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Monday Morning Mix-Up 4/16/2012 – Pictures!

Friday I went to Chicago with local bloggers, Katie, Donielle and Dara, for the Nourished food blogger conference. Katie’s adorable and smiley little dude came with us, too. I got me some nice baby snuggles, I tell ya. It was great to meet some reader friends and other blogging friends, too. My favorite talks included one on food writing, by Dianne Jacob, and one on photography basics, by Cara Lyons. We all know I have a long way to go in both of those areas here at the blog! The first thing I did to hopefully improve my blog pictures is order this Table Top Photo Studio Light Kit, for only $38 with free shipping!

They also fed us a tasty lunch where I learned that gluten free cupcakes can be really dreamy! (We’re not GF here anyway, but based on other GF stuff I’ve tried, I was amazed at how good these were.)

On to today’s links!

  • Farmageddonis finally out on DVD! Here’s my post with Kristin, where she tells how she first got into the Real Food movement and how that led to her making this film. I hope you’ll buy it and share it with everyone you know to help support small farms and get the word out about how they are too often treated by our government! Buy Farmageddon here and if you’ve seen it, let us know what you thought! Check out the trailer:
  • Speaking of farms, if your blood is boiling like mine over the pig farmer in Northern Michigan who the DNR has been hassling, please go here to fill out a short 2 minute (or less) form to let our Michigan Governor know what you think, and thank you!!!
  • Local readers, have you tried the new organic restaurant on the Beltline called Green? Here’s an Mlive article with more scoop. We tried their sandwiches the other day and LOVED them. And it was so refreshing to see their shelves in the back filled with the same foods on my pantry shelves at home… Please go support this restaurant and show them that our area is willing to pay a little more for quality food that we don’t have to worry about being full of junk that will make us or our kids sick!
  • Readers near St. Louis, MO, did you know that the Weston Price Foundation is planning its first regional conference there next month?! If you’ve always wanted to go to a WAPF conference (there’s nothing else like it for Real Foodies!), then this is your chance. :)

  • Did you see this from Huffington Post? 8 Foods with More Sugars than a Twinkie.
  • Remember I’ve told you before what a soccer freak our son, Kal, is? He especially loves English Premier League soccer — “the best league in the world” he says, and for sure the most watched. He found this interesting article about one of the teams, Fulham, who bought 8 chickens to provide higher quality eggs for their team and save money, too. They’d been going through 90 eggs each week for the team. Cool, huh?
  • Unfortunately I can’t make it to this Tuesday’s local Weston Price chapter meeting (our son has a band concert), but you’ll want to go if you can, so you can hear Karen Lubbers share the whole scoop on fresh, raw milk. If you can’t make it either, or you’re not local, check out my posts all about raw milk, including safety issues, why it’s so much more nutritious than pasteurized milk, and more. Specifically, if you want to get to know Karen and learn how awesome she is, check out my notes from a talk she did once called, “Milk comes from cows, not beans.”
  • Don’t forget to enter the latest Kitchen Kop giveaway to win these cool glass beverage bottles!
  • Is your budget tight just like everyone else’s these days? Check out these posts from the archives on money and budgeting for Real Food.
  • By the way, I was going to show you pictures of our dinner out with friends at Grove restaurant the other night, but decided I’d put that in its own post later this week. So there aren’t as many pictures in this post as I expected when I picked that title!
  • RealFoodWednesdaysI’ll see you here later this week for Real Food Wednesday! (Did you know that participating is a great way to get more traffic to your blog OR to learn more about Real Food and get some great new recipes, too?!)


  1. I hadn’t heard of the new restaurant. Looks great!! I’ll have to try it out some time.

    I wish I could hear Karen speak. She is such a wonderful lady!!! I’m glad I at least got to use their milk for a little while. Best I’ve ever had. My daughter’s birthday is tomorrow, so we’ll be home celebrating.

  2. OH MAN! What are the chances – I’ll miss the St. Louis conference by a week. Gonna be out that way for training the week after Memorial Day. I need to find one close to KS! You’ve piqued my interest now . . .

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