Jovial Foods Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil WINNER Plus a Discount if You Didn’t Win!

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Today the Jovial Foods Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Giveaway Winner is Announced:

The winner is…

Barb G.


Please email within 48 hours to claim your prize and so I can verify that you’re the right Barb G.:

Olive-Oil-3-Pack-WoodDidn’t win? You can still get a great deal!

If you didn’t win, you can click here to get the 3-pack on sale right now! Included are 3 full sized 33.3-ounce bottles, for 20% off in this pre-order sale. Once you reserve your New Harvest olive oil, then it’ll come in early January from Jovial Foods with free shipping (to the continental U.S.).

Here is more information in case you missed it in the original post: Roasted Garlic with Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Are you looking for the perfect extra virgin olive oil with a full flavor, yet mild enough to use in all your favorite recipes?

Have you ever had a ‘virgin olive oil‘ that tasted off, or that was just too pungent and ruined what you were serving it with? Or maybe you’ve had olive oil from the grocery store that had no flavor at all, and it gave you the nasty mouth-feel that cheap olive oils tend to do, because they’re cut with less expensive oils. They don’t tell us this on the label, though, of course. (Read more about healthy fats here.)

But then… Then along comes an olive oil that is so perfectly balanced that you can’t stop dipping your finger into it. It’s light, but rich. It’s smooth, without even a hint of that weird mouth-feel, so it just begs to be turned into my homemade mayo. :) It’s got a depth of flavor that is a touch fruity somehow, and has no bite, not even a little one. It reminds me of when you eat a tomato from the grocery store that looks like a tomato, but tastes so blah that you may as well not have eaten it at all; and then you eat one from your friends’ farm, who know how to cultivate nutrient-dense soil to nourish a crop loaded with flavor and nutrition — there’s no comparison and your taste-buds know the difference.

By the way, are you extra sensitive and allergic to a lot?

Jovial’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is bottled at a family-run press that is completely free of gluten, nuts, seeds and all other allergens.

Look at this gorgeous landscape where the olive trees grow in Italy:

Olive Oil Jovial Foods

Click to get the Jovial New Harvest organic extra virgin olive oil here!

This year’s olives were particularly large and juicy, and the olive oil reflects their delicate flavor, with the perfect balance of fruitiness. You’ll be getting the freshest and most authentic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil direct from our farmers to you.

  • Our Reserve Blend is made exclusively from three ancient varieties of olives grown in Italy’s Veneto region: Favarol, Grignano and Nostrano. These olives were cultivated by the Romans 1,000 years ago. A small group of passionate farmers are working to save these unique varieties from extinction.
  • Our reserve-blend of certified organic olives are grown up in the hills above Lago di Garda in the Veneto region of Italy
  • A small group of farmers harvest the oil using old-world methods
  • Decanting naturally removes sediment without filtering
  • The temperature never exceeds 80F during pressing
  • Our facility is exclusively dedicated to pressing and bottling olive oil. It is a family run press completely free of gluten, nuts, seeds and other allergens.
  • Acidity is less than .4%
  • The resulting oil has a delicate flavor, with the perfect balance of fruitiness.

jovial olives 2

I love this:

My family has been purchasing our yearly stock of organic extra virgin olive oil from a family-owned press in the Veneto region of Italy for many years. Every year in November, we visit the mill, we watch our oil being pressed, we talk to the farmers, our children take part in harvesting at the family farm, and we return home with an oil we really feel good about. We have always dreamed of sharing this authentic oil with you.

As Europeans follow the global trend toward industrially produced food, your choices are a blessing to a group of farmers who are trying to keep their wonderful heritage alive. The exchange of your support to a farmer for an exceptional quality product that your family can trust is a wonderful thing that Jovial is proud to be a part of.

Note that this was a sponsored giveaway post, but hopefully you can tell that I really do love this stuff and I especially love how much these farmers know, appreciate, and strive to preserve the traditional way of growing the olives and pressing them into oil, so now we can all benefit from their knowledge.

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