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Is it Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine-Induced Encephalitis?

From the National Vaccine Information Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome:

“Child abuse is a terrible crime and the failure to recognize it is unforgivable. An erroneous diagnosis of inflicted head trauma is just as tragic and the resulting destruction of a family is one of the gravest injustices of modern times. Many have recently questioned the existence of the so-called “Shaken Baby Syndrome” and the concept that the last caretaker must have been guilty. Careful reviews often uncover relevant findings that were missed or ignored. Recent pediatric vaccinations have been suspected as precipitating factors.”

Had you heard of this connection before?

I hadn’t and was shocked to watch the below Vaccine Nation movie trailer. Obviously, and sadly, there are some who really do shake their babies to death, but as the quote states above, just as bad is someone wrongly accused of doing so! Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for how the featured story ended up, as all of this actually happened a few years ago…

Good news: It says on the website for Alan Yurko, the guy who was wrongly accused, that he was released in 2005.


  1. No, but there is a ton of info out there from natural websites and even the creators of the vacs themselves telling us they are nothing but a slow poison meant to kill.

  2. I have known about this for several years…it’s sad and for some it isn’t such a slow kill and generally excruciatingly painful ;-(

  3. After reading this story, it reminded me of a story that I read from the website about families being wrongly accused of shaken baby syndrome, when in fact their babies had rickets because of a Vitamin D deficiency. Here’s the link to one of the stories from the website: I know that there are people out there who abuse children, but I believe that there are other things that can cause this that doctors should rule out first before accusing the parents or caregivers of abuse.

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