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How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Remove Warts – it’s EASY! {Gross picture just ahead}


Do you know how to use apple cider vinegar to remove warts? It really works and I’m proof!

I’ve even got a gross picture to prove it. Today I’ll tell you exactly how it’s done.

I’ve already told you how my good friend healed her son’s plantar warts with ACV, and how I healed my own ringworm issues with raw apple cider vinegar, well now I’ll tell you how I used it to get rid of a wart on the back of my ankle. Ahhhh, the things I share with you, dear reader friends. Kent can’t believe how personal I get here sometimes, but hey, it might help one of you out there!

If you just want to know where to get it, find raw organic apple cider vinegar here.

How to use apple cider vinegar to remove warts – it worked in less than two weeks:

Maybe it’s normal for it to go this fast, but I sure didn’t expect it. I started by soaking a wadded up hunk of kleenex (or cotton ball) in apple cider vinegar and holding it onto the wart on the back of my ankle with a bandaid. (It stinks a little, so I’m glad it was all the way down at my foot.) I did this before bed for 3 nights in a row. In the mornings I took it off. After those 3 nights, it had turned black. But then I forgot about it for a couple of days, maybe this was good, to let it dry out. Then I sterilized some scissors (with steaming hot water), let them cool and clipped the black part off. It was definitely smaller! I washed good after messing with it, just in case it might spread. Then I started the same procedure again, but it started to hurt this time, so I just let it heal up for a few days. Then I did it all again, and this time after only two nights it turned black again. A couple of days later I noticed that it was a little crusty (gross I know, sorry), so I picked the black part off. This time the whole wart peeled off bringing some of it from below the skin level, so there was even an indentation there, COOL! I know, I’m weird that this stuff gets me all excited. It’s sick but kind of fun like a science experiment, ha!

Here’s what it looked like, and it’s especially lovely with the glue residue leftover from the bandaid:

See how there’s another little one left next to it? I’m going after that little sucker next.

If you’ve also had good luck, tell us about it and what you did differently. It’s so cheap and easy, apple cider vinegar is some powerful stuff! Get raw organic apple cider vinegar here.

acv curesI love learning about all natural cures like this, especially with something as easy to use as ACV. What else have you cured with apple cider vinegar? I haven’t read this book, but it looks like an interesting one with more ideas:

Apple Cider Vinegar Cures (Miracle Healers From The Kitchen)

It’s less than $4 on Kindle. They probably also have a hard copy version, but did you know that if you don’t have a Kindle, you can get a free reader for your phone, tablet or computer by clicking here?



  1. Thanks for sharing. In case you might be interested Patricia Bragg will be on The Power Hour with Joyce Riley tomorrow I’m sure talking about all the other benefits of ACV.

  2. A small piece of fresh cut garlic has a similar effect. The wart turns black and falls off after having garlic on it several nights in a row. They can grow back again though, so make sure you keep an eye on it to treat it again right away if it starts to grow.

  3. I am attempting this with a mole that is about the size of a quarter.
    Nothing so far, but I need to be religious about swabbing it twice a day.

  4. You can try placing duct tape over the wart for a few weeks. Many doctors have recommended this. You can try a remedy called wartrol and try two free bottles.

  5. After reading this I just had to share. When I was a child (mind you I am 67 years young) I had a wart and was told to rub it with the white part of an eye of a potato. Then I was told to bury the eye and before it would grow out of the ground my wart would be gone. It worked! Since this was so long ago I wanted to check if anyone else used this so I went to the You should go there. I found many similar but slightly varied stories of the potato solution. It depends on if the wart is the common wart or a planter wart as to how long it will take. Planter warts or more difficult and may have to be treated more aggressively and more than once. But with patience you shouldn’t have to cut them off.

  6. I removed a huge wart on my finger a number of years ago with regular vinegar. It hurt like none other, and probably took about a month until it was gone completely (I soaked that sucker once a day for 1/2 an hour and the rest of the time had a cotton swab with vinegar pressed against my finger, wrapped up in a band-aid. Every week or so the wart would fall off, and regrow, until eventually, I killed the roots (I would apply vinegar directly on the roots of the wart every time the actual wart fell out.) Pretty disgusting, painful but highly effective, and no annoying, repeat doctor visits!

  7. There are all kinds of wart cures. Most of them involve covering them up with some kind of anti viral agent (any essential oil, castor oil, vinegar, garlic, vitamin e, vitamin a, hydrogen peroxide, clay, banana peels)… There are more. Just check
    Out earth clinic. The key seems to depriving them of air. Even the over counter things will soften and remove the wart. In some people one try is all it takes. I have frozen it off, chewed it off, broken it by accident, used over the counter remedies and it always grows back. It is on the first knuckle of my left hand. I think the key is the terroir – your personal health status. That will determine if your body is a hospitable host for the virus. I think I’ll try FCLO next.

    • Yeah, it’s a lot like our homes and neighborhood, huh? :)

      I’m not really sure what a corn is. Try it and let us know…?


  8. I was treating what I thought was a wart on my forearm but it would not go away completely. My hair dresser said it might be a skin cancer. I finally went to my dermatologist. I am in my 60s. He said adults do not usually get warts and that it was a squamos cell cancer. It was, indeed. He removed it. It sure looked like a wart to me!

  9. Thank you for the tips. I have a really stubborn plantar wart on my foot that I can’t seem to get rid of. I have tried everything including freezing it off and Salicylic acid but none of these techniques have worked. I will try the vinegar treatment and hopefully it will work. I will let you know the results.


    I had a very large wart on my fave for over a year and nothing would shift it. it really looked horrendous and effected my self esteem. I read about apple cider vinegar and decided to give it a go. Bought a bottle for £1.50 from Tesco and applied it to the ward at bedtime, after 6 days of doing this it had completely gone. so happy with the result

  11. Hi i need some advice for my mum. She had a fall back in 2000, and hurt her legs she has had 2 operations on her legs
    She doesn’t have any feelings in her legs and she has sores all over them.
    She has tired everything they wont heal for her.
    She is a diabetic as well
    I was wondering if she could use the apple cider of vinegar on her legs at all and if she could also take it?
    I have pics of her legs if that would help so you know what im talking about.
    Hope someone can help me here
    Thanks Paulean

    • Diabetics have circulation problems and I would think that a wound clinic is where she belongs if she has sores that will not heal. My mother had lymph edema in her leg and a wound that would not heal but it did heal after treatment at a wound clinic at the hospital as an outpatient.

        • Hi Pauleen,

          I agree with DS that you’re Mom should be seen by a doctor, but also, if she has sores that won’t heal that’s a sign that she’s not keeping her blood sugar in the range that she should. Maybe you could help her learn to avoid sugar and limit grains in her diet so she can get her numbers back in a good range, but *be careful* because if she’s taking blood sugar medicine (orally or insulin) and not adjusting that while she cuts back on carbs, it could cause a dangerous blood sugar low. She’ll probably need to work with her doctor to do this safely.


  12. After reading your post on skin cancer and the input about adults not getting warts, it makes me wonder if this was truly a wart or if it isn’t true that adults don’t get warts. It’s something to think about.

    • Kerry,

      Yeah, mine could be a little mole or something, I don’t really know, but it’s gone now!

      Also, our son didn’t want to use ACV on his wart so he tried the duct tape and it’s working pretty well!


  13. At first, I’m so skeptic about using acv in rem0ving a wart. But since we have acv in our kitchen cabinet I decided to give it a try. I gave it attenti0n for only 2 nights, after that I got lazy ab0ut it. Few days later I noticed that my warts are turning black in color and so dry that when I tried to gave it a gently rub then it just fell off. Simply mean that acv is quiet effective :)

  14. Thank you so much for this!

    What’s weird? I really wish I could have seen what your wart looked like before treatment with ACV.

    The reason? My wart is in the exact same place (ankle) and it is definitely much bigger and different than ones I’ve had in the past. I’m pretty sure that my wart (or lack of it) will look identical to your ‘after’ shot.

    Off I go. I’m excited to get ‘er gone!

  15. I’ve had a plantar wart for about six months now. I’ve tried everything, compound w, freezing treatments over the counter, digging at it with tweezers. The only thing that has yielded any results at all has been soaking it 24 hours a day in ACV. I’ve found it doesn’t have to be “raw”, even the kind you find in gallon jugs works. After 5 days my wart has started to turn brown, the callus that built up over it was easily removed and I’m confident in no time that painful sucker will be out if my life for good. Warning though; as the wart starts to die off the soaking treatment might become slightly painful (nothing anyone who has been walking around with a plantar wart can’t handle) but do NOT stop treatment, the wart will grow back, and if the virus feels threatened, it will come back more aggressive. Good luck on the road to wart freedom!

    • Plantar warts can be so stubborn. And super painful! Have you ever tried Wart Paste? My brother used it on his 2 year-old plantar warts and within weeks they went away. It’s a blend of essential oils. I think the website is

  16. Hi so I’ve been using ACV for 6 days so far on two warts on my fingers. One turned brown with a ring of white sensitive skin around it and seems to be a bit indented (although i’m not certain), the other is starting to get little brown spots on it, these seems to be farther in that the surface. NOthing has turned black though. I’m especially worried about the one that turned brown cuz it looks pretty weird. Is there a way for me to post pics that someone can give me some feedback on?

  17. I recently tried ACV on a wart on my finger and it worked in only a week!
    It was black after the first day but I did it for two more nights just to be sure, then I left it black for about four days and was able to easily pull the scab off after the week was done.

    But I do warn people to be careful, as the ACV ended up damaging skin around the wart (inner finger skin is pretty sensitive). I got a large blister that ended up turning pretty nasty, so try to keep the vinegar localized to only the wart.

  18. Not worth using ACV to remove your warts. Suffer more/longer pain, warts may grow back & long healing. There are better ways than this method. Use mild/diluted tea tree oil antiseptic cream or salicylic acid can do a better job than acv. Able to buy from most pharmacies. Think smart, act smart and don’t fool by this acv method. Cheers!

  19. I have a planters wart on my toe and have tried tea tree oil and duct tape for over two months. There was change but never really began to go away. I started ACV and the first day it turned brown. It has now turned black and crusty and has begun to come off in only 3 days. How long after it comes off should I continue to do it to make sure it is completely dead?

  20. I had a wart on the bottom of my foot for years. I tried the freeze kits, dr office freezing, and even some type of new machine at the dr office that has to do with burning it with radio frequency. That was by far the worst and cost me around $300 for nothing except pain and a lot of blood. Anyway I started searching for natural cures. I went ahead and painted the wart with clear nail polish and put a piece of duct tape over that for about 1 week. After a week The wart fell out. Too make sure it was gone I put some nail polish into the hole left behind and covered it with duct tape for few days until I was sure it was gone and it is to this day gone. Now I have one on my finger and I tried this method and it’s not working as well so I am trying acv. After 1 day it’s already turning black so Im pretty sure I’m winning the war against it.

  21. Yes, it works.
    I was suffering with bunch of warts on my neck from last 2-3 months.
    AND ITS REALY Embarrassing situation
    I Used Medicine like – Thuja 200c, Thuja Cream, ADEL 40 – Non Worked for me 
    Then I used Apple Cider Vinegar for 4-5 days and all warts are gone.
    I pasted a cotton ball soaked in Apple Cider Vinegar with the help of Surgical Paper tape (Paste in a way to keep the cotton wet with the apple vinegar; just keep one hole to put more vinegar into it and then lock it completely) for minimum 7-8 hr. every night. In morning wash it with soap and apply Thuja cream after the wart gets dry. I don’t know why I applied thuja cream but what I did I am just writing.
    Within 2 day you will start feeling a sensation in the warts and after 5 days the warts will start drying-rough and color will change black and they will fall from the roots in maximum 10-12 day.
    It doesn’t hurt but smell is little bad, in order to remove HPV virus one can easily tolerate the smell.
    It worked for me and I pray to God – this works for you too.

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