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Marie Osmond’s Pathetic Weight Loss Ads {Peggy’s Parody}

Marie nutrisystem

When I first saw the latest Marie Osmond Nutrisystem commercial, which you can watch below if you dare, my stomach turned and my eyes rolled, especially at the part where my precious butter was slammed again. I’m so sick of defending butter and whole milk, when are people going to wake up?! (Read all about REAL healthy fats here.)

And then my reader and blogging friend, Peggy, emailed last week…

“I can’t keep my mouth shut. I saw the “Motivation” ad with Marie Osmond (she’s had so much surgery she’s almost unrecognizable) and had to write a parody.”

First, the original text of the TV commercial:

“Losing Weight with Nutrisystem”

Losing weight, just the thought of it can be such a drag, can’t it? You buy clothes with stretchy elastic, you wear your sweatpants because it’s more comfortable and you don’t realize how out of control you get. I’m Marie and I lost 50 pounds on Nutrisystem. When I saw those big clothes and I saw my body starting to lose, I got so motivated! Oh my gosh. It was thrilling because I knew with Nutrisystem I could do it.

Millions have lost weight on Nutrisystem and you can too!

chemical mac and cheese nutrisystemYou find any other program where you can say, “You know what? I am just craving mac and cheese.” Can I eat the fattening stuff with all the butter and everything? Absolutely not. Can I eat Nutrisystem’s version of it? Uh, yeah. And it’s good. A nutrient-rich plan designed specifically for a woman’s metabolism. My husband is awesome. He loves that I take care of myself and I love when he says, “You’re lookin’ hot.” See results or your money back.

Peggy’s Parody:

“Losing Health with Starvisystem”

Keeping up with the world’s idea of beauty, just the thought of it can be such a drag, can’t it? You buy clothes with stretchy elastic, you wear your sweatpants because it’s more comfortable and you realize how thankful you are that you are comfortable not only in comfy clothes, but in your own skin. I’m Marie and I lost all my good sense on Nutrisystem. When I saw those comfortable clothes and I saw my plastic surgeon, I got so motivated! Oh my gosh. It was thrilling because I knew with enough spandex and a team of hair and makeup artists I could do it.

Millions have lost their health on Nutrisystem and you can too!

You find any other program where you can say, “You know what? I am just craving mac and cheese.” Can I cook organic macaroni and combine it with fresh milk, cheese and butter full of their natural vitamins and minerals and eat an appropriate amount for my needs? Absolutely not. Can I eat Nutrisystem’s version of it with cheese powder, genetically engineered modified corn starch, inulin, yeast extract, sodium caseinate, mono and diglycerides, gum Arabic, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, disodium phosphate, potassium chloride, xanthan gum, genetically engineered soybean oil, lactose, maltodextrin, FD&C yellow #5 and silicon dioxide?

Uh, yeah. And it’s…not food!

A preservative-rich plan designed specifically for a woman’s low self-esteem. My husband is awesome. He loves that I can put on enough makeup to look like a 50-year-old-trying-to-look-20 and I love when he says, “You’re lookin’ scarier than usual.” I tell him, “Yeah, a little collagen here, some Botox there and a BIG old tummy tuck…the bill’s in the mail, baby!” See results or your money back. The weight you gain back when you come off the plan is your body desperately trying to regain health after weeks or months of not being fed anything it recognizes as food, but you can’t blame us for that.

Isn’t that perfect? Can you think of anything Peggy missed?

Watch the ad here:


Peggy is “one of those” super faithful blog readers who has been my friend here for years. I always love her insightful, helpful comments, whether we’re discussing real food or homeschooling, and she comes through every time when I need help figuring something out.

Here’s her official bio:

Peggy is a homeschooling mom of six and spends her days elbow deep in research, sticky notes and laundry. Her telecommuting work leaves her no time to maintain her blog, which is archived at but, hey, she gets paid to Tweet and Pin! On a strict diet starting at age 8, she experienced numerous health problems until she discovered the healing power of real, local, fresh food.


  1. I was actually a Nutrisystem blogger for probably 6 months, and here’s the “skinny” on it. You lose at first, and after you lose about 15 lbs, you just stand still. Every single item you eat is LOADED with sodium and sugar-hmmmm maybe that’s why I wasn’t losing, I was so friggin bloated. Also, I had 100 lbs to lose and was on a 1000 calorie a day diet. Wait, I got to add in like an extra snack or boiled egg because it wasn’t enough calories. But I still didn’t lose. My husband said for my weight, I was in starvation mode and to eat more calories. I bumped the calories by 1000 a day (my scales said to eat 2500 a day to lose, so I was in deficit), and gasp I started losing! But the food tastes awful. It’s awful, and it’s all the same tomato based goup in a tub that has to be microwaved. Unless it’s a tomato based chemical laden goup that has to be microwaved in a pouch. Now I am not so much knocking the concept. I know if you are going to eat commercial crap and full of preservatives, sugar, sodium, etc, then this is definitely the route for you (many people do this daily without blinking) and will probably work. IF you are used to eating homemade foods, no preservatives, then your taste buds are going to be in culture shock.

    I have been real foods since August. I haven’t lost a ton of scale weight, but I measure. I have lost 10 inches in my waist, 4 in my hips and one each in thighs and arms. No I am not marathoning to weight loss, but I feel great and have so much energy eating clean. I know I have a healthy lifestyle now for the first time ever. If I don’t lose, oh well. but I may keep losing. ONly time will tell…

  2. Kelly,
    You know I love you, but I gotta say something here. Leave Marie Osmond alone folks. Until you walk in someone else’s shoes, don’t use them to promote your point of view. I say this from humility and experience. Marie has been through more than you can imagine and is still raising 7 awesome kids. When her son passed away I was with a group of folks who brought the family REAL food during that time period. Her appreciation and hugs were REAL. There are many worse ways earn a living and support the family she has…especially in Vegas!
    Let’s not pick on people but promote the REAL Food health option in a uplifting way!

    Peace and Be Well,
    Tara Rayburn
    The Healthy Habit Coach

    • I did not see this as a jab at Marie Osmond personally, but at Nutrisystem and such weight loss ideology that you cannot lose weight unless you eat fake foods. As such, I find it funny.

    • Hi Tara!

      I’m sure Marie is very nice, this isn’t about that at all, it’s just that the food she promotes isn’t good.

      I hope to see you again soon!!!


      • Hey All,
        I didn’t mean to cause anyone to think I missed the point of the flaws in the diet, just didn’t want to see the conversation slither down into slamming people in order to make a point. Let’s all stay REAL and play nicely ;-D
        We can catch more flies with “raw honey” than bitter words.

        Missed seeing you at WAPF this year Kelly! Hugs!

        • So you are trying to control the conversation on someone else’s blog? To preemptively protect someone you know personally?

          • Mary,
            No, and if you knew me you would know that isn’t how I fly, ask Kelly. I’ve been traveling in the health world a long time and it’s hard enough sometimes staying positive with all the “negative” in our world. It was weird for me to even have seen this original post as I was traveling, and even more strange to answer as you don’t see me post much here. I live in Las Vegas and really don’t know Marie, but have met her several times (see original reply) and see how people like to drag her and other “famous” people over the coals. I just wanted to encourage others to share the health message in a positive light.

            Negative “ju-ju” just brings more negative “ju-ju.” I’m the first to admit that I’m not perfect and I do live in a glass house so to speak and I really try not to throw stones.

            • This post is going viral. I’m not in favor of dragging famous people over the coals just because they are easy targets. I also don’t have a problem with plastic surgery. I do believe we need to be able to discuss issues. Her job is her choice. It’s what she is putting out into the world. Her energy. I’m not necessarily in favor of negative, but it’s necessary to reflect on it sometimes so we can create identify areas to improve and create positive change. Good luck in your journey.

              • Mary,
                Thank you for your well wishes. My intention was to leave the personal attacks out of the REAl issue which is the diet itself. I’ve seen people entrenched in diet dogma (even the best of diets) slam people personally rather than stick to the facts and issues. If we do look at the “spokesperson” for products and hold them responsible, that isn’t effective. I would never expect anyone to make a life changing decision on me getting a “hug” …who said that here Really? But if you are going to put the figurehead on trial then you might want to look at the whole person.

                In a town of addicts, gamblers and people feeling desperate, whether I ever met her or not, Marie and her brothers have spent a life time creating laughter and a respite from a sometimes very challenging life for many. That is what she is known for and has made her mark on. Yeah, If you ever had the chance again, I’d love to help her with real food choices, but either way, she’s no fall guy for personal responsibility we all have in our own choices for a better diet.

                Thanks for your spirited discussion Mary. Best to you too!

        • Hold up! Peggy makes a valid point about Ms. Osmond. She has had numerous surgical procedures to enhance her beauty and it ticks me off when I see her hawking a product with the promise that women who purchase it will look like her! Pahleez get off your high horse about Marie Osmond. I don’t know her from a can of paint and frankly, she is not the only human who has had some tough life experiences. As for the seven children, I DIDN’T TELL HER TO HAVE THEM, THOSE ARE HER RESPONSIBILITIES; don’t try to to make me feel responsible. I am truly sorry for her loss, but that’s as far as I’ll give her. The woman is wealthy and makes more money in a 30 second commercial than I will probably never see.

          Soo, you don’t feel she’s being dishonest in “selling her wares” to the unsuspecting public do ya, Ms. Rayburn? Why? Because her and her brother’s teeth look like giant chickets? Why? Because she can get liposuction, tummy tuck, oh hell, A Mommy Makeover, but make the public think it’s all due to her Nutrisystem weightloss program? Really?

          In these parts, they call that a lie!

          • Good points…. every time I see her on tv about 1000 times a day..I want to throw bricks at it. This super wealthy self indulging sleuth should go shovel coals foe a living and lose weight the natural way.. and maybe lose some of those hefty lip wights too.

            • My husband agrees that they are only promoting buisness, wether they believe what they are doing is just for the money.. All the ads on tv is just a money making machine. People are so gullible, they will believe and buy anything that an actress or actor promote if they like that person.

          • As for the seven children ..she has given birth to 3 and adopted the others. Her choice. And…as for sassing those judges on DWTS when she couldn’t dance and doing the fake faint..puhleeze.

    • A lot of people, including myself, have suffered personal tragedies, they are still good people, but Marie Osmond is definitely misleading the public with these ads. I watched her on dancing with the Stars, where she said “I lost 40 pounds on dancing with the stars”…. so unless she has lost 90 pounds, she only lost 10 pounds on the weight loss program, and I’m sure got more personal help than the rest of us “regular” folks do, like Opra’s personal trainer and personal cook. If she were to change her ad to say the weight loss program helped her to lose a few more pounds and kept it off, that would be different. I like Marie Osmond and have always thought of her as being an honest person – these ads are not honest – they are deceptive…

      • just what I was thinking about the weight loss on dancing, everytime I see her. so fake, so misleading. why do people get pulled into these scams?

    • Lmao.

      “Can I cook organic macaroni and combine it with fresh milk, cheese and butter full of their natural vitamins and minerals and eat an appropriate amount for my needs? Absolutely not.”

      Funny as Hell. Thanks. I needed that.

  3. Thank you!! I have to say, this is wonderful!! when I was younger and wanted to lose weight fast, I always thought that Nutrisystem seemed like the way to go, but you paid so much for it and it was one size fits all. Luckily I was never an adult when I wanted to use it! I have been blessed with the knowledge of real food since, thank goodness! I can see the truth now and enjoy the parody!

    Blessings as you continue to educate the masses!

  4. Marie really is beautiful…but looks nothing like herself. She might be a fantastic person, but it’s sad to see her promoting such an awful diet. Maybe she doesn’t know any better. I’m so glad I woke up but hate that others are being mislead by this.

    • Or she may not be a fantastic person. I don’t know her, do you? We have a person on here saying how awesome she is based on a hug. When they catch murderers, there always seems to be family and friends saying how great they are too. Just saying not to put so much faith in someone who is trying to protect someone they like, for whatever reason.
      What I do know about her is she profits from promoting an unhealthy, expensive diet and uses misleading tactics. You are what you do.

  5. I agree with the previous gal about staying positive and not belittling others. If Marie chooses plastic surgery for herself that is not for us to judge! I think Marie looks beautiful, I don’t know her personally so I can’t comment on the extent of her plastic surgery but what does it matter? I feel that throwing that into the commentary here diverted readers from the real quibble with Marie’s promotion of Nutrisystem, which which is why the system is so unhealthy. Let’s just keep informing people about the power of eating real food!

  6. I have never been on any of those diet plans. I lost a ton of weight a few years back on a lowfat low cholesterol diet. I know I have mentioned this before, but anyway, I quit that when I found out about wap diet. I have since then gained back everything I lost. From all the reading I’ve been doing online I figure that terrible diet messed up my metabolism, if it wasn’t already messed up. I am very frustrated that everything I do makes no difference. I think the belly flab is here to stay no matter what. I keep reading about other ladies (here on your blog) who lose the weight when they switch to real food & good saturated fats without doing much exercise. I want to know when that will happen to me. If anyone mentions Matt Stone’s food plan to raise metabolism, I am already doing that. Been trying for 8 months and I am stuck. What to do?

    • Hi Linda,
      Congratulations for choosing to stick with the WAPF diet guidelines even though you aren’t losing weight. My family and I also follow this way of life. I read a lot on wholesome nutrition and wellness, and one thing I have seen several times, is people starting out on the GAPS diet and then transitioning to Matt Stone’s Eat for Heat diet, which is supposed to correct your metabolism. (I pay attention to his ideas but instead of eating carbs from breads, I choose carbs from certain fruits and veggies, since I am a GAPS girl with Hashimoto’s.)
      Don’t give up! Keep reading! You’ll eventually find something that works for your body.
      Best of luck!

    • YOu may want to check into Reboot With Joe. It’s based on high nutrition with veggies and fruit juicing, for short periods of time to reset your body and detoxify it, with more sustaining life style of real food. They do promote a lower meat consumption, but by no means do they say VEGAN! You will of course find all types in the REboot community, but after reading for a bit and researching, you see that they are really just using real veggies and fruits to flood your body with good stuff, not activate the heavy digestion part and give it a rest while you heal up and then get yourself started on a good sensible, real eating plan. I hate how DIET has been so railroaded into meaning, pills/powders/fad/starvation/ calorie counting. That’s not what diet really means. Good luck, you will find what works for you. If you want to check it out, start with going to Youtube and watching “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” and then check out the “ReebootWithJoe” web site. tons of info and it’s all free. They really are about helping people find their healthy way.
      No, I’m not affiliated with them, I don’t get a dang thing out of telling you about them. I follow this my self and have seen wonderful improvement in my health. Between the juicing and WAP, I’m finding the real me.

  7. Oh yeah, in the commercial, I wondered what she meant by “designed for a woman’s metabolism”? I figure most women have a low metabolism so ……?

  8. My best friend lost a lot of weight on Nutrisystem but paid a high price. After 8 months on the diet she began to have menstrual problems. Her gyn said it was because of the amount of soy in the Nutrisystem food. She quit the diet and after 6 months she thought she was back to normal. However, she soon began to have other problems, discovered it was thyroid cancer and had her thyroid removed. Whether that was related is unproven, but I’ll always believe that it was.

  9. I think it helps to remember that Marie Osmond went on Dancing With the Stars and was exercising 5 and 6 hours a day — THAT’S how she lost the weight, or at least a substantial portion of it. Likewise Kirstie Allie, who was Jenny Craig’s spokesperson for a while, lost nearly all her weight through intensive exercise on DWTS — she even hired a dance coach after DWTS ended to come to her house and dance with her for a couple hours daily. So whatever they say about their diet systems, those systems weren’t responsible for the bulk (pun intended) of their weight loss AND which is why the disclaimer “results not typical.”

  10. I don’t know Marie personally, don’t follow her life so I only hear bits and pieces here and there. However, the NutriSystem commercials are a joke!! I found this parody very funny – mostly when you start rattling off (or trying to, anyway) all those unpronouncable ingredients!! How awful… and I agree, Kelly. Let’s leave whole milk and butter out of this!!

  11. I know Nutri-System has changed over the years, but my Mom tried it for nearly a year in the early-80’s. The result was 20 pound weight loss and gall stones resulting in the removal of her gall bladder. Mom’s venture with Nutri-System was a health disaster. We don’t need expensive, non-nutritious factory food delivered to eat, just go to nearly any restaurant and it can be cheaper than the plan.
    Our family ate real food when I was young, cooking most meals from scratch with home grown vegetables, eggs, raw milk and meats. We have moved back to that and our health improved. Dr. is wondering what we did because blood test numbers are the best in years. Eat Well, Feel Well, Be Well.

    • I’ve know lots of people over the years who when they went on a diet they got gall stones instead. Very weird because they went on different diets.

      • Then if people you know on other diets also got gallstones, many of the fad diets are low or deprive the body of the nutrients essential to health. Thus the reason most peoples health improves on diets of real, whole foods instead of manufactured, additive laden foods.

        • I lost my gallbladder after a very low fat weight loss program (First Place). I would be willing to bet that is what most of the diets where people lose their gallbladder have in common. Our bodies were designed to function with healthy fats!! (Give me keto any day)


  12. I’m a Marie fan always have been. As far as diets go I don’t think there’s any such thing as one diet that works for everybody. I’m a diabetic and my brother-in-law is too he can eat some things I can’t and I can eat some things he can’t. Butter is good for the vitamin A in it, Vitamin A is great for your skin. I think it’s a question of how much butter is to much

  13. Have you ever heard of Ideal Protein? My husband and I were on it 2 different times for about 3 months each time. We spent thousands on it. We ate soy based “food” out of little foil pouches. We lost weight as anyone would on 1000 calories per day. He’s put all of his back on and I’ve kept 2/3s of mine off. But since we’re going back to whole food eating, like we know how to do, I’ve already lost 4 pounds in a week. I love your site. You should have an app made so I could have your recipes with me when I shop.
    Thanks for all you do Kelly!

  14. I have to admit, I laughed when reading this, but Tara’s comment made me feel like a kid caught with her hand in the candy jar. We girls need to stick together and not shoot each other down. I know, I have been guilty of being a little high and mighty when discussing real food. Shame on me. Not very Christian like and certainly not a good way to share knowledge about the benefits of a real food diet.

    • That’s what she intended. To control the conversation. After she posted her comment, everyone went into “Don’t talk about her personally” mode. Why not? She promotes an unhealthy diet and profits from it. You are what you do in life. This is what she is.

      • I agree with you Mary. She has the money to distort her natural appearance. Women’s lips thin as they age and her upper lip was really thin when she was young, she showed a lot of gum when she flashed them big teeth. Now, at age 55, I don’t even recognize her because I remember what she looked like way back, and yes I am older than her. Anyone that watched dwtstars must have noticed how bratty she was to those judges…I lost respect for her and the whining. Then the fake dainty faint….just because someone was about to critique her…she KNEW that judge wasn’t working up to lavishing on the praise and that is why she had it all pre rehearsed. When “I collapsed” she called it….soooo too Wei phony. When he son died I felt really sorry for her. I still do.

    • @Michael, do you mean in the sidebar? Because those ads are generated based on sites that that reader has clicked on in the past, so everyone sees something different. If you see that again, please grab a screenshot for me, email it this way, and then I can request that it be taken down. Thank you!

  15. The Diet works plain and simple, if you can’t eat their food for 5 months to lose your 50 pounds you just have zero willpower or a medical condition.

      • what in gods name does that mean? it is high in protein and low in cals how exactly would you lose your “health”? being overweight is not healthy……

        • Gosh, you have so much to learn about health and food, we don’t have the time or space to start here!! Do your homework, research the ingredients, read the scientific reports and you’ll find out the true. You’ll be thankful because what you’ll learn could save you life and your family’s.

          • Please post some of these “scientific reports”. A caloric deficit done at a negative of 500 calories of your metabolic rate is completely healthy and is the only proven effective weight loss method. The extra cals are what makes you fat…..if you decrease them your body burns energy from your body fat and a little bit of muscle which are packed with reserved nutrients….

        • It’s the low calories that are the problem. Yes, low calorie restrictive dieting puts you in a deficit and you lose weight. Starvation is the quickest way to get smaller. It also puts your body into a stressed survival mode with a slowed metabolic rate which does a lot more than just lower the amount of energy needed to stay alive. Plus not all of the weight lost is fat. Lean tissue gets sacrificed as well.

          I don’t have time to go into the high protein, low fat or low carb issue – our bodies need good fats and carbohydrates to function optimally. Protein is not the holy grail of macronutrients. It’s one of three that need to all be in the diet.

          Being extremely overweight has negative health aspects (I suspect the lifestyle leading to it is as problematic if not more, than the weight itself). But extreme energy deficit from low cal and/or over exercising, or both – are IMHO more detrimental to one’s health in the long term.

        • It’s all of the artificial ingredients in the “food”. It is not real food, it’s full of chemicals, nothing healthy about it at all

    • I guess that depends on what you mean by “works”. If you mean that it helps you lose weight, then yes it does work. But weight loss does not equate to improved health by any means. Eating a diet of REAL high quality food with good fats is a way of getting healthier and the good news is that you will also lose weight if you need to. It’s a win-win situation.

      • That is completely inaccurate, if you are 300 lbs and you begin to lose weight you are immediately healthier! Your chance of heart disease and others obesity related diseases goes down instantly. If you are overweight you are unhealthy, simple as that. The AMA declared obesity a disease for a reason it is comparable to cancer in mortality rates and other diseases as well. People don’t do nutrisystem forever they transition off but are made healthier by losing useless bodyfat. Have a nice day!

  16. Marie looks great, but almost unrecognizable with the plumped up lips. My thin upper lip would also benefit from such beauty treatments, but I don’t have the money and that’s not a priority for me. I’m also not a fan of slamming people personally (and the original post didn’t do that), but, if you are paid as a spokesperson for a weight loss food product or system, the fact that some of your wonderful results are the product of plastic surgery is certainly relevant.

    Based on Marie’s book about postpartum depression, she does (or at least used to) know that fats are necessary for health, but I doubt that she has really immersed herself in nutrition and the study of real food, unfortunately. Or she would know that the long-term results of caloric deprivation and eating fake foods are not good. She would know that butter is better!

  17. Well, it is hard not to want to say something about Marie because she is so fake in the commercials. She has altered her looks with plastic surgery but so what, I love Plastic Surgery and wish I could afford some now. But to me, it is the way she acts so “effected”. LIke she is so beautiful, she is above anything but herself. Sorry, but she seems very self possessed and conceited in the commercial. I wish she would just be a real person instead of trying to be so hot, and if you watch the way she speaks, you can see it is rehearsed and she tries to be so so so. I like Marie and I know she has been through a lot, but I would be more apt to try NS if she seemed more real to me. That’s all- I know she has suffered, but we all have and the key to relating to others is to be REAL.

    • Remember Cindy Williams of Laverne and Shirley? She did some weight loss commercial too….she seemed real, not altered cosmetically…



    • The reason you are unsuccessful is because you use “diets” when what is really necessary is a complete life change…if you stick to a diet for x amount of months and lose 60 pounds you can keep it off by always making good food choices. You have to treat your body like a temple instead of a dumpster. I would recommend doing research on complex carbohydrates, how protein affects muscle mass and good and bad fats as well as caloric deficits. Have a nice day!

  19. Friends and myself remember Marie saying she lost 40 lbs from all the dancing on DWTS, the last night of the show… I don’t think her total loss was from Weight Watchers… false advertisement.

    • Weight loss is in the kitchen not at the gym, this is why many people remain overweight. A caloric deficit is the only scientifically proven method of weight loss. Have a nice day!

  20. I found this after seeing Marie on a talk show today. Made a comment about how people who are overweight shouldn’t wear certain clothes and said it’s really “hard to watch” and “terrible.” I used to think she was a classy person until I saw this. Not too long ago she was one of those people she is criticizing and she’s up on her high horse as if she’s too good for the rest of us.

  21. Hi Folks! I actually used to work for nutrisystem and used the diet myself to lose 50 lbs….almost all of you have no idea what you are talking about…..the program is designed specifically for your age, weight, height etc with added grocery additions. I know for a fact marie used our program to lose her weight I have seen her account in our records with my own eyes. Stop disparaging things you know absolutely nothing about. The food was not “chemical laden” it was packed with natural fiber, whey protein and complex carbohydrates….and don’t even act like you don’t like spaghetti. I stumbled upon this blog when looking to see what my old company was up to, and I must say a lot of you sound pretty pathetic……let the hatred flow.

  22. Marie’s lips are hideous!!! No woman over 25 should plump up her lips to resemble a duck! She should b embarrassed looking so ridiculous!!

  23. I also agree with the author of this blog.The Osmond’s have fans who are so dedicated to the point of gullible. Marie has had so much botox and silicone. I know i use to work for a famous dermatologist and they use to give botox and silicone.I can tell who has it or not. They use to come to the doctor with bad procedures from other physicians. She lies conveniently when it suits her and her fans protect her.Tell the truth. Read her books and see how she conveniently lied. When she was married to her second husband, she put down the first. Now she puts down the second for the first. She states she divorced because they were too young but being mormon she used to say she couldn’t talk about it the media and her brothers knew he was a cheat. She supported and supports both. While on nutrisystem she would tell her fans nobody needs to be on a diet and then she practices on DWTS for 6-10 hours a day.Who does not lose on that. Marie has had multiple surgeries on her breast, face, and hips. She is a liar. Read her books. Read her lies. She uses cliches. She is also bipolar. You can tell. I have many bipolars in my family.

  24. I think you ALL are fat, lazy, jealous of beauty and are very ugly. Oh, yes , I left out Liberal democrat. have i missed anything?

    • I weigh 111 and that isn’t fat….and how did u get to this site anyway? I googled “sick of Marie Osmond”. Did u also google that? Why didn’t your preshous marie keep her NATURAL beauty?

  25. LOL, for a joke i searched how can i get marie osmond off my tv, when that commercial just came on and i found this site. glad to know i am not the only one she irritates the heck out of. i feel so sorry for the over weight multi-millionaires, life must be very difficult

  26. We keep a finger on the mute/fast forward/change channel buttons for when the ridiculous Osmond/Nutrisystem
    commercials come on – ALL THE TIME ON EVERY CHANNEL. They are saturating the market, correction,
    OVER saturating the market. Besides, Ms Osmond’s weight loss was in 2007, and they imply it was recent. You can’t
    blame them for dressing her in wardrobe that makes her look thinner, but come on, guys, enough already.
    A thought: Think of the amount of money they are spending on this saturation campaign (rivaled only by Progressive), then
    ask yourself how much of that money they are NOT putting in the food. I’ve never tried it, but I have been told
    the meals are overpriced and virtually tasteless. One friend tried it a week, then sent the whole kit and kaboodle
    back to them for a full refund.

  27. it seems to me that marie noticed that she was overweight when her husband kicked her out and divorced her. Why does she keep telling everyone about nutrisystem: because they pay her to. She is an old fart with a cell phone addiction and a crew of makeup artists that pamper hr in the commercial.

    • OK, I’ve decided to close comments. Too many people making downright nasty comments that don’t add anything worthwhile to the conversation.


  28. I just came across this blog and was utterly disgusted by the petty, useless and arrogant remarks. It seems that the Internet provides an outlet to say critical, disparaging things you would never dream of saying in person. A few here fuel the fire as more people pile on with their pitchforks and lanterns. If this group were to stumble upon Marie Osmond they would immediately hang her from the gallows and feel justified. Are you people so calloused that you don’t realize how to sound? Why would you treat someone this way? Are you animals? You can eat all the “healthy” food you want, but the poison inside your minds will eventually kill you.

  29. I’ve been an admirer of Marie Osmond since she was a teen. Great talent. Every time Marie comes on for Nutrisystem I want to say back, I’m Norma and I lost 35 lbs in 6 months by eating less and moving more, and it didn’t cost me a cent. Just had to give up crackers and cheese, potato chips, second helpings, and wine for dinner.

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