Kitchen Kop October 2012 Giveaway – Win a $75 gift card!

The Kitchen Kop giveaways worth $30-$40 were boring.  So now I’m ramping things up and giving away $75 Amazon gift cards instead and making it easier, too.


1. Sign up for the Kitchen Kop newsletter in the orange box below (you’ll have to scroll down past this post to find it) to be eligible to win this or any future Kitchen Kop giveaways. If you’re already signed up that counts. (This newsletter will contain weekly blog updates.)

Don’t forget to click on the ‘confirm’ link when it comes to your inbox or else you won’t be signed up.  You can unsubscribe at any time. Just know that you must be subscribed in order to be eligible to win this and any future prizes.

And lastly… 

2.  Click over to, look around, and tell me in the comments what you’ll buy if you win.

I’ll choose a winner via and announce it here on the blog.  Be sure to sign up for blog post updates via RSS or via email so you’ll know right away if you win, because you’ll only have 48 hours to contact us and claim your prize. (Blog post updates will sign you up for *almost* daily updates.)

Good luck!

Note:  Please play nice and follow directions.  When I choose the winner, if you didn’t follow the two directions above, I’ll have to pick a new one.

No purchase necessary. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Only open to those 18 or older. Only one comment per entry.  One winner will be chosen based on the number of entries and announced here on the blog. Winner’s name will be published in the post announcing the winner (email address will not be published), and they will have 48 hours to contact me. If I find an entry to be invalid (winner did not do what they said they did), then I will pick a new winner. By the way, this is technically called a “sweepstakes” not a “giveaway” because the winner is chosen at random based on entries. Note: Affiliate links are included above. You may want to check out my Icky small print stuff: privacy policy, copyright, disclaimers, terms & conditions. Void where prohibited by law.

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  1. says

    At this point I have too much in the way of books (there I said it!) and not enough time to read them, so I imagine I’d pick up something bellydance related. Either music or an instructional DVD. That is something I could use.

  2. jess says

    I would get Eat Like a Dinosaur finally and Diane Sanfilippo’s new book Practical Paleo. And a Le Creuset butter crock in cobalt. I love Le Crueset and my dream is to save up for the Dutch Oven or French Oven. I could use that for so many things!

    • says

      I would so totally buy this too! If I was able together this on sale I would check out the wear house deals for some whole foods in the gourmet/grocery section …what fun I would have!!

  3. Maria says

    I’d buy a bunch of little things like “Textured Stitches,” Pride and Prejudice sheet music, and Tangled on DVD :)

  4. Nichole says

    I would use an Amazon gift card for cookbooks, quilting books, or maybe a preseasoned cast iron pan. Thanks for the giveaway !

  5. mary p says

    Already a subscriber. I would like to replenish my supply of dark chocolate bars. Amazon has some great choices.

  6. Shannon says

    I am already getting your newsletter and I am still saving up to get my son a super cute play kitchen for Christmas, almost there =)

  7. says

    So many choices… I might use it toward an STX Turboforce 300 electric meat grinder or a 2-qt Cuisenart Ice Cream Maker or some stainless steel and glass food storage containers or a new SS stock pot and half-gal Mason jars.

  8. Jazmine M. says

    Already subscribed.

    If I won, I would buy a Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Oven. When one of my old roommate’s had one, I used it all the time. Chicken and roasts come out so good, plus it’s just plain fun to sit and watch the meat spin :-)

  9. Cindy H says

    I have two Paleo cookbooks in my cart at Amazon right now as well as a balloon whisk. There is always something I’m wanting at Amazon ! I am already signed up for your newsletter.

  10. says

    I would so totally buy a cuisinart emersion blender & If I was able to get this on sale I would check out the wear house deals for some whole foods in the gourmet/grocery section …what fun I would have!!

  11. Naomi Williams says

    Already signed up for newsletter.

    Seeing as how it’s October, I’d splurge on a couple of scary movies, as well as some of the goodies on my wishlist like Oskri Chocolate Coconut bars.

  12. Marietta says

    hey i joined your septemeber giveaway too! well i’d buy the timex 2008 collection watch i want it so bad haha. and some glitter nailpolish. x

  13. chandra says

    Already am subscribed, and I already buy from Amazon, so would love to put the money towards my supplements that I get monthly. Thanks,

  14. Mo says

    Thanks for the sweepstakes give away. If I am selected, I would use the card toward the purchase of my dr mercola and anabolic lab supplements. I am on the way to a healthier me!

  15. Fran K says

    I’ve been subscribed to your newsletter for some time now. Picking just One thing from my Amazon wish list is tough! I would go with Bio-kult probiotics and menthol crystals. (I know, I picked 2!)

  16. Laura says

    I would start with buying an oven thermometer- I just discovered I needed one of those. I’ve been wanting some enameled cast iron, too.

  17. Jill says

    I would buy a Pong cell phone cover that reduces radiation exposure and a copy of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration!

  18. Natasha says

    I would put it towards collecting a set of safer enameled cast iron pots or purchase a stock of KAL stevia, Real Salt, Redmond clay & Earthpaste!

  19. Ashley J says

    I would buy candle making supplies so I could make my own beeswax tealights for a fraction of the cost. Also some Gypsy Cold Care tea in bulk to prepare for the winter months.

  20. Tessa says

    I would either use it on some of the many books that are on my wish list(Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Confessions of a Pharma-Insider, Surviving Off Off-Grid, Earthing) that are on my wish list OR put it towards a Frieling Polished Stainless French Press.

  21. Loredana says

    Just discovered how rewarding is making, kneading and baking my own bread from wild yeast ( with organic flour) so probably I would buy a banneton and other bread making related items.Already a subscriber.

  22. says

    If I were to win… We just ran out of FCLO w/ BO… so that would be first priority. Otherwise, food, supplements, and school books.

  23. Naomi says

    I already subscribe and already make regular purchases from Amazon, like books and supplements, so it would be a nice discount off my regular expenses. Thank you!

  24. says

    If I received an Amazon gift card I would purchase the GAPS book by Dr. Campbell-McBride and Wheat Belly, by Dr. David. I am also looking for baking pans that aren’t aluminum, but haven’t settled on a good brand yet. Thanks!

  25. Naomi says

    I didn’t see where you mentioned that we should make separate comments, but just in case, here is my separate comment: again, I already subscribe, and again, I would apply the $75 to books or something that I’m already buying on a regular basis.

  26. says

    am already signed in to your (lovely) newsletter, and am your friend on fb & pinterest.
    would love some paleo food stuff like coconut flour, coconut amino’s etc.

  27. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I need a bread bin, so I woulld put this towards the BlissHome Nigella Lawson’s Living Kitchen Bread Bin!

  28. says

    Already a subscriber. If I win a gift card I, my wish list includes a sprite replacement shower filter, organic chamomile flowers, organic nettle, various essential oils, and beeswax pastilles for homemade candles and beauty products.
    Love your blog and thanks for this opportunity,

  29. Linda says

    I already subscribe to your newsletter. What I would get, more stainless steel pans, books, coconut oil (always need that), a boning knife. I can’t afford to buy cut up chicken from my farmer.

  30. Melinda says

    I would use it to buy some baby gowns (like these: ) for our little boy we are expecting at the end of November. I can’t find them in the country we live in… so I will have my sister mail them to me! I’d use the remainder of the gift card to buy Christmas gifts! Thanks for the chance to win! =0)

  31. bunkie says

    i’m already subscribed to your newsletter!

    if i win, i would purchase the EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale, Silver.

    great giveaway!!!

  32. Joy Bellamy says

    I have been a subscriber for some time now and I love it. I would buy an immersion blender. I have wanted one for a very long time.

  33. Heather says

    Hi. I’ve been signed up for the newsletter for awhile. Also follow you on pinterest and just signed up to follow you on twitter.

    If I won the gift card, I would purchase a kombucha starter kit, kefir grains, and a ceramic crock dispenser. Fingers crossed!!

  34. Bridgette says

    I’m already a subscriber and I would start stocking up on some prepper items from Amazon. DH has started quite the wish list for me!

  35. Karen Marie says

    I would love Stanley’s Grass Fed Beef cookbooks, and a dry grind container for my Vitamix…I have a whole wish list going šŸ˜Ž

  36. Cherie B says

    I would get, Norpro Sauce Master Food Strainer and the Breyer Wood Stable, (for my daughter). I have a huge Amazon wish list going šŸ˜‰
    I am subscribed to your blog and have enjoyed it very much!

  37. Chris says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win $75! I would purchase books unavailable at our library for our 5th grade son to read as we are studying ancient history in our homeschool. Specifically, “The Burning Light” (Ramsay), “The Two Trees” (Wetmore) and the other 2 volumes in this series, and “Hostage Lands” (Bond).

  38. Amanda says

    I would get Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil or purchase Heather’s Nourish Baby E-book, since I found out that i’m newly pregnant!

  39. Jenna says

    I would have so much fun shopping on Amazon. I would start with a HDTV antennae for our rooftop and then maybe some camping or hiking gear!

  40. Lila Esquer says

    With My $75.00 Amazon gift card win I would purchase the Aroma ARC stainless steel rice cooker. I t would be great to make one pot meals for the holidays for all to see. This would encourage new recipes and better health. OOh do I feel lucky??? yes …

  41. Rachel says

    Like many other people, I am trying to get away from plastic and would purchase some stainless steel lunch storage containers.

  42. Kim says

    I already subscribe. I would use the gift card towards a nice thermos set so I can eat GAPS food on the run. Also glass straws which I discovered by reading comments from your Sept. giveaway!

  43. colleen boudreau says

    I follow Kitchen Kop on Facebook (Colleen Boudreau) and Pinterest (
    holliister at gmail dot com

  44. felicia says

    i would love to put the gift card towards the excalibur dehydrator that i’ve been pining for for the past year! :)

  45. Solducky says

    I am signed up, and would get some plan toys play food and some puzzles and other fun learning toys for my daughters for Christmas!

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  46. Rachel B says

    I have a wishlist of books like Joel Salatin’s Folks, This Ain’t Normal, but I am also interested in a Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine, a Nutrimill or Wondermill grain mill, and an excalibur dehydrator.

  47. Nedra Kaufman says

    1. I signed up for your newsletter.

    2. I would love to buy the books Nourishing Traditions and Wild Fermentation. I would also buy an immersion blender.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  48. Lori Adamson says

    If I win, I will probably purchase something on my wish list which includes books for me, my kids, and my grandchildren as well as Christmas gifts, maple syrup and a stainless steel rice cooker. Thanks for the chance.

  49. Sharon says

    I’m a subscriber to your newsletter. I have several books on my wishlist at as I’m an avid book reader regarding health, nutrition, low-carb, high-protein/good fats, paleo/Atkins diets, etc.

  50. Ros says

    I am a faithful follower! Still at amazon, I’d love, love, love to have a le cruset dutch oven, but I could also use a food processor, so If i win, I will be purchasing kitchen ware!

  51. Jennifer says

    I’m already a subscriber and I would love to get some Fido glass jars for my fermented veggies, water kefir and others. Thanks!

  52. says

    I’m already a subscriber. I would buy an ice cream maker! If I have any money left over, there are some great cook books that I’d get, too. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  53. Amy says

    I am already signed up for the newsletter….I would really really really like a tortilla press!!

    Thank you for hosting this another month:O)

  54. Jen says

    Hello- I would get fermented cod liver oil because I really have been wanting to add it, but just haven’t been able to yet. I hear among other things, it helps with stress which with my full time job, 4 kids, and trying to make everything from scratch, I have a lot of :). And there are always a ton of natural health books that I’ve been dying to read… Thanks for your great blog!

  55. Wild Orchid says

    I would love to get a le creuset butter crock.
    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  56. Dineen says

    I would love to have the gift card to use towards a food processor. I am struggling to make butter, nut butters, hummus, guacamole, etc. w/o one! Ohhh, I could easily find books too…everything from food storage, fermenting, canning, organic gardening…..

  57. BeccaOH says

    My Amazon wishlist is full of things from supplements to books, from whole foods to movies. Love Amazon. Just added blackout curtains to my wish today.

  58. Andresa says

    I’ve got my eye on a set of KitchenAid stainless steel cookware (think it’s KitchenAid brand) that I found last month listed at just under $150 sale price.

  59. mj says

    I signed up for the newsletter.

    I think I ‘d get some cologne for my hubby for Christmas and maybe something for me, too!

  60. Ginger Gisi says

    I signed up for your newsletter! Also, if i were to win, I would most likely get an indoor putting green for my husband : )

  61. says

    My birthday is this month so I would love to win & buy myself some birthday goodies. I burned up my stick blender so I would get another one, I would buy some fermenting lids, some coconut oil and a couple of gluten free bread books. Yea – happy birthday to me!!!!!!

  62. Gilla says

    I already subscribe :) I have a few books and games on my wishlist for our homeschool that I would love to be able to buy!

  63. Kaitlynn says

    I subscribed to the newsletter. I would probably buy books or a new food processor, because ours isn’t very powerful.

  64. Teresa B says

    Already a subscriber.
    Still want to get some new water kefir grains, accessories for my mixer, and fermenting equipment.

  65. Mark g says

    I am a scriber. I have been saving for a kitchen aid stand mixer. Hopefully there will be a incredible sale on Black Friday and I can finally get it!

  66. Wendi Wilkins says

    I’m already sign-up for your newsletter and I’d start working through my book wish list with my $75 Gift Card win!

  67. says

    Well I’m ready to win! :-) I’m raising my granddaughter and what I would buy if I won is Christmas gifts for her…more specifically…a couple of Monster High dolls that are tough to find in this teeny tiny town we live in. :-) Just bought her a Monster High logo dress at Wal-Mart tonight. She saw it and ooo’d. Then she ahhh’d. Wasn’t really in the budget but a little girl needs a new dress now and then!

  68. June says

    I recently broke my crockpot crock and need to replace my crockpot. The crock was no match for our tile! I would also like to purchase a pressure canner

  69. Debby says

    If I won, I’d get some (hair) products on Amazon I can’t get in any stores around me because they’re only sold online. Since I’m young (13) and almost 14, this would also be a great additional present though there’s only a slight chance I’ll win; I tend to never win giveaways unless it’s for things I care the least about- so far I’ve won a book and a pair of slippers that didn’t even fit me! :p Better than nothing though because I entered giveaways on that website every single day multiple times for like 2 years. Didn’t mean to give you my whole life store haha. :p

    Anyways, I currently don’t have a job (though I’m trying to get a Babysitting one) so I can’t buy myself an Amazon gift card from a store, so I would be truly grateful to receive this as a gift! Especially since my birthday present (which was ordered online from a far away place) may not arrive on time for my birthday. Well, I’m never going to say something is impossible! :) Thanks for this giveaway contest! <3

  70. Rachel J. says

    I really need a new fluoride Berkey filter, lol. But I would probably also treat myself to a few Fido jars and/or swing top bottles for my new kombucha obsession and probably a cookbook or two. I’ve been eyeing The Wild Table cookbook and would love to splurge on that as well.

  71. Stacy says

    I would use it to go towards a Berkey Water filter for my Sister. They just started adding Fluoride to her water and she can’t afford a filter :(

  72. Hallie says

    I have a whole list of kitchen items in my Amazon Wishlist: a serrated bread knife, ramekins, a donut pan, a cast iron skillet…So many ways I could use a $75 gift card!

  73. Ruthi says

    Outside of reading and teaching, my interests focus on sewing and cooking, so I have been looking at the quilting books and fabric on Amazon to fill that interest. Not only that, but would love to get some things to make my sewing space much more user-friendly.

  74. teri f says

    I would get my 75 yr old mother the little things that make her day …..the dried fruit tray….some exotic teas and cookies…some survival type stuff…she’s made it this far raising 8 kids….and is now struggling…so I try and send her surprises in the mail….just to make her day…hope to win….thanks for the giveaway!

  75. Amy says

    I already subscribe via e-mail. If I win I will purchase some of the “little” things my kids have been adding to our Amazon wishlist for Christmas stocking stuffers.

  76. teri f says

    still adding to moms amazon list for her last few years….its amazing as to the energy this woman has….and how she loves to shop online now!!

  77. Gina says

    I have a few health issues that require pretty expensive supplements every month… As it turns out, amazon has the best price for them, so a $75 gift card would come in really handy. :)

  78. Robyn says

    Already a subscriber. :)
    I need books – real food books for myself and school/textbooks for my daughter. I would also like to get my special needs child some “fine motor encouraging” kitchen toys. Thanks as always for a great giveaway!

  79. Jennifer says

    I want so many things from a meat grinder, fido jars, stoneware, cast iron bakeware, and much much more. However, I will most likely spend it on Christmas gifts.

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