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Latest Thoughts On the Confusing Grains Issue, My Upcoming WAPF Conference Talk, and More {Audio Interview}

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Aaron, ‘The Appropriate Omnivore’, interviewed me recently for his internet radio show, and here is some of what we talked about:cure tooth decay

  • My upcoming talk at the regional WAPF conference in Detroit THIS weekend – click here for details, I’d love to meet you there! (You can try to still get tickets online, but at this point they may only be available at the door.)
  • How my real food journey began, and what our kids and my husband, Kent, thought about our transition to real food.
  • What is junk food, what is real food.
  • Find out which fast food we eat sometimes.
  • How my cravings have drastically changed.
  • My latest thoughts on the confusing topic of grains. I’ll be really curious to hear your thoughts on this topic. (On the right is the book I mentioned in that part of the interview: Curing Tooth Decay.)
  • Pasteurized wine and beer – I’m hoping you can tell me what you know about this – is most wine off the shelves at the store pasteurized or no?

Click here to listen to the interview!


  1. I’m glad to hear you’re really thinking about grains. For me, it’s not confusing anymore. Grains are a lot of work to properly prepare and yet they still have the anti-nutrients and gluten in them. Even non-gluten grains still have prolamines (which is the same category that gluten is in) and there is a growing suspicion that they do similar damage to the gut over time. We don’t know for sure because they haven’t been studied as much as gluten. When we stopped eating grains of any kind, we naturally started eating a whole lot more vegetables to fill up our dinner plate. We get our carbs from sweet potatoes, potatoes, squash, etc. Don’t get me wrong, if there is something really special and delicous that has grains, we might eat it but it’s rare.

    I look at it from a different perspective. I can’t find any good reason to eat grains. Until then, we’ll just leave it out.

  2. Kel, I wish I could teleport myself into the room when you give your talk, right from California.

    You MUST have the talk taped and made available.

    I am so glad you are speaking at this conference!

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