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My All Natural Chill Pill for Anxiety

chill pill for anxiety

***Please note that there have been some recent concerns about the below product. Please read more at this post, do some reading and research, and decide for yourself what is best for your family. Thank you.

Do you ever wish there was an all natural chill pill for anxiety?

Last week was horrible. Not in any ways that really matter, mind you, thankfully everything is great with all the important things in life. We’re healthy, Kent and the kids are great, homeschooling is so good, etc. But I was feeling overwhelmed as I was getting ready to leave for the Wise Traditions conference, there was some work stress building up, and general feelings like I’d taken on too much. (Ya think?!) I noticed that I was walking around with my shoulders all tight and sore, and my chest even felt heavy at times. Over nothing. How dumb is that?

I sat down one day and thought, “This is why some people go on anti-anxiety meds.

Of course I knew that wasn’t a real option. There are too many people who spoke to their docs about just this type of thing and were put on a little something “to take the edge off”, and are now stuck. The many side effects are bad enough, but getting off of them is NOT easy and impossible for some. The stories in the comments at this post are enough to break your heart: Coming Off Antidepressants (Weaning From Paxil: A Reader Shares Her Story). But I thought to myself, “There’s got to be a good all-natural anti-anxiety solution…

Then it hit me: I hadn’t taken my cod liver oil in quite a while.

cod oilStaying consistent isn’t something I’m good at, but that’s got to change! I’ve taken extra in the past when I was PMS’ing and noticed a huge and very noticeable difference in my disposition. So I took some and then forgot about it. But the next day when I thought back, I realized that I had a SHOCKING improvement in how much better I felt in the previous 24 hours. My shoulders were no longer tight, my chest felt fine. I was just more level. That’s the best way to describe it.

If I hadn’t noticed the same thing in the past when taking it right before my cycle then I wouldn’t have believed it, but when there was such an improvement again in this situation, there’s no doubt in my mind.

I’m curious if any of you had the same experience?

I was talking to people about it at the conference and many speculated that it has something do with the DHA fatty acids. I don’t care what or why, I’m just thankful to have figured out what to do. Here’s where to get safe cod liver oil in case you need a little chill pill for anxiety, too!

If you think of it, shoot up a prayer for me that I can find the right balance in my life of work and rest – that’s my biggest struggle at the moment and I’m praying He shows the way. (Thanks.)

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  1. Wow, this is exactly what I needed to read tonight. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed the past few weeks as well. I kept thinking I needed something extra. I’m all out of my cod liver oil and somehow it never got reordered.
    I’ve used kava kava tea in the past, but that is out right now while i’m nursing my baby.

  2. Anxiety is a warning sign from your body, and good for you for listening rather than blocking symptoms. It usually means you either need less (stress, activity, etc.) or more (nourishment, sleep, etc.) or both, or to take a different path in life. Glad the CLO worked, and it reminded me I need to order more!

  3. What a great reminder! I’m going to go take my CLO right now. I’ve had good experiences with flower essences, particularly elm for feeling overwhelmed and olive for exhaustion. I only use them for a few days at a time, and by then I feel back to normal.

  4. Good reminder….taking mine right now too. I have noticed a difference in the past when I am consistently taking it. Why do I stop? Hopefully this reminder (and remembering how much better I feel when I take it!) will help me do it! Prayers for your life and balancing everything….I totally understand that feeling. I think God prompts us through those feelings, often to take a step back and re-evaluate our priorities. He’ll help ya figure it out!

  5. I had the exact same experience just this last week! I was feeling tired, achy, irritable, etc. and I assumed it was mainly due to the season change, the darkness setting in, and what not and that this was going to be a looong winter! But then someone suggested vitamin D! I realized I’d been cooped indoors for days on end, only venturing out in the evening once in a while when my husband was home (I’m a homeschooling mom to 4 including a baby). SO, I upped my FCLO and made sure to take it every day. It literally took ONE day to see a difference and three days and I’m pretty much back to normal! Can’t believe it!

  6. Kelly- Remember what Grandma said: God will never give us more than we can handle. Of course, I’ve always loved Mother Theresa’s retort to that: “I just wish He didn’t trust me so much”!!

    I too found that upping my FCLO helps in the crazy/frantic/stressful/UGH! moments. But it is a huge investment to buy the FCLO so I’m pretty stingy with it. So recently when I saw Brenda Watson on Suzanne Somers’ show saying that most Americans are way,way too low on Omega 3s and how badly our guts need it, I bought a bottle of fish oil from Vitacost. Only 2 teaspoons of the oil puts you over the recommended dosage of 3000 mg a day quite easily. (I had NO idea we needed so much omega 3s). So in the morning the entire family gets greased up! We take FCLO, coconut oil and 1 tsp of the fish oil. We do another tsp of fish oil at dinner. I have found that the fish oil helped my UGH! as much as the FCLO for a much better price. (This is in no way to discount the miraclulous effects of the FCLO, just something to stretch it out a bit.

    Also, for those moments when a gallon of oil won’t help my nervousness, I find that 3 drops of Bach Rescue Remedy (also from Vitacost) works wonders. Oh, and sleep, sleep, sleep! You’re doing a great job, Mama! Hang in there!

  7. I read about taking FLCO for heavy periods and when I finally got mine back last month after 13mo w/o…(breastfeeding momma) I tried 3 tbsp x3 days and sure enough. I noticed a HUGE difference right after the first day. When I though I was due to get it again I took my first dose and well I havent gotten my cycle and if nothing else a LOT of cleaning is getting done. I swear by this stuff. Also, my sister in law and her husband, my niece, nephew, and in-laws are all sick. we just spent the afternoon with them and I credit the FCLO with keeping my family up and running.

  8. This post is a great reminder to take CLO. I didn’t realize it would make that much of a difference. I have a stressful job. When it gets really over the top, I find help with Rescue Remedy. Another help is meditation with brainwave entrainment audio. It helps me relax when I can’t relax on my own.

  9. Just before I read your post, I was reading the book Adrenal Fatigue by James L. Wilson. The chapter I was reading was called Lifestyle. It talks about how to identify the “Energy Robbers” and other situations/places/people that stress you and cause your health to fail. You may not be experiencing adrenal fatigue (yet!), but you might find this chapter very helpful, if you can get your hands on this book. He details several little exercises that help you identify and control the things that are out of balance in your life.
    Praying for wisdom and strength for you!

  10. Argh! FCLO! I know I need it badly at the moment but in Australia FCLO costs $67 a bottle and we just can’t afford it. What does everyone think would be the next best thing after FCLO???

    • There are some good posts here if you read through, Nicole. Others use anything with high DHA (fish oils) and some use Vitamin D~that combo might replicate many of the CLO benefits.

  11. Kelly, I’ve been a KKC fan for a couple of years now and have appreciated your posts, recipes, life share. . . Our faithful Lord will direct your path. Perhaps being a wife, mother/homeschool teacher, follower of Christ is the exclusive calling for this season of your life. I was on one of the packed elevators with you at the WAPF Conference and thought I might get a chance to meet you later, but didn’t see you again. Anyway, I’m possibly indirectly meeting you now in sending this passage from Titus 2: “The aged (me–63 year old Christian wife, mother, grandmother) women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young (you) women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.” (KJV) God bless you, Kelly!

    • “obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.”–what a bunch of crap!!! Christians have to realize that both the old and new testaments were written when patriarchy ruled, thus it tainted the perceptions of those who wrote the bible. Obedience to your husband was the social norm of the time, but it certainly is not now unless you’re a battered woman or something of that ilk. I truly hope that you don’t really believe all that nonsense.


      • I can understand thinking this is crap if you don’t understand it. But the only thing crap about something in the bible is when people mistakenly interpret it wrong. This verse about being obedient to our husbands is followed in the very next verse with instructions for men to serve their wives and love them as Jesus loves us. So when read together, it’s basically just talking about a healthy give and take in a marriage.


  12. Thank you for this post. I am saddened to hear just one more nail being nailed in my coffin of antidepressants. I’ve been taking them for many years and I have tried to get off (with holistic medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, yoga, herbs; you name it, I’ve tried it), but I still cannot wean. Not only do I take an AD, but I also take a powerful “anticonvulsant” to combat the crippling insomnia. THAT is the worse of the two, but the both of them together? OY! I have told countless people to really work HARD before going on them because once you’re on, you’re on. I keep having hope that something will work and I won’t need to take them anymore . . . . . . . . . . . .

    • I should’ve put this in the post, but you’ve GOT to read “The Mood Cure” by Julia Ross!!!!!!
      She’s helped people get off meds & it’s definitely worth the read!


  13. I hope you’re feeling better, Kelly! I’m so energized by the WAPF conference, and getting to finally meet you! I didn’t sleep well at all the whole time, I kept waking up early. Thanks for the reminder about taking FCLO. I am trying to take it daily.

  14. Praying for u right now. I know the exact feeling you are talking about only mine includes wanting desperately to cry! Thanks for the post on what helps you. I am looking into fclo today. I really need to remember the Bachs remedy when I order from vitacost next. I really like seeing your blog pop up in my email but would totally understand if that were to change if it was chosen to be cut back some so some of the pressure would lift off your shoulders. You notice I said some cause I really like ur blog. I’m a good one to talk since I need to cut back and haven’t figured out where yet. Quit a job for that reason and took one with less, a lot less hours, and am finding myself right back where I started from at the new job. Wish it were easy. If someone has some magic on making it easy to cut back I’d like some please. Thanks again Kelly. Hope you are helping relief still or at least getting there.

    • Thank you Jenny, I’ll say a prayer for you, too!!! (And for everyone here!)

      The thing about blogging is that *most* of the time that doesn’t feel like work to me. :)


  15. Taking antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication during a short stressful time certainly shouldn’t be the answer to anyone’s problems. That would be irresponsible, you are right. Suggesting that antidepressants should never be used because they are addicting is even more irresponsible. Extreme anxiety disorders are an actual disease and should not be trivialized by suggesting that they may be cured with cod liver oil.

    • “Extreme anxiety disorders are an actual disease” is one way to look at it, and there is another perspective. Our birthright is a well-functioning brain and body, with glowing mental and physical health and balanced moods. If we give our bodies and brains what they need in terms of nutrition and other environmental conditions, our healthy genes are fully expressed to our highest potential, and we usually do well, but that also depends on factors such as what our recent ancestors, especially Mom and Dad, ate and nourished us with during our growth and development. Suggesting the use of cod liver oil, which supplies us with VITAL nutrients that are sadly low in most Americans’ diets, is not trivializing anything. No one here is judging you or anyone else for your choices.

      I used antidepressants for years, and sometimes I thought they helped, but at best they were a crutch. Now, if you need a crutch, there’s nothing wrong with using one, but a crutch is not a cure. Drugs do not cure the underlying deficit. Our amazing bodies with their immune systems and other marvels can heal, sometimes all by themselves, but especially with the proper support. This may or may not include drugs, but drugs are not a cure. Real food is the foundation of health and any cure. This is clearer to me every day. I see it in myself and in the many animals I care for (dogs, cats, chickens, goats). I wish I had known about cod liver oil and other WAP principles when I was in my depressed period (20+ years). I would gladly forego all those pills to have had then the knowledge that I have now. At least now I know.
      Best wishes.

  16. thanks for the reminder about clo, I was just telling my husband that I thought some vit d was in order but I think clo is the key instead. I feel overwhelmed with my two children who are in preschool, and my home and classes for spiritual development.

  17. I have never had a problem with anxiety before, until the last several years (maybe 3). I was being overwhelmed with anxiety attacks and did not even know what they were. I had a midwife who is very wise tell me that it was hormones as I was around 50 years old. She told me to go and buy flax seed oil capsules. She said if the bottle told me I could take one, that I could take up to 3. They work like a miracle pill for me. I have shared this with several other women around my age and they too can’t get over how much they help.

  18. Hi Kelly:

    Great meeting you at the conference. From a biochemical standpoint, your stress may be related to a calcium deficiency. “Calcium is, overall, the best tranquilizer that nature has supplied” (Nourishment Home Grown by Alexander Beddoe, D.D.S., p.160). And yet calcium has been stripped out of most of our foods due to soil depletion. Different foods have different calcium compounds. Each of these compounds has different effects on body chemistry. For an introduction as to how to determine what type of calcium you need, I recommend Biological Theory of Ionization as Applied to Human Nutrition by Dr. Beddoe. Also, Michael Olszta has a good class on RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization).

    Ever since I have used the RBTI principles from the above sources in fine tuning my Weston Price based diet, I have become more calm overall. Including substantial amounts of bone broth, milk, cheese, kelp, and sour milk products in the diet can help quite a bit. I eat some soft bones as well. Secondarily, looking at the USDA database of foods rich in calcium can help as well. Eating high brix nutrient dense farmed foods also helps because they have much higher calcium content, if you can find some.

  19. I wonder if high-DHA fish oil would replicate the effects? With maybe some Vitamin D? Not sure of the differences, being not as up on all this as you all are. But I know CLO, especially FCLO, is super pricey and not that tasty, apparently!

  20. Boy, do I ever wish that something as simple as CLO helped my anxiety, but it does not. Everyday I take CLO, 2,000 to 4,000 mg of Omega 3’s and 1,000 mgs of Krill Oil and they do not help my anxiety at all. By the way, a recent study found that taking 500 mgs of Krill Oil per day “could increase your feeling of contentment and calm by 51% plus boost your energy and erase any brain fog.”

    And, yes, THE MOOD CURE is a great book; one very interesting point is that 5HTP does not work for people whose adrenals and thyroid are not working well; you need to go right to taking St. John’s Wort for minor depression and mood swings.

    Take care,

  21. Every time someone recommends a particular food or supplement to fix an imbalance, there’s always going to be somebody for whom that did not work. I don’t think the correct conclusion is that “there’s nothing to that.” I think it’s a reflection of how complex the balance of nutrient needs and nutrients supplied in our diets is. If you’re lacking two things and supplement just one of them, it may not have the desired effect, because all nutrients work with cofactors for complete absorption and effective utilization.

    Supplements have their place, and FCLO is one I rely on, but if our diets are fully of deficiencies built up over years, we really need to make major dietary improvements before we can expect complete healing, I believe. And sometimes, we just have an intractable problem that may require expert assistance (doctor, naturopath, nutrition coach, etc.). It is hard not to get discouraged when the first several things one tries don’t seem to help. I just want to encourage everyone who is trying to take control of their health to not give up. As long as you’re going in the right direction, you’re better off and are increasing your chances of restoring your health.

    Thanks for all the good advice, Kelly.

  22. Very interesting. I am fairly new to the natural, real food lifestyle (in the last year) and this is an area I need to do a lot more research on. I have not been able to get my vitamin D levels up despite supplements and it sounds like this could definitely help with that. I am currently weaning off of my SSRI (almost there!) and next step is getting rid of the Xanax (very low dose taken for sleep). Does anyone notice a difference with sleep with taking the cod liver oil? I am looking forward to learning more about this!

  23. I’ve been taking fco for a week & I’m about to jump outta my skin with anxiety all of a sudden! If this helps I sure hope it kicks in asap!

    • Also try some of the things suggested in other posts (decrease stress, get more sleep, avoid stimulants like coffee, try avoiding sugar and grains?, etc.), and other ideas mentioned in the comments here.

      Also, if necessary you may need to call a doc or homeopath, there maybe other deficiencies going on that they can help you pinpoint!


  24. I wish CLO had worked for my anxiety. Maybe it was that I was so depleted from pregnancy or breastfeeding that I started having major panic attacks that landed me in the ER? I am slowly trying to take charge of my health and paying more attention to stress reduction, exercise, and eating a better diet. I just want to say from personal experience that anxiety is the most agonizing thing I have ever been through. I’m saying this after having two babies. The mental pain is far worse than any physical pain. I did not sleep for a month, I was in constant pain physically from the muscle tension, I could not function with normal day to day activities. I was paralyzed by fear. I had to do something and I couldn’t wait for months to do something naturally to turn this around. Finally I broke down after telling myself I’d never go on medicine and took an ssri my doctor prescribed. I do have fears about never being able to get off of it. I do have some unpleasant side effects but it outweighs the debilitating effects anxiety caused. I will soon be weaning off of it and now that my hormones have balanced out ( which I think was a great contributor) I’m hoping that I do have success not being on this medicine. I also will be trying some natural things and really watching my stress levels since I don’t cope well with stress at all.

    • My heart goes out to you Kristin, what you have been through, most can not fathom, I am praying that you find what works for you!

  25. I just got a bottle of the Infused Coconut Oil (coconut oil, skate oil, fclo and butter oil combo) and WOW! Been taking for a mere 5 days and I feel like a new woman. I have dozens of supplements that are supposed to help me “feel better”, We’ve been eating clean food for over 2 years but I felt like I was just stuck. I think I will throw out everything else and never run out of this!!

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