I am DONE Spending Too Much on Birthday Cakes, a Bachelor Made Me Cry, BEST Real Foodie Time Saver, Allergic to Corn? It’s in *Everything*, and More!

pb cake picnic

Good morning friends, I hope you’re summer has been fun so far. I’m NOT going to whine about how it’s flying by, because everyone is already doing that. I will, however, say YIKES, because I’m not quite ready for fall and still don’t even know for sure what we’re doing for history or science. I […]


One Very Rude Doctor and How We Become Lifetime Patients


Today my friend, Liz, explains her health scare and how she got better using natural methods, even though she was tempted to “take a pill” from one very rude doctor. Thankfully she did her research first because she didn’t want to be on this medicine for the rest of her life, and she also learned of all the common side effects that her doctor didn’t even mention, like how hard it is to ever go back off of it!