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Kitchen Goals for February 2011

I love hearing how your last month’s goals went and what you have planned in the kitchen for this month, be sure to share in the comments!

Do you have a blog?

If you have a blog and plan to share your kitchen goals there, feel free to grab the picture above, and then leave us a link to your post in the comments. :)

My goals last month:

Last month my goals were to get better about meal planning since I was going to be working outside the home two days a week, and I did really good with that for a couple weeks, but now that plans have changed, I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit. These days I’m doing sort of a modified version of my super on-the-ball planned-ahead meals and my old system of having enough on hand to pull most things together that we like on the morning of. (Here’s our family favorite meals list.)

My February kitchen goal:

I’ve been telling the kids for months that I’ll try making some homemade bagels, but I remember when I made these years and years ago that they were time-consuming. Also I’m trying to get our family eating less grains not more. A treat now and then won’t hurt I suppose, and a homemade one at that. Does anyone have a simple bagel recipe I could try?

Your turn to share!

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  1. i’m not going to commit to a monthly goal, because I know between content development for Eat to Learn, the endless school food reform efforts. and doing some much needed blog housekeeping to get ready for some high profile visitors expected in March, I won’t get much “new” stuff done in the kitchen.

    three things i want to do this year are:
    -convert some of my milk kefir grains to water grains to make kefir soda/juice. i drink kefir daily, but only manage to get it down the hatch of kids 1-2x a week, sometimes less…
    -figure out how to lacto-ferment some veggies (i’m hoarding whey harvested from my raw milk kefir cream, but that’s as fas as I’ve gotten)
    -start juicing veggies to drink for breakfast or post work out. step two of that plan is to get the kids hooked on veggie juice.

  2. Last time I had a goal here (way back when, things have changed) but is was to no longer buy buy deserts for the kids lunches, but to make them. But I am now questioning this one. Yes the cookies and stuff I make have real butter, and better flour (whole wheat, spelt or buckwheat), but they still are sugary junk. And I get stressed out with the lack of time and yell at the kids. And where normally this baking was something I did with the kids, now I have to do it on my own to hide the fact that I am not using white flour.

  3. My goal for the month is to get the cupboards cleaned out. We’re going gluten free (well, DH is going to slow down on it since he doesn’t want to give it up) for a couple of weeks to see if it improves some conditions. I know it will so I want to prepare for the inevitable ;). I told the kids we would put the gluten containing foods in our storage and “forget about them”. I did replace some items with gluten free versions to transition (darn you cereal!) but I think it will be an easy thing to start more real foods with them if they are willing to take this big step :).

  4. I am still trying to lose weight so still keeping the carbs down. I’m 1/2 a pound away from my first goal so very excited. I want to make ketchup and mayo in February though as that’s something I’ve wanted to do for months but haven’t gotten around to it.

  5. Hi Kelly,
    I have a fantastic bagel recipe by Peter Reinhart — I’ll email it to you, if you’d like it (I need to type it out). My family loves them, and I like how the work is divided up: The evening before baking, I prepare the dough, then they are retarded in the fridge over night, and boiled and baked the next morning. Works out perfectly for freshly-baked bagels before school. I don’t make them often, because my family would eat them all in one day if they were able…

  6. I’d have to say that I have two goals this month. The first is to try AGAIN to separate whey from yogurt. I’ve gotten some tips over at and so I’m feeling more confident. The second is to make my first dairy cultures from non-homogenized, low heat pastueurized milk. I have purchased Pima and Buttermilk cultures from Cultures for Health. My biggest dilema is that it is currently winter and I cannot find a single spot in my house where it is warm enough, I have read all the suggestions and have stuck thermometers in various places but haven’t had any luck. My dehydrator’s lowest temp setting is 95 degrees F, so that won’t work either. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

  7. I want to make some beef stock this month. Perhaps putting it in writing here will help me bite the bullet and get it done? Happy day, Kel!

  8. Well, I just moved, and I stayed with my parents for 4 days (um, ugh) my first goal is to just get back to where I was when I moved in. (Shouldn’t be to hard, since my body is CRAVING the good stuff.)

    Second thing… I want to get better at lactofermentation. And I want to make my own yogurt.

    In the future, I plan to add cheese making and sour dough (I am an experienced baker, but I never tried sour dough. I am grain free at the moment, but I decided that I am done with bakers yeast breads. Once the grain is back in it is sourdough bread and either soaked, sourdough or sprouted for everything else.)

    So, I think I posted my kitchen goals for the year! But fermentation and yogurt to start, for sure!

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