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Look At All the Celebrities On Our Side!

When Prop 37 went down in California earlier this month, that was only the beginning. We’ll win this fight for sure, and to do so, we need to keep up the momentum!

(Before you read the post below, you may first want to read a basic GMO definition here.)

Please share this video, and let’s put to good use the way celebrities are able to draw attention to topics like this that we believe in!


  1. That’s a great video and would have been helpful a few weeks ago when the anti prop 37 people were blanketing the airwaves with nonstop ads threatening that our grocery bills were going to skyrocket if we passed it, and telling us that farmers opposed it. Me telling all my friends, family and coworkers to vote yes didn’t seem to help much.

    I’m not used to being on the side of celebrities; it’s strange. And the libertarian in me is hesitant to support more federal laws; I’m not so opposed to state and local regulation. I’ve made a concerted effort to avoid buying products from companies who donated against prop 37. I really, really miss my Larabars. And I’m going to miss Muir Glen tomatoes when I run out of the tomatoes I have frozen from my garden this summer.

  2. I’m with Linda….where was this 6 weeks ago? I love the clips of the blinded family the best. Too funny!

    There is still a small glimmer of hope, however. All the votes in CA have not been counted as of yet and by Dec 14, the CA Secretary of State is supposed to announce the final count of all the ballots. There are still many, many mail-in ballots that were not represented in the election night results (like mine!).

    In the meantime, we can still vote with out dollars. Just yesterday I went to buy organice cream cheese (to make Kelly’s pumpkin bars!) and a nice man behind me in the dairy section reminded me not to buy the one on sale because they didn’t support 37. I put it back and bought the other brand even though it was a dollar more.

    Voting with our dollars is still just as loud and just as effective than prop 37.

  3. You must be kidding! Where was this 6 weeks ago? We were bombarded with negatives re #37, and saw 1 puny ad for the yes vote. Hope it helps other states, cause it sure wasn’t around to help us!

  4. I really don’t see how this video would convince anyone, with its message of
    “We have a right to know what’s in our food”. Most people would respond to that with “why should we care if GMOs are in our food?” They should have been told WHY they would want to know that GMOs are in their food!!!! I read a really good editorial somewhere saying that the backers of Prop 37 really missed the boat in their advertising by not talking about the health effects of GMO foods. I totally agree with that. I’m an active WAPF member, so obviously I don’t support GMOs, but the thing that really got me on board with avoiding GMOs was when I read Jeffrey Smith’s book Seeds of Deception and realized how dangerous they are to our health!! I think if people in California had been told about the health dangers of GMOs, they would have supported Prop 37 more readily and there would have been a better chance of the law passing.

  5. KK
    Thanks for putting out the word. Yes I was devastated to find out that Monsanto has “bribed” every one including the government. I just can not believe it. We so need more people to hear us and get on the “NO GMO Train”. If nothing else let’s rock Monsanto so much that they go bankrupt. I tell everyone I know, I put it up on Pinterest and we need Every single living person who loves their family to know what is going on here.
    Watch what you eat…

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