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How Our Government is Making or Keeping Us Sick

It’s scary these days how easy it is to believe in some not-so-far-out government conspiracy theory. Yes, it’s likely just a bunch of unrelated programs pushed through by various idiots, but are there really that many government ‘higher ups’ who remain so ignorant?

Or is there some diabolical plan to make us all infertile, chronically ill, and depressed?

My latest proof that our government is a mess came in a phone call from a friend the other day. I had a home day care for over 20 years and she has me beat at 25 years and still going. I was always part of the state of Michigan “food program” that reimbursed me for meals and snacks that I served the kids. (It only covered a small part of that expense, and most of my day care parents never realized how much I spent to feed their kids well – there was no way I was going to give them anything different than I fed my own kids. Even though we don’t eat perfectly, it felt great knowing how many nutrients I was getting into them each day, even if some of them ate not-so-well at home.) Once I had my “food conversion“, many of their guidelines and suggested recipes made me crazy, but this new one beats them all. She said that now the food program will not reimburse providers if they give children two years and older anything but fat-free or 1% milk!

Is your jaw on the floor too?

We all need the nutrient-packed animal fats found in whole milk, truly we do, and don’t let anyone tell you that’s not true (research it for yourself!), but children especially need those for proper growth and brain development! (Read more about healthy milk choices.)

Childhood obesity…

Apparently this new rule is to combat the growing trend toward childhood obesity, but it shows how little they know. Those dairy fats are precisely what we need MORE of to help us stay at a healthy weight, and to support our immune system and overall health!

Unbelievable isn’t it?

Instead of going after the real culprits, such as all the processed, sugary junk kids eat and drink these days, they go after anything that resembles real food.

How else is the government making or keeping us sick?

I thought it would be fun, in a sick, twisted sort of way, to ask all of you for more examples… What are some of the ways you see the government making us sick or keeping us that way?


  1. Let me be the first to mention the USDA Guidelines, soy and corn subsidies, GMO approvals, and putting industry moles on government panels. People have to be very careful about telling the truth about health. Very careful, legal language has to be used in order to avoid trouble with the FDA.

    Although this is coming from the government, I believe the real cause of the problem is giant corporations being able to sway government to do its bidding. There needs to be checks and balances so that the true needs of society are being met. The USDA Guidelines and food subsidies are designed to increase profits for food companies. The FDA regulations and medical training favor pharmaceuticals. The watchdogs aren’t doing their jobs. The more I read about this on Real Food sites, the more it feels like the tipping point is past all hope of getting things back in balance. However, the fact that there are more Real Food blogs than I have the time to read MUST be encouraging!

    • Thank you for making this distinction about the deepest source of the problem being the giant corporations like Monsanto, ValerieH. They’re extremely powerful, with almost limitless resources, far more than the government, in fact. At the same time, thank you for also holding our government accountable for caving in to these giant bullies.

      • Without the gun of government backing them up, the people running these corporations would have no power.

  2. Jaw was definitely on the floor for that one! Wow.

    My latest example of government-induced sickness that I discovered was that even in a county where there is no fluoridation of the water supply — the government will fluoridate and chlorinate to a higher degree, the water supply of it’s military bases!! Unreal! My mind just can’t help but come to the conclusion that they’re poisoning them on purpose to avoid paying them for a longer period of time… in other words, killing them off earlier, to save money. Sick, sick world…

  3. I was going to answer the question by saying that the Government allows Monsanto(that’s pretty much the world’s most evil corporation) to dominate & destroy the world’s agriculture industry with it’s use of GMO’s – but I noticed that Valerie H. mentioned that already. But Emily was wrong in what she said in one of her sentences, because yes the U.S. Government does actually fluoridate the water supply, as scary as that is. I’m very active in the Truth Movement, so feel free to ask me if you want to know what’s REALLY happening in this world –

  4. Our health insurance company constantly sends us all sorts of brochures and “tracking kits” for “Healthy Eathing”. In my mind, a HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY would be doing absolutely everything it could to make sure the people it is insuring aren’t ever going to need their services – that’s how they make money, right? Yet every single “healthy eating guideline” I get from them stresses LOTS of carbs (with very little, if any, indication that there’s a difference between a twinkie and whole grain oats) and LOW FAT. They keep telling me to drink 8 glasses of water – or make it more fun by adding some low-calorie Crystal Light!

    It just flabbergasts me that they continue to encourage people to eat in a way that guarantees obesity, heart disease and diabetes. They’re “guidelining” themselves into bankruptcy. I can’t figure out if they are complete morons, or have some ulterior motive that I’m too dumb to figure out?

    • I’m lucky to live in southern Wisconsin. The organic/local food movement is so big here all of the HMO insurers provide rebates for participating in CSA’s. A couple can get $200 or an individual $100 back for participating in one. I think it is awesome.

  5. gggggrrrrrrrr… Sadly, the America government not only makes us sick but has an enormous affect on how the rest of the world views food! Here in Thailand, they went from no milk (it was never a part of their diet, first got milk in 1962), to no/low fat milk.

    They used to nurse their babies but now they have formula.

    Thanks America!! NOT!

  6. The same guidelines apply in local WIC (women, infants and children) programs which give mothers vouchers for free food staples when they have reduced income. I fought to be able to buy organics Or at the very least whole fat milk, but to no avail. I too am convinced that this is a conspiracy to keep Americans relying on the billion dollar “health care” industry. Thanks for posting!

    • A friend of mine is on WIC. She is breastfeeding her 6 month old, and she can’t get more than 1% milk. She tried to get Teddy peanut butter, which is just made from peanuts, and she was told she couldn’t get that either; she had to get the stuff with all the nasty additives, HFCS, and hydrogenated oils. I feel so bad for her.

    • this one bothers me too – we could use WIC personally, but I don’t because there is virtually nothing on the list that is approved that I will buy. NOTHING can be organic. I understand wanting to keep costs down, but even a little help – say this amount for non-organic and a lower amount for organic, something that would let us choose what we feel is best sure would be helpful. You should see the long list of approved cereals on WIC…. it’s sad. Especially since for the same cost, I could buy organic oats, peanut butters, etc and MAKE something much better for my kids.

  7. I will add the items covered or not covered by food stamps/EBT cards–or WIC, which I’m less familiar with–a friend recently lamented to me about how he is educating himself about and wants to eat Real Food, but is limited because of what his food stamps will apply towards and the places that accept them. He says that the government will cover a lot of the foods we shouldn’t eat, but much less Real Food. And of course they don’t apply towards farmer’s markets or purchasing off of small family farms.

    I will just add in here a related issue with government mandated rabies vaccines for dogs. Every state requires rabies vaccines for animals–some require the vaccine to be administered every year while others require every three years. The evidence shows that rabies vaccines actually last for several years, possibly even the life of the animal (you can do a test–a titre–to determine anti-bodies, but even if a dog is proven to be immune, by law they STILL must be vaccinated). When you vaccinate an animal against what it is already immune to, you create auto-immunity of various kinds (as demonstrated by a Purdue University study), and yet we are required by law to continue to re-vaccinate our immune (by their first rabies shot) animals (probably responsible for some of the deterioration in health for many breeds). To make matters worse, the same dose is given to toy breeds and puppies that is given to a full grown Mastiff. Fortunately there is a large study currently underway to challenge the current rabies laws (Rabies Challenge Fund) by one of the leading veterinary immune specialists, Dr. Ron Schultz. Dr. Schultz is in the process of demonstrating that the rabies vaccine lasts for at least 7 years. I only hope that states will change their policies to truly protect their animals!

  8. Actually, there is a program in a number of states to allow use of WIC and other food subsidies at farmers markets… But it is not very well publicized.

  9. How about the vaccines they want all children to have? I know you have written about this Kelly. I read there is a connection between vaccines and autism. On another note I read an article in a holistic magazine that mammograms are not the best way to determine breast cancer. There is another more accurate and safer method done in Europe, I can’t remember what it’s called though. Also breast exams done in the dr’s office can actually cause cancer because the tissue is very sensitive. How about the mercury in tooth fillings, which I have a mouth full of?

    I too wonder if our govt knows what it is doing? I suspect when big money is involved, they don’t really care about the health of the country.

  10. Other than the fact that we shouldn’t be drinking pasteurized crap milk anyways, I agree with you. If milk is going to be drunk, it should be raw, fresh milk. However, milk is not necessary for humans. We’re the only species that drinks the milk of another species on a regular basis. We can get all the fats and nutrients we need from other foods. :)

    • I never understand the point of this argument against milk. Is something “bad” just because we’re the only species who does it? We’re also the only species to take hot showers or wear clothing or, for that matter, cultivate most of our food. Are those things “bad”? I’m pretty sure that if my dog or cat had opposable thumbs, and were clever enough to figure out how to confine and milk other mammals, they would be drinking milk every day. They certainly relish it when I give it to them!

  11. I have often wondered the same thing, Kelly,” Is our government trying to keep us sick?” When you honestly ask that question, the answer is very scary! On a more practical note, could one buy the one percent milk and mix in full fat cream? (-;

      • she is asking because they will not be reimbursed for the whole- only the 1%.

        My guess- the cream is pretty costly and you will have to put most of it in- so it would probably cost the same amonut as just buying the whole in the 1st place.


        • OK, duh, I’m trying to do too many things at once……

          Yes, Jenetta, you’re probably right in that it will end up costing the same.

  12. @ Katharine – yes, we don’t HAVE to have milk, but it’s full of so many nutrients, why would you keep it out of your diet (other than an allergy)?

  13. Glenda

    I am very concerned after reading a recent article in my newspaper stating the FDA has so few food inspectors in the US and other foreign countries that supply our foods. With all the GMO’s and other horrible things going on, its a wonder all of us aren’t dying with cancer or some other dread disease. You would hope that our country which supplies a lot of the world’s food, would be contenious about keeping the food safe and clean. When I read about all the farm raised fish from China, etc. I just don’t want to eat anything much anymore!!!

  14. Our government makes us sick by providing Medicaid or Medicare in the first place. Really, after that, all other prices set by a hospital or doctor’s office are based on the reimbursement of Medicaid or Medicare. There is no free market with those 2 programs as it is already unequal to begin with. So, more people have to pay more to off-set the ridiculous prices that are driven up by government-backed health insurance.
    It all sickens me and feels like a pyramid scheme that very few people “win”.

    • Disclaimer: I used to work for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts for 3 years.

      I’d rather have Medicare for all, personally. Medicare and Medicaid have very low reimbursement rates, so I wouldn’t consider them to be the problem.

      What makes the rates of insurance go up is partly the risk-analysis that they do. If you are in a group that historically has a lot of unhealthy people, guess what? Your premium rate goes up. It doesn’t matter if you, personally, are healthy if your group is not. That’s why many companies are trying health incentive programs these days…to lower premiums.

      Another problem is the cost of pharmaceuticals. They are sky-high, prescribed willy-nilly, and the free market has done nothing to curb those costs. I’d love to see government do more to fix that problem.

      Finally, why is any healthcare for profit? I worked for a non-profit health insurance company. While I didn’t agree with all of their decisions, I could at least appreciate that people weren’t as concerned with just the bottom line.

      • Any insurance, whether government or private, is just going to drive up cost eventually. If no one had insurance, it would not cost $150/hour for a mental health visit. That’s just an example of course but that may be how much someone with no insurance must pay for out of pocket. But, then a Medicaid patient gets seen for nothing out of pocket and the mental health company gets reimbursed $100. If it wasn’t provided to begin with, there is no way companies could get by with charging that much. Since most people don’t pay for it personally, they don’t feel the pinch as much. Seriously, if everyone had to pay out of pocket, prices would drastically decrease as hospitals couldn’t charge people hundreds of thousands of dollars for a surgery. It’s all a game… And that’s so sad to me

        I don’t trust our government to fix the system by giving insurance to all. They do things like the original post mentioned so how can I trust them to be “fair”?

        • Providers don’t want to cover Medicaid and Medicare patients any more because they aren’t getting what they want. The reimbursement rates keep going DOWN. Heck, many doctors don’t even want to deal with insurance companies anymore because of all the hoops they have to jump through. Maybe you haven’t been yelled at by doctors because of all the rules and regulations of insurance companies, but I have. So no, doctors and mental health providers want more money and to deal less with insurance providers, no matter the source. They have way too many student loans to pay (I myself have $70,000 in student loans, and they want me to pay about $700 a month. I’m trying to get that modified), inflation keeps happening, etc. It goes on and on. Is government out to get us? I don’t think so. But it’s shooting us AND itself in the foot by taking money from lobbyists who are out there to protect their own interests.

          So maybe the government doesn’t do the right thing by us health-wise. Private insurance companies aren’t any better. What do we need to do? Vote at the polls and with our wallets. Educate ourselves. The “free market” isn’t going to do jack.

      • Do you know what the profit margin for insurance companies is? Contrary to popular belief, it’s extremely low (I believe last I read average profit margin for insurance companies is 3.4%, but don’t take my word for it). Insurance companies are businesses, not charities, and profit plays into that. Currently medical insurance is a choice, so if you do not agree with the “evil” profit made by insurance companies, then you are now free to pay for your medical expenses out of pocket.
        Personally, I don’t trust the government to provide health insurance that is more efficient or economical than private companies do. We will still pay for government insurance, the money does not come out of thin air, but it will take away our freedom to choose how much we pay. Do you know how inefficient current government programs are with our money? How are we to trust federal insurance programs to be any more efficient than private insurance companies who already have very low profit margins? Furthermore, when things become “free”, people tend to overuse. Right now, I think twice before going to the doctor for a skinned knee because I know I will have to pay a co-pay, etc. If the government were offering “free” healthcare (I say “free” in quotations because we would still be paying for it the same way we now pay for privatized insurance, but the freedom to choose would be taken away), overall costs would increase.
        Before anyone uses the “ethical” arguments about national healthcare, I believe help should be privatized/localized as well. Think local churches, missions, etc. Then there is accountability and freedom, not forced taxes and a disorganized system. I don’t think we should let our fellow citizens suffer, but I also don’t trust the government to step in and “save” us. It’s just not realistic and I think they’ve already proven they can not do so effectively. Just my two cents :)

      • That’s crazy, I also worked for an HMO in Flint Michigan who met with a husband outside of my office and talked to him about paying for his wife’s cancer treatment. She could have lived if done.

        When he left, the discussion was “hell no”, she is going to die eventually anyway. They are completely in the game for the premiums and not helping you or I.

  15. How about food labeling? The FDA regulates how food is labeled, often protecting the food industry from telling us what’s in our food.

    Corn sugar, anyone?

    Or the new requirements that our non-hormone dairy products all say that there is no real difference between milk from cows fed hormones and milk from cows without hormones?!


  16. I want some help or advice–I fully agree with what you talk about and we’ve made some major changes so that the majority of our diet is real food, however I am qutie overweight (I’m obese, really–300 lbs). I was large as a child despite being HIGHLY active, but we ate a very fake high carb, low nutrient diet), but then I lost weight on Atkins for a few years at the end of high school and kept my weight to a very active and muscular 180, but as the drs said atkins was bad for your kidneys/etc., I stopped doing that and returned to fruits/vegetables, real food, but the weight flew back on in about 3 years. I am not overly active (my job and school both require sitting), but do speed walk uphill (treadmill on full incline) 3-5 times a week for 30-45 minutes in addition to walking across campus twice a week at school and trying to make our weekends active–like lawn work or walking at the beach.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to lose weight? Of course people think I’m crazy when I support real sugar not the fake stuff, or full fat milk/ real butter, etc. because I’m obese, but most importantly, I want to know how I’m eating healthy and still so big! To be sure, we do not eat large portions or overdue the rich foods. (Sample day: free range egg, boiled or over medium and half bagel for breakfast with in season fruit, snack of organic yogurt or cheese stick, lunch-leftovers of a small container usually couple pieces of free range chicken/beef and a vegetable, snack-banana, dinner-piece of grilling free range chicken with vegetables sauteed in olive/coconut oil, or grass fed beef with vegetables in a tortilla.) I’m allergic to pork, so we have mostly chicken with beef about 2 times per week, sometimes seafood one day (hard to find any good wild seafood so we avoid often).

    • Amanda,
      I’m going to ask everyone to wait to comment on this as I’m doing a post on this soon and we can all comment then. Thanks! :)

      • I would suggest more veggies at lunch and dinner instead of fruit and any bread stuff. Oops, I see you do eat veggies at dinner. We are low carbing for my hubby’s health and he eats a lot of fruit every day. I am trying to cut that back some. I think you’re on the right track with the good fats.

        • I’m putting this post up tomorrow!! Watch the comments for great advice from all of you smart readers here, you’re awesome!

    • I see a homeopathic MD (who is a gift from God). He tells me that wheat and HFCS are the main contributors to belly fat in particular. I have up ALL WHEAT and almost at my normal healthy range of 128 lbs. Wheat is NOT the wheat our grandfathers ate. It has been genetically changed. Also your thyroid might be sluggish. A homeopathic doctor will help you find that out. They do different testing than a normal doctor.

    • Hi Amanda,
      Have you tried either the “Eat Fat, Lose Fat” book by Dr. Mary Enig or the “Gut And Psychology Syndrome” by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride? The easier of the two is the first book, but the second is absolutely guaranteed. Good luck!

  17. Isn’t it funny how our govt. says prevention is the key to good health, but all the crap food they allow makes us sick?

  18. Also, insurance will NOT normally pay for any WELL CARE like homeopathic doctors or chiropractic care. No natural supplements to STAY healthy. They (the govt and drug companies) would rather “fix” you with more drugs than finding the root causes…….

    • You know- it’s funny you said this because for years after my children were born I was sick with various different symptoms and my family doc kept telling me I was depressed and prescribing and antidepressant while my gyn said my hormones were off kilter and prescribed birth control bills to balance me out. One trip to a natural doctor/medical doctor and it was all diet! I am allergic to cows milk and yeast which was causing me to feel sluggish, not absorb nutrients, and even gain some weight. After several months of repair to my gut and dietary changes, I feel like a new person! I cringe going to regular dr’s now – but health insurance will not cover the natural doc even though he is also a medical doctor.

  19. Not surprised. We have to fill out a “healthy living” questionnaire for our health insurance every year, and do a physical. The questionnaire always comes back with results like ‘eat less fat’ and junk like that (because I don’t lie) but the physical comes back ‘excellent.’ We’ve moved from ‘okay’ health insurance rates to ‘amazing’ ones since our real food conversion. I don’t think we’ll be eating less fat, thanks, and neither will our children. They race around like kids hopped up on sugar except they don’t crash. They have limitless, boundless energy that sometimes makes us tired just to watch.

    The government is going based on “science” that misses the most basic questions and doesn’t even follow its own research. People don’t want to give up convenience foods and reducing the sugar in them is a failing idea when you look at how many sources there are. Reducing any given product by 20% isn’t going to make an overall difference in consumption. And there’s all that initial controversy from 50 – 60 years ago on Yudkin vs. Keys, how many are even aware of that, or the politics that surrounded it? Anyway, the whole thing IS political. People have bought into the idea that ‘fat makes us fat’ and even though plenty of studies have shown that it doesn’t, it’s easier to just go with it than to fight to change perception and actually do something useful, like reducing sugar in products (but not replacing it with artificial sweeteners), discouraging processed foods, and so on. It won’t happen. Sigh.

    It constantly makes me sad, and occasionally angry now, that there’s no ‘fast food’ place where I can stop in for an organic salad, a grass-fed burger, and kombucha on tap. I mean, how hard is this?! lol.

  20. Whoa! I’d love to have a fast food place like that! Maybe someone will start a new trend in fast food restaurants for us foodies.
    In my dreams right!

  21. Kate & Lorna should become business partners to start that new fast food restaurant that would only serve organic & healthy foods!

  22. I just want to mention that my daughter’s pediatrician recently told us to cut back on giving her whole milk. At least no more than 3 cups a day. Her reason was that milk is just calories and has little nutrition for her. I was shocked at that response. I was always under the impression that milk was good for you, especially a growing child. I really don’t like taking my child to this pediatrician, but I wish I could find one that was more holistic.

    • That is somewhat true if you are drinking pasteurized milk but if you can get your hands on raw milk – it is LOADED with wonderful stuff!!! My homeopathic doctor says he usually tells people to STOP drinking milk but since mine is raw, I can have all I want (within reason of course). *grin*

  23. Wow! I learned so much from you ladies today! The more I learn the more it makes me want to escape to that deserted island! :)

    You know, our country was founded on the premise of a government run by the people for the people. To me that means people like you and me. When was the last time that we had anyone in office that understands what it’s like to live a middle class life? Elected officials are so far removed from reality that they don’t have a clue what “regular” people go through, the amount of money you pay for insurance, etc. How could they when all they do is vote to have all of their needs paid for by the government – insurance, housing, etc. When you have people in ivory towers making decisions for the masses nothing good will result. Can you say Marie Antoinette in the mid-1700’s with her “let them eat cake”? Our government officials are just as out of touch with what is going on today in America as the royals were in France in the 1700’s. And heaven forbid that a real person who wants to make change gets elected, that person gets railroaded by everyone else or realizes that one person/one vote cannot make a difference.

    Have a great 4th of July holiday!

    P.S. Amanda, I would love to help you!

    • Colleen, Technically it’s not that our Government officials are out of touch with what is going on in America, it’s that they’re controlled by organizations that have terrible priorities. The House, Senate, Congress and POTUS don’t really run America as they are actually controlled by the CFR(Council on Foreign Relations), Trilateral Commission, Military Industrial Complex, and AIPAC/Zionists. There have been a few Presidents who wanted to make drastic changes for the better, but sadly enough they were assassinated – Abraham Lincoln and JFK Sr. This is why a lot of people want Ron Paul to be elected into the Presidential office in 2012 because he stands for the constitution, not wrong interests. Wealthy people such as George Soros are part of the agenda, and are steering America in the wrong direction.

  24. It’s not that the government is intentionally keeping us fat. In some cases, the government is affected by lobbyists for food manufacturers and others whose financial interests are often antagonistic to our health. It’s sad but it’s just the way it is.

  25. that’s why I quit WIC! just about the only food i would buy with their checks was fresh fruits & veggies. and i got tired of hearing their “nutrition” counseling advising me not to give my kids raw milk, etc. no way, i will gladly pay $4.25 per half gallon of healthy raw milk than use their checks to get free low-fat pasteurized non-organic milk! yuck.

  26. It makes me sad and overwhelmed, that we as Americans can’t even trust our government and the F.D.A. to protect our foods and supply safe medicines! I know this is an older article……but i had to find somewhere to rant! I just saw the Dr. Oz program about apple juice concentrate being produced in China and Argentina- containing high levels of arsenic, and being allowed into the popular brands of apple juice our children drink. Money talks i guess :( Look for brands of apple juice that are organic or have apple juice from the U.S.A. as the country of origin….and be smart shoppers.

  27. It is unbelievable what our own government is doing to us. My kids and I have stayed sick the past few years, when we hardly ever were sick a day in our lives before. Yes, it is the food we eat and the air we breath. Do you know that the FDA declared nutrients to be toxins? They Did. Unbelievable, huh? How long are people going to stay on facebook updating their profiles while they are slowly killing us? What can we do? I try to buy mostly organic, but it is more expensive, and it’s almost impossible to keep out all the GMO’s. These criminals should be arrested, and they and their families should be made to eat and drink the same food and water that our kids eat!

  28. Hi,

    I have recently made the decision to turn organic, I’m and eighteen year old girl from Scotland and have been looking into the subject ‘Is the government trying to keep/make us sick?’ My decision to turn organic was when reading into what’s really into out processed foods these days (most which are portrayed to be good for us) and how much chemicals they put into what is meant to be safe, healthy vegetables. I was in shock as I couldn’t identify the first seven ingredients of my morning cereal but then begs the question why is everyone else still eating these dangerous foods? Where most of the ingredients will eventually cause major health issues such as cancer. I can’t help but believe that the government is trying to keep the nations health down to increase their wallet size through the cost of health care. Although there are people now and again telling us it’s ‘bad’ for us then why are the proper, organic foods so hard to find? I think their should be a health scare to show most oblivious people the dangers, maybe have a public figure to do so. Maybe I’m looking too much into this can someone help me understand – Thanks.

  29. Of course the government wants us sick and completely reliant on them and their mind controlling medicines, music and products!! From GMOs to pesticides on virtually every food product out there.. It mostly all started in the 80s and 90s. we are putting man made products in our bodies that have no nutritional value.. I encourage everyone to watch the short film “Food Matters.” IF we continue on the path we are on.. we will most likely be immobile pill fed sick controlled government slaves!! From the poison we eat on the daily to the poison we put on the outside of our skin (shampoos, soaps, laundry detergents, etc.), none of it should be legal!!! If you cant pronounce it, dont purchase it!! Eat organic or home grown food, free range animals. You dont want to be eating meat from stressed out animals that went insane before they were butchered. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, eat the stressed chicken meat, you are going to be stressed. plain and simple. Make your own shampoos and such with tea tree oils etc. but there is only so much you can do being that they even put fluoride in our drinking/bathing water. In order to get change in our government and to stop them from poisoning all the “blind” brain washed Americans we need to all stand up and demand change!!! It is not right for a countries government to slowly kill its citizens! 500 years from now when they are looking back on history all they are going to be able to say about this time period is how evil our government is. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!! DONT FALL IN THE TRAPS!

  30. I get a commodity box every month and it has apple juice,cereal,can goods,spatetti noodles,beans. do yiou think gov. is trying to kill us older people?

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