Monday Morning Mix-Up 4/26/10


Good morning Reader Friends. :) Every week I wonder if I’ll have much to share with you for the Monday mix-up, then tons of great stuff always pops up!

  • EarthkeeperFarm Read about these awesome farmers nearby at Earthkeeper Farm and consider joining their CSA. They are my FIRST stop at the farm market all summer. Check out my comment there, too. (They are also featured in my upcoming Online Rookie Nutrition class!)
  • Did you see the latest post at my other blog? "The 5 Best Kept Christian Secrets to the Best Sex Ever" – I think you’ll find it very interesting, to say the least. :) (Please subscribe so you don’t miss any new posts, my blogging is more sporadic over there.)
  • Substance found in breast milk kills 40 kinds of cancer cells! (We already knew how beneficial breastfeeding is though, didn’t we? God’s way, the most natural way, is always best. Did you see my recent post on breastfeeding?)
  • Kate at Modern Alternative Mama asked me to join in on a Real Food Kid Panel last week – if you struggle feeding your kids Real Foods, you may want to have a look. :)
  • SPRING CLEANING BUTTON Coming up tomorrow: next in Kitchen Stewardship’s Clean Out the Junk series: Nettacow blogs all about Food Additives! Food additives like fake colors, flavors and preservatives are all just chemicals, you know. I’ll be linking up with this post I wrote about the Feingold Association and “Foodless Foods”.
  • Speaking of Foodless Foods, last week Jen sent me a link to this post: Which is better, butter or margarine? Of course it got me going and there have been interesting comments back and forth. See where you fall on this issue.
  • In case you missed it, I announced the winners of the Real Food Ingredient Guide or Real Food Party Planning Guide giveaway!
  • I’ll see you here later this week for Real Food Wednesday. :)Real Food Wednesdays
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      Got a question I am hoping people here will be able to answer. Next month I’ll be in Ocala, FL for a week visiting my best friend. I’d rather not be cut off from raw milk while I am there. Does anyone know any of the farmers in the area or places where I can buy the milk? I found one listing on but have not yet gotten in touch with that farmer.

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