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Monday Morning Mix-Up 3/12/2012 With Scoop on Our California Weekend!

As I write this I’m on a plane looking out over gorgeous snow-capped mountains somewhere between California and Chicago. Unfortunately I’m writing offline because United isn’t hip enough yet to have wifi on their planes. In Chicago I’ll share another $10 with Mr. O’Hare so I can work online for a while before taking a quick flight over Lake Michigan back to GR. I can’t wait to crawl into bed with my hubs, and then jump back into the Mom thing in the morning. Getting away always makes you thankful for those little things and I’m ready for my hugs. :)

Ann Marie and I had a great time at Expo West and made a lot of contacts with companies who will hopefully become new sponsors on the Real Food Media blogs. (We’ll tell you more about them soon — Ann Marie and I both plan to do some ‘favorites of Expo West’ posts… Update, here’s the first: Cool stuff! Favorites from Expo West – Part 1) The best part of the trip was meeting so many really sweet people. I even thought that the cop who gave Ann Marie a ticket for crossing over five lanes of traffic to catch our exit was sort of a nice guy, but she vehemently disagreed. We were from out of town, there wasn’t anybody coming up behind us, and it was my iPhone’s fault for screwing us all up, but apparently they still frown on that in those parts. I was hoping my freckles could at least get us just a warning, but nope, I guess that innocent ‘What could I do wrong? I have freckles!’ thing doesn’t work anymore, darn it.

While we didn’t make it to the beach (Ann Marie is a hard-charger!), we did enjoy some great food, of course. And as always, she made me try some new things that I wasn’t real sure about trying… (Read about when she was determined to expand my palate when I visited her in L.A. a few years ago.)

We had escargot dumplings (pictured below) that were really tasty – is there anything that wouldn’t taste good served inside a dumpling?

We also had caviar, which I didn’t care for. (I don’t love foods that are quite so out-loud with the fishy taste.)

We had this dish, “Sweetbreads with a fried egg on a bed of kimchi”, and it tasted like yummy pork, but get this: it was pancreas or thyroid gland or some weird icky sounding thing like that. Good thing Ann Marie has built my trust in her and the weird stuff she gets me to eat or I’d have never been able to try this! I’m glad I did, though. :)

We also had foie gras, which I’ve had before with Ann Marie. It’s so good that I still can’t believe it’s actually liver. It tastes like a super flavorful piece of fatty meat. (Read her post from today, The fight for foie gras in California.) We had it twice this weekend, and this one was served with a little apple tart, cool huh?

Last night we had a great steak served with duck fat fries, but unfortunately they cooked them in canola oil first. I loooove Béarnaise sauce…

So basically we got to eat all sorts of delicious food!

Here are pictures of us over-40‘s reading the menu with Ann Marie’s cheater glasses.

Besides that we ate a LOT of food on the floor of the show each day from all the companies who were rolling out new products, and we got loads of free loot, too. I had no idea about this or I’d have brought a much bigger suitcase.

On to a few links and tid-bits for this week…

That’s all, they’re about to board the plane heading home! :)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip!!

    I did read the article on bed wetting. I agree with it 100% And I think it has been my biggest problem since I was very young…and still is at the root of my mental and physical issues today. I always thought I had an overactive bladder. I’ve been to a urologist with no help. Turns out it is all about my bowels…which I kind of knew, but this verified it.

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