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Natural Remedies for Urinary Tract Infections


Natural Remedies for Urinary Tract Infections

I just posted the following on Facebook, but I need help fast so I’m hoping to get even more ideas from all of you, my awesome super smart readers. (You guys are always there for me and I’m so thankful!)

I need your help again! My daughter said it hurts to go to the bathroom, and before it gets worse and she ends up needing an antibiotic for a urinary tract infection (she’s never had one before), I want to get some good natural stuff going to knock it out. I gave her extra fermented cod liver oil and probiotics, along with lot of kefir soda (for the liquids and for the beneficial bacteria) and extra healthy fats. WHAT ELSE should I be doing?

p.s. The comments on FB are freaking me out so far. I’m ordering some of this: a D-Mannose supplement to have on hand!

See an update on this post: How to get rid of a UTI FAST and without drugs!



  1. No reason to freak out. Urinary tract infections aren’t that big of a deal although like anything if it’s gone unchecked than of course it could eventually go into the kidneys, etc etc, but that doesn’t happen every day. Some people even have Chronic bladder infections that simply never go away and it’s never become more.

    Anyway, —coconut milk and coconut water are my go to for bladder infections. It goes away pretty much the same day after drinking coconut milk.

    I hope it works for your daughter as well!

  2. Oh I should mention too that I drink the coconut milk and water throughout the day and keep drinking it for a couple of days just to make sure it’s gone.

  3. 100% Cranberry Juice! (Not apple juice with cranberry juice added) It has condensed tannins that prevent bacteria such as E.Coli from attaching to the bladder wall, basically working as a natural antibiotic. I have never tried it on myself, but it did clear up my dog’s bladder infection! 😉

    • It is best to get straight cranberry juice. Most cranberry juice has a lot of sugar in it. If you get Just Cranberries cranberry juice it is concentrate, and you add water, and honey or any organic sugar that you want. Just don’t add a lot it makes things worse.

  4. Beets and beets root juice are very cleansing for the kidneys and liver so adding some should help flush out toxins and any die off that may be taking place.
    Garlic is a natural antibiotic.
    And colloidal silver is effective against a wide range of pathogens but won’t cause germs to become immune as some antibiotics can.
    Hope some of these things are helpful!

  5. I was encouraged to take Cantharis (homeopathic) in addition to the D-Mannose. These two took care of it faster and better than when I DID go on the Rx. This is what i give my daughter when she complains too.

  6. Its harder to treat in kids, mainly because a lot of the really fast-acting stuff they won’t take because of taste. If you can get a kid to take it (or for an adult) 1/4 tsp baking soda in water will help kill the infection almost immediately (sometimes a second dose is needed). 1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar will also do the trick. For kids, sometimes using a full-fat organic plain yogurt on the outside of the area will help probiotics reach the urinary track faster and speed healing. Big doses of vitamin C will also help clear up infection.

  7. I’m just wondering what caused it. Both my daughters got UTIs from bubble bath/bath salts in the tub when they were little. (You’d think I would have learned from the first one!)

  8. I fought one for 3 months last summer using natural methods. It never went completely away. Eventually I needed antibiotics. Be careful. It can turn into a kidney infection much faster in a kid. Go the antibiotic route in a few days if she does not get better.

  9. I don’t know how old your daughter is & if she can swallow capsules… but this is what I do:

    Drink water like you are trying to drown yourself.
    Take lots of cranberry capsules. (wonderful cranberries without bitter taste)
    Take lots of garlic capsules.
    (probably not the best quality, but the cranberry & garlic are both available at Wal-Mart if a health food store isn’t near and they work fine!)

    History… I used to have chronic uti’s… constantly at doctor, constantly on antibiotics (this is before we completely changed our lifestyle as far as meds & diet goes). I did have my urethra widened eventually… ouch! BUT now if I ever feel a slight “twinge,” I do what I mentioned above. I haven’t had a UTI in over 10 or 15 years, I think!

    If your daughter can’t swallow pills, I know both cranberry & garlic comes in a liquid tincture type application… but the capsules are so much “tastier.”

    Also, probably not so natural, but if the pain is really bad, they have over the counter pills she can take to make the pain go away… AZO, I think they are called. This used to be prescription only when I was having my problems.

    Praying she’s all better soon!

    Melinda =0)

  10. All great advice above, and cut out all sources of sugars natural or otherwise. If she won’t drink coconut milk, Lauricidin is a good supplement if you can find it in a health food store. On line it is Good luck!

  11. We’ve been using kombucha (about 1/4 to 1/2 cup several times throughout the day) for a different inflammation/infection and it’s working like a charm, so long as we don’t run out of it! I have a SCOBY if you need one, although it will take almost about 10 days to make a good batch.

  12. I thought it was well known and accepted by both natural healers and mainstream medicine that cranberry juice is the go to cure for UTIs. But you have to use the real cranberry juice, not the sugar laden syrupy kind, I think. As I understand it (with no scientific or medical bent at all), the infection binds to something in the cranberry juice and gets carried out of the body.

  13. and if you can’t stand the bitter cranberry juice… get the capsules and drink lots of water! The capsules are just ground up or freeze dried cranberries! (I personally can’t stand the juice, as you may have guessed!) =0)

  14. Cranberry and garlic, FCLO, water, kombucha….yes, yes, yes. And how about some products from Standard Process? Albaplex for Kidneys and/or one of their infection fighting supplements (Maybe Congaplex or Thymex?). (Available through chiropractors and other health care professionals.)

    Also, juniper berry extract/syrup is supposed to be good for the whole urinary tract. I recently started one of my boys on it. – Supposed to be good for fighting off any latent infections that may remain (as per example of some chronic sufferers) and cleansing the urinary tract.

    I hope she and you are both feeling better soon!

  15. I have to tell you! My daughter had reflux of the kidneys and we started using D-Mannose and it is the best product! It works everytime!
    She was getting infections every month! have not had her on antibiotics for 2 years!

  16. I had UTI’s chronically for well over a year. You can incorporate probiotic foods to prevent them, but when you actually need to treat them I drank LOTS of water, unsweetened cranberry juice with a little stevia, and D-mannose. The D-mannose seems to work well & is easy to find. It does taste like a less sweet powdered sugar and is easy to mix with water or even add to the cranberry juice. Hope this helps.

  17. I’m SO thankful for all the advice here and on FB! I don’t know if it was a false alarm or if the stuff I did last night has already helped, but this morning she was totally fine! Kids always keep you guessing don’t they?! I’ll keep a close eye on her and prob get some D-Mannose, and maybe also cranberry caps and garlic caps just in case! I’ll also keep pushing liquids, etc…

    • I found that 1/3 raw organic apple cider vinegar to 2/3 water, sip throughout the day, cured my chronic UTI’s and here not had one in many years. If the taste is too much you can mix in some raw, organic honey. My doctor actually told me about it because I was getting them so often for so long

  18. Oregano oil helped me a lot recently when I had a UTI. It’s a very strong natural antifungal and antibacterial supplement. That and drinking a lot of extra fluids (cranberry included) knocked it out in a couple of days.

  19. I get them chronically and what always helps me are Uva Ursi tablets. However, if you’re going with cranberry juice don’t mix the two because they will cancel each other out. Cranberry juice never worked for me so I went this route. If it’s really bad, mix a teaspoon of baking soda into a glass of water and have her take that every couple of hours until the pain subsides (and maybe for a day or two after just to make sure it’s gone). Uva Ursi works better if your system is more alkaline so the baking soda helps with that.

    I’ve also found hibiscus tea infused with a little cinnamon to be rather soothing for a uti… tasty too!

    • Cranberry juice or capsules never worked for me and I have had bladder infections for 45 years because of a functional problem. I always tried cranberry because I liked the color and because doctors recommended it. Uva Ursi and Juniper are my standbys as well as pressing and treating auricular points on the ear. You can find out how bad the UTI is by pressing (then treating the points with pressure). I told my doctor which side of the bladder was most infected and whether or not the infection spread to my kidneys since I’ve learned auricular therapy. He looked at me in amazement and said, “Your kidneys are on your ears! hahahaha (laughing)

  20. You’ve probably already bought it, but I also recommend D-mannose AND high doses of Vit C. Either one will work, but combined they work really fast.

    I have a weird problem and maybe someone can help. My almost-3 year old keeps telling me that his tongue hurts. I look at it and it looks totally normal. He’s been saying this off and on for about a month. Pretty soon I guess I will have to take him to the doc to check it out but I keep hoping it will just go away, whatever it is. Any ideas?

    • Hmmm, that is an odd one……. He’s not biting it while he sleeps or something is he? Does it hurt just in one spot? Maybe you could just call your dentist and see what they say?? (Our dentist is totally sweet and down to earth and wouldn’t mind a call like that.) Keep us posted!

    • I could be that he has a bit of dry mouth syndrome. I have Sjogren’s syndrome and have dry mouth/dry eyes (particularly). My tongue often burns right in the center if my mouth gets too dry. I make sure I have water handy at all times, and I have just recently started using a homeopathic cell salt (Kali Sulphuricum). When I place a drop on my tongue and a drop under my tongue (sublingual) it helps the burning, although initially it burns for a second because the base of the homepathic remedy is pure alcohol, which is the base for most homeopathic drops. There are also Kali Sulphuricum pillules available from Hyland’s (usually found at a health food store or on line) and they just dissolve right away in a kid’s mouth. But I’d start with whichever type you can find to begin with.

      **To address the UTI question, if there is external itching involved, here’s what I do for my daughter. I put about two tablespoons of coconut oil into a small baby food jar and add two capsules of acidophilus powder and mix together; then rub onto (and into) the itchy spot (ya’ll know where that is without my graphic description, I’m almost certain!) and it will help inside, as well. Cranberry juice is always good for this, of course, as is aloe juice or gel (although a kid wouldn’t find it very alluring). The aloe should be continued for up to two weeks to knock out everything bad. I had bladder/urethra dilation surgery done in 1978 and haven’t had a UTI since. My second pregnancy was carried low and smashed things in there and created problems by not letting my bladder empty completely.

      • Hi D, this solution is interesting and logical. I was wondering if this could be done on a regular basis as a preventive measure. Like once a day. What do you think?

        Also, was wondering if just using water instead of coconut oil would do as well. The reason I ask is because oils tend to hold in moisture, and bacteria is in the moisture, so the thought is maybe its best not to us oil on the area. What do you think about this too?

        Sincerely thanks

    • Something to research and bring up with the doctor: geographic tongue. My mom and sister both have it, and they’re among the small percent for whom it’s painful. At 18months, my oldest daughter started complaining about her tonge, refusing to eat even her favorite foods, off and on for a few months. Her tongue looked perfectly normal. People told me it was just her testing her independence, but my gut said otherwise. By her 2nd birthday, just the smallest little geographic patch showed up, and disappeared a few days later, right before we made it to her annual exam. It began to show and grow on a cycle. Now she’s almost 4, and the doctor has finally gotten to see and confirm diagnosis.

      Anyways, not saying that’s what it is, but it’s worth researching, and is a lot less scary than other thoughts.

    • Him My son when he was three kept telling me his chin hurt.. me, like you checked his chin, – he didn’t fall, it wasn’t bruised. I took him to drs and it was his throat..I guess at that age children can identify where the pain is coming from.. I hope this helps.

    • Him My son when he was three kept telling me his chin hurt.. me, like you checked his chin, – he didn’t fall, it wasn’t bruised. I took him to drs and it was his throat..I guess at that age children can’t identify where the pain is coming from.. I hope this helps.

  21. I had chronic UTI’s growing up until I hit puberty. Mine were ‘silent’ though, meaning I had no symptoms like pain or anything. I got tested regularly and went on antibiotics a lot. To this day the smell of liquid amoxicillin brings back a lot of childhood memories for me. My grandmother had similar issues after she went through menopause.

    Obviously I am concerned since I don’t have a way of knowing if I have a UTI or not since I have no symptoms. My doc says I shouldn’t be concerned, that ‘chasing UTI’s’ are usually a waste of time and antibiotics for no reason.

    What can I do to prevent them?

    • I’d say you could do any of the things mentioned here or on FB as a preventative. Not sure about the supplements long-term, but things like garlic caps wouldn’t hurt long term. Fermented foods are great for long term, so is the fermented cod liver oil!

  22. I just wanted to add that I took my daughter to the dr. a few months ago because she was saying it hurt to pee. It ended up not being anything. She’s potty training and he said she’s probably just getting irritated because she’s wiping herself and not getting as clean as she used to. So we just increased bath frequency and water intake. So depending on the age of your daughter – maybe it’s just potty training :)

  23. My good friend suffered w/UTI’s for years. Finally found out if she squeezed lemon or lime slices into the water she was drinking that was enough citrus acid to keep them away. Cranberry juice never worked as well. I think grapefruit works too. Might be an easier option with a kid too.

  24. Chickweed (also the name of my band) is available in capsule form and is great for UTIs! I used to get them all the time. Yes, it’s the same plant as that cute little shallow-rooted lawn weed:
    A pint of water to stop the pain, then a couple of capsules. Works like magic for me. By the way, I wouldn’t treat any infection proactively; you don’t want the offending bacteria to get accustomed to your regimen. Lowering the pH a little with fruit juice probably wouldn’t hurt though.

  25. i recently went to the gyno for a mild UTI, the nurse said there really wasn’t much bacteria but the dr prescribed bactrim anyway, which i haven’t taken. I have taken it many times but I always worry about allergic reactions.
    Will the baking soda thing still work if I do have a UTI, should i just take the bactrim and hope for the best ( i have never had a reaction before, its all anxiety now). I want to deal with this in a more natural way if possible but have no idea where to get this stuff.

    • Hi Samantha,

      Do you have a good holistic doc or naturopathic practitioner nearby who you could consult on this? I don’t know the answer plus I’m not comfortable directing you since I’m not a medical person. Sorry and good luck to you! :)


    • I’m not a medical person either, but you could try many of the options on here if you are not in a lot of pain (if you are in pain, there is over the counter stuff to relieve the pain… I forget the name… it has 3 letters as the name, I think)… anyway… I would avoid the meds from the doctor just because they can cause so many other problems. I used to suffer greatly from these. Now if I have an idea that something might be going on, I have great success with drinking tons of water with lemon or lime, taking garlic, and taking lots of cranberry pills. BUT if you have fever or chills, you may have already waited too long… but the natural stuff could probably still knock it out… up to you! =0) Hope you have relief soon!

  26. how would I find one?I id use one of those UTI test strips and it was negative so I will just up my water and start taking he cranberry pills. thanks

  27. Bee Propolis worked for me when I tried all of the above and nothing worked. The bees produce propolis from their bodies and spread it on the opening to their hives. It prevents all bacteria from getting into the hive. It makes the hive remain sterile at all times. It’s a natural substance and you can get it in capsule form. It is nature’s natural antibiotic and works as well as Bactrim. People who are allergic to honey or bee stings probably should not take it. It is a miracle cure for me. A lady friend of mind was able to avoid kidney removal when she was slated to have her last kidney removed due to constant infections. She had already lost her left kidney. The propolis cured her bladder, kidney and uti infections almost over night. She has to take propolis every day now, or else her infection comes back – but its better than losing her only surviving kidney. Even antibiotics would no longer help her. But for most people, the bee propolis would only be used if nothing else worked and they probably would only need to do it for a few days or a week or so. It was a god-send for me, because I was urinating blood and had sediment in my urine. Sometimes the urine was copper colored and the pain was unbearable. The urine smelled awful and I had tried uva ursi, buchu, cornsilk, oil of oregano, garlic capsules, cranberry juice, cranberry capsules, tons of water, alfalfa-max, marshmallow, slippery elm, tumeric, cinnamon, fungreek, echinacea and golden seal, chickweed, goldenseal, echinacea, beet root, d-mannose, aloe vera, fennel seed, burdock, nettle, gravel root, and the list goes on. I’ve been literally fighting this thing ever since I went through menopause and had my legs amputated. Nothing worked (some for a day or two) – but it always came back with a vengeance. I got my life back with bee propolis. I never leave home without it. Please note that slippery elm, marshmallow and fenugreek are mucilage that produce mucous that soothes the lining of your urinary tract and it really helps the pain, until the antiobiotic affect of other herbs kick in. Natural natibiotics beside bee propolis are – cinnamon, tumeric (found in mustard), oil of oregano, licorice root, garlic, burdock root, etc.

    • Where do you get bee propolis? I am a beekeeper and have several hives, so in theory, we have plenty of propolis on hand :) Can I just walk out to the hive and scrape some off the frames? Does it have to washed, cleaned, processed, etc.? I see you said it comes in capsule form…. I wonder what they do to it to get it in capsules. In our hives, the propolis has the consistency of dried glue from a glue gun – firm, but slightly pliable.

      • You can get bee propolis at any local or online health store. I get mine at Whole Foods, it’s 12.99 Herb Pharm. The Brazilian propolis I hear are the best. You can get alcohol or non alcohol. It cured my reflux heartburn overnight. I personally did not have to take synthetic prescription anymore, this did the trick.

  28. Well i know i am late but i just had to give my opinion i have systemic lupus and i have a really high chance of getting a uti and bladder infections so i take cranberry extract pills every day they work really well i had one three years ago thats when i started taking them and they have been succesful for me and,i have a autoimmune disorder i hope this helps you

  29. D Mannose powder or capsules are less expensive online from Swanson’s than at our local health food store. They are great if E. coli is the problem. I was running out of it one night so I looked at Earth Clinic, which is all over the map at times on advice. But it sure worked when I took one teaspoon of Celtic sea salt in a glass of water. That is the first dose, and after that you drink about 1/4 tsp. per liter of water. I had no pain or urgency but alas after weeks I could not END the infection so had to go for a urine culture and antibiotics. I have some sort of resistant bacteria that I never heard of. I read on the Tahoma Clinic website that D Mannose will do the job about 90 per cent of the time and I intend to keep some in the house at all times.

  30. My mom who’s 79 years old has had chronic urinary tract infections for several years. I told her about coconut oil and she puts about a tablespoon in her coffee in the morning (she drinks 2-3 cups each morning). She hasn’t had a UTI since then.

  31. When I get UTIs, they go from “Hmmm, something feels a little funny” to “Oh my goodness, I’m going to die from this pain!” in about 2 hours. It feels like razor blades when I pee and I actually end up with chunks of blood and tissue in the toilet. So, so painful! I get weak, feverish and just plain miserable. That said, with my most recent UTI, I was desperate to avoid anti-biotics. I decided to try using D-Mannose instead. It took me a few hours to locate a store that sold it, so by the time I got it, my infection was raging. I tried several doses of the D-Mannose, along with baking soda in water. And it worked! For the next 2 days, I continued to take many doses and I felt great. I was thrilled! And then it came back… bloody pee, pain, everything. I continued the D-Mannose for 4 more days and it did a good job of keeping the pain at a manageable level, but I finally decided it was time for anti-biotics, (with lots of probiotics in addition!) since we were leaving for a vacation soon and I didn’t want to be miserable on our trip. So yes, the D-Mannose DOES work, but I think it needs to be taken the first second you feel any twinge or funniness down there. I’ll be keeping a bottle on hand at all times and be sure to take it at the first sign of infection!

  32. This morning I was awoken with the worst burning feeling in a long time and needed relief right away. It was 3am so the doctor’s office wasn’t open. I dug through my sister’s medicine cabinet (I was staying at her house thank god) and found Lady Soma Cranberry Tablets. I highly recommend this product in everybody’s medicine cabinet. The product worked within 20 minutes and I was able to go back to sleep!

    • Cranberry capsules and D mannose together are the best thing I have found. I am 65 and have had UTIs since I was 22 so I know the instant anything is “different” and start the pills right then.

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  34. I used to get UTIs all the time and cranberry juice and D-mannose did not help at all. I only started taking them after I would feel the infection coming on so that may be part of the reason. I did find a product online called Comfort Teas. It is an organic tea you drink to prevent or treat a UTI. It has worked great for me even if I feel an infection coming on, it stops it in its tracks!

  35. At my sister-in-law’s suggestion I got some milk Kefir grains. She said it will fix any and all digestive problems. It has indeed ended any lingering problem with “acid” reflux, but it also has helped end any hint of a UTI. I have had UTI issues for so long that I know WELL the signs that show up before the discomfort, and have not had a hint of a coming infection since I started the Kefir. I always wiped the way I was supposed to and drank plenty of water, etc. and I resented that docs give that old advice over and over as though I needed to be told. What I needed was a readjustment of my intestinal bacteria!

  36. I have vaginal discharge since july. I went through a pap smear but its negative.then in my urinalysis i have infection. Pus cell is 5-7 then rbw is 0-2. Then after taking 1 week antibiotic.still i have discharge. But no symptoms for uti. One thing is i always take a pee.then now my problem is i have always upper back pain and i feel so sick everyday. I feel i have a fever and my joints are really in pain. Pls. Help me cure this

  37. Everybody always talk about cranberry. Cranberry works only for E.Coli, if anything.
    The best answer should be addresses to the correct bacteria.
    I have an asymptomatic enterococcus uti which nothing has been able to shift.
    I am now trying 10 ppm colloidal silver as last resort.
    I tried all sort of herbs. Antibiotics only made it worse.
    ridiculous. I am at a loss, if you have any advise which does not include cranberry nor d-mannose please let me know.


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