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Monday Morning Mix-Up 11/19/2012 – Simple Thanksgiving Recipes for You!

Good morning reader friends! Are you excited for Thanksgiving? Does your turkey ever look like the one pictured here? I can’t say that I’ve ever put fruit around mine. :) I’ve only got a few Thanksgiving recipes here on my blog but thought you might want to take a peek at them: Thanksgiving Traditions and Recipes. I was on an LA radio show the other day talking about how simple my Traditional Turkey Stuffing is to make! (I don’t think it’s aired yet.)

  • In many holiday recipes you’ll need REAL bone broth. Bone broth / homemade stock is really easy to make, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out; maybe because you’re not going to be home long enough for it to simmer, or whatever the reason. For those instances, GET THIS, now you have an option of where to get Real Food bone broth! This is especially great for those who are on the GAPS Diet or maybe you have joint issues – those are just a couple examples of some who might need more real stock on hand beyond what you can keep up with making. I tasted this at the conference last week and it was the real deal, very rich tasting and delicious!
  • Here are a couple more great Thanksgiving posts I thought you might like to check out, first from Real Food Forager: Thanksgiving Real Food Roundup. Next, from Melissa – how she gets it all done (with ten kids and one in the oven!): Thanksgiving Day and So Much To Do.
  • Don’t miss the big Black Friday sale coming up here at the blog on Friday!
  • If you want a good laugh today check out Ann Marie’s Weston Price conference recap post!
  • Did you see this flu vaccine picture I posted on my Facebook page? (Thank you Michelle for sending it!) Also, last week I posted some tips from an expert on vaccine dangers on how to fight any mandatory flu shot policies at your work place: Healthcare Workers – How to Avoid the Flu Shot and Not Get Fired (Part 2).
  • I’m sure most of you, my health conscious readers, wouldn’t go near such things, but you may want to spread the word to friends or family who consume these energy drinks, as they’ve been connected to some baaaad stuff recently: Caffeinated Drink Cited in Reports of 13 Deaths. Instead, tell them to make a Real Food Energy Drink!
  • Antibiotic resistance and how to avoid it was something I remember my Mom being aware of and careful about over thirty years ago, so if we knew this stuff even way back then, I’d love to know why the problem has become so widespread as this article on antibiotic resistance says it has? I have a few ideas, but wonder what all of you think?
  • As Kent said when he sent me the following link, it’s sad that so many lost their jobs, but is it really a bad thing that Hostess is going under? (They made Twinkies and Wonder Bread.)
  • RealFoodWednesdaysI’ll see you here later this week for Real Food Wednesday! (Did you know that participating is a great way to get more traffic to your blog OR to learn more about Real Food and get some great new recipes, too?!)


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