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Monday Morning Mix-Up 12/3/2012

Good morning readers! My friend, Chris, has been giving me ideas on how to improve my blog. He’s full of good suggestions so I’m glad I asked. (Wait ’til you see some of his other ideas that I’ll attempt to implement around here…) One thing he said was to include more pics in my Monday posts, so here we go! :)


  1. Thanks Kelly for the post! And if anyone has any questions, please feel free to comment on my post. I’ve got finals this week and next, but I’ll do my best to watch what’s going on here. The deadline for the petition is December 7th. Thanks in advance for supporting giving people options for healthcare! I’m hopeful that this will also be the beginning of greater awareness and a bigger push for licensing of naturopaths in all states.

  2. Signed the petition, hope it helps. I went to CSU for my first 2 years of college :), it sounds like a good thing to me since it also includes cheese and bread. Hopefully it will be traditional fermentation and not some new subverted angle.

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