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It’s Not Benign {And I’ve Already Had a Run-in With the Cancer Doc}

Mom and Carl

Remember Monday I asked for prayers for a loved one and we were hoping to hear the “benign” word?

We didn’t.

Instead we found out my Mom has stage IV cancer throughout many areas of her body. When I first got home from that appointment it never felt so good to hug my husband. Kent wrapped me up in his arms, held me for a long time, and let me sob into his shoulder. Many many wonderful friends and other family members reached out to offer a listening ear (we’re so blessed), but mostly I just wanted to cry on the phone with my sisters. We sobbed thinking about Mom not being here for all the big happenings in our lives, or for holidays, and for our step-Dad, whom we all adore, for our childhood home not being there anymore, and everything in-between.

My theory is that it’s from the radiation treatment she had for breast cancer 5 years ago, but we’ll never know for sure, and besides, it’s what she was told was best at the time. (Now the oncologist says she should’ve had chemo then since she was a triple negative, but at the time, none of the three docs she went to said so, and chemo is so toxic who knows what that would’ve done to her anyway… It’s all stuff we’ll never know and we can’t look back.)

She’s still doing pretty good now except for painful areas off and on, plus low energy and appetite; now we wait for more tests to know exactly what we’re dealing with and what treatment is recommended. (We’re getting two different doc’s opinions.) We’re praying for a few more years! She’s almost 80, so it’s not like we expected her to be around forever, but when you’re faced with it, it’s so much harder than you think it will be. I remember feeling the same way when my Dad passed away 16 years ago. Then I wonder how in the world our moms got through it when it was their spouse? I don’t want to be here without Kent, I want us to go to heaven together! But people do get through it all the time, and I thank God for my faith, so I know this isn’t it. Paradise is waiting for us. I know that with everything in me, but it sure is hard to grab hold of it in the dark days right after the diagnosis. That’s why all those who have called, emailed, or sent texts to say they’re praying, or to send along a comforting scripture verse, has meant SO much.

My first run-in…

At today’s appointment I really liked the oncologist in many ways. She had a nice personality and I liked her approach, as far as wanting to find the best area to biopsy and getting a solid diagnosis before suggesting treatment, rather than taking a guess based on how it all looks, even if it’s probably a pretty good guess.

However she really rubbed me wrong when I asked what she thought about natural therapies like medicinal mushroom supplements or turmeric, which my friend, Jill, suggested we ask about, because it has really helped her loved one who has cancer:

Medicinal mushrooms have great cancer fighting properties for many different types of cancer. They enhance the effects of chemo and radiation and also offer protection from any damage those treatments can cause, as well as helping with energy and mood — they are adaptogenic and help your body adapt to stress. L takes 8 per day, plus other things, but that is one we found by research and also something her naturopath recommended. Some oncologists routinely recommend it to patients, too.

If she’s interested, turmeric is another one in that same category — it fights cancer AND makes conventional cancer treatments more effective, and helps protect the patient from damage from those treatments.”

The doc had obviously heard such “nonsense” before, and she went on to spout the same phrase many of us have heard a thousand times, “Show me a randomized clinical trial published in a peer reviewed journal and I’d be happy to read it, I’m open to reading anything, remember I told you that for 15 years I did mostly research.” (She made a point to tell us previously how a bigger hospital in Lansing recruited her to come to this smaller hospital to help it along because she had the right credentials.)

Me: “So you don’t believe there’s any treatment out there that has merit unless there are “studies” to back it up? Because I don’t have faith in these studies, mostly funded by pharmaceutical companies making billions off the results. There’s not as much money in natural treatments.”

Oh, well the NCI does do studies on natural therapies sometimes. Not long ago they did one on vitamin A and found no benefit at all.”

Me: “Well yeah, you can’t take one isolated vitamin and expect it to make a difference, it comes in nature with many other nutrients that help our body use it.”

It’s just like how people say various things can build the immune system, well there’s nothing that can “build” your immune system.”

Me: “I totally disagree with that.” (She looked shocked that I said this, but was still being very nice, mind you. I do think it put her in attack mode, though…)

Do you know what are the components of the immune system?

Me: “I’m sure there are many components, I’m not sure what you’re getting at?”

What are the components, can you name some, or how about you just name one?

Me: (I still didn’t have a clue what answer she was looking for here…) “Well there are many I’m sure, and I can’t name each part, no, but the point is there are ways it can be strengthened for sure.”

Like what?” (With a smirk.)

Me: (Here I go!!!) “Like fermented cod liver oil for only one. We take it regularly. (Along with other things that I wasn’t going to get into — she’d have fallen off her chair if I’d told her that I thought pastured butter was a health food!) It has vitamin A and D in their natural form, it has omega 3’s, and other benefits that do help strengthen the immune system, because I’ve seen in it my own family, we’re very rarely sick! Are you saying that you ONLY believe in what a study shows? Do you ever just believe what you see with your eyes, or what has helped people that you know?”

Oh sure I do, but you’ve probably heard of the placebo effect. There have been studies done showing that 1/3 of people, no matter what you give them, if you tell them that it will heal them, it will, just because a doctor told them so. For a while it was shark cartilage, eeeeveryone came in with it and wasted their money on it, until there was a study that showed it didn’t do anything, and now no one comes in with it anymore.


While it’s pretty sad that she’s obviously not open to anything natural, unless there was a randomized clinical trial published in a peer reviewed journal, I have to remind myself that this is all she was taught, and if she can help my Mom, it’ll all be forgotten!

Turns out, however, that there ARE studies on medicinal mushrooms!

And oh. my. gosh. Guys, look what I found just now as I was writing this post. Jill told me to look for the Paul Stamets videos on the mushrooms, but I didn’t have time before today’s appointment, I wish I had, watch this!!

That isn’t in any study, but I believe it. Do you?

Regardless, Mom may or may not choose to add some natural stuff to whatever mainstream treatment they recommend, and if so, I know I need to accept that as her decision. Cancer is scary how it’s full of so many unknowns and it’s just really difficult to know what to do at every turn.

Please pray for my Mom!


p.s. Mom gave me her OK to write this post and ask for your prayers. :)

UPDATE: Sadly, my Mom passed away less than two months after this was written.


    • The most important thing you can do if you have cancer is stop eating sugar, sugar feeds cancer and if you stop eating sugar then you starve the cancer. Isn’t it interesting that when you get a PET scan they inject you with sugar and it lights up the cancer, and how the amount of sugar people eat has risen almost exactly with the rise in cancer rates. Sugar is in everything! Ketchup, Mayo, Bread, and just about everything else we eat. Dr. Huber has done an extensive study that shows that people who have cancer and stop eating sugar will be more than twice as likely to survive cancer than those who still eat it. You can check it out here:

  1. If I were in your Moms place, I’d try every natural remedy I could find. I’m 75, I don’t smoke, but I’d also try marajuana for the pain if needed. I have a dear daughter by marriage whose Dad is going thru this. He’s not a smoker either but marijuana did help his appetite when he just couldn’t stand food. My
    prayers for your Mom and your family. I lost a precious sister to cancer ten years ago.may God Bless you all.

  2. Prayers are going up for you and your family and also that eyes be opened to the condescending witch…I mean doctor. Seriously though, praying for godly wisdom for her (and Grace for me;)

  3. Sorry about the terrible news. My heart goes out to you. Go to and learn about MTHFR gene mutations. Chances are your mom has this common gene mutation that reduces the body’s ability to detox. A mutation at MTHFR severely inhibits the body’s ability to convert folic acid to its usable form- the active form. There are cancer drugs that inhibit folate synthesis, further increasing the risk of cancer returning. Once you’ve digested everything at, get test kits for you and your mom from 23AndMe for $99 (the cheapest way to get tested). Then go to for the variance report, which will interpret the 23andMe raw data. It’s the raw data you are after – keep that in mind as you learn about 23andMe. Once you’ve learned all this, assuming you haven’t been exposed to MTHFR, it is my hope that you will share this and also urge people to fight for our right to natural remedies and vitamins. There are two senators trying relentlessly to take it all away from us. All we would have available are pharmaceuticals.

  4. I’m so very sorry about your Mom and so glad that you have your faith to help carry you through. I will be thinking of you in this difficult time.

  5. Kelly, I’m so sorry about your Mom. I will remember her and your family in my prayers.

    I think that she should follow any course of treatment that she feels best and the heck with what the doc thinks. The doc isn’t sick. If you mom wanted to add alternative therapies to conventional treatment, I can’t imagine that turmeric would interfere with chemo, so I’m not sure why the doc has to be so dismissive in the first place.

  6. +JMJ+
    Kelly, you know we are all praying for you and your family. Good job engaging with the doctor!! Knowing personally the “curing” benefits of natural health, I know how difficult it can be dealing with doctors who are closed minded (i.e. Ignorant) to the benefits of what God has given us to strengthen our bodies naturally. Extra prayers for wisdom and peace in te journey ahead. May you all know God’s great love for you through Jesus Christ! That was a beautifully shared post. ❤️

  7. I will most definitely pray for your mom. You were so kind to pray for me & my health awhile ago as well as wanting to have children. You even went so far as to check on me. It meant a lot & incidentally worked as I have 2 beautiful babies! Your mom is in my prayers for sure!!

    • Rebecca, that makes me so so SO happy for you. :) Thanks for your prayers for Mom (and all of you who have commented so far, I love you guys!)


  8. So sorry about your mom. My mother died from chemo, not the ovarian cancer, a couple of years ago. If you are so inclined , Jerry Brunetti, who survived Non-Hogkins Lymphoma many years ago has some interesting youtubes online, besides his Cancer and Nutrition DVD. My mother choose not to do those suggestions but continued her conventional treatment sadly.

  9. Keep the faith, God is sovereign. Have you ever looked into Protocel? It might be worth your time. I’ve haven’t had experience with it myself, just read the case stories.

  10. Good for you Kelly! Keep searching! Try investigating Dr. Nic Gonalez. We is a WAPF cancer Doctor. He is out of NY, but very good. Works with the Trophoblast theory and pancreatin.

    Prayers for wisdom and discernment!

  11. I lost my mother 11.5 years ago. My children were under 8, and I still miss her so much.

    I was just reading about Essiac. Might not work, but I’d sure be trying. You’re a smart girl. Praying and reading and learning along w/ you, Kelly!

  12. Kelly, I am sorry to hear about your mom having to go thru this. I have a family member on my husband’s side going thru chemo & radiation for cancer. I had wondered if there was anything I could do to help when I heard he couldn’t keep food down & got a high fever. They put him in the hospital overnight until it came down. He’s home now. Anyway I looked up anything I could find on cancer here on your site & read about making chicken broth for him. At least that is something I can do. Now I will also suggest the medicinal mushroom & turmeric. Thanks for everything you do Kelly. I will pray for you mom along with my hubby’s brother-in-law.

  13. I’m sorry to hear of all your family is going through. It is so hard to hear “cancer”. I will certainly lift your family in prayer.

  14. Praying for you and your mom, Kelly. Cancer is so scary and it’s really hard to make decisions regarding treatments, as it’s hard to find information about anything besides what the cancer docs tell you.

  15. Dear Kelly,
    As I read your post, several things came to mind. When I was younger a very dear friend got a very aggressive type of breast cancer. She told me something that stuck with me. “God does not give you strength for imaginary ills, but when you need him, he is there.”
    I also thought of an article I read in the Saturday Evening Post a few years ago called “How doctors die.” You can find it with google I am sure. And the last was that I thought of the Jaminets. You know their beliefs about food and health, that SouChing is a cancer researcher, and that Paul knows how to find answers and does help individuals to find answers. I would contact them. I will add my prayers for your whole family. I hope your doctor will learn from you and that God will bless her with wisdom and humility.

  16. Kelly, My heart aches for you. Will pray for your mom, the drs, family, and you.

    I know my mom would never ever consider anything non-allopathic. She won’t even dab peppermint oil for congestion but pops pill after pill after pill for sinus congestion and sees us with peppermint oil. If she won’t even do that… She wouldn’t even do B vitamins to off-set any neuro symptoms during her chemo for stomach cancer – until the dr said to take biotin for hair loss help. Vitamins are mainstream but if the dr didn’t say she won’t touch it (big sigh). But, they have to decide and we support, right?

    I second the essiac tea mentioned. I have 2 packs in my freezer that I got on sale but plan on incorporating it into my quasi-routine. There is a great little book on it. I got it through inter-library loan but they have it on amazon.

    The book has the recipe but I just got the Ojibwa brand (the tea combo is originally from the Ojibwa tribe). There was another book I just saw on amazon: Clinic of hope The story of Rene Caisse (the tea is her name spelled backwards).

    Cyber Hugs!!!

  17. Thank you for sharing your heart – you are amazing! I also really appreciate you taking the time and energy to share how you dealt with the conventional medicine – I feel it helping me in the future.

  18. Dear Kelly,

    I will be praying for your mom, you, Kent, your children, and your sisters and their families.


  19. I’ve read your blog for years, and have never commented. However, I want to just take a minute right now to let you know that I am lifting your mom and family up in prayer. Numbers 6:24-26

    • Hillary,
      How sweet that you would comment now, and I love that verse, it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you. Xoxo,

  20. Hi Kelly.,

    Last summer I was diagnosed with stage IV that had spread to 5 organs. When it’s spread that far, you don’t want to mess around… I did do chemo,a combo of Perjata, Herceptin ( I am HER2 protein positive) and tamoxifen chemo. Going once a week helped the doses be lower & the body better able to handle it. I cut sugar, and ate real food and alot of bone broth. I am in near complete remission now almost a year later and functioning almost normally. you CAN help the drugs do what they are supposed to, and ease side effects, with food and natural substances. I highly recommend this site which HAS done research on supplemental things at Sloan Kettering- let’s see the doc argue with them:

  21. So sorry about your mom. Will keep her & your family in my prayers.
    My husband had rectal cancer 5 years ago and has been cancer free since, but it was a terrible ordeal.
    He now has to deal with an ostomy.
    Have you heard of Dr. Thomas Cowen? He has a practice in SF. He is a member of the WAPF & can be consulted by phone.

  22. And a second thought: What you need right now is NOT a snide attitude from a doctor. Go get a second opinion before starting any treatment, PLEASE. My first docs basically told me I was going to die & that was that. My second opinion doc, who is one of the premier guys in the area, said, ” you’re going to be a round for a LONG time”……. guess where I went. See if you can find out what doc other doctors go to for cancer care….it makes a HUGE difference. Also maybe look into Dr. David Angus’ recommendations. He was one of Steve Jobs’ docs, and he does agree that inflammation contributes to cancer and recommends dietary changes for patients. There are some really well respected docs out there that are far more friendly to our ideas than it sounds like yours is. Best wishes.

  23. Praying for your Mom, Kelly, and for you. That mushroom video had me in tears at the end!

  24. About a year ago, a daughter of a man who had pancreatic cancer and another cancer was commenting about the Dr. Clark parasite protocol. She said that her father followed the protocol to a T and the two cancers went away completely. Usually there is no way that pancreatic cancer is going to go away. Dr. Clark believed that cancers were caused by parasites. In recent months I have read papers by MDs who have mentioned the same thing — that cancer is caused by parasites, lumping viruses in as being parasites. Dr. Rife believed that cancer was caused by viruses. This is very believable to me, as it resonates with my spirit. I do believe that our spirit has all the answers. I read an interesting piece by a neurologist, or maybe I heard it on NPR, that it was discovered that there is a center in our brain that processes information that cannot speak it can only give us a feeling of what is right and what is wrong. That resonated with me so much, as my spirits seem to confirm this as fact. Anyway, the daughter of the man who had the cancers go away, sent me the schedule of the protocol that her mother mapped out for her husband. It outlines what to take and went – and it is all mapped out to make it easier to follow the dosing schedule. I started it, but at that same time I took one methylfolate and had a very bad experience from the methyl folate, sending me into researching why that 1 little methylfolate pill made me so sick. That’s when I found out about MTHFR. But that is a whole other story and subject that I wrote in my previous post introducing you to MTHFR. ANYWAY, I WOULD BE GLAD TO GIVE YOU THE SCHEDULE OF THE PARASITE PROTOCOL. ( I don’t know why that is in all caps, sorry. I’m not yelling, I’m using voice command and it seems to have malfunctioned.) please email me if you would like to be protocol.

    • I would be very interested in this info. My best friend’s husband was diagnosed yesterday with an aggressive malignant throat tumor and I am beside myself with wanting to give them all the alternative treatment info I can and not sure where to begin.

  25. Sorry to hear of your mom’s diagnosis. You should forward this study in it’s paper form to her very “it it’s on paper in study form I’ll believe it” doctor.

    • …and here’s a study on homeopathy and breast cancer:
      And a more general one from the National Cancer institute:
      All of these were published in peer-reviewed journals, as you can see.

      Here in the SF Bay Area we have a clinic for women with cancer, the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic. Alternative practitioners help patients undergoing conventional treatments to deal with side effects they are using the Banerji Protocols and Classical methods as well. Dr. Farouk Master is another Indian homeopath who treats cancer. Both he and the Banerjis have done amazing work, I have seen them present cases recently and was quite inspired. It gives me hope…

  26. I’m sorry, Keli! My mom walked that same path. Breast cancer, with chemo and radiation, then cancer everywhere a few years later. We lost her 5 and a half years ago. Aside from using marijuana at need, she chose to do what the doctors said. My advice: doctors know exactly not a dindang thing about herbs or nutrition! Tell the doctor that, unless she can prove (WITH those all-powerful studies!) that one of the natural therapies you were discussing is actually harmful, do everything your mom is willing to do!

    And don’t forget vitamin D!! Every year we go without a major campaign, with public service commercials and so on, done by the pink ribbon orgs, to get women to have their vitamin D levels checked and get them where they should be makes me more and more suspicious of the real goals of these orgs.

    Cannabis oil might be worth checking into, as well.

  27. There have been some small clinical trials done at the University of Penn. on Low Dose Naltrexone (mostly for chrone’s HOWEVER, it is a miracle drug and there are many clinicians looking at it for adjuvunct tx for ca.
    I have copied a recent post, sorry for the awkward formatting, no time to fix.
    Next: There is an entire field of INTEGRATIVE ONCOLOGY that is recognized. (duh)You can call the department at Chicago Northwestern Hospital to get more info.
    One doctor here in Tortonto (Khan) has helped many Stage IV’s with DCA (I cannot remember what it is.)
    Pain management is paramount and never let this wait till last minute. (Though LDN just might keep this at bay – an amazing drug that won’t make money for Big Pharma, ergo unknown.)
    I have found the group at “Breast Cancer Think Tank” to be among the most well versed and intelligent cancer groups going. They are Yahoo and it is now more difficult to search (thanks to Yahoo inane format changes) but there is really good info. They are big on BONE BROTH. Prayers and give a hollar if you want my files. BTW Stamets is a miracle worker trying to save the planet with Fungi!! His 7 mushroom formula is wonderful, but one of the best for Breast is Turkey Tail.

    Here is LDN: (and they have a Facebook)

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    Calling All LDN Medical Professionals

  28. Psalm 119:105 thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. I hope He guides you exactly where you need to be. Lifting your mom and your family up in prayer.

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  30. I am praying for you and your Mum. Please, please look into cannabis oil (high THC kind) if only for pain management. There is so much good info out there on this and it really works.

  31. Kelly- It is with a big lump in my throat that I write how terribly sorry I am to hear about your mom. You and I have never laid eyes on one another, and yet you are such a dear internet friend. Please know that I am praying for you, your mom, and your entire family.

    While I know your heart must be filled with such sorrow, please try to focus on the positive: How fortunate your mom is to have YOU as a daughter. Because of your blog, your research, the people you’ve met since becoming a real foodie, you’ve been surrounded by forward-thinking people who know that God has given us everything we need right here on earth to survive! Just think how all the knowledge you’ve gained will help her through this difficult time. What a blessing!

    My mom has survived non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (stage 4 throughout her body) twice, survived colon cancer, and most recently survived squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue and had to have her tongue completely rebuilt. All of this has been over the last 11 years. As soon as she beat one event, she’d be cancer free for a year or so and then get diagnosed with some new thing all over again. And she will tell you that the way she’s beaten all of it is by getting up each morning and thanking the Lord for another day while declaring out loud that she will NOT let the cancer demon take her down! I know being a Pollyanna won’t cure cancer, but it sure has carried her through some tough days in chemo and some really scary surgical procedures.

    You’ve got tons of health knowledge, tons of people praying for your family, and God! Your mom can beat this! So let’s go kick some cancer ass!

    Stay strong, sweet friend! And be sure to take care of yourself during all this. Emotional stress will deplete your adrenals, so make sure you eat plenty of calories and get plenty of sleep.

    • Susan I feel the same way, what a faithful reader friend you’ve been for so many years now!!!

      Thanks for the adrenal reminder, it’s weird how wiped out I’ve felt.

      I LOVE the great attitude your mom has & pray my mom does, too.


  32. Good post today. I know it was hard for you to even type those words!

    Just so you know, the medicinal mushrooms and turmeric (and other stuff like probiotics, vitamin D, proteolytic enzymes, fish oil/cod liver oil, melatonin, an anti-inflammatory diet, green tea, homeopathic meds and acupuncture to counter chemo side effects, etc…) L’s naturopath has her on actually do have research to back their use with cancer patients. That’s something her oncology naturopath is big on–research backed supportive therapies.

    There is a book by Paul Stamets called mycomedicinals that is a bit out of date (2002 I think) but is just that–a collection mushroom research with references to each study. Turkey Tail mushroom, for example, has been proven so useful in fighting various cancers that a component of it is the top selling conventional cancer treatment in Japan and a leading cancer treatment in Asia (PSK). So there is a ton of research to back many of the natural therapies and supportive treatments (used in conjunction with conventional treatments), but very few American oncologists are aware of it. It is all outside the Standard Of Care and generally not covered by insurance.

    Sloan Kettering has a database online of natural therapies and references to studies regarding those.

    Bottom line: the research is out there and it’s growing, but most oncologists are unaware. This issue is addressed in The Good Fight, which is a book written by a survivor of “terminal” cancer and his wife about their journey, results of their research into natural and complementary therapies, and the need for integrative care for cancer patients (

  33. praying for your mom and all those that love her. praying God will lead her and her doctors in their decisions, and give you and your family peace. would love to see them use prayer and natural remedies, and give God all the glory. God Bless!

  34. Praying for your mom and you and your family, Kelly. My heart goes out to you.

    You may want to look into lower-dose, more frequent chemotherapy, which can be easier on the body and actually tougher on the cancer. Not many docs do it, but it’s out there. You can probably find more info online. Also there are herbalists or homeopaths that can help with mitigating some of the side effects of chemo.


    Just a link to a guy who, diagnosed with stage IV cancer, decided to pursue only natural paths to healing. He did have the surgery but didn’t go with chemo. Now, I don’t necessarily advocate avoidng it all together, but I think that it is worth the read — and maybe implementing to support what the docs are doing!

  36. I am SO sorry to hear about your mom. I have lost family members to four different types of cancer and all went through traditional treatments that were much worse than the cancer itself. I don’t plan to ever put myself through that and have told my family that. I am in the process of watching a series from and it is FULL of information from doctors around the US who use alternative treatments and have plenty of studies to back them up. A lot of treatments are also on I have just begun my studies but have found these two places to be full of information. Also check out Ty Bollinger who put together the Truth About Cancer information.

    Good luck and God Bless!

  37. I pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet or do the novena for terminal illnesses. You and your family may find comfort in them too. Praying for you all.

  38. sending prayers to your mom, just went through radiation for the same thing this year. Hope all works out for you and family

  39. Kelly,
    Check out They just presented an awesome video series where experts shared their methods and protocols for healing our bodies. The videos helped me connect the missing dots. While the standard surgery, radiation or chemo might be helpful in some cases, there is so much more you can do to help the body heal. I will be praying for you, your mom and your family.

    • Tell her to stop eating sugar! Look at all of the sugar in the picture, cancer feeds on sugar. Stop eating sugar and you starve the cancer, but you have to be fanatical about it like you can’t even eat ketchup and mayo if it has sugar in it of any type. Check out the study that Dr. Huber has on her website

  40. I’m so sorry. Prayers for your mom and your family. Praying God wraps his arms around you and leads you through successfully in kicking cancers butt!!

  41. There’s tons of hope and tons of pahes on cures that work, from fresh juice to barley powder to Essiac and DCA. Reishi is best used in broth form, by the way.

  42. Kelly, couldn’t read it all yet. So sorry. May The Lord’s presence be felt by you all at this time!!

  43. FYI- oncologists are among the least likely of specialty mds to be open to alternative treatments. If you ever have time to research the mark up of chemotherapeutic drugs, the reason becomes quite obvious. Hang in there.

  44. I’m so sorry to hear about your Mom’s diagnosis! I have been through breast cancer and did the traditional treatments because it was already in 2 of my lymph nodes. After the double mastectomy (cancer was in both sides), I had chemo and radiation. I tried to take tamoxifen, but the side effects were too much. Now I am getting a high dose Vitamin C IV every month to keep away any stray cancer cells. I would suggest Vitamin C IV’s for your Mom- I think it would be really helpful in trying to reduce the number of cancer cells in her body.
    I wish your Mom the best in her fight!

  45. Kelly,
    I am so sorry to hear of this news…You and your whole family will be in my prayers, and I am so thankful you are your mom’s daughter! What a blessing for her to have a daughter who can help her walk through this journey! There are some great comments and ideas already listed here, and I know you will be investigating them and researching them all. Blessings, tears and prayers…..

  46. Oh Kelly… *sighs* keeping you all in my thoughts. If you could use some extra support you have my email. I know EXACTLY how you feel right now. Also, I don’t know if your mom would be open to it or if she is taking patients, but I can give you the information for my mother’s naturopath if you would like.

    Take all the support you are offered right now, physical and emotional. And don’t push yourself too hard in any way.

  47. Kelly, I am so sorry to hear this news and for what your mom, you, and your family are going through. I was incredibly grateful to hear “benign” a couple of months ago when my insulinoma was removed. I am reminded today many do not hear that and it is difficult to extinguish the fearfulness and trust God with the outcome. Very difficult.
    Unfortunately, docs have their hands tied when it comes to alternative medicine because of malpractice. If they do not check off every “protocol” box, they face reprimand or an increase in their premiums — docs have admitted this to us directly. It is sad and frustrating when we are seeking guidance on such important decisions and feel like we are going it alone (though we know we are never alone).
    Praying that your mom will have the wisdom and strength for all that lies before her. May the peace of God reign as you encourage, coach, and care for your mom.

  48. Hi Kelly,

    Prayers and hugs from NC. So sorry to hear about your Mom’s diagnosis. I wish her peace and comfort and the same for you and your family. I know how much it hurts when our parents generation which is so engrained in allopathic approaches gets sick. It’s hard to watch it all unfold, with a supportive heart when there is no regard for non-toxic, natural and alternative therapies. In my case, even my siblings had more faith in synthetic cut, poison and burn strategies than in seeking original, God-provisioned and highly available natural medicinals. Will continue to pray for a positive outcome.


  49. I pray that she goes through Cancer Treatments of America, where they Do believe in alternative medicines and therapies

  50. So sorry to hear about your mom. My mom passed away from colon cancer when I was in high school; cancers is such a difficult thing for anyone to go through. Sending positive thoughts your way! An amazing book I highly recommend is “We Are The Placebo” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. A great read anytime, but definitely in a time like this. Take care!

  51. A few websites we have found helpful on our cancer journey: (a naturopathic MD who uses vitamin C and many other ingredients in IV form) (a clinic in Tijuana that uses a chlorophyll substance and light/sound to cause the SP-Activate, as they call it to form free radicals that kill the cancer) also a book titled Cancer: Step Outside the Box and a product mentioned in the book, LifeOne that has turmeric in it and looks promising. has articles about chemo/radiation being harmful and also many articles about natural things that do kill cancer like blueberries, aloe. Will remember you in prayer!

  52. It would be a wonderful contribution if one of us with a little time could put all of these links and names into one doc.
    I will be trying — but I am moving, so cannot make promises. However putting it out there for everyone as an idea.
    We all have loved ones and friends who have to deal with this disease (virus,
    infection, imbalance…) at some point in our lives.
    Such a wealth of information! What a wonderful group.

    • If anyone does do this (I’ll try too), I’d like to post it so it’s easy to find & reference.


  53. Many people have quickly been able to dramatically improve their lives through
    the power of hypnosis. People often question whether they can be made to do
    anything against their will, and the answer is no, you could not be made
    to do or say anything which you do not wish to say or do.

    It is estimated that 10 to 15 percent of adults do not have
    the mindset to be receptive to hypnotherapy.

  54. So sorry about your mom. Praying for wisdom and the Lord’s peace for the entire family. Don’t let the panic take over, whatever you do.

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