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Nourishing Vanilla Steamers (Like Crème Brûlée in a Glass!)


Nourishing Vanilla Steamers

What’s not to love about a warm beverage on a cold winter day, one that’s a cross between hot cocoa and Crème Brûlée? Hey, that’s a good rhyme! :)

Our son had a friend over the other day who didn’t like hot cocoa (can you believe it?), so I made them a Vanilla Steamer instead. They’re full of nourishing ingredients, and if you can get away with only a little sweetener, all the better.

The amounts are totally up to you, I’ll just give you an idea of what I use, but it really doesn’t matter, just taste test and see what you think.

Vanilla Steamers Recipe

Stir well over medium heat until desired temperature. Pretty easy, huh? Let me know what you think, or if you add something else interesting to yours, let us know that, too.

Note: If you don’t heat it too much, it will retain more nutrients from the raw milk and egg yolks! (Sarah says to heat to 117* F. “Use a food thermometer or a clean finger to judge the temperature: when it feels hot but doesn’t burn, it’s about 117*F.”)

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  1. Hi Kelly! I just made this, and I am drinking it now. It’s delicious! I usually prefer the taste of honey to maple syrup, but I decided to try this the way you recommended. I’m so glad I did. It’s excellent and really warmed me up this cold winter morning! BTW, I didn’t have the extra cream, just whole raw milk… it’s still fantastic. Thanks so much.

  2. Mmmm… sounds delicious. I make a similar concoction for my kids as a calming bedtime beverage. I sweeten with stevia and they don’t know the difference! Egg yolks and cream make it a really decadent treat… I may have to try this for breakfast this morning. :)

  3. Looks yummy! Seems similar to how I make eggnog, does it taste similar? I’ll have to try this later today. Thanks for posting!

  4. Hi Kelly,
    I made one of these just last night. I only use milk, vanilla and a tiny bit of stevia. YUM! A perfect little warm treat in the evening.

  5. This IS my egg nog recipe except I add a bit of rum extract and some nutmeg on top. Mmmm…I’ll have to try it hot. I’m like you, I don’t heat mine much. I make hot cocoa the same way…put it all in a blender with egg yolks, too, then warm it on the stove for a minute or two. It has a wonderfully thick consistency. I use a little maple syrup and a drop or two of stevia. I save the raw cream for the top (a tablespoon or so) and it feels like whipped cream or frothed milk. There’s an Italian hot cocoa called Ciobar that is made similar to this. Don’t you just love to suffer for the sake of good health?! lol!

  6. I tried making this for my girls when they came in from skiing in the yard. They gave me funny faces when they took a sip, so I threw it back in the pan and whisked in some cocoa powder. They loved it! Looks like I just found a way to make my homemade cocoa healthier!

  7. I’m looking forward to trying this. It looks delicious and I have hopes that our will like it and I’ll try the cocoa powder if they don’t. I almost forgot to read this post since I got caught up in all the advice of what to do when the milk goes sour! lol

  8. Hi Kelly-

    I’ve been drinking steamers for years-since I’m not a coffee drinker, I’m always looking for alternatives for hot beverages. Although I’ve never tried adding egg yolks (I bet that makes it pretty yummy as well!), you can add all kinds of flavors. I’ve done basic vanilla but have also tried adding Baileys Irish Cream or hazelnut liqueur (for adults obviously but so yummy!), or even try melting a little butter into your steamer with the maple syrup or using various spices-a little cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. I found a “hot cocoa maker” at the store one day and couldn’t resist trying it, and it was so fun to use! Just put everything in, turn it on, and it churns it all up while it’s heating the cocoa, steamer, whatever. Plus, it comes with a little recipe booklet which is where I got some of my ideas-I found that the recipes were a little sweet for me, but still some great ideas!

  9. Heh heh. One of my “processed food friends” came over for coffee and I made a half recipe to use as creamer. She loves French Vanilla Coffeemate and said this was a lot like it but…better. I showed her the ingredient lists side-by-side and I think we have a convert.

    I’m tellin’ ya, the real food revolution will be won by people’s taste buds.

    • I’m wondering, does this keep? Or do you have to use it up all at once? Id like to make some for coffee, but don’t want to have to make it every day!

      • Keri,
        I just linked to this in the other post, obviously you already found it! Yes, this will keep for a day or two, maybe more, probably for as long as milk would, but it doesn’t last around here long enough to know for sure. :)

  10. Great recipe Kelly! We make hot chocolate with raw milk and organic cocoa quite often in the colder weather, but weirdly enough…my son doesn’t really like hot cocoa either. I don’t think he’s really a fan of chocolate though. He would probably like this a lot. Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. So delicious! I can’t sleep and it’s cold, so I just whipped this up using raw milk, raw cream, pastured egg yolk, cinnamon, nutmeg, sea salt (just a pinch) and organic grade b maple syrup (barely any). Heat just till really warm. It’s so soothing! Hopefully it will help me get back to sleep.

  12. It’s very nice with chai in it, too. I usually take the chai and put it in the raw milk with honey, warming it slowly, then swirl in the coconut at the end. I could probably enrich it with the yolks to make it even yummier. Never thought of that!

  13. I’m so glad I found this page! The recipe sounds wonderfully nourishing and a great way to help use up extra milk and/or eggs just before *farm fresh* day around here. :) We love warm drinks and even though yesterday if was mid 70’s here and today is supposed to be 80 degrees, we are still going to have some cold days before summer arrives. Some of our spring days are quite chilly in the evening even if the day is warm. We don’t usually have 70 degrees in March – we’re usually in the deep freeze. To tell you the truth, I’m not a warm weather person so I hope we DO get some more cold days and I’d ask for snow from the Snow Fairy but it seems this year she’s on strike or vacation or something. Dang it!

    Thanks again for the idea. I bet this would be good with my favorite spice – cardamom. (Can you tell I’m Swedish?!!)

  14. This is DELICIOUS!! My kids thank you. I added some Bernard Jensen’s Gelatin & used maple syrup & it was a major hit. I think I’ll whip some up in a huge pot to serve on Thanksgiving.

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