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Ideas for Turkey Leftovers


I remind Kent often, “I used to have it all together, ya know!” Not that long ago I was an organized and self-disciplined Mom who kept many balls in the air with very little trouble. My to-do list rarely had an overwhelming number of items on it and never for longer than a few days. My laundry was folded, our meals were planned, and I ran a home day care. I read lots of books and volunteered at church and school. Christmas shopping was usually finished by mid-September! Those were the days… Now that we have four kids and mostly since I began blogging, things are not so rosy, but I’m learning to say “Oh well” and “All I can do is all I can do”. So I pray for the wisdom to know what I should be trying to get done each day, and for the grace to give God an attitude of gratitude, to enjoy these moments while our kids are young, and for the ability to let go of the heaviness of the to-do list. (That’s not easy some days is it? Unless we have something on our shoulders much heavier than to-do items – that brings our perspective back quick-like.) Tomorrow on Thanksgiving, I’ll pray that all of you, my reader friends, are also able to lay down whatever it is that’s feeling heavy for you these days and allow the spirit of thankfulness to come in. :)

All this rambling began only to explain why I didn’t post the following until a week or two later than I should’ve. Hopefully you can still find some of it helpful!

Turkey Leftover Ideas:

  • There are tons of chicken recipes at this main dish recipes post that you can use leftover turkey in instead!
  • Will you share your favorite ways to use up Thanksgiving leftovers?!


Photo credit: Ferdi’s World


  1. Happy Thanksgiving,Kelly. You are thoughtful to think of ideas for leftover turkey.
    Here’s a tip I read last week and I pass it on. It’s not food related but it is sanity related–If your dishwasher is empty, it makes for a smoother cleanup after the meal. also, make sure the garbage can is empty and has a clean liner in it.
    Is this not brilliant?!

  2. Here are a couple of ideas for using up Thanksgiving leftovers. I love finding yummy ways to use up leftovers so that nothing goes to waste! If you have some ideas too, I’d love to hear them!

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