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Easy Recipe for Low-Carb Fish Tacos

Low-Carb Fish Tacos

Do you love fish tacos?

I got too much fish out of the freezer the other day and we were sick of eating it fried (as yummy as it is), so we decided to try making fish tacos! Kent, who didn’t used to like fish, is really coming around! It started with Joe taking him to a good restaurant near Detroit where he first had fish tacos (they were on the way to a Red Wings game, but we don’t mention them around here these days), and he’s gotten better from there. So I had leftover Tilapia to use up, and although it may sound odd to you (the word “fish” with the word “tacos”), trust me, it’s good, and sooooo easy!

Easy Low-Carb Fish Tacos



Cut fish into bite-sized pieces. Fry on medium heat in your healthy fat of choice. :) Sprinkle on some taco seasoning (however much your family likes – I go easy since a couple of the kids freak out if it’s too spicy), and keep stirring it around until it’s done. Before serving, squeeze some fresh lime juice on top.

Serve on tortillas with whatever you like on your tacos: sour cream, salsa, lettuce, tomato, cheese, etc. I prefer these without a tortilla for a low-carb meal, or sometimes I’ll eat it over rice with extra lime juice, yum!

Isn’t that super easy? (Of course mine didn’t look as pretty as the picture above, but I’ll bet they tasted better with all this real food!)

Have you ever made fish tacos? How do you make yours?

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  1. My family loves mexican. I have been trying to add more fish into our diet. I have some tilipia in the freezer, I will definately try this recipe next week! Thanks for the idea.

  2. Kelly,
    Thanks for posting this. Our family loves tacos and I think this would be a great way to get more fish into our diet.

    On the topic of fish… I hate being a NT newb! LOL I was recently reading about how great wild alaskan salmon was for us so I made sure I picked some up at the store last time I went. I just got it out of the freezer this morning only to discover it is NOT alaskan… get this… it clearly states on the back of the package… “PRODUCT OF CHINA”! ugh!

    I honest to goodness have got to where I hate to go to the grocery store anymore! It takes me forever to read over the labels and obviously I didnt look at this one close enough :(

    Thanks again for the taco recipe. I’ll use it when I get some real, uh… american fish! :)

  3. Tammy, especially when it comes to fish I am also very frustrated! For some farm raised is OK, for others no, finding it local is tricky even with the Great Lakes nearby, etc.
    Check out the link in this post for help, and I need to review that, too!


  4. Thanks for the info. BTW, they have great fish tacos at Bluewater Grill — but I’m not sure I want to know what’s in them! I actually ran out of the packets of taco seasoning once and just tossed in spices that smelled “Mexican-ish” and it tasted wonderful — with no corn syrup solids or MSG! They ended up being the same spices from your posted recipe :) I am consistently amazed that real food is possible — even with 2 kids under 5 and both parents working! Thanks for all your help, Kelly!!!!

  5. Tara, actually Blue Water Grill often has really good ingredients – they even offer a grass-fed steak! (But never returned my phone call when I asked if it was grass-fed AND finished…too bad, I was going to talk about it on my blog if they had said it was…)

    Thanks for commenting!

  6. I thought I was going to get some insight here. Taco seasoning pouch? You’ve got to be kidding me. I bet your kids “freak out” when it’s “too spicy” because you’re poisoning them with MSG. (That or they’re just terminally dull suburbanites in training.)

  7. My family looooooves fish tacos. But between the gluten and the carbs that tortillas are off limits for me. I just layer everything on a bed of shredded cabbage. Fish salad! Yum!

    I found some sprouted corn tortillas for my son last week; I think they were Ezekial brand (but he went through them so fast the packages were gone so I couldn’t check on the brand). He taught himself to fry up a quesadilla with them.

  8. We love the Alvarado Street Bakery sprouted tortillas, very light and tasty. Fish tacos are a staple in my ex-ex-hometown (Los Angeles), but I never liked how spicy they were. I’d pile on the avocado and sour cream just to tame the spice, back before I became fat-phobic. Now I make them less spicy, and still pile on the avocado and creme fraiche, but skip the tortilla (carb-phobic!)

    Local Nourishment

  9. Easy Jacques Lacan, apparently you didn’t read my post very well. I said I’m using the *organic* taco seasoning packet until it’s gone and I can make my own. Organic has no msg.

    LN & Anna, I love that taco fixin’s are so good with or without the carbs, so lately I’m just doing without and it still seems like a feast! Over crunchy shredded cabbage is a great idea!

  10. I love fish tacos! But, I make mine a little different. Instead of taco seasoning, I batter my fish (usually haddock) in spelt flour and then fry it in coconut oil. I use Ezekiel’s pita pockets as my tortilla (my grocery store doesn’t have any good one’s and I haven’t yet tried to make my own). For my sauce, I mix mayonaise and lime juice (lots of it) and chipotle powder. I like to use cabbage and some lettuce and more lime juice to top it all off.

    However, your picture looks so good…I think I’ll have to try it your way next time!

  11. We just had these tonight! I grew up around LA, and for me, the corn tortilla, shredded cabbage, and lime or cilantro cream is a must. So is the margarita, but I doubt that’s NT-approved. :c)


  12. Andrea, that wasn’t my pic, and yours sound MUCH better, actually! Thanks for the recipe, I’m trying that next time. :)

    Rachel, NT approved or not, I also love margaritas from time to time! Also, get this, Jeanne (neighbor friend) just gave us a lemon plant and a mint plant (I love chewing on the leaves!), Kent said he’d make me some lemon/mint mojitos this summer!! We make them from scratch – no corn syrup or other junk, just a little sugar. Maybe I’ll post Kent’s recipe when he makes them!

  13. Kelly — be sure when Kent mixes up that batch of mojitos that he walks one across the street! Better make it two, you know Stephan will want one!!!!

  14. Jeanne, you got it – it’s the least we could do for those awesome plants! And it only seems right that if you’re my mayo tester, you should also be my mojito tester. :)

  15. Boy, those fish tacos look so delicious. I always thought I was a pretty good cook, but I realize that just like everything else in my life, I’m not a very “creative” cook. Now that it’s summer and I can get to the Farmer’s Market for fresh, local foods, I’m going to practice creativity. Thanks for inspring me.

  16. I just made these the first time last week from the Biggest Loser Family cookbook. They marinated in lime juice and taco seasoning for 30 minutes, then grilled in foil. Then put together with guacamole, cabbage, salsa and cheese.


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