company over. Some people say percolator coffee tastes better than coffee in a regular coffee pot, but I don’t notice a difference. It just feels good knowing that it’s not touching any plastic.

  • I bought this new pour-over type one-cup coffee maker made of porcelain for everyday use, instead of making a whole pot in the percolator. You just put the filter in, add coffee, pour hot water over the top and it drips into your cup. There are others who say this is the only way they like their coffee, but again, I don’t notice any difference. (It all tastes good to me as long as it’s not dark or acidic tasting like Starbucks, ick.)


  • With the one-cup coffee maker above, I just use hot water from our hot tap at the sink, which I love. (Read how it helps me avoid using the microwave.) But now we’re on our third one. This time, duh, I read the reviews and didn’t get the Insta-hot again. Instead I got this hot water dispenser, which had great reviews.
  • Notice the ‘natural’ filters that I found with no bleach. I’m going to have me a darn good cup a coffee before I’m done with this whole ordeal! Here are the unbleached filters OR I recently found these reusable cloth filters.
  • When I do get coffee from a coffee shop, I always bring my stainless steel refill cup so I don’t have to use their nasty plastic or Styrofoam “chemical” cups. (I’m really not a paranoid, super anal person… well, not as bad as this post is making me sound, anyway! I just like to avoid the junk wherever I can.)

Should we even drink coffee?

You may be wondering about this. Read what my friend, Kristen, has to say in this balanced post: Should you drink coffee, she basically says that a little may even be beneficial, as long as you have no issues from drinking it. And here’s a little more on that from Dr. Teplitsky:

There is a persistent belief that tea (especially green tea) is good, but coffee is bad. Many think that coffee can cause high blood pressure and even increase the risk of heart disease and that in general it should be avoided. However, it is not true. In fact, coffee is full of beneficial substances, especially antioxidants, that are just as good as those found in tea leaves.”

One more quote:

According to WebMD, people who drink coffee are less likely to have diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. And they may have fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, and reduced risk of stroke.”

(Read the rest of that article from Dr. Teplitsky.)

I don’t drink it every single day, just most days. I don’t like it sweet, just black or with real cream. So I’m not planning to stop anytime soon. If I sound like the person justifying their one-pop-a-day habit, then I’ll just say that a cup of unsweetened coffee a day is a MUCH better choice! Those of you who drink a frou-frou, sugar-loaded, or sugar-free (just as bad), $4 a day cup of coffee, though…… Umm, you might want to get a new habit in place…I’m just sayin’…

Other hot drinks:

  • I like tea now and then if I’ve already had some coffee that day and want another hot drink (or a cold refreshing drink in the summer). Here’s where you can get a delicious and safe cup of tea.
  • I also just got some fresh ginger last week to try ginger tea, which Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride recommends in the GAPS Diet. (I’m also making more fermented ginger carrots this week, yum! They’re a great way to get more fermented foods into your diet.) The tea will have to grow on me more, but I think I like it.

Let me know what you think about all this, and what’s your favorite hot bevie?



  1. I’m a big tea drinker. Actually, I usually make a strong herbal fruity tea, use my snow cone machine to make shaved ice and pour the tea (with stevia) over the shaved ice. My favorite snack!

  2. Dangit Kelly you have to ruin everything. SIGH. I have a Tassimo – Keurig’s biggest competitor, and the coffee comes in individual plastic cups. I have thought about the evironmental implications, not the plastic -and -heat connection. ARGHUMPH.

    When I ran out, I was using my French Press (all stainless) and it is such a pain compared to my Tassimo. But it IS a lot cheaper, so… you are making me rethink my morning coffee habit.

    I got myself off the sugar in the coffee habit but I do use cream AND coconut oil, actually. And I have usually 2 cups a day. I would like to get back down to one, but… it’s my vice. I can’t have carbs, so at least I can have my coffee, right?

    • Jo-Lynne, to answer your last question, I have for you a big ol’ YES!! Why is your French Press such a pain, though? Do you have a hot water faucet?

      I actually wish I liked cream & Coc oil in my coffee, then I wouldn’t feel bad in the slightest when my one-a-day slipped to two or more as it does now & then… Maybe I’ll just have to keep trying.

  3. Great post! I gave up coffee for about a year at the request of my naturopath, and I had read Cheeseslave’s posts on kicking the habit. Then I decided life really wasn’t worth living without the occasional cup of coffee. I love the stuff whether its good for me, bad for me or indifferent. But my coffeemaker does have a lot of plastic in it. I’ll look into getting a stainless percolator. That’s an easy enough change to make.

  4. I am laughing at myself as I read this because I am addicted to McDonalds black regular coffee – I don’t eat there or get the froo-froo drinks, but I like my coffee. So my friend and I always laugh because after drinking it, it creates this weird after affect and we swear it has to be something in the cup. We adoringly call our McD’s coffee “crack coffee” because of the affects! I guess if I quit ANY coffee, it should be theirs.

    • Kelly, maybe if you want a new post, try to look up what McDonalds coffee is all about. I would be interested!

      • Warning: stupid unimportant question ahead…

        Is it “froo froo” or “foo foo” – I always thought it was “foo foo”. Told you that was stupid. :)

        On the McD’s coffee: I’m always embarrassed when I have to pull into there to get a cup of coffee (only when there are no civilized coffee shops around and I’m trying to stay awake while driving) and hope I don’t see anyone I know. I want to shout, “I’m only getting a cup of coffee!!!” I’ve never noticed any extra “special” feelings after, though!

  5. Plastic and coffee are rarely a good match, besides the health disadvantages a lot of times the plastic taste will come up on your palate. I work for a specialty coffee micro-roaster, everything comes into the when we are brewing a cup of coffee…We really love V60 pour over method, especially for cup-at-a-time. I have noticed both good and bad side effects of coffee…and I have tested my body to find a good balance between drinking enough to enjoy it, taking part in its benefits, and over doing it which leads me personally to anxiety, addiction, and fatigue….For my job I have to keep my palate and senses sharp so I need to be drinking coffee at least weekly in order to be of any use in cuppings. The quality and roast of your coffee will affect the nutritional value and taste of your coffee tremendously…Only buy organic whole bean coffee from a roaster that you have re-searched somewhat…may sound a bit dramatic, but getting to know your roaster is really interesting and being involved in the education/science of coffee is fun. here is a great article about coffee and health

    our roaster web page…excuse the mess, its under new development

  6. Now I want a cup of coffee! I’ve considered switching to a french press and just keeping the Mr Coffee around for when we have guests – now I have a good reason other than “it tastes better!”…. maybe I can sweet talk my husband into buying me one if I convince him I won’t be able to forget the coffee grounds until they turn green (yes… I am ashamed…)

  7. I had to laugh when I saw your pic of the new SS percolator! A percolator is exactly what I use, but it isn’t a new one. I found mine at a garage sale for a dollar. I remembered this coffee maker being sold years ago at those stainless steel cookware parties, you know, the kind where someone comes into your home and demonstrates their wares by cooking a meal for everyone. This “Jet-O-Matic” (doesn’t that name sound so deliciously 70’s? Oops, I guess you weren’t around in the 70’s, but maybe your mother told you, huh?) all stainless steel electric coffee maker was purported to be the new way to go in making coffee. Before then, all percolators had the little glass knob on top and you could see the coffee perking up into it. This one is a cute squat round one and uses some kind of “jet” something or other to force the water up a tube and spray it over the coffee grounds basket. I guess that’s not much different than other electric percolators work, but this one makes a swishing “jet” sound when making coffee that’s kind of cool. I never owned one of these babies until I found this one at the garage sale, in beautiful condition, looking like it hadn’t been used much at all. And I found that I like the coffee just as much as, if not better than, coffee made in my French press. It had never occurred to me, by the way, to notice whether there were any plastic parts in the press, so I just checked: it’s all glass and stainless, except for one tiny little part on the bottom of the stem where the plunger screws in. I don’t know if that’s enough plastic to worry about, but truthfully, I hardly use it any more, since I use my great-running Jet-O-Matic now!

    • Well aren’t you a sweetheart to pretend you didn’t know I was around in the 70’s, you sweet-talker, you…

      Mine makes a jet sound, too, and I’m a jet freak, you know! :)

    • I just bought a Jet-O-Matic and I’m confused. It doesn’t seem to process the coffee for very long and the coffee is very weak. Am I doing something wrong? I can’t imagine what it would be. I start with cold water and plenty of grounds, but the coffee turns out like water. Any advice?

      • So do you mean you bought a percolator? I don’t like coffee too strong, but Kent does and he fills the container almost to the top with grounds. Maybe that would help, just use more coffee.


        • Thanks. Yes, the Jet-O-Matic is a percolator – I bought it on ebay, so I have no complaints coming. It’s complete, except for directions. (!) I’ve had so many problems with overflow in my Mr. Coffee that I just got fed up. The one I have is the third one in two years. The first two literally “gave up the ghost” before I’d had them very long. This one works, but it overflows all the time. At 64, I’m pretty aware of the need to clean them regularly and all that. I kept them clean. I just love perked coffee, so thought I’d go back. Unfortunately, this electric pot doesn’t percolate for very long; not long enough to even color the coffee. So, to make a long story short, I’ll chalk up the Jet-O-Matic to a good idea done badly, and use my camping percolator. It works fine as long as there’s a fire under it – and I control that. :0)

          • You know, I don’t know how tight things are for you money-wise, but the one I link to above on Amazon is only $40. A steal when you consider how yummy the coffee tastes. :)

            A good Christmas gift for yourself!


          • I just read somewhere the other day that your coffee will be stronger if you use two filters instead of one. I haven’t tried that, but it makes plenty of sense.

  8. Wow. I never thought about the plastic in coffee makers. Good thing I’m not a coffee drinker! : ) The percolator took me back to my grandparents house my grandfather always did his coffee in one.
    I am a tea – to put it politely – connoisseur (more like nut) and you had me cringing at the idea of hot water from the tap! But I fully understand you want to avoid the microwave, and don’t want to wait for a pan of water to boil.
    Our family uses a glass, water kettle for our tea. It works wonderfully! In it you can boil water in a few minutes! It can make using a French press or single serving coffee maker much easier (if they want boiled water). The best part is watching it bubble in the kettle – I’m still mesmerized.

    Here’s a link:

    Thank you for the thought provoking post!

    • You need a Russell Hobbs Electric Tea kettle!! I was born in England and never drink tea outside my home, unless I am at my parent’s house. The best tea is made in a stainless steel electric kettle and then brewed in a stainless steel tea pot with a proper tea cozy. Yeah for a good cup of tea!

  9. We use our Keurig clone to make herbal teas.
    I just set a carafe of coconut oil on top of the cup to help with the brewing. When it is done brewing, I get coconut oil in a pourable state and a freshly brewed cup of tea.

    It would never occur to me to mix them as I take my tea straight. The Mrs. likes to indulge with stevia & raw heavy cream (its a Chai thing & she thinks she is a princess :)).


  10. I like to drink black tea. I also like mine sweet so I boil water in my tea kettle, and pour it over my loose black tea and stevia leaves in a french press and let it steep. It’s delish!

  11. i love coffee and drink a lot! i tell myself since diabetes run heavily in my family i am protecting myself :)
    i too rid myself of plastic whenever i can so thank you for this info. i will be trying a stainless steel percolater next!

  12. I don’t drink coffee for religious reasons, but it turns out it’s a good thing I don’t because when I had extensive food sensitivity testing done, coffee showed up as a very strong sensitivity! (Weird since I’ve never had it, but oh well) I do drink herbal tea daily. Each night before I go to bed I have a cup of either nettle leaf tea or red raspberry/red clover leaf tea (both of which I steep over night and store in mason jars in the fridge). I add a pinch of celtic sea salt (which I actually LOVE the taste of) and a squirt of raw honey. So yummy and SO nutritious!

  13. Hi Kelly!

    I use and have used a glass French Press for years which I think makes the best coffee ever! And I have an electric (glass) tea pot that I use to heat the water for the coffee (sans the microwave). I have to afmit that we have one of those commercial Keurig machines at work and I take advantage of it every day (shame on me). I plan to either purchase another French Press to take to work or start making coffee at home in the morning before I leave the house.

    I have made one HUGE improvement to my coffee drinking – I have given up the liquid, artificial, sweetened creamer that I have been addicted to for years! Yikes! I have replaced it with Organic Heavy Whipping Cream and Organic Peppermint Extract with a bit of Truvia. I know, I know…a frou-frou coffee drink!!!!

    As always, thanks for giving us something to think about.

  14. Oh, my, I never thought of the plastic in our coffee maker! You’re right; that’s a problem. I absolutely have to have my coffee in the morning, or I am an absolute bear! I’m good in that I only drink one large cup with whole milk. However, I will never, ever, stop drinking coffee. I tried it once, for a whole month, and it was the most horrible experience ever!

    We do have a French press. Maybe I can convince hubby who is the coffee maker in the morning, that we should switch to the french press.

  15. You are right Kelly. Years ago we packed away, for when we have company, our plastic drip machine. We have been using our old stove top stainless percolator from our camping kit and love how much hotter the coffee stays, almost too hot.
    Years ago I learned that whether or not I drank regular or decaf, if I drank coffee daily, I would start awakening in the middle of the night. Now I drink a couple cups of black tea on weekdays and coffee on weekends, or if we go out or travel. If I find I am not sleeping all night, I check out when I last had coffee and whether or not I remembered my calcium pills. Works!

    I also love the real food concept, justifying having real cream in my coffee. Most of the time I just use full fat milk, shaken well.

    Thanks for the post,

  16. Well, thanks Kelly, another thing to replace in my kitchen. Yep, another one who wasn’t thinking about the plastic. I am trying to get rid of the plastic microwave dishes my hubby still uses. I still have a ways to go, but I don’t think I’ll ever get everything straight around here. My mom used to have a percolater and I loved the way the coffee tasted. She only drinks instant now. (blech) I wonder if she still has it. Another thing hubby will roll his eyes at.

    I also stopped drinking coffee after reading the post at just to see if I could. After 6 months I realized I felt the same whether I drank it or not so I am drinking coffee again. Not everyday, just once in a while when I feel like it. I used to drink it black, but I don’t like it anymore so now I pour in a little milk or cream if I have it. I do like hot tea in the winter. When my mints get going I will use them to make ice tea.

  17. Dr Mercola recently had an article about the benefits of coffee. I’m in the camp that a whole food that God created has benefits. I now treat it like my flour- freshly ground, not a rancid product in a bag. But I do drink mine with milk and some hazelnut syrup (at least it’s ORGANIC!) 😀 It’s a habit for sure. I do know that my body doesn’t like coffee in the evening.

  18. I’m a big coffee drinker, though I did give it up for 6 weeks to see if I reacted to it. I do react to it, if it’s bad coffee. Dunkin’ Donuts is a big no-no now. Ethiopian coffees are the best! They don’t taste bitter at all. I particularly enjoy Yirgacheffe and Moka Harrar, and I make sure they are Fair Trade!

    But anyway, put me in the French Press camp! I love mine. I grind my beans daily, put on a tea kettle full of water, and wait for the goodness to brew. any extra I save and make iced coffee later.

    I sweeten mine with stevia and whole milk, or heavy cream, if I have it.

  19. How about cold brewing? Put your coffee grounds in a glass jar, add cold water, and stick it in the fridge. Tomorrow morning, filter out the grounds and warm gently on stove, toaster oven etc. You’d be surprised how mellow and sweet coffee is when it never boils!

  20. I had to give up caffeine about a year and a half ago. I had adrenal fatigue, and the caffeine really aggravated it. I drink Dandy Blend now and love it. I still have black tea occasionally; Yorkshire Gold is the best. I’m not sure how caffeine can prevent diabetes when it interferes with blood sugar and insulin? Incidentally, we use a Russell-Hobbs English-made electric tea kettle which heats 8 cups of water to boiling in just a few minutes. I have had my kettle for almost 18 years, and it still goes on vacation with me!

      • Yes, it did help. Caffeine can stress the adrenals, and it is all part of the slippery slope…. I personally love Dandy Blend. It is to coffee as carob is to chocolate. I drink it with raw cream. How bad could it be? A bonus is that it is instant. Add to hot/boiling water stir, add cream and stevia and voila, yumminess with out the heart palpitations and crazy brain effect that coffee has on me.

        • Thanks Mandy, maybe I’ll try that. I’m not a fan of carob, though, so we’ll see:o) You are so lucky to have raw cream. I live in BC and we have milk Nazis here – they shut down any farm suspected of selling raw milk.

  21. This is the way to make totally good coffee and eliminate the coffee maker. This recipe is from Janie Quinn and “Essential Eating”. Grind a bag of coffee beans and put in a gallon jar. Fill with filtered water. Cover and let stand on counter for 3 days. Strain through coffee filters into smaller jars. This is a coffee extract. Put 1-2 tbsp. (or to taste) in a cup and fill with hot water. This makes the best coffee!! Store in the fridge or freeze in ice cube trays. I usually half this recipe as I am the only coffee drinker in our house. It is so good because the beans are never heated and the oils ruined. (Not counting the roasting, of course).

    • I’m going to try that! It sounds so simple and what a FAST way to make coffee with my hot water dispenser. :)

      • I tried this and maybe I made too much at once or something, but it tasted really blah after a few days, not fresh at all…

  22. Ginger tea is absolutely delicious! Nice and spicy, in that non-hot way.

    I do love my French press, even though I have an electric coffee maker (had to buy a new one when my $3 one from the thrift store kicked the bucket after a year). But I think when this one wears out, I’ll go exclusively using the French press. No electricity to operate it and no plastic, just glass and metal. And the coffee tastes better to boot.

    I drink way too much coffee (a lot more than your “most days” habit), and I love it far too much to give it up. So I consider it my indulgence of choice.

  23. Barbara, thanks for sharing that! What size bag of coffee beans do you use to a gallon of water (or half-gallon)? Time was when the standard bag of coffee beans was a pound, but no more! That seems like a lot of coffee to commit to an unknown formula.

  24. Coffee is a hard one to quit – basically because there are too many contradictory things about it – one day it’s good, another day it’s bad. I have one cup a day with a heaping teaspoon of instant coffee – I boil the water in a pan so I don’t use a plastic coffee maker, or any coffee maker. I don’t feel like I get agitated from the caffeine in one cup. Heck I could still fall asleep even after drinking it (unless I’m way too nervous about something else, then I can’t sleep – this doesn’t mean I drink it at night, just saying). I don’t really want to drink any more than that because I feel a combo of “being too wired and being too tired” at the same time – and then I know that I shouldn’t have drunk beyond that first cup.

  25. I ended up buying a stainless steel stovetop espresso maker for $15 at IKEA. I love it. I make Americanos with it – a shot of espresso with water. So my coffee ends up much hotter than if it was brewed with a coffee maker – win win!

  26. I have a Jet o Matic and i love it …you would be astounded how clean it is and how much better the coffee tastes . I got mine on Ebay for a steal of $16.. you can’t buy a new SS pot for that much and this is so cool and makes that whoosh sound .. if it cools down it clicks back to keep the coffee at a certain temp …i have been looking for instructions online

    • @ Pink – I, too, have a Jet-O-Matic, one I found at a garage sale for $1! These used to be sold at stainless steel cookware parties years ago, the kind where a sales rep would come into your home and cook a meal in their cookware for you and your invited friends. We used to call them “pot parties” lol! It is so cute, that little squat round shape, and it does make wonderful coffee! I was wondering what kind of instructions are you looking for? It is so simple to operate and clean; sounds like you’re already using it to make good coffee. It uses those little round disc filters with a hole in the center for the stem to pass through, just like percolators use. This coffeemaker came out at a time when percolated coffee was popular, before we had drip coffeemakers. I always have a concern that I won’t be able to find any more of the filters, then I guess I’d have to just make them myself.

  27. I bought a all glass pryex percolator on ebay.
    Then bought a AROMA hot plate.
    Then got a digital timer.
    Now my NO PLASTIC coffee is piping hot and ready every morning when we get up.
    Best tasting coffee iv’e had in years.

  28. Just a note to who ever thinks drinking tap water from the HOT tap is a good idea—it isn’t–suggest you do a little research–MIGHT make the plastic threat pale in comparison ;o]

  29. I called Mr. Coffee (Sunbeam) to ask what type of plastic they use on the DR4 (4 cup). The answer #3 (PVC). Counter to the 2, 4, 5 stay alive concept and the new DVD “Plastic Planet”. All plastic is derived from oil.

    • I’m not sure if you’re for plastic or not, but apparently something in plastic mimics estrogen (BPA?) and contributes to fat storage in the midsection area and is also linked to breast cancer, and it’s released even more when plastic comes into contact with hot water. Too much estrogen is bad for both men and women. Even if something said it didn’t contain any BPA, I still wouldn’t expose it to heat if I were going to ingest the contents.

  30. I like your post, I used to have a perculator but for several years have been using a ceramic cone like yours. It makes me really happy that I can make organic coffee just the strength I like it (mild) with an unbleached filter, spring water, and organic cream – and no plastic is involved.

    I do not understand the Tassimo fad and why people wouldn’t see how dangerous it is to pour hot water through plastic, not to mention how devastating it is to the environment to produce and then throw away so much plastic. The pods themselves are so expensive you might as well go to a coffee shop and have someone make the coffee for you!

    And don’t get me started on Tassimo for tea and hot chocolate…

    The only reason I can see for someone continuing to use a Tassimo is cognitive dissonance – they’ve paid $130 for a machine that requires hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of pods per year, and their beliefs have to be in line with their behaviour.

    With one of our greatest risks of death being cancer (I have no desire to live forever but I figure there are far easier ways to die), why not stash the thing in your basement and get a $10 porcelain cone from Amazon that will give you delicious and easy to make coffee? Then you can spend the money you’ll save on those crazy little pods on good quality, organic free trade coffee, tea bags (the original pod), and organic hot chocolate powder – how marvellous – just stir into hot water or milk and enjoy!

  31. I forgot to add that my dad never, ever drank tea or coffee and he suffered from Parkinson’s and all sorts of health problems (strokes, arthritis, etc). Someone told me that the less roasted coffee is, the more high in antioxidants it is, so I have no compunctions about drinking coffee every day, as long as it’s organic (someone else told me that coffee really absorbs pesticides so it’s one of those things that is vital to buy organic).

    I truly am neurotic, but I figure sometimes, that’s not a bad thing:o)

  32. My herbal group recommended black coffee at least 2 cups a day and green tea at least 3 times a day to improve mental clarity and avoid dementia, alzheimers and such.

  33. I too love the french press because of the zero plastics. My pediatrician warned us last year about plastics in the dishwasher, and then I realized our coffee maker had a TON of plastic in it. BUT… I am also watching my cholesterol. Coffee beans have two oils in the bean that can raise your cholesterol, but they do get absorbed in the filter (supposedly) if you use one. So… back to filters I go. Just gotta find a good drip through sans plastic. Oh! and never use hot tap water… the bacteria in there can be very bad. Always use boiled or RO hot water. (get it hot enough to kill those bacteria!)

      • Thanks Marilyn!! :)
        Now, to find a metal or ceramic travel mug that has no plastic lid. I’m not sure they exist?

        • Yes, they do exist, but the kind that are leak proof are incredibly elusive. What you can find is, as someone else mentioned, a ceramic or other non-plastic mug with a silicone lid. Silicone is stable and safe. What MAY be available, especially soon, is something made from hemp, or another petroleum-free bioplastic. Both are gaining in popularity, and I’m sure it is only a matter of time before they’re more readily available. There was the Noble Glass tea Thermos with the bamboo lid, but it seems to have been discontinued. It seems to have had the least amount of plastic I’ve ever seen in a leak-proof travel mug, but I can’t find it currently for sale. There is a version with a plastic lid for sale, but that’s really not what I think most of us are looking for.

  34. Hi Carrie,
    you have a good point – I have never seen a travel mug without a plastic lid. I have seen ceramic cups that look like Starbucks paper cups that have rubbery lids – I wonder if they would be better than plastic or if they would leach toxins too? I’ll see if I can find out.

    • Well, you could drink coffee from a straw like I do, but then we still have plastic, ahhhhh!

      There are glass straws… I wonder if they’d break with the hot coffee. Or maybe stainless straws. Now we’re getting really weird. LOL!

    • I also have this coffee maker, and I agree that it makes wonderful coffee! Well, I do love coffee made in my coffee press, but I really enjoy using the Jet-O-Matic. And I love it’s good looks. I did NOT know all the information about it that you posted above. That is very interesting. I appreciate your sharing that!

      • Do your Jet-O-Matics make very weak coffee? I can’t get mine to process the coffee long enough to make the water look darker than weak tea. How long do your pots brew? I’m using my camping percolator right now, because my “new” Jet-0-Matic just isn’t cutting it. Ideas?

  35. I do not like percolator coffee. We make it when we are camping, but even then it has problems. When we made it at home regularly, it became too difficult.

    First, it is just too hot. If I have to wait twenty minutes to drink it, that’s an additional twenty minutes I am uncaffeinated and thus grumpy.

    Second, it tastes more bitter than brewed coffee. I use the same amount of stevia, but need much more cream in percolated coffee to cut through the bitterness.

    I do not have a good solution though, I’d LOVE a stainless-steel brewer with no plastic parts if only someone made one!

  36. The green coffee bean itself has many health benefits. When the green coffee bean is roasted the oils in the bean turn acidic and the bean turns brown. The higher the bean is roasted the more acidic. Low roast is better for you.
    The reason why over consumption of coffee is bad for you is because the coffee will turn your body acidic. The acid will eat away at your arteries, so your body has to produce cholesterol to protect the arteries. So if you want to cut down on cholesterol, slow down on coffee and or anything that is acidic.
    Another hint – when you wake up in the morning your stomach is acidic, so putting coffee in an acidic stomach is not a good idea. Drinking coffee in the after noon is better for your body. I do drink coffee once in awhile, as a treat.

  37. Hi, I noticed your post about the stainless steel percolator. I also thought that would be a good idea until someone told me about the new problem with metal. It seems that radioactive metal has made its way into regular metal. Now, we just dont know when we buy metal whether it is radioactive or not. Unfortunately, the only good options are glass or porcelain. Sorry to be a downer.

  38. Love your blog and this coffee article! I agree totally . : ) I use a one-cup French press and heat the water on the stove–my tap water isn’t hot enough.

  39. Hi there,

    I just read the amazon reviews on the Presto Stainless Steel coffee maker and found out that there is aluminum in the percolator. The perk well – which is the part that the perk tube sits into – is aluminum so that the water can heat faster. What are your thoughts about that?

    On another note, I love your blog!! Came across it when I Googled ‘whey lemonade.’

    Thanks for the awesome posts!

  40. I like the java jig (filter where you can add your own coffee instead of using the k cups)

  41. You know…we’ve always had plastics around…great grandparents and parents….me and my husband and my boys and their families…..people earn a living making these plastics! And, they are learning everyday and making things that are plastic with less plastic, etc. NOW…….we’ve had lots around for many many years that are harmful to us…and, everyday…they say we have even more harmful things that we use…we eat…etc. NOW….one more thing to say…………….if those making things and growing things and etc. etc. etc. would stop putting in them the things that they do now that our greats and grandparents didn’t do or put in things….like what they feed our food supply with..what they put in the gardens and do with veges. and things to make them make more and bigger of whatever it is….we certainly would not have what’s happening today with all that is supposed to be so bad for us. YES! IT IS BAD FOR US ”” NOW-A-DAYS””! ONLY BECAUSE THE PEOPLE DOING THIS ARE SO KEYED UP ABOUT MAKING THE ‘ALMIGHTY DOLLAR’! So, if it was as it use to be…things would be so much fresher and better for us and we wouldn’t be having what’s happening today! I’m so darn tired of PEOPLE BLAMING THINGS ON WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE WORLD TODAY IN MANY WAYS! It’s society of the money makers that want more and more and more in their pockets…but, if they only THINK OF WHAT IT’S DOING TO THEIR OWN FAMILIES….NOPE..THEY DON’T! They are thinking to much on the money they make and can make more with bigger produce….more of this or that…etc. That’s what I’m talking about and so so many believe the same way! And, these little K-cups..well…I like my Keurig….and, I do use them and, also, use the filter for regular coffee I have. There are more things that have larger and larger and larger containers more so than these very small K-cups. :) JUSS SAYIN’ FOLKS!

  42. Mystic Monk makes “k-cups” that are mostly coffee and filter (and they add more coffee to each one so it makes a nice flavorful cup) with only a few strips of plastic on the sides. Unlike the Keurig-type cups that are filter completely enclosed in plastic. Check them out as an alternative for those who want to continue to use their Keurig.

  43. I noticed the author said she was making coffee with hot water from the sink. Please everyone be careful making any drinks like that. My mother got legionnaires disease by making tea with water from the tap. Her doctor said the organism can live in your hot water tank.

  44. There are plastic parts in all but the most expensive coffee makers, and the hot water travels through those parts, leeching toxins into your hot beverage. I ended up getting a stainless steel stove-top espresso maker to avoid this problem. Keurig is definitely the worst, and Nespresso capsules are made from aluminum, so will it be convenience or cancer?

    • For some people, even cancer doesn’t trump convenience. However, they might take note of the estrogen mimickers in plastics that cause fat gain around the midsection. Plastic should not be heated! And any production of plastic is going to cause chemicals entering our water supply, and may ultimately contribute to the island of plastic the size of California that is collecting in the Pacific.

      What are we leaving for our children and grandchildren, just because we want the ease and convenience of a quick cup of coffee?

  45. Yes, you can buy a reusable filter for the Keurig and use your own coffee blend. My mom has that machine and I have to say it makes a killer cup of coffee…though I wouldn’t own one, for that reason, it’s wasteful. I can’t find a dang reusable filter for my 4c drip maker either. Driving me nuts but I am using disposable till I find one!

  46. :) now i am not so sad at all any more that my Keurig died :) i will just see it as divine intervention :) but the cost of those darn little plastic cups is outrageous! i had switched to the fill yourself cup – still plastic! just shows taht most of the new fandangled make it easy plastic inventions are hardly ever the best for us! and i am old enough to know it, still get trapped here and there!

  47. What about a french press instead. I buy organic coffee beans, grind them with a stainless steel coffe/spice grinder and then brew in an all glass french press. Can make 1 cup or up to 4 (I have the smaller sized french press).

  48. Well if you don’t want it, you can mail it to me :) I need a flat bottom one, not a cone.

  49. I have been considering a french press, but that ceramic one cup maker also makes a great deal of sense for me personally as well. I think I know what I am spending my Amazon Swagbucks perks on 😀

  50. Not matter what you do you will die!

    Quit getting so freaked out about plastic, something else will kill you long before this will have any effect!

  51. Hi, I have been using this exact method for years. Makes a great cup of coffee. However, I have a medical condition that I sensed was being aggravated by the metallic in my farberware stainless steel percolator. Whenever I was away from home for long periods my symptoms would improve significantly.

    Finally I put two and two together (after years) and began heating the water in a porcelain tea pot. UNFORTUNATELY… In the microwave! But still, makes a great cup of coffee and without the heated plastic. BUT… I use bottled water. Sometimes it seems, it’s hard to win. I LOVE my coffee though… One of the most enjoyable things in my life and it needs to be fresh brewed every cup!

    • If I were you I would use an enameled cast iron pot or tea kettle (such as Le Creuset) to heat the water and then pour over a ceramic cone filter holder or a glass Chemex.

    • Yes, coffee contains diterpines, which raise cholesterol. Filtering coffee through a paper filter removes the diterpines. Sweet, isn’t it? If you use a ceramic coffee filter (around $13 on Amazon) and organic coffee, you’ll have a perfect cup of coffee that is actually healthy for you.

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