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Monday Morning Mix-Up 12/7/09


  • Good morning, reader friends! Today I have some good info about breakfast cereals, a story to gross you out, a favor to ask and some of our Christmas decorations to show you. Also, if you’d like, you can share your shopping successes with us so far this Christmas season. :)
  • So first, this is the favor I have to ask you… Are you familiar with It’s a “web information company” that shows how much traffic websites get. If you have a minute, will you go to this Alexa site, click on “reviews”, and then write a short review there about my site? After two years I’m getting close to being in the top 100,000 websites (which doesn’t sound that great unless you know that when I began blogging, that number was in the millions!), and I think that having reviews there might be helpful. I would really appreciate it!
  • How is your shopping going? Has anyone found a screaming deal that you’re dying to tell us about? I saved about $40 using Meijer Santa Bucks last weekend, but that’s it for me…definitely not as good as previous years when I got up at 2:00 a.m. for Black Friday. I didn’t need anything on sale bad enough to do that this year.
  • lunchables Do you want to be grossed out? You’ll never eat another Lunchable again and you certainly will never again be tempted to give them to your kids when you read this post from psychic lunch: Food or Foodstuff?
  • Did you notice my new ad running up above? If you order one, be sure to share your feedback!
  • I received an email last week with an interesting link to a site all about breakfast cereals. “The Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University spent a year studying food marketing practices and nutrient composition of breakfast cereals, specifically those marketed to kids. breakfastcereals In addition to tons of really appalling info about the amount of food marketing kids as young as two are seeing, we found that the least healthy cereals are the ones most frequently and aggressively marketed to kids.” Go to to read the full report and get details on specific cereals. One thing I wish had been covered but they didn’t get into was the extrusion process that most breakfast cereals go through. There’s not much out there on extruders and the high heat and high pressure that the food is put through to make little shapes or puffs, but Sally Fallon often talks about its dangers. Also, have you seen my post, “What’s wrong with breakfast cereals?”
  • Here’s an old-ish post with pics of our home at Christmas. There are also some ideas here (and in the comments) about tweaking/adapting traditional Christmas recipes to make them a little more nutritious.
  • RFWnew_edited-4 Remember Real Food Wednesday will be hosted here this week. Be sure to start getting your posts or comment ideas ready so you can share lots of REAL FOOD scoop with us. See you then!

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  1. 1. On gifts, I found the exact item I hoped to buy for my boss and another coworker last night, one day after pondering where I might find them. Went down to my local yoga center for my belly dancing class, and lo, there was a basket full of pashmina! I love pashmina.

    2. Glad of the cereal study, and the mention of the Rudd center reminds me I need to dig back to find the video of a discussion I attended earlier this year which was led by the head on the Rudd center. Some things mentioned had me foaming at the mouth (like talk of using GM food to feed hungry people and the term “over-nourished” in place of overweight).

  2. @Soli Ooooh pashmina!

    @Kel – I love sharing coffee with all of our friends on Monday mornings here on your site!

    I had a really neat Christmas shopping experience this weekend. I was on Twitter on Sat morning and I posted this:

    Love seeing all these holiday trending topics on Twitter – Snow, It’s Snowing, Santa, Christmas. Whee! Think I’ll go toy shopping today!

    A couple of hours later someone replied to that tweet:

    @cheeseslave Haha… trending topics should be part of the new economic stimulus packages

    I clicked to see who it was and it was this company called Wooden Toddler Toys.

    I checked out their site:

    Isn’t it AWESOME? I saw so many neat toys on there. And nothing plastic! And they even have learning towers (I have one for Kate and LOVE it).

    Shipping is FREE if you buy over $100. Well, right then and there I knew I would not have to brave the crowds at Toys R Us. I decided to order toys from them. In fact, I’m going to do all my shopping online this year. I’m going to get Kate either a doll house or something else… not sure yet.

    I also had a really neat experience with the products from Marilyn Moll’s Urban Homemaker. I spent all Sunday morning testing out her Norwex microfiber cloths, and playing with my new microfiber mop. Oh my goodness. These things are AMAZING! I know it doesn’t sound like much fun to get or give a mop for Christmas, but you know what, I am going to give some of these products as gifts. I couldn’t believe how easy they made my cleaning. With just water, I cleaned our glass coffee table with just a few swipes. I was going all over the house, like I was on an infomercial, easily lifting dirt & grime off walls, off the leather sofa, off the kitchen cupboards… with just water!

    Anyway I’m going to post about it on my blog today — and suggest gifts people can get from Marilyn. They are very affordable.

    I’m also going to buy some gift baskets from our Real Food Media sponsors (some of the small farmers) and I’m buying cod liver oil for a couple of people, including a friend who just got pregnant.

    Maybe you could add something to your post about how this is a great time to support our Real Food Media sponsors and buy gifts from them! Why spend our money in malls when we can support small farms and other people who are doing all they can to support REAL FOOD? :-)

    Oh and please mention that the Real Food Media bloggers are going to be doing an extravaganza giveaways through the holidays. I think we have like 15 giveaways planned. It’s a great time to take advantage of discounts when the winners are announced.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  3. Yikes, between Lunchables and extruded cereals, I can’t help thinking how awful it is that our society has come to this place where chemicals and fake foods make up the bulk of our children’s diets. In traditional societies so much emphasis was placed on feeding children nourishing, real food. It’s amazing how in just a couple of generations all of that ancient wisdom has been lost.

  4. Kelly,

    I found a great sale on Spectrum refined coconut oil and Spectrum palm oil at Krogers. I bought 2 of each and saved a bit over $10. I just blogged it yesterday.
    They also have raw almonds for $3.77-ish. They are not organic and surely are pasteurized but that’s what I’m using for now anyway so that’s been great.


  5. This isn’t necessarily a shopping “deal”, but we emptied our change bucket and put it all on an gift card and are using that to do our Christmas shopping. Sitting in my house with a cup of tea and shopping online is so much better than wandering around a crowded store.

  6. Hi Candace, I agree, especially when I can get free shipping. (If you think of it, I’d appreciate if you’d go through my site for your shopping, too, and thank you!)

  7. I got tired of cold cereals / frozen waffles and have been trying to do oatmeal, pancakes, etc. Problem is they won’t all eat oatmeal and pancakes take too long unless I make ’em the night before and freeze.
    Then along comes this stuff Batter Blaster – seen it? Bright yellow can caught my eye at Whole Foods. It’s organic pancake mix, where you just spray it on the pan! Crazy. But they taste pretty good (if not quite as good as mine from scratch!) and the kids eat them up, no complaints.
    Perfect for our crew, crazy mornings in this cold weather.
    Stay warm and Happy Holidays everybody.

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