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Need Some Sunday Dinner Ideas?

Sunday dinner

Growing up I always loved relaxing on Sundays and smelling the comforting aromas of whatever yummy homemade meal my Mom was making for Sunday dinner. (She’s a great cook and taught me so much. Now I’m learning from Kent’s Mom, too, who is also a great homemade cook.) Isn’t there just something about the smell of a roasting chicken or a pot roast that makes you feel content?

Today I’ve embedded a few of my favorite Sunday dinner recipes into this handy dandy widget:

Here are the links in case you can’t get the widget to work:

I thought it would be fun to gather a collection of these Sunday dinner recipes all in one spot, so I agreed to write this paid post for, I hope you like it!


  1. A Foodie recipe? – you mean I can’t get these recipes unless I sign in through Facebook or Twitter? I don’t have these accounts and don’t want them.

    • Hi Elle, here’s an easy way to get these recipes w/o signing in with Facebook or Twitter:

      For whatever recipe you wanted to see, Google this: “Kitchen Kop NAME OF RECIPE” and it should be the top of the search results, or very close if not.

      Hope that helps,

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