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Monday Morning Mix-Up 7/16/2012

Good morning readers. Wow, how quickly things can happen. In the past couple of weeks when I’d read about the Colorado wildfires I felt bad for them and said some prayers for the fire fighters, but never thought it could be us. We’ve had quite the drought going on around here, though, and yesterday a big field only about 500 feet or so from our property was in flames! Last I knew they had no idea how the grass fire started. Here’s a picture:

Our awesome fire fighters got it out quickly, but it’s amazing how fast it can go. There’s a pretty big area that’s black now (a lot more than shows in this picture) and it happened in a matter of minutes. As dry as everything is, it easily could’ve been our house and several others in our neighborhood. We’re very thankful to our fire fighters who got here so quickly, and it lessens the pain a little for when we have to pay our property taxes next month.

It seems sort of funny to just move on to other topics, but I’ve got some interesting stuff for you today, so on we go…

  • First off today… Don’t forget that the FREE Real Food Summit online classes end THIS WEEK: SIGN UP HERE. And hurry to get ALL presentations for $67 before the price goes to $99 – you’ll hear 29 farmers, nutritionists, and bloggers get back to the basics and simplify REAL FOOD – some big names, one no-name (ME!) – Learn more here!
  • I’m curious what you all think of this topic that Avivah wrote about recently: Cellular memory – emotional imprinting on unborn child. At first glance I’ll admit it sounds hokey. But the more you think about it, why wouldn’t emotional events in a woman’s life affect her developing unborn child in some way? Especially when you think of how the very formation of the brain takes place then! As Avivah said, “This is the kind of thing that people don’t talk about much and you don’t see much written about, because it’s not quantifiable.” I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this.
  • Don’t miss my post last week about Heather’s Nourished Baby book: A Conversation with my 18 year old Niece.
  • Thank you to Jill, who shared this neat post with me. It’s unrelated to Real Food, but instead is about Real Men (I’m thankful to be married to one): Magic Mike Who?
  • You probably know that when something big happens in California that’s food related, most likely it will eventually affect us all. Read about the Cottage Homemade Food Act that recently PASSED from the Urban Homestead!
  • Many of you probably saw Sarah’s post last week on The American Dietetic Association and their “illegal black hat tactics to stifle the competition“. As a blogger, this is especially worrisome, and as a favor to me, I hope you’ll watch the video there and please VOTE.
  • Sarah mentions in that post that the ADA’s nutritional advice is “increasingly being ignored and even laughed at by a public that is waking up to the fact that its recommendations run completely contrary to the diets of healthy, disease free Traditional Cultures and hence will not help them lose weight, control blood sugar, and prevent cancer and heart disease.” I had just read that post and then at my Mom’s on Saturday, she showed me a diabetes magazine that comes in the mail each month, most likely a ‘courtesy’ from her doctor’s office. Not surprisingly, it’s full of pharmaceutical ads, and advice such as “Replace sticks of margarine with trans fat-free spreads.” Seriously?! Replace one fake food with another? That’ll really help diabetics. NOT. Of course there’s no mention of using grass fed animal fats which nourish us. Another doozy: “Replace sugar-laden yogurt with plain nonfat or low-fat Greek yogurt.” Once again, they are ignorant about the role of healthy grass fed dairy foods in our diet. The article I saw was chock full of more of this garbage. (Thankfully my Mom knows the value of butter and she eats it liberally.)
  • Have you seen this Joel Salatin article from a while back, How should we respond when we’re called elitists because we buy more expensive, local food?Because high-quality local food often carries a higher price tag than food generated by the industrial system, the charge of elitism coming from industrial foodists is often vitriolic, and embarrassed foodies agonize over the label. For all their positive energy surrounding food, I’ve found latent guilt among this group – guilt for paying more for local food when others are starving, guilt for caring about taste when others would happily eat anything. Instead of cowering in self-guilt, let’s confront the issue of prices head on.”
  • Just in case you missed it from last week: Update on the Stieler Case – Creating a Dangerous Law Where Doctors Are Always Right.
  • It appears genetically modified babies, lab monkeys, genetically modified mosquitoes, and even human-hybrids are not enough for some geneticists who continue to modify the very genetic coding of nature more and more each day.” If you want to be freaked out, read the rest of this article: Scientists Produce Genetically Modified Cows to Create ‘Human Breast Milk’. (Thank you Colleen for sending this…I think.)
  • RealFoodWednesdaysI’ll see you here later this week for Real Food Wednesday! (Did you know that participating is a great way to get more traffic to your blog OR to learn more about Real Food and get some great new recipes, too?!)


  1. Glad to know you were spared in the fires! That is scary.

    And thank you for the Salatin link, sounds like fodder for a post I have wanted to do for a few years now. (oh time, come back here so I can read this stuff!)

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