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Monday Morning Mix-Up 12/14/09

Monday coffee
  • copy AMBefore I get you all upset (see the next topic), I’ll tell you a couple of fun announcements! First, our Real Food T-shirts & Shopping Bags are finally available for sale online! (FYI: We don’t have a lot of each size left, especially the “butter” shirts.) Also, my other post today is a new giveaway: A recipe card subscription from Jenny at Nourished Kitchen – be sure to go sign up! Then you can go check out the giveaway at Jenny’s blog for a Health Beauty Kit from Actual Organics. Lastly, remember to go sign up for the Cheeseslave Menus by Mail giveaway – this one ends Wednesday.
  • See if this Missouri raw milk story gets you as ticked off as it does me. Not long ago I told you about a similar “sting” in GA – this picture makes my blood boil. GAmilkdump500 Here’s more on that and the raw milk “crackdowns” in Wisconsin. The WI man they’re going after, Max Kane, has a court date on December 21st. (Ann Marie is going to cover the event and to be one of the many there to support him, along with Mark McAfee who has fought his own share of raw milk battles.) Now let’s all go to the gas station to get our cigarettes and our high fructose corn syrup chemical-filled soda pop, ya wanna?
  • Have you seen my complete list of raw milk posts? (Everything you’d ever want to know.)
  • Thanks to Megan G. who emailed me last week to say that “Food, Inc.” just got put on “Netflix Watch Instantly”. foodinc I don’t use Netflix, so I don’t know what that means, but I have a pretty good idea… You have GOT to see this movie. Read what I thought of Food, Inc. (The trailer gives me chills every time.) Also, see this post The Truth about Food, Inc. – an interesting interview with Michael Pollan & the film maker. One more – Jeanmarie wrote a great Food, Inc. movie review!
  • I recently made this fermented cranberry relish. Now that I know fermented foods like this one aren’t side dishes, but instead are meant to be eaten as a condiment (only a little at a time to help digestion), it goes down much easier. This tasted really good and I was excited that I loved one more fermented food. (There are some that I haven’t liked.) I’m going to freeze it in small quantities since you only serve a little bit at a time.
  • Have you taken a look at my new Real Food Ingredient Guide yet? Here are more Real Food Christmas ideas!
  • Kim Hartke had a great guest post last week: “What to Tell Vegetarians Who Say Eating Meat is Immoral.” After reading this I wanted to stand up and do a happy dance. It is also a great follow up to my post, “Are Meat Eaters Ruining the Earth?”
  • That’s it for this Monday, I hope I gave you enough goodies to get your blood moving this morning. Don’t forget that Real Food Wednesday is here again this week! :)


  1. Thank you so very much for the Fermented Cranberries link. What an awesome sounding recipe. I am a cranberry freak (Cranberry Mead is my fav), but since removing sugar from our diet we have foregone the traditional cranberry sauce. This is perfect, although I think I will juice oranges in place of the grape juice. My gang will be so suprised Christmas Day. What a treat!!!

    Love your site!! Keep up the good work!!
    Blessings and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  2. Thanks for the link, Kelly! Do you freeze before or after fermenting? If freezing AFTER, does that mean that freezing does not kill whatever the fermenting started? (showing my ignorance and FORGETTING of what fermentation actually is!).


  3. I froze after fermenting. Crappy carumba, I HOPE freezing doesn’t kill the beneficial bacteria, dang it!! I’ll do a tweet and see if I can find out. Seems like I read about this but can’t remember now…

  4. Kelly,

    I HATE the raw milk issues!! If cigarettes and alcohol are legal, why is MILK not legal? I tell that to everyone. We don’t drink it yet, as kids are allergic to milk and we are waiting until they are older, but plan to certainly never drink pasteurized again!

    The fermenting thing — I’m *pretty sure* that freezing just slows down the activity, but I could be wrong…maybe that’s refrigeration and freezing is too cold?

    I also wrote a review of Food Inc. on my blog! It was a good — and scary! — movie. It should have been a horror film instead of a documentary, almost. :)

  5. LOL, Kelly! “Crappy Carumba!” I like it!

    Thanks, Ann Marie for your post. As soon as I started reading your response, I thought to myself “Well, I freeze raw milk” then wondered if I had been blowing that.

    Many thanks to the both of you for your awesome work getting us healthy!


  6. I will have to check out the cranberry recipe as I got a good amount of local, organically grown cranberries this fall. I made some sauerkraut with apples, cranberries and cinnamon but it isn’t ready yet. Hope it turns out as good as the Fab Ferment brand!!

    I got Food Inc. for hubby and I for Hanukkah and I hope to watch it one night this week.

    The entire concerted effort of the federal government using the state governments to carry out this crackdown on raw milk is maddening. Follow the money, it isn’t about food safety even remotely. They don’t have the science on their side and if they really cared about food safety they would be taking steps to do away with CAFO’s and their plethora of toxic issues.


  7. Kelly,
    I just love your style. thanks for the tip on the food, inc streamable. We have netflix and I’ve been wanting to see that for so long! Maybe i’ll make a big bowl of coconut popcorn & watch it tonight.

    I just love this post as well: on how sustainable eating grass fed beef can be. Nita has a great blog that I love to follow as well and makes the most beautiful pie crusts I’ve ever seen.

    xo, Annette

  8. Raw milk should be legal for those of us who want it. It should not be in every grocery, health food store or gas station. If that happened someone would surely sue because he thought he got sick from raw. Diary farms would sell raw milk from sickly cows and people would get seriously ill and then raw milk would be completely banned.

    I like that people have to seek out raw milk and pay for cow shares. I expect to pay alot for my raw and I want to keep it that way – I know my farmer and have seen his farm. Clean, organic, raw milk from beautiful healthy cows.

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