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Mandatory Flu Vaccine for Healthcare Workers – Why One Man Is Choosing the Mask

Mandatory Flu Vaccine for Healthcare Workers

Mandatory flu vaccine for Healthcare Workers? Really?

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we still live in America.

The comments at my post from a while back, Healthcare Workers: How to Refuse Mandatory Vaccines and Not Get Fired, are still going strong. Way too many health care employees these days are facing a decision they shouldn’t have to make: get a flu shot or lose their job. Some have the option of wearing a mask, but not all. Here’s another one you’ll want to check out: Healthcare Workers – How to Avoid the Flu Shot and Not Get Fired (Part 2).

First, if you need legal help, here is the contact info for a lawyer who specializes in vaccine rights: Alan Phillips:

What’s the big deal about a flu shot?

They contain dangerous preservatives and other scary ingredients, they weaken our immune systems, and they often don’t even work to prevent the flu at all! I’d rather eat right to keep my immune system strong, and if I do get the flu, allow my body to fight it off naturally, and thereby making my immune system stronger. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg compared to what you’ll read in this post.

Today my reader friend, Jill Boman, was sweet enough to share their story and elaborate on why more and more are choosing to deny the mandatory flu shot…

Like many of Kelly’s readers our family has been affected by the recent flu shot mandates that several states are now enforcing. The CDC recommends that all healthcare workers receive a yearly flu shot to prevent the spread of influenza to the patients they work with, a recommendation that is translating into a growing number of statewide mandates. Different healthcare systems, hospitals, and clinics have varying policies on enforcing flu vaccination among their employees, but in our case, if my husband wants to keep his job then the choice is to either get a flu shot or wear a mask for the duration of flu season while at work.

He is choosing to wear the behind mask

Several years ago he received the first and last flu shot of his life, which resulted in the sickest week in 45 years he has ever experienced. Whether it was a reaction or a severe vaccine-induced case of the flu, he was violently ill. His personal experience was enough to discourage him from ever getting another flu shot, but another piece of family medical history adds reason. Years ago his father developed Guillian-Barre Syndrome, a serious autoimmune disorder that causes the immune system to attack the myelin sheaths of the nerves, resulting in varying degrees of paralysis of the motor and/or autonomic nervous systems. Fortunately, his dad made it through, but was left with permanent neurological damage that forced him to retire early from 40 years of full time ministry. Although Guillian-Barre is rare, it can be triggered by the flu vaccine (my father in law’s doctor advised him to never have another flu shot because it could trigger GB again). In case there may be a genetic predisposition to Guillian-Barre, we felt that was another valid reason to avoid it. (See the book he has written about all of this here: Why One Man is Choosing the Mask!)

Research and Evidence

We also began researching to learn what the body of scientific evidence has to say about the flu shot. As it turns out, the most reliable evidence stands in dramatic contrast to the message we see and hear repeated over and over this time of year, which is that receiving an annual flu shot is the single best way to prevent the flu. Among the most compelling was a systematic database review performed by the Cochrane Collaboration, an international, independent scientific research group that does not receive funding from the drug industry and is widely held as the gold standard of medical research. Their 2010 review of 36 randomized controlled flu vaccine trials including 70,000 people revealed that the vaccine does very little to prevent the flu. They found that for every 100 flu vaccinations, only 1 set of flu symptoms was actually prevented (source), but the vaccine did cause 1 case of Guillian-Barre Syndrome among the subjects included.

The risk difference of developing the flu between people who had received the flu vaccine and those who did not was a mere 3%.

The researchers also could not find any evidence that the flu vaccine reduced complications such as pneumonia, or prevented transmission of the virus. Of course preventing transmission of influenza is the very reason flu shots are mandated for healthcare workers, but the lack of scientific evidence to support it seems to have been overlooked in the well-meaning enthusiasm to get everyone on board.

The results of other studies and reviews on flu vaccine effectiveness in specific population groups are even more dismal:

  • A study published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine found no evidence of the flu vaccine’s effectiveness in preventing flu-related hospital or outpatient visits in children younger than 5 years of age during the 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 flu seasons. (source)
  • Another Cochrane Database Review of 51 studies involving 263,987 children on influenza vaccine effectiveness and efficacy found that in “children under two, the efficacy of inactivated vaccine was similar to placebo.” (source)
  • A study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine found no decrease in death from the flu or pneumonia in vaccinated elderly patients. (source)
  • A study published in the Lancet found no evidence that the flu vaccine impacted risk of pneumonia in the elderly. (source)
  • Another study published in the Lancet found no decrease in mortality among influenza vaccinated elderly people. The researchers concluded “that frailty selection bias and use of non-specific endpoints such as all-cause mortality have led cohort studies to greatly exaggerate vaccine benefits.” (source)
  • And yet another Cochrane Database Review on the effectiveness of flu vaccination of healthcare workers in preventing influenza among elderly patients in long term care facilities concluded that “there is no evidence that vaccinating HCWs prevents influenza in elderly residents in LTCFs.” (source)
  • It is also worthwhile to note that in 2004 a supply shortage caused a 40% drop in influenza vaccination rates, and yet there was no rise in mortality.
  • In similar fashion, 1968 and 1997 also saw no change in mortality rates even though the circulating influenza viruses had changed by winter and did not match the antigen strains in the vaccines.
  • And even though influenza vaccination rates among senior citizens has risen from 15% in 1989 to 65% today, death rates from influenza among that population group have not decreased. (source)

These damning reports can be pretty confusing in light of the 60% effectiveness rate for all ages combined that the CDC claims.

60% is a less than glamorous success rate, but still, why the discrepancy?

An important piece of the answer might be found in a warning the researchers attached to the first mentioned Cochrane Collaborative review of 36 vaccine trials. They made special mention of 15 out of the 36 vaccine studies included in their report that were funded by the drug industry (4 did not disclose their funding source) and reported findings significantly more favorable to the vaccine’s effectiveness than the publicly funded studies, a fact they felt should be taken into account when interpreting the results of their review. In other words, the 1 set of flu symptoms avoided for every 100 people vaccinated in the Cochrane review is probably too generous of a conclusion due to apparent bias in nearly half the studies. They also noted that a prior systematic review of 274 influenza vaccine studies “found industry funded studies were published in more prestigious journals and cited more than other studies independently from methodological quality and size…the review showed that reliable evidence on influenza vaccines is thin but there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions and spurious notoriety of the studies.”

Dr. Tom Jefferson, epidemiologist, Cochrane Collaborative researcher, and one of the world’s leading experts on the subject, has spent over 10 years analyzing the existing data on influenza vaccines. He has gone so far as to call the quality of the vast majority of studies on the vaccine’s effectiveness “rubbish” based on poor design and incomplete reporting of data. Dr. Jefferson challenges, “What do you do when you have uncertainty? You test…We have built huge, population-based policies on the flimsiest of scientific evidence. The most unethical thing to do is carry on business as usual.” (source)

Political Backdrop

Besides questionable integrity of the most published studies themselves, we have reason to be concerned by conflicts of interests within both the CDC and the FDA, U.S. government agencies responsible for developing policies on vaccine mandates and overseeing drug safety. In August 1999, The House Committee on Government Reform launched an investigation based on reports of inappropriate financial relationships between drug companies and key officials and vaccine policy makers in both agencies. The investigation discovered that “conflict of interest rules employed by the FDA and the CDC have been weak, enforcement has been lax, and committee members with substantial ties to pharmaceutical companies have been given waivers to participate in committee proceedings” (source)

Perhaps that explains why the CDC went to such great lengths during the Swine Flu “pandemic” of 2009 to prevent laboratory confirmed numbers of “pandemic” Swine Flu cases from going public, as exposed by CBS investigative reporter, Sharryl Attkisson(source), and why their inflated calculations of yearly flu deaths have included “not just influenza death cases but also…other respiratory, circulatory, cardiac, and pulmonary deaths they thought might have been associated with influenza”. (source) Since 80% of viruses that cause flu-like symptoms are not actually influenza, without laboratory testing there is no way to accurately diagnose the flu. And even with our seasonal reminders of the “50 million deaths worldwide” caused by the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic (source), it’s now understood that bacterial pneumonia was responsible for the majority of deaths, not influenza itself, and if the antibiotics we have today were available then, most of those people would have been saved (source).

It appears that the CDC is in the business of selling flu vaccines, which are a difficult sell if the public isn’t frightened enough.

And with financial benefit, it might be tempting to bend the facts. Imagine the fortune to be made if you manufactured or were tied to a product that the public was required by law to purchase and from which you were shielded from liability if anyone were harmed by that product. Sound like a fantasy? Think again.

That’s exactly the dream-come-true that the U.S. Supreme Court granted drug companies last year. (source)

Not only does the ruling remove the public’s ability to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for injuries or death caused by government mandated vaccines (such as flu vaccines mandated for health care workers), but it effectively removes all financial incentive for drug companies to make vaccine safety a top priority. In the words of Ken Suggs, president of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, “Eliminating the rights of individuals to hold negligent drug companies accountable puts patients in even more danger than they already are from drug company executives that put profits before safety…the fact that the drug industry can get the FDA to rewrite the rules so that CEOs can escape accountability for putting dangerous and deadly drugs on the market is the scariest example yet of how much control these big corporations have over our political process.” (source)

Merck’s Vioxx scandal and the resulting tens of thousands of deaths among trusting health care consumers is a perfect example of the potential harm that can be caused by a corrupt, profit-oriented system. (source) More recently GlaxoSmithKline plead guilty to counts of criminal charges in relation to marketing Paxil and Wellbutin for unapproved uses and for withholding safety data on Avandia. Though no one went to jail, they were charged 3 billion dollars in fines, the biggest medical fraud settlement in history. (source)

You might be interested in knowing that GlaxoSmithKline also makes the flu vaccines, Fluarix and FluLaval.

And even without criminal negligence or fraud, there is still the possibility of unintended contamination or error, as evidenced by the recent meningitis outbreaks connected to contaminated injectable steroid medications. Of course, every drug that has ever been recalled was first approved as safe and effective, including flu vaccines.

  • Last year, 300,000 doses of Preflucel were recalled in Europe because of a high incidence of side effects. (source)
  • In 2009 4 lots consisting of 800,000 pediatric flu vaccines were recalled in the United States over potency concerns. (source)
  • Another 2009 recall involved nearly 5 million doses of nasal flu vaccine. (source)
  • Also in 2009, Canada recalled 170,000 flu vaccines over severe allergic reactions. (source)
  • A 2010 flu vaccine was recalled in Australia over high rates of post vaccine seizures in children. (source)

One of the difficulties with each season’s flu vaccines is that they can’t be exhaustively tested before they reach market. The reason is that the antigen strains for the vaccine must be chosen before each flu season in order to try to match the predicted circulating strains, which change and even mutate frequently. The vaccines must then be fast tracked with limited safety testing in order to reach the market on time. (source) Because of the liability shield enjoyed by drug companies for their government mandated vaccines, if there was to be an error or harm caused by flu vaccines that had been administered on a mass scale, no one would be held responsible.

Without thorough prior testing, you are the experiment, and your government is perfectly o.k. with that.

Even if you read the package insert before submitting to a flu shot, weighing the risks against the benefits as every conscientious healthcare consumer should, if the vaccine has not been exhaustively tested, no one really knows the risks. So you can exercise your right to informed consent, but are you truly informed?

And just how does informed consent apply in the case of healthcare workers being forced to choose between getting a flu shot and wearing a mask for several months, or worse, getting fired? The first principle of the Nuremberg Code, which provides much of the footing to the guiding ethical principle of informed consent, says that before submitting to a medical procedure or experiment, a patient “should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension…to make an understanding and enlightened decision.” (source)

Could being faced with loss of employment or being forced to wear a mask for months on end if you refuse a flu vaccination be a form of, say, coercion or duress?

What about the use of bias or poorly designed, industry-funded studies to support these mandates? Wouldn’t that qualify as fraudulent, deceitful, and overreaching? Is the choice at that point made in real freedom and has the self-determination, autonomy, and individual responsibility that informed consent is supposed to protect been honored? Some say that a person’s individual responsibility is to prevent influenza from spreading to others–to protect the herd–but as we’ve seen, an honest, thorough evaluation of the data gives no indication that the flu shot is an effective means of achieving that goal. And even if it was an effective flu preventative, the fact that there are potential risks or unintended consequences attached to every drug and every vaccine means that some people will be harmed. This is why informed consent exists.

Utilitarianism, the Marxist political ethic that was also used to justify and fuel the atrocities committed by Nazi physicians against concentration camp prisoners during World War II, says that the greater good of society always takes precedence over an individual’s good. In other words, the end justifies the means. The Nuremberg Code was written in 1947 after the Doctors’ Trial at Nuremberg to prevent the world from ever repeating the same types of mistakes again. Standing on the other side of the 20th Century affords us with hindsight to understand the kind of evils that the pseudoethic of utilitarianism can lead to. We’ve seen what happened in Europe, Russia, and China. America, too, was guilty of some of these crimes against our own citizens during the early part of the century. (source) We know better now.

But according to Edmund D. Pelligrino, MD, in an editorial he wrote for the Annals of Internal Medicine, “Medical ethics is more fragile than we think…If medicine becomes, as Nazi medicine did, the handmaiden of economics, politics, or any force other than one that promotes the good of the patient, it loses its soul and becomes an instrument that justifies oppression and the violation of human rights.” (source) Today, when pharmaceutical lobbyists outnumber congressmen 2 to 1, spending far more each year than any other lobby (source), when drug companies are firmly established among the largest bi-partisan political campaign contributors in America (source), when citizens are denied the right to make free, informed decisions for their health without fear of punitive action, then the line between politics and public health policy has become blurry and we have ourselves a situation.

And just as there is a revolving door between the Biotech Industry and the USDA, the regulatory agency responsible for its oversight (for example, Michael Taylor, former vice president of Monsanto is now USDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods), there is also a similar dynamic between drug companies and the FDA. A quick look at Daniel Troy’s resume is revealing of the industry at large. Troy had worked as an attorney in Washington D.C., representing drug and tobacco companies until he was appointed Chief Counsel to the FDA in 2001. While serving in that office he worked quietly to pass legislation that would protect drug companies from liability, essentially trumping prior FDA approval over state safety regulations and standards. (source) Then in 2008 he became the Senior Vice President of GlaxoSmithKline, brilliantly saving them tens of millions in legal fees, a feat which has surely come in handy now that they have been charged with the biggest medical fraud settlement in history.

The Flu Vaccine Ingredients

Outside of the disillusioning issues of flu vaccine effectiveness and industry politics, what exactly is in these little vials at the center of all this controversy? Other than the antigens, the ingredients in flu vaccines include: mercury (an extremely poisonous neurotoxin found in all multi-dose vials in the form of thimerosol), formaldehyde (a carcinogen used in embalming, found in over half of flu vaccines), egg protein (found in most flu vaccines–even if you are not currently allergic to eggs, undigested proteins in the blood stream have been shown to cause allergies), pig gelatin (found in FluMist and Fluzone–same concern as egg protein), MSG (a neurotoxin found in the FluMist vaccine), TRITON X-100 (a surfactant used in various industrial applications and in spermicides), and Polysorbate 80 (an emulsifier associated with many serious side effects and health risks. (source) Informed consumers read labels on the food they eat even though our digestive systems are designed to screen and break down what makes it into our blood stream, but when a substance is injected there is no filter to sort through or change components before they hit our systems and travel freely throughout our bodies, making research into vaccine ingredients even more prudent.

And what about documented side effects and health risks?

The CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) shows that reports of flu vaccine reactions and adverse events far outnumber that of all other vaccines for adults (source) except in the 18-29 year old category, where Gardasil gets that honor, leaving influenza vaccines in 2nd place. Other than the more common side effects of soreness and swelling at the injection site, low grade fever, aches, and rare severe allergic reactions (source), some of the adverse outcomes include increased risk of pandemic H1N1 influenza (source), Guillian-Barre Syndrome (source), narcolepsy (source), cardiac events (source), vasculitis (source), and death (source).

It’s become clear that despite what the government and the industry keep insisting, the flu shot is not only sorely ineffective, but also undeniably toxic and associated with real risks.

Obviously it can’t be the “single best way” to prevent the flu, but what else is there?

Vitamin D is increasingly recognized as essential for healthy immune function. A study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association found an inverse association with serum vitamin D levels and upper respiratory tract infections (source). The researchers suggested that “wintertime vitamin D insufficiency may explain seasonal variation in influenza.” And in 2010 the results of a Japanese randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study on the effectiveness of Vitamin D3 supplementation in children for flu prevention was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The researchers found that daily supplementation of 1200 IUs of vitamin D reduced incidence of the flu by 42% (source). It looks like your grandparents knew what they were doing when they insisted on spoon feeding your parents cod liver oil during flu season back in the day. (Find high quality fermented cod liver oil here – it’s the only kind we take.)

Elderberry extract has also been extensively studied and clinically proven to be an effective, broad-spectrum antiviral against at least 10 strains of influenza including H1N1 (flu shots only contain antigens to 3 strains), and to reduce the duration of influenza by 3-4 days (source), a reduction that completely blows away Tamiflu’s own modest claim of 32 hours (source), and without the associated potential nausea, vomiting, or neuropsychiatric side effects (source). Not only does elderberry help prevent infection with the flu and dramatically speed recovery, but it also prevents transmission by interfering with virus reproduction. Elderberry cold and flu syrup even can even be made at home. (How to make your own elderberry syrup for a natural cold and flu remedy.)

Of course, there is no multi-billion dollar industry built around vitamin D3 or elderberry extract since neither can be patented, so we don’t hear a lot about those options–and healthcare workers aren’t threatened with loss of employment if they refuse to take them.

Besides increasing vitamin D or taking elderberry and other natural immune boosters, there are several common sense measures that also reduce the likelihood and spread of the flu, such as frequent hand washing, avoiding sugar and refined, processed foods, eating a nutrient dense diet, getting adequate sleep and exercise, and staying home if you feel ill.

By employing natural measures we would all be far healthier overall than relying on less effective and more toxic drugs.

Clearly, natural flu prevention makes a lot more sense than flu vaccines, but what about the cost? If 100 people must be vaccinated to prevent one case of the flu, it costs between $2,000 and $2,500 to prevent one case if relying on vaccines, whereas a bottle of fermented cod liver oil can make a far bigger dent in influenza numbers. And instead of dishing out $100.00 for a prescription of Tamiflu (source), for about $10.00 you could buy a bottle of elderberry extract or a pound of dried elderberries for homemade syrup, enough to last through flu season.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Possibly the worst part of this situation is the lack of conversation. Indeed, with the momentum by which the flu vaccine is being marketed and now mandated, with the billions being spent and made, it is almost sacrilegious to question such a powerful and enormous force. The indoctrination has been so successful that to dare challenge the rationale behind the mandates, or to tell coworkers of your own decision to pass on the vaccine is to risk scorn. But without conversation there is no accountability or progress; no respect of human dignity and intelligence. And the emperor will continue walking around naked, which might be o.k. except for the billions in wasted resources and the human rights violations attached to those invisible clothes.

In a better world, the world we are all responsible for creating and protecting, people who choose to make informed, responsible health decisions that set them apart from the crowd wouldn’t be persecuted by losing their livelihoods or having to wear an outward stigma in an attempt to coerce them into compliance (surely, with all the door handles and elevator buttons that get touched by hundreds of patients and their families along with staff members each day, a mask won’t do much to prevent spread of the flu even if the mask-wearers were actually contagious). I could write further about the terrible economic timing of these mandates and the danger of enforcing ultimatums on healthcare workers in the present climate of staffing shortages and increasing productivity demands coupled with decreasing reimbursement, which has already strained many to the brink of leaving an already-struggling industry.

But instead I want to share another idea.

A good friend of mine has a saying attached to the bottom of all her emails: “The door to opportunity swings on the hinges of adversity.” I’d like to suggest that this current climate of adversity is an unprecedented opportunity for the much needed and overdue conversation to begin. From now on the ones who have researched the issue and have made the decision to refuse the vaccine will be approached by inquiring patients and co-workers alike. Questions of, “Why are you wearing a mask?” or statements like, “I see you chose not to get a flu shot,” will be open doors through which to offer what you know and the research that led to your decision.

For many healthcare workers who refuse the flu vaccine, there will be sacrifices.

Some will lose their jobs, and, depending on where they live, may even be forced to move or change careers altogether. Some will have to tolerate wearing a mask every day for months. Others will have to betray their conscience in order to continue providing for their families. But healthcare workers in all of these situations who have done their homework are positioned perfectly to begin dialoguing with others who have probably heard only half of the story.

Thank you Jill, for all the time you put into this solid article!

Note: If you need legal help, here is the contact info for a lawyer who specializes in vaccine rights: Alan Phillips <>.

man behind maskA few additional links that may be helpful:




  1. Very well written. If it wasn’t obvious coming from me (the minority, as I’ve been told), I would like to share this with our CEO and Employee Health Nurse. I will be perusing the internet for a draft letter to send to my congressman along with this article. If anyone finds one though, would you post the link here?

    • Leigh–check out the extra link at the end of the article to the letter from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) to Colorado Public Health Officials. It’s spot on and I think exactly what you are looking for.

  2. This is a beautifully layed out explaination of many of the articles I looked at and sited and points I made in my letter last year. Well done! Thank you for sharing Jill and Kelly! And I completely agree that there is a need for people to stand up. This is obnoxiously poor rational for getting a flu shot let alone mandating one. I truly believe that no matter where your beliefs are regarding the risks/benefits of vaccination that at the very least we need to be outraged by mandation and experimentation. This is a violation of rights. If more of us started saying no, we could perhaps start changing policy. I also think there is still a place for legal action based on the Nuremberg Code.
    I will be following comments on this and the post where my letter was shared. We need to keep this discussion going.

  3. This is really well-written. It would make a great op-ed if you have healthcare credentials. I would like to share this with people I know.

    • Perhaps the most powerful argument against the “flu shot” is that it does not address all the pathogens that cause “the flu”. The “flu” is an expression of a VIRAL or other infection. There at least 300 or so viruses that can give us “Influenza Like Illness” (ILI)

      “There are many other viruses besides influenza that can result in influenza-like illness* (ILI) that spread during the flu season.” CDC

      About 10% of the time when you come down with “the flu” you are expressing the symptoms of the four viruses contained in the “flu shot”, the other 90% of t he time your “flu” is an expression of one or more of the other viruses that CANNOT be protected against by a “flu shot”.

      Vitamin D in sufficient levels, at least 50 ng/ml IMO, will protect you from ALL viral illness including “the flu”.

  4. I can’t thank you enough Jill for writing this article and articulating all that I’ve been seeing, feeling and trying to understand. I have decided to resign instead of wearing a mask because it’s not fair to my residents that are demented and rely on reading my lips to understand what I’m saying. This mandated flu shot is so absolutely wrong and violates our constitutional rights as Americans. Doing the right thing is sometimes very difficult but I will not get that flu shot!

    • God bless you for taking such a strong stand for what you believe. I am a nurse in a pediatric clinic. I interviewed for my most recent position back in July and asked specificly what the flu vaccine policy was at the time of my interview. I was told it was offered at no cost, and if I chose not to get it I would only be required to sign a declination. There was no mention of wearing a mask for 5 monthes! Once hired and in orientation class, I asked a second time what the flu policy was and was given the same infomation as in the initial interview. Now, 3 monthes later, I am constanly harassed at work by co-workers, as well as the Human Resources Department to get the flu shot or wear a mask!
      I have been a nurse for 30 years, never gotten the flu shot or the flu, and never been harassed like this before – it is absolutely wrong. And I fear the worse is yet to come when I read about health care workers loosing employment over not getting a flu shot!
      If the harassing continues or mandates get even more ridiculous, I, too, like yourself, may hang up the nursing cap for employment elsewhere.

  5. I am a nurse practitioner, and as of today my employer had not mandated flu shots…but based on all I know I will never get one…I have a vaccine injured son (who is fine now) but after my 2nd son had similar reactions, I did not immunize my last 2 sons. The 4th son had to get all the vaccines @ age 24 to work in hospitals as a paramedic/firefighter….within 24 hrs of his MMR vaccine he had lymphadenopathy so huge they ran every test in the books on him…I do think this is legally actionable & would totally support such proceedings. Thanks for this very comprehensive article!

  6. Look at all the good resources and logical reasons you presented to say no to something–flu shot. In an ethical and truthful world this should be enough for someone to have the right to refuse taking the flu shot. I think it is a slap in the face when we have to defend ourselves against the motivation of power and money. Evidentually the truth will present inself and people will slowly but surely not trust our healthcare system or our government. Lies, coverups, unethical acts will only create distrust from citizens. Leadership means nothing when trust is gone. It is sad when the facts for this issue are clear and it takes legal action to protect your given rights. Our healthcare system (allopathic) is failing. If we start to treat patients based on monetary motivation our healthcare system will fail. I want to yell, “Just do the right and honest thing for the good of others!!!” I will fight this by educating and communicating with others. If it comes to it, sign me up for the legal fight. This is wrong.

  7. This would be better without the remarks about utilitarianism. Utiliatrianism is a British school of ethical philosophy that was developed by Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill. It predates Marxism by a few decades. Furthermore, the Nazis, for all that they were the national socialists of Germany, weren’t Marxists. They put Communists into their prison alongside the rest.

    Somewhat ironically, too, Mill’s concept of liberty was very much in favor of the individual in opposition to the State.

    Basically that paragraph is a vast oversimplification of matters that seems to bring in Nazis and Marxists as bogeymen in a fashion unbecoming to the level of argumentation in the rest of what is otherwise an excellent piece.

  8. I know 3 people that have the auto-immune disease called sjogren. It is painful and can eventually put people in a wheel chair. All three of these people work in the medical field and were required to get the flu shot. I don’t know for sure but I fear that they got the disease from the flu shot. My family all agree that they will never get the flu shot.

  9. I’m not sure what kind of time or commitment is required to be part of a court case/lawsuit such as this would entail, but I definitely feel like these mandates are a huge infringement on my rights and would be interested in knowing more about being a part of such a court case/lawsuit.

  10. I would join legal action. I have been searching for others who agree that something has to be done to protect our rights to informed consent. I am about to be fired for refusing to put toxins into my body.

  11. I just resigned after eight years from my job as an occupational therapist/certified hand therapist after being notified that I would have to wear a mask for the next six months if I refused the vaccine. Fortunately for me I was able to get another job that does not require this. Many of my coworkers are feeling pressured into complying. Please count me in.

  12. My rights are violated, I have to wear the mask, and I will…it is demeaning and punitive. I feel as though I am being punished for my beliefs. Many of my co-workers who refused the vaccines have now caved in and habe taken it as they hate wearing the mask. I WILL NOT back down…there must be a way to fight this insane mandate. The facility where I have been employed for over 35 yrs, states that even OFF the clock, as a citizen of the USA, I must wear a mask when entering the building. Nazi-esque…tragically sad…

  13. I wanted to let you all know to watch the blog for a new post about this soon. I’m getting ready to head home from the Weston Price conference in CA, but while I was here, I snagged an interview with the filmmaker of The Greater Good (about vaccine dangers) and was able to ask her advice for all of you. Watch for that soon!


  14. Hi Jill, There is a group of us in Ohio that are going to be fired soon for not taking the shot. I would love to be in touch with you regarding the attorney. We want to take this further. We were given a religious exemption and they took it away 2 days later! We have a letter of support from the ONA and we have used Alan Phillips a vaccine exemption lawyer. Please let me know how we can be in touch to make a difference. People need to ban together and be vocal. This has got to stop!!

  15. I’m so glad that I found this. I have refused the flu shot and have to wear the mask from 12/1-3/31. Many of my co-workers do not like this, but are complying because they don’t want to wear the mask. I feel so alone. I’m a strong person, but I’m having trouble with this. I’ve been there 24 years. I can’t believe what is happening. People going into healthcare professions had better think long and hard if they want to take these toxins into their bodies for the next 30-40 years.

  16. You are not alone, Vikki! There are so many others all over the country in your situation, feeling the same feelings! Interestingly, when several of my husband’s co-workers learned he wasn’t getting the flu shot, they told him they wished they knew sooner because it would have given them courage to refuse (as it was, they buckled under administrative pressure). The more people talk about this, the more people will find strength to hold to their better judgement.

    Your point about considering very seriously about the long-term consequences of 30-40 years of yearly flu vaccinations is an excellent one. According to my husband (the healthcare worker mentioned in the article), these flu vaccine mandates are only the beginning of mandates for several other vaccines. If things don’t turn around with this current issue, there will be more to contend with soon. It would deter many qualified, wonderful candidates from pursuing healthcare, and more and more currently in healthcare will begin leaving the industry for careers that allow them more personal freedom and safety.

    Have you seen Kelly’s article from today? If not, be sure to check her home page because there’s another excellent article on this topic, along with an interview to watch that would be worthwhile for you.

  17. Yes kelly ,I would surly be a part of a court case.
    I am wearing a mask at my hospital from Nov1st to March 31st due to refusing the Flu shot. I fear it will be mandatory next year

    • Joan, how are you making out with that? In 2 days, I’ll be wearing the mask until 3/31/12 and I’m curious to see how people are doing with it. I was feeling very down in the dumps about it, but through Facebook, I hooked up with someone who has worn the mask for 2 seasons. He told me “that it is embarrassing at first, but after awhile, you just don’t care.” He also said that “in the end, you will feel happy and satisfied that you did not take it.” So, with those words, I’m going to be strong for the next 4 months.

      • I can’t help but see the mask as a badge of honor. Someday, when this scam becomes more widely recognized for what it is, people will look back and see the people who refused, whether they wore a mask or had to find other employment, as heroes!

  18. VikKi,
    Be strong , be strong girl :))
    In the very beginning I was considering the shot. Then I spoke with my homeopath and she was very clear “do not” . I felt encouraged …I knew then that I was caving because I would be one of the very few.I have been asked why ? ( i choose not to have long discussions on hospital time ) , laughed at ,told to pull that mask tight, stare at me and shake their head. But mostly , nothing is said, i forget I have it on sometimes , and I am very glad I did not get it.
    I know that this is who I am . I do things every day to enhance my immune system. How could I consider attacking it , and especially with the H1N1 virus.I have been at my hospital 26 years…people know me. They know I am dedicated to my ” organic ” lifestyle .I found a mask that is comfortable. It is not fun, it is a moral issue for me.To me you see, it is not an issue of wearing the mask or not wearing a mask. It is an issue of my personal informed
    choice not to take an unnecessary virus into my healthy body.
    I thank the hospital now for allowing me a choice . There may not be a choice next year.

  19. I’m with you 100% brother. I litterally just got done reading an email from our hospitals COO/CNO regarding our new policy on flu vaccination. Needless to say it is pro-vaccine and there are hoops to jump through just to be able to “wear an outside stigma”.

    Here are the main points outlined in the email.

    “the Public health Department has issued a notice that any employee who does not receive the vaccination must wear a mask when they are in health care areas (for us that is the entire hospital due to outpatients in the halls, etc.) between December 15th and March 31st.”
    “If an employee completes the declination form, they will be required to see their physician and bring in a note that states why they refuse. The Public Health Department means business. Let’s get this handled immediately. I expect to see 100% compliance ”

    I am tired of being bullied into complying with hospital policy based on frivilous statistics and bogus scientific studies. My health is of the utmost importance and I take every precaution to ensure my longevity. I follow a very strict diet consisting mainly of lots of fresh raw seasonal fruits and vegitables (from my own garden), fresh home made fruit and vegitable juices, nuts, legumes, home made broths and lean protein. No processed foods, bleched flowers, vegitable oils or preservatives. Also, because I am a health care worker, I follow very strict guidelines on hand hygiene. I am preparing for a bumpy road and a few months in a mask.

  20. I choose the mask as well. 3 months of wearing a mask is more appealing than the risk of guilliane-barre. I have seen both. I will take the flu any day.
    There a “flu season”, not a year round threat. Hence, every year, people risk there health to take a vaccine. Every year, they put more and more of this stuff in their bodies. I think you see where I am going with this. Where are the long term studies on the effects of yearly immunizations. And the side effects.
    I do not like put dormant virusis in my body. With the chance that it one day may be active. Virusis do not die. They just go in active. They hang out waiting for the right circumstances to happen. They can mutate into something else.
    If you annually put the same thing in your body year after year, and it is just hanging out, with it’s friends.

  21. The hospital where I work made the flu shot mandatory this year. So far as I’ve seen I am the only employee wearing a mask. I have heard a few derogatory comments from coworkers. They don’t bother me. The hospital masks proved itchy and irritating. I found a wonderful site that makes organic, unbleached cotton liners. I was thrilled. I can tough it out until March. However, like everyone else, I am rethinking my career. If legal action isn’t taken and new policies overturned, I fear the worst. Next year perhaps there won’t be an option to wear a mask.

  22. Jill, I’m willing to take this all the way. I’m willing to take it to court. I’m in the process of trying to fight the mandate at my hospital. There is a lawyer in North Carolina, Alan Phillips, J.D., Attorney and Counselor at Law, he may be willing to take on the case. He has a website

    Keep me informed please of where to go from here. I think JACO is involved in this whole mandate thing too. They want 90% compliance among health care workers by 2020.


  23. Wow…I just scrolled back thru the comments…this is reaching some critical mass…. Wanda, would you contact Alan Phillips about this & leave us all a message here? I think NVIC would be another great vehicle: I will see if there’s momentum there…We should not try to re-invent the wheel when so many others have fought similar battles! Can anyone think of a movement that was grassroots & very successful? We should use that model for moving forward!

  24. Hi everyone, I belong to a small group of nurses in Ohio who face termination if we don’t take the shot. We contacted Alan Phillips to help us with our exemption request. We were approved and 2 days later they took it back saying it was a clerical error (this error only involved those who applied for a religious exemption). Alan wrote them a second letter and they extended the deadline from Nov.30th to Jan 15.Then they wanted us to sign an avadavit giving them access to all of our medical records etc. We said no.That is all about Alan can do bc he specializes in vaccine exemptions. He does not litigate. So then we contacted Alliance Defending Freedom and Christian Law Assoc. The CLA has written another letter and is asking for mtg with the hospital. We have also filed with the EEOC(equal employment opportunity commission) who is going to investigate. So that is where we are at. But my group is interested in joining a larger group to make a difference. We need to protect healthcare workers. All this for a shot that is only about 3%effective? Where only 400 people die/year from it? Its all about the money. We give our patients rights, we should have them too. Healthcare workers have the lowest vaccination rates bc we see the side effects, the effectiveness, etc. Please contact me so we can join together.Nurses don’t realize how powerful we are. They can’t run the hospital without us. If we could all join together for one day administration wouldn’t have a clue what to do. Hang in there….its only going to get worse.

  25. I had come across this site, as I was researching N. America, International practical information not found in N. America mainstream media.

    I know there is a widespread concern from around the world for N. A. overall status of health when only relying on pharmaceuticals.

    Also increasing number of people, children, health care, public sector employees in very poor health – ranging from overuse, or addictions to prescription drugs, acute and chronic effects from single, multiple vaccinations.

    Classical Homoeopathic Consultants have been involved in learning, studying resulting acute & chronic vaccination symptoms (called Vaccinosis) since the first inoculation (smallpox).

    Internationally – is just starting to begin increasing numbers of both adult & children vaccinations up to N. America’s.

    Overseas professional homoeopaths follow websites such as Dr Mercola and Dr Tenpenny.

    Increasing numbers – public sector workers adverse side-effects not new and Dr Tenpenny mentions 200 years promoting health but ignoring adverse effects from vaccinations.

    1) UK – Fury at vaccine scandal | UK News |

    Sunday January 10,2010
    By Lucy Johnston
    HUNDREDS of public sector workers who claim their lives have been wrecked by vaccines say the Government has abandoned them.

    2) Interview with Sherri Tenpenny about dangers of vaccines

    Here are some of the quotes from Dr Tenpenny in this interview:

    “The money isn’t really to be made in the vaccine industry. The money is made by Big Pharma with all of the drugs that are given to treat and address all the illnesses that are subsequent to the side effects of the vaccines.”

    “True health cannot come from a needle. Injecting people with something to try to keep them well is a 200 year mistake.”

    “If we could cut vaccination by 90 percent and get everybody’s vitamin D levels up between 60 and 80 [ng / dl], we wouldn’t have this health care problem that we have to tax everybody to death to try to take care of people. People would be healthy.”

    FYI – Late 1700’s (over 200 years)

    German physician, Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), founder of Homoeopathy “the Complete System of Medicine” began assisting those having acute and chronic states of ill health, after first publicized smallpox vaccination (Jenner). Chronic state, later called ‘vaccinosis’ by J. Compton Burnett (1840-1901).

    Homoeopathy isn’t new – it addresses – Mental / Emotional / Physical aspects of health (past, present, future) and widely used around the world by millions and 4-6 generations of families. University, homoeopathic colleges teaching Homoeopathic Principles & Scientific Laws (single remedy) easily duplicated by millions of Homoeopaths. Many countries, especially India, include homoeopathy in national health systems’ as it is gentle, safe, non-toxic, and inexpensive for large populations.

    Many families immigrating to N. America remain in contact with their family homoeopath in their native country by telephone, Skype, email. Only have to find the homoeopathic remedies locally or have mailed by homoeopath.


    Homoeopathy known as: ‘Complete Medicinal System’
    Ref: Central Council of Homoeopathy, India

    April, 1937, India: “Because of its popularity, there had been demand for a long time for recognition of Homoeopathy as a system of Medicine by the Government of India.”
    Presently, N. Americans are studying Accredited Classical Homoeopathy internationally, some professional training with: Allen College of Homoeopathy, UK

    Professional training – Classical Homoeopathy available world-wide, via direct linked – from Allen College, UK college classroom, clinic and also travel for professional post-graduate at Bengal Allen Medical Institute, Kolkatta, India.

    Dr. S. K. Banerjea, BHMS(India), principal of Allen College, UK, is 4th generation Homoeopath, his son the 5th generation homoeopath.

    World-wide Live Video Homoeopathy Training Courses

    Hope this is of help

  26. Nov 29, 2012 – USA Congress 3-hour Hearing on Autism

    Full 3-hour hearing:

    Federal Response to Rise in Autism Rates – C-SPAN Video Library

    This is a must see – mercury video that was part of the Congressional Hearing

    Video Highlights from First Congressional Hearing on Autism in 10 Years | Health Impact News


    From Nov 29 Congressional Hearing testimony: Autism Spectrum Disorder

    USA statistics – 1 in 88 children have ASD (1 in 54 boys), Utah – 1 in 47

    Adult ASD rising – will be soon be 1 in 100 college applicants having diagnosed ASD

    USA – children have 6 to 9 different ingredients in one shot every 2 months the first year. (40 + in total by school age)

    Estimated cost to parents – individual child during lifetime 2.3 million dollars

    Questions for future hearings:

    1) Drug interaction of multiple doses of prescription drugs

    2) Vaccine interaction of multiple doses

    3) Studies – comparing children non-vaccinated vs vaccinated


    VaxTruth Responds to 1 in 88 Congressional Hearing on Autism, November 29, 2012. For the Public Record. |

    Quote: As more vaccines are added to “the schedule,” more children are being harmed as a result of mass vaccination. More children are suffering from seizure disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune disease, and systemic illness that manifests both medically and neuro-developmentally. These children are medically ill. They also frequently have difficulty regulating their behavior. Their neurological inflammation results in learning disabilities, inattentive and impulsive behavior, slow cognitive processing speed, and social difficulties. They are diagnosed with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, ADD, Learning Disabilities, bipolar disorder and intermittent explosive disorder.

  27. NVIC’s Barbara Loe Fisher in a great piece on healthcare workers being forced to get influenza vaccines…

    CNBC-TV “Closing Bell” Debate: Should Health Care Workers Be Fired for Refusing Flu Shots?: A 5-minute debate with NVIC’s President Barbara Loe Fisher and Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute. CNBC-TV. Nov. 26, 2012.

    BTW, I have seen only 3 cases of flu in my clinic this year so far & everyone of them has had this years flu vaccine

  28. Count me in! I am currently not working due to an international relocation but I have been a nurse for 12 years and always refused the flu vaccine. For the past 3 seasons I was able to have the choice to wear the mask but the past flu season they did not allow for any conscious declinations to the vaccine. The ironic thing is that most of my co workers always get sick, I couldn’t tell you the last time I had the flu.

  29. My husband was told just today that his request for a religious exemption for the flu shot has been granted, but for 2013, only. The organization for which he works, Christus Healthcare (yes – a Catholic organization, and we are Catholic) will not grant any religious exemptions next year, unless the individual who requests the exemption belongs to a religion that has an actual doctrine against immunizations. No medical exemptions will be given, at all. He has a year to find another job, but since he’s a clinical pharmacist, finding a job that does not require the flu shot as a condition of employment will be impossible. We’re looking at ways to become self-employed, so that we might avoid such oppressive and tyrannical employer mandates in the future.

    • Wow, yours and all the other stories are getting more and more common, but each time I read another one, I’m still shocked…


    • This is the situation in my hospital as well. There is no option to wear a mask. It’s get the shot or get a new j

    • All of this has me looking into stopping further vaccinations for my children (all of them ages 3-6 have had all scheduled vaccinations). I learned from a friend that our Bishop will not declare a stance on this issue, so my parochial school will not allow religious exemptions and we have no ‘medical’ reason (at least by our doc’s standards) for exempting. I have no clue how to go about this. I am expecting #4 this summer and reading the other story about the couple whose baby was removed from their custody at the hospital just after birth for refusing the hep b shot has me nervous. DH does not agree with any of this and so I’m outnumbered and unsure. Probably just go ahead with the shots.

      • Have you looked into home birth? I know several people, and the number seems to really be growing lately, who have birthed at home in the last few years. Also asking around might turn up a midwife in your area who delivers at hospitals or birthing centers (if not at home) who is very supportive of parents making their own, un-pressured decisions about vaccinations. Have you and your husband watched The Greater Good together? My husband and I watched it a few months ago (just in our research connected to the flu shot mandate stuff) and it was a real eye opener for him. It’s a balanced documentary that doesn’t “bash” the decision to vaccinate, but presents both sides of the case, although the bulk evidence and stories clearly leave the viewer with more reasons to minimize or avoid vaccinations than to automatically follow whatever the CDC recommends.

  30. Well, it finally happened to me. I work for a clinic that got bought out by HCA and we are being forced/bullied into taking the flu shot or wearing a mask from Nov.1 to March 31. I feel this completely goes against my human rights. I have never had the flu shot nor do I allow my children to get it, as I feel that it is safer to take other healthier measures to maintain a strong immunity against all sorts of sicknesses and disease, not just the flu. I was forced to sign a declination form and was handed a mask, that was hot itchy and uncomfortable and brought comments from our patients that asked if I was contagious! I agree with the gal who is a Christian like me and talked about her body being a temple for the Holy Spirit, and that we are to honor God with it… I don’t want to put known toxins in my body, especially for only a 3 % success rate. And I should not be forced or bullied into it by forcing me to wear an uncomfortable and restricting mask that draws more attention and alarm to our patients than anything! I’m very interested in a lawsuit for our human rights and support and information on getting out of having to wear the ridiculous mask! PS… How do othersmwhomhave to wear the mask cope and are you offered a new mask each day? I was told I could ask for a new one if mine got “grungy”, but not offered one on a daily basis!

  31. One of the underlying challenges to the situation is the success of the misinformation campaign that has been under way for so long. To turn the boat around we need far more people to become educated on what the science does and does not say about the flu shot. Since there is tremendous pressure being applied on a state level to our healthcare facilities, that is the level where the battle will need to be won. Even if we all convince our hospital administrations of the lack of scientific support for the mandates, they will still be pushed into compliance by the state. Our legislators need education, but if an understanding of the situation does not convince them to bring about change, then constituent pressure needs to be organized and applied.

  32. This is so much bigger than just the state level. It is coming down from the CDC and the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology in America (SHEA). SHEA wrote a position paper recommending that all healthcare workers be vaccinated annually for the flu and the CDC took their recommendation and added it to their “Healthy People 2020” Campaign which has a goal of greater than 90% compliance for all healthcare workers by 2020. See

    Not sure if compliance with this affects state’s healthcare funding but wouldn’t be surprised. It turns out that four of the people involved in this SHEA paper (two authors and two critical reviewers of the manuscript) have financial ties to numerous vaccine manufacturers. Somehow we need to oppose this at the CDC level and get this policy changed. I am going to contact OSHA which is the primary federal agency charged with protecting healthcare workers. Any other ideas?

  33. Been lucky so far. My office is off the main campus from the hospital, so away from administration. So far, no contact from the employee health nurse or the local health dept. of an official declaration of the flu season yet, so still without a mask (even though I’ve had several co-workers catch the bug despite vaccination).

    There are so many flaws here: are you guys being issued a new mask every day? Is there any mandate as far as storing your mask when it isn’t in use? What if I leave it in my car and my kids carry germs from school that I then carry on the mask? There are no guidelines mentioned for this which is just all the more ludicrous, not that I’m asking for greater restrictions. I’m amazed they don’t make US pay for our OWN mask!

    • Leigh, someone came up to my office with a variety of masks in which to choose from, whichever one I would be most comfortable in wearing. I took one of each. I have never been in patient care, so I am not familiar with wearing surgical masks and did not know what I would prefer, so I took a box of each. The hospital did provide me with over 200 of them. In my office, I put a masking taped line on the floor that is 6 feet away from desk. Anyone that enters has to stay there until I put the mask on. We do not have to wear the mask during mealtimes, but the minute I’m done and walk through the corridors to get back to my office, I have to put it back on. The worst part about it is that I am teased constantly. I try to have a thick skin about it, but it is hurtful sometimes. It’s like bullying.

  34. Agree with Jill about legislative efforts @ the state level…probably would be a great idea to go thru our state nurses associations (asking them to model Massachusetts stance )…I realize CA would go thru their union…
    Again, this is so ridiculous…just had some labs drawn, my doctor checked my Vit D, 25 OH Hydroxy level which is 81 (this lab norm was 30-100ng/mL)…since my Vit D is optimized I NEVER get flu & still have not had a flu shot…I sit in a small retail health clinic seeing several cases of flu a day & have not had the flu in years. Of course I eat great, exercise & get sun on 40% of my body for 10 min @ noon every day in the spring/summer (the best way to optimize D for the next winter)…
    Let’s contact each of our states nurses association & report back here by the end of January on our results…

  35. Great idea, Linda. I was thinking today also about writing letters to my state representatives as well, including a lot of the information and sources sited in the article here on Kelly’s site. It couldn’t hurt, and if we got some of our state reps educated and actually fighting for us, maybe it would lend strength to bringing some sanity back to one piece of the healthcare picture.

  36. I’ll try getting my head in the game this week and would be glad to post it here to help others out. And if anyone else writes letters, please share as well!

  37. Speaking from Ohio….I contacted my ONA and while they support the flu vaccine, they DO NOT support mandating it. They wrote a letter in support of us to my hospital. so far, my hospital pushed back the due date to allow us time to “clarify” our religious exemptions. We worked with Alan Phillips and Christian Law Assoc. I also wrote letters to all my congress people and the only one I got a response from was US Rep.Jim Jordan who is a Republican. The ONA told me that until the Congress people in Ohio are out, she doesn’t look for things to change. The reason being is bc they are mostly democrat and they are employer friendly…not employee. The drug companies donate millions of dollars to campaigns and special groups so unfortunately, whoever has the most money wins. where else can a drug company make whatever they want and not be responsible for the side effects at all? This has to change at the federal level….

  38. I came across your site while researching how to bring about a class-action lawsuit. You are amazing. Well written and thorough information – THANK YOU – lots of hard work. I am a healthcare worker who submitted a religious exemption and by some miracle it was accepted. I am still OUTRAGED about the mandate and want to get involved. There is power in numbers. The time to rise up is NOW or soon we will be hearing: “you can’t have your social security check until you get XY&Z vaccinations, procedures, etc. Where will it end.
    Lucia Johnson, MSOM, Dipl.OM, L.Ac.

  39. Thank you, Lucia! Your words are encouraging! I am so happy to know that my research could be helpful for you! I am planning to write my state reps about the need to reverse these mandates, but have been sick (with the same flu-like virus going around my husband’s clinic among flu-vaccinated employees!), and then busy, so it’s been delayed. You have reminded me to continue fighting the good fight!

  40. Jill – I am confused. Are you Kel as well? Sorry to hear you have been ill. I have never written my state representatives, but am ready to take action. I would love to hear which salient points you think will be most powerful. I have been researching for several days. It seems the current suit against the health dept in Rhode Island is using: SEIU Healthcare Employees Union District 1199 sued the health department in early December 2012 over the rule, which went into effect in October 2012. The union claims that the regulation violates workers’ due process rights and says no valid medical evidence shows vaccinating employees against the flu protects the health of patients.
    Even if the mandate stays, there could be an amendment? allowing religious exemption to every person who desires with no denials (Title VII Civil Rights Act 1964 – no discrimination based upon religion). I wrote a compelling statement when I requested exemption and stated my beliefs to be based upon Taoism, Pantheism and Native American Shamanism. I am still shocked it was accepted. I think most likely the hospital had reached its 90% compliance (so as to receive more Medicare & Medicaid funding – maybe the real driving force behind all this) and so could allow my exemption. I am sure they are trying to comply and avoid lawsuits. At any rate, if there is anything I can do to help you please let me know. I believe class-action lawsuits would need to be organized per state or per organization. I am wondering what would be the most effective way to connect with other interested parties in addition to the internet.

    • Hi Lucia,

      I’m Kelly but Jill wrote this amazing guest post as a favor to me, isn’t she awesome?!

      Jill get better soon!!! :)


  41. Hi again, Lucia! There was some discussion a couple weeks ago on this thread about writing our state reps since the states are putting pressure on health care institutions to enforce flu vaccine mandates for healthcare workers. Everyone would need to personalize their letters to include not only scientific data and references but also personal experience with how the mandates have effected them and possibly also their co-workers and families. Obviously the CDC is riddled with conflicts of interest and is unlikely to change its stance, but even if our state policy makers are brainwashed or influenced by their own conflicts of interest, they still need to hear from the people they are supposed to represent. Maybe if enough people contact them they can be swayed and a degree of sanity can be restored…

    I just read a article yesterday that encouraged people to do the same–here are a few excerpts:

    “Mass vaccination policies are made at the federal level but vaccine laws are made at the state level, and it is at the state level where your action to protect your vaccine choice rights can have the greatest impact.

    Contact Your Elected Officials

    Write or email your elected state representatives and share your concerns. Call them, or better yet, make an appointment to visit them in person in their office. Don’t let them forget you!

    It is so important for you to reach out and make sure your concerns get on the radar screen of the leaders and opinion makers in your community, especially the politicians you elect and are directly involved in making vaccine laws in your state. These are your elected representatives, so you have a right and a responsibility to let them know what’s really happening in your life and the lives of people you know when it comes to vaccine mandates. Be sure to share the “real life” experiences that you or people you know have had with vaccination.”

    I love the Association of American Physicians and Surgeon’s letter to Colorado Health Officials: Their point regarding these unscientifically supported flu vaccine mandates being enforced in the context of the current age of evidence-based medicine is a potent one and one I plan to use in my letters. My observation is that as more people research the issue for themselves and become educated on the reality of the low effectiveness of the flu vaccine combined with its associated risks–weighed against the relatively low risks associated with influenza and the fact that the overwhelming majority of viruses that cause flu symptoms are NOT influenza at all–that the healthcare industry’s credibility is really taking a hit.

    As the public witnesses the industry “going after its own” for a profit and openly violating informed consent against their own workers, public distrust and skepticism will grow. And as future healthcare related recommendations are made the public will be less likely to take them seriously, especially if those recommendations profit drug companies–if the industry and the government have been dishonest in the past (as with flu vaccine mandates), why would anyone believe them later, even if a sound, scientifically-backed recommendation is made. It’s like the story of the boy who cried wolf: prior dishonesty invalidates anything that is said in the future.

    I foresee this issue contributing to the healthcare crisis by breeding distrust and increasing healthcare worker shortages. I personally know people who had considered healthcare as a career until these mandates started cropping up, and I know others who are retiring early or are changing industries altogether because of them.

    I love the quote in Edmund D. Pelligrino, M.D. about the fragile nature of medical ethics and how medicine driven by politics, economics, or any force other than the good of the patient becomes an instrument of oppression and the violation of human rights–we are witnesses of that happening right now. Policy makers must be reminded that the moment healthcare workers face a medical intervention such as a vaccine, they become a patient with the same right to exercise informed consent that everyone else has. The lack of good data supporting these mandates and the obscene amount of money being made by them are evidence that medicine has already lost its soul, as Dr. Pelligrino warned would happen.

    None of this will fare well for healthcare, or for the policy makers involved, in what I believe will eventually be viewed as a scandal. Those who fight against it now will later be hailed as heroes, but those who are involved in it as either villains or pawns, depending on their role.

    These are just my pre-writing thoughts, though I am not sure what all I will use other than the “evidence-based medicine” point and the damage to the credibility of healthcare that is being done. Feel free to use any points–I hope hearing someone else’s thoughts is helpful!

    Dr. Tom Jefferson (epidemiologist and researcher with the Cochrane Collaborative) is arguably the leading expert in the world right now on influenza and influenza vaccines, and has made a LOT of scientifically backed, articulate points. Googling his name will turn up a lot more excellent material that could be used.

  42. Here’s a recent Gaia Health article highlighting one of the studies mentioned in the article demonstrating no benefit for patients gained by healthcare workers being vaccinated by the flu. They also make the evidence-based medicine point. The study they use is an important one to considering citing in letters to state reps, though the emotionally-charged tone of the article might not be wise to write with in case it creates instant bias against what you have to say to those who don’t yet agree with you.

  43. Great information! I run and operate Nurses Against Mandatory Flu Shots as well as my own personal website.

    For my Capstone/Thesis project, I chose to go against the grain and against the advice to do so, and chose to focus on why nurses refuse mandatory vaccines.
    If anyone is interested or would like further information, a copy of my Capstone paper is located here:

    And if those of you wish to join other like minded individuals, please join us on Facebook. We need all the support we can get.

    I have linked back to your page several times as I really have appreciated the letters and helpful advice of those who have posted here.
    Thank you!

  44. Aug. 2013
    Great article/letter. If you could find an attorney to take this on, you can count me as willing to turn this into a court case.
    I’ve had to wear the stigma mask for two “flu seasons” now. The last flu season was declared much earlier than the first and resulted in being masked for 6 months – insane! The mask is nothing more than a scarlet letter. I have informed others about my reasons for not being vaccinated and counter with facts about the flu vaccine when the door opens, but the majority of people don’t want to hear or know the truth. Every year, right after the flu vaccine round up begins, almost everyone gets ill immediately, yet they refuse to believe it has anything to do with the flu shot they just received or think that the flu-like symptoms are just a minor case of the flu and that they will ultimately be protected from a more severe case. And, they continue to come down with flu-like illnesses from then on. Unbiased epidemiological studies should be conducted to correlate this phenomenon. I’m certain there is a distinct link to flu shots and increased worker illness and absence. I have not had a case of flu in many years – ever since I learned about optimizing vitamin D intake.
    I dread the coming “flu season” and masking mandate. When I have to wear the mask, I hate coming to work and become anti-social, angry and keep to myself. I avoid all events and meetings if at all possible. I am not a nurse and don’t have any patient contact. It doesn’t matter that I sit behind a computer in a cubicle on the third floor of an outlying building far from any patient care – not even in the hospital itself. The rule is that EVERYONE must be vaccinated or wear a mask. I have 33 yrs. on the job and need to make it nine more to retirement. It is terrible that our rights are being violated and that people are losing their jobs while big pharma and the vaccine industry profit and injure without any liability and corruption reigns.

    • The hospital that I work for CONTROLS the whole region that I live in. I have very few options in nursing if I don’t work for this orginization, not to mention that it is an area flooded with unhappy nurses all looking for better jobs. This hospital has just anounced that they are mandating flu shots this year. I am on this site researching so I can fight this!!! I mean not just wearing my modern day scarlet letter but stopping the whole idea that we can even be forced to give up OUR RIGHTS and give into drug ourselves!!
      ***Please count me in any legal actions!! I feel violated at the mear thought of having to get this shot because my employers mandate!!

  45. Written last year by me…
    October 17, 2012 at 6:03 pm
    I work for the UC Davis School of Medicine at their Sacramento campus. Even though I do not have patient contact and work on the 3rd floor of a building in a cubicle all day, I will be forced to wear a mask for the entire flu season for refusing to take the flu shot jab. I enter the building via a stair well that leads directly to my office area without interfacing with patients who come to the lower two floors (by elevators) which have clinics. Regardless, there is no way that they can affirm that visitors or patients have had their flu shots, but they continue to inflict this discriminatory practice on all workers whether they have patient contact or not. This began two years ago. I have worked here for over 30 years and never had to deal with this sort of harassment previously. I am forced to sign a form saying that I have refused the flu shot which contains many false statements including “flu shots are safe and can’t give you the flu”. Then, why is it that when they start rounding everyone up for their shots, employee absenteeism rises immediately because they have come down with ‘flu-like symptoms’. Even more despicable is the bribery involved in getting compliance. Everyone who gets their jab is entered into a contest to win an I-Pad. Those of us who decline are treated like black sheep with scarlet letters.

    • I so feel for your situation, Julie. My husband is in a similar situation. To make things worse, he just got a memo yesterday saying their hospital officially had its first flu patient, which ushers in the flu season and all the rules that go with it earlier: September 1st! I wonder, was influenza in this case laboratory confirmed, and if so, did they verify that that particular strain is covered in this year’s new flu vaccine? I doubt it. Most likely it is merely an excuse to set the big ugly machine in motion sooner.

      I wish people realized that this is about a lot more than influenza or a vaccine, or even corporate (pharmaceutical) profit. This is about what kind of world they want to help create. They are participating in a giant social experiment by giving over their rights and becoming part of the collective. If people could see that, even if they WANTED a flu shot, they would tell their employer, “It’s none of your business whether I get a flu shot or not. I might, and I might not, but it’s a personal health decision that I am responsible for making.” If everyone did that, this whole thing would have to be over.

      • Hi Jill.
        I seriously doubt that most of what is claimed to be “flu” related illness, actually is. I also don’t believe that the majority of supposed flu cases are laboratory confirmed and that they are mainly making assumptions. It is an excuse to validate the vaccination agenda and force people into fear induced submission. It is about profits and control. I agree, it is no one’s business whether I get a flu shot – it is a personal decision and choice. We are such good sheep, for the most part…doing what we are told, obeying the rules and giving up our rights and personal freedoms, but worst of all, trusting the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

        I am sorry your husband is facing the same dilemma and facing an earlier start of “flu season” madness. What a life!

        • We’re all in this together, Julie! We live in a university town with a lot of pre-med, nursing, therapy, etc. students and every time I meet another one I want to shout, “Run, run away while you still can if you value you freedom and sanity! You have no idea of the mess that you are walking into. Change majors before you regret it in a few years!” Few industries abuse their workers as badly as the healthcare industry does now. The work demands are increasing every year while reimbursements restrict more and more. It’s like the Hebrews in Egypt being forced to make more bricks with less material. And now they are forced into risky, unnecessary, yearly medical interventions if they want to keep their already-insanely stressful jobs.

          As far as noticing everyone getting sick after their flu shots, there was a recent double blind, placebo controlled study that demonstrated influenza vaccines increase the rate of respiratory illnesses, including H1N1 by a rate of 5.5 times! Here’s a link: It’s not a coincidence, it really does make people sicker for a long time after the shot is received. I believe this year’s vaccine is a new quadrivalent vaccine, fast-tracked like all flu vaccines, which means another massive medical experiment is about to be conducted on hundreds of thousands if not millions of coerced medical workers.

          Someday people will look back at this time in history and shudder to think of the physical damage and human rights violations that were committed in the name of “good health”. It is scary to think about how far it will have to go and how much damage will be inflicted before enough people “get it” to demand a stop to it.

  46. I work in NC at Duke Hospital. This area of the state is home to several universities and lots of medical, nursing, PT, OT, dental, etc. students and seasoned healthcare workers. I have 25+ years of nursing experience and will probably no longer be employed very soon. Duke is now requiring everyone to get the flu shot. There are medical and religious exception forms but we’ve been told most will not be accepted. It’s very depressing. Like Jill above, I also absolutely do NOT recommend healthcare as a career for anyone. We really are overworked, underpaid for all the crap we do, and not really valued. If only nurses would band together and stand up for ourselves! We could make things happen. But sadly that won’t happen anytime soon because so many are dependent on a paycheck.I have become so disenchanted and disillusioned about healthcare. It’s all about the money; follow the money trail and you will see what is really behind this push for vaccination. We were told in a staff meeting that our big “blitz” will start on 9/18/13 and they want 100% of people working that day to be vaccinated! Not going to happen since I happen to work that day. Good luck to all my fellow nurses here and at Duke!

    • To NC health workers,
      I am so sadened by this mandatory policy you are facing. My hospital
      Gwinnett Medical Center , Lawenceville , Ga has not mandated the flu shot.
      I feel privileged to be able to wear a mask for the next 6 months.
      I too am a 30+ year veteran in Nursing. I did not want to face unemployment
      I am an activist regarding health practices -alternative – And well known
      For that with my peers/managers.
      I will pray for y’all facing such critical decisions
      Joan in GA

      • Thank you Joan! I have an update for my particular situation. Thanks to my attorney, Alan Phillips, I was successful at getting a religious exemption for this year! No word yet on a mask policy though. I was informed that just because I got my exemption this year doesn’t mean I’ll get it next year. I will have to reapply for a religious exemption every year. Hopefully I can retire before then. :-)

  47. It’s that time of year again when talk about flu season takes over!We were granted religious exemptions last year but not without a fight. the EEOC has just finished an investigation and even though I withdrew my complaint, they pursued on because they wanted to make sure that the hospital reworded their policy to be legit. So I encourage everyone to file complaints with the EEOC and to take a stand. Be strong!!

  48. Completely off point but referencing the photo….if anyone ever comes at you with a syringe and they are not wearing gloves…run don’t walk away. Geezuz pete.

  49. I think we should get buttons made that say, “My employer is violating my HIPAA and civil rights by forcing me to wear this mask” and wear them along with our masks. If enough people do it, public pressure may force hospitals to reconsider.

    • As nice as this sounds, I think my employer would look at this as rebellious behavior. I can see myself being called into my boss’s office and issued a verbal warning (or worse). As tight as things are around here, financially speaking, I’m sure they’d be all too happy to hire someone else who’s more willing to comply w/ company policy, and for less than what they’re paying me now. For someone whose familiy depends on my income and health ins. benefits, I don’t have the luxury of being so bold.

    • Love the concept, but as Joleigh mentioned, could be job-risking. Maybe another option would be a button that says “Ask Me Why I’m Wearing a Mask.” Unfortunately, it’s not just hospitals alone who are violating employees rights, but it’s the government, which is tying funding into flu vaccine compliance rates. So it’s Big Brother controlling the masses through their employers. The masses have GOT to make a bigger, louder stink about it before it gets worse. If you give a mouse a cookie…

  50. Hi,
    I’ve been following the flu shot scandal for quite a few years and have never been forced to receive the vaccine–until this year. I just started my first job as a new nurse and this year the flu shot is required at my hospital. I am considering trying to get an exemption approved to wear the mask, but as a brand new nurse and new employee I am worried this will add too much stress to my already difficult time adjusting to a new position. I have come across 2 other options that I wanted to share in case they might help anyone else. My physician, a naturopath, provides flu shots at his clinic and he offered to give me an extremely dilute one (less than 1 drop of vaccine in a saline syringe) so that he can legally sign the paper saying he gave me the shot. Also, I have a friend who went to a drug store pharmacy when the pharmacist wasn’t there, paid for the shot but did not receive it, then submitted the receipt to her workplace. I am pondering what to do this year. I want to take a stand but I don’t feel good about causing too many waves right now. If nothing else, I want to protect myself quietly. Does anyone have any other alternatives to share? Thanks.

    • It is a sad day indeed, when we must be so darn creative in order to protect our health, but all the same, these are pretty brilliant ideas. As far as ethical dilemmas go, this makes me think about all the people who illegally housed Jews during WWII in Europe, and those who falsified IDs, food rationing books, etc…. to protect people from the tyranny of a government completely out of control at the time. When the government oversteps its bounds of authority (literally into people’s bloodstreams) I don’t see it as wrong to refuse to submit, or to use whatever means necessary to protect ourselves. It is as if a type of war has been declared, not by healthcare workers themselves, but against them. On the flip side, if a person, against their conscience, will, and better judgement, submits to getting a flu shot and is seriously injured by it, the people behind these tyrannical mandates become guilty of even more wrong, and the one who violated their conscience becomes complicit in it. Dicey stuff. Here is a pdf on another option to throw into the pile of considerations: What to do to protect yourself (detox) if you can’t get out of a vaccination.,d.eWU (I hope this is the one I was thinking of.)

  51. All I can think of is how terribly, terribly sad it is that we have to lie, sneak, cheat just to opt out of something that has the potential of hurting us, let alone the fact that we should be “free” to make those decisions for our own body. I hate what is happening in our country!!

  52. Who here is lying , steeling , or cheating ?
    These are my beliefs , and I am choosing what
    Path I take . We all must take a personal inventory
    Amd make our choice
    Joan in GA

  53. Joan apparently, I didn’t make myself clear. I was not saying anything bad. Because they don’t let us make our own decision about whether or not we want a flu shot, we have to think our way around getting around that mandate. Sad…..

  54. While it sounds incredibly tempting to be able to get out of wearing a mask this flu season by presenting a receipt for the flu vaccine from the local drugstore (a brilliant idea by the way!), I choose the mask. To me, it is a statement. I will not have my civil rights violated. I will not be told what I can and cannot do with my body. Recently, as my hospital gears up for the mandatory vaccine, I’ve had three co-workers approach me and ask the reasons that I chose not to get the vaccine last year. Was I getting it this year? They wanted to know why I thought it was bad for my health and then they began to share their concerns at having to get the vaccine themselves again this year. In addition to this, two others have said they will be joining me in wearing the mask this season. Solidarity! In choosing to wear the mask, I hope to let everyone know that there are other options, though they may be unpopular and thus prove a more difficult road to travel, they will not be alone if they choose this route. I completely understand anyone else’s decision to get the vaccine or present the receipt for it. We are must assess our situations and act in our an our families best interests.

  55. Hi Cristina,
    I completely agree with you and am so glad you are choosing to take a stand and even more glad that conversations are beginning to take place. I really want to take a stand also, but I feel it would probably be best to wait until I’ve established myself a little more and have earned the respect of my co-wokers. I am barely learning to be a nurse and don’t want to burn any bridges so early on. I want to set myself up to be able to confidently stand against the vaccine next year. Thanks for sharing!!


  56. You know, when I originally wrote this article, I’d titled it, “The flu-masked crusaders of justice,” and the closing line was, “With great power comes great responsibility.” I’m so inspired by everyone who stands up to this tyranny.

  57. Today’s commentary starts out with
    “Did you know that during the 2012-2013 flu season, the flu vaccine’s effectiveness was found to be just 56 percent across all age groups reviewed by the CDC —in essence, the statistical equivalent of a coin toss. In seniors, aged 65 and over, the US flu vaccines were only nine percent effective.
    The ‘gold standard’ of independent scientific evaluation and analysis, the Cochrane Database Review, has issued no less than five reports between 2006 and 2010, all of which decimate the myth that flu vaccinations are “the most effective flu prevention method” available.
    In average conditions, when a flu vaccine at least partially matches the circulating virus, 100 people need to be vaccinated in order to avoid just ONE set of influenza symptoms, according to Cochrane’s findings.”

    Let’s use this data with organizations that are pushing mandatory flu vaccines…please go thru the linked article b/c Dr Mercola gives a great explanation on Vit D as the best influenza prevention on the planet….I recommend sunshine to everyone coming thru my clinic…there is also a powerful video profile of a nurse who used to be on nursing faculty who developed Guillain Barre following a flu vaccine…this could also be fuel to support one’s position!
    Also think the posts above on the nurse going thru EEOC sound interesting!

  58. I am 45, never had the flu vaccine, neither have my kids or husband. I am an RN and my hospital made it mandatory this year or wear a mask. Against my better judgment, wanting to be a good employee, I got the shot. I immediately swelled up, had burning itching eyes, nose throat, congestion, swollen arm, requiring a week of prednisone. I now take claritin and benedryl every day. I filed a report with VAERS. My employee health nurse tells me chirpily, “Maybe I am a candidate for the nasal mist!” and tells me my reaction wasn’t paralysis, death or anaphyalaxis so my medical exemption may not be approved. The flu shot has turned my once enjoyable job and the holiday season into torture. I hate flu season now and am scared for next year. What will happen to me? I can’t believe they can mandate such an ineffective shot for such a ridiculously common and benign disease.

  59. @Melissa, I’m soooo sorry you got sick from the flu shot. Your employee health RN sounds like an idiot! As of 12/23/13 I am now retired from nursing after 24 years. I did manage to get a religious exemption this year but I could see the writing on the wall for next year. My hospital kept stretching out the time available to get the flu shot because apparently quite a few employees weren’t getting vaccinated. Last I heard they had 99% compliance, including those who got the shot and those who were exempt. Not sure who the other group is. My manager remarked last week that our ICU’s were full of people with flu. I just went ahead and retired because I had a feeling that in the next few weeks they will most likely implement some kind of masking policy and I would have refused to wear a mask. Been there, done that, and was miserable for 4-5 months wearing one at work for 12 hour shifts. I made homemade elderberry syrup and have been taking that daily for the last 3 months. So far not even a sniffle! I hate that you and every other RN who doesn’t want to take a flu shot is being forced to do so or wear a mask or lose your job. It’s just not fair. I’m done.

  60. Right on! Just the fact that cdc is making us take the vaccine while also signing a form making them not responsible for side effects is alarming in a scary way for this time period when knowledge is so easily obtained to check facts. Someone help us if this is where the world is heading.

  61. Fascinating lecture by Dr. Chris Exley at the Vaccine Safety Conference where he discusses the effects of aluminum on the body. Towards the end he explains that silicon helps to leach aluminum from the body, and drinking silicon~rich mineral water can can help to rid the body of this toxic, disease causing element that is used as a vaccine adjuvant.

  62. I have not seen one person anywhere write that the problem with flu shots is they are made on a seasonal basis and so no long term effects testing can be done on them? Also why are the directions on medicine bottles generalized? Nothing that is true science contains generalization or statistic unless it is stamped with further testing required. This is why the criminals win because good is dumb. Instead of trying to find the real answers for why medicine is a con you argue back and forth with talking points given to you by big pharma so that they can counter you with a preconceived and planned argument that makes you look crazy. The testing is where we need to attack them. No medicine is tested for long term effects otherwise the person who holds the patent would be dead by the time a subject could be studied through out it’s entire life span. Also people are really confused about the difference between medicinal substances and drugs. The body heals it self and all you can do is give it further nourishment, drugs on the other hand are substances that alter consciousness keeping you from experiencing reality. When has your doctor ever given you nutritional supplements? Everything they prescribe it is pure drugs. Your doing heroine and calling it medicine.

  63. I couldn’t agree with “For Adults Take 2” more. Very good “food for thought”……big pharma has their “pat” answers for all of us and we do end up playing their game.

  64. I’m curious about something, with all the constitutional rights that we have, particularly freedom of speech and freedom of religion, how exactly is this legal?? I just don’t understand how we can live in a country where we FORCE our citizens to inject a substance into their bodies… it’s just shameful!!!

  65. When is someone going to stand up and sue. Maybe when they fire the nurse who is married to a lawyer?

  66. My hubs wore a mask for two years and then finally left his position for a job at a non-hospital site that is *so far* still outside of this flu shot mandate nonsense. If the flu shot mandates finally encompass all of healthcare we’re jumping ship and leaving the industry altogether. When will people connect the dots? “Healthcare” systems require their employees to receive a worthless, unhealthy, uneccesary medical intervention, then lie about the reason why, claiming it’s to protect patients (no scientific evidence exists to support that idea), rather than increase their Medicare reimbursement. What else are people being lied to about? It is such a violation of trust. There is no “health” about it, and this is being done by an industry that is supposed to be all about health. Healthcare has been so compromised by commercial interests that there is little if any health left in it. Emergency intervention, yes, but I would never seek real health advice or assistance from an industry that would sell its own out for $$.

  67. My husband is an RN who works for an infusion company. He has to show proof of flu vaccine to get a certification just to come in to the hospital and talk to his new patients before they are discharged. No shot, no cert. no job. Yet any snotty nosed kid can come in to visit the same patients and smear their germs everywhere. This is BS. He has no rights at all.

  68. I have till Dec. 15th to file my exemption. However, if the public health dept declares flu season prior to 12/15 and my exemption is not on file, I will get a strike on my record.

  69. So pretty much everyone who gets the shot will get the flu and can be used to bolster CDCs statistics to scare more people into getting the flu shot. Don’t forget, this is not just about the bureaucratic CDC, but also big Pharm. Good luck trying to stop it.

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